Title: "8 Years From Now"

Date Penned: Feb. 2004

Main Character(s): Simon, Deena, and their daughter Emily

Rating (for this chapter): K

Genre: Family

Coupling: Simon/Deena

Setting: 8 Years after season 8. This was written during the show so it's AU

Disclaimer: 7th Heaven is not mine. None of it.

Summary: A quick look into the life of Simon Camden's family 8 years after season 8 ended.

A/N: So this was the only chapter written and uploaded by me for a writing collab project with the user kevinforever back in early 2004. It would've been finished but she never responded to my emails on what we going to do with the story.

Info on Simon and Deena and how they came to be in my universe: Well I'm not sure where Simon went to college, so I'm saying he graduated from a cooking school, and is now a chef at a local restaurant. And Deena has a weekend job working at a video rental store. During the week, when Simon has to work, she stays home. Simon was in college 2004-2008. And Deena went to law school and has a degree in lawyer work. But she prefers not to get a job; she wants to get a job as a lawyer later on. Anyway, in 2008 when Simon came home from college to live in Glen Oak again, he met up with Deena. And they dated for 6 months and then in December 2008, they got married. Cecilia and Simon are still good friends, they decided not to get back together, because they didn't feel anything between them anymore. So they keep in touch. So they've been married for 5 years, they have one kid. A 3-year-old daughter named Emily Lillian Camden. They live a few houses down from Eric and Annie.

Chapter 2: Simon and Deena's Life

Deena Camden was in they kitchen with Emily, trying to figure out what to make for dinner. Simon would be home from work soon.

"Emily what do you want for dinner?" Deena asked her daughter.

"Pizza!" Emily shouted.

"You always say pizza when I ask you that." Deena said, looking at her.

"Sorry mommy, I just love pizza so much!" Emily said happily.

Deena laughed and hugged her daughter. She remembered when she was three; she went through the same phase. Only wanting to eat one certain food. Except instead of pizza, it was macaroni and cheese.

"Fine I guess we can eat pizza again." Deena said.

"Yay!" Emily shouted excitedly.

"Yeah!" Deena said back, and dialed the number for Pete's Pizza.

Simon Camden opened the front door to his home.

"I'm home!" He yelled.

He heard a small set of footsteps run towards him. "Daddy your home!" Emily shouted.

He picked her up and hugged her. "Hey kiddo." He said, and spun her around.

"Do it again!" Emily yelled happily.

He spun her around again. "How was that?" He asked her.

"Fun!" Emily responded happily.

He put her down as Deena entered the room. "Hi sweetie." Deena said.

"Hi." Simon said.

"I missed you." Deena said.

"I missed you too." Simon said and hugged her.

They started to kiss until Emily interrupted them.

"Ewww do you have to kiss in front of me?!" Emily said.

"Sorry." Simon and Deena said in unison, faces both a shade of red.

"It's ok." Emily said.

Later that night at dinner, they all sat at the table. Simon looked down and his plate and then at Deena.

"Pizza again?" Simon asked.

"Yeah, Emily wanted it." Deena said.

"Oh." Simon responded.

"Yeah, I love pizza!" Emily said with a mouthful of pizza.

"Emily please don't talk with your mouth full." Deena said.

"Sorry mommy." Emily said.

"It's ok, but next time remember the table manners we went over." Deena said.

"Ok." Emily said, and took another bite of pizza.

Later that night, Deena was in her and Simon's bedroom, reading a book. Simon entered the room and sat on the bed next to her.

"Is Emily asleep?" She asked.

"Yeah." Simon said.

"Ok." Deena responded, and yawned.

"You sound tired, maybe you should get some sleep." Simon said.

"Doesn't sound to bad." Deena said, placing her down.

They both got under the covers and turned out the lights.

"Goodnight Simon." Deena said.

"Goodnight Deena." Simon responded.

They both fell asleep.