Title: "None (Various summaries)"

Date Penned: 2003-present

Main Character(s): Various

Rating (for this chapter): K

Genre: Various

Coupling: Various

Setting: Various

Disclaimer: 7th Heaven is not mine. None of it.

Summary: Summaries for stories that never made it to past the summary stage.

A/N: Decided to share these as I think some of them have potential. Let me know if any stand out to you.

You - Being in love is like being on a roller costar…there's always twists and turns." Roxanne's POV. Roxanne reflects on her relationship with Chandler in the 7th season.

White Heat - Terry Richardson doesn't want his daughter Roxanne dating Chandler. He wants them to break up. How far will he go to break them up? Can he be stopped before he does something crazy?

What Do I Have to Do? - "I love you too, Roxanne," Chandler replied with a huge smile. Roxanne learns about a secret talent her boyfriend has. Chandler/Roxanne fluff.

Was It Worth It? - "Was it really worth it, Lucy? Did you feel like you'd finally won?" Roxanne and Lucy's feud reaches a breaking point.

This Time Around - He broke her heart in junior high. Now, 11 years later, she has the chance to do the same to him. But what happens when she falls in love with him all over again? (A Kevin & Lucy story)

Thinking of You – ("No matter what I do, I can't forget you. You've become a part of me. I need you," She said, tears filling her eyes. ) What happens when you find yourself stuck on the one person you keep trying to forget? Is it really such a bad thing to let the past back into your life? (Chandler/Roxanne)

Think of Me - The lives of various 7th Heaven characters (Roxanne, Robbie, Chandler etc) when they were still in middle and high school.

Dirty Secrets - Everyone has his or her own little secrets...secrets that they try to hide from the world. But what happens when the Camden family's secrets are exposed?

Tears on My Pillow - When her daughter is lost during birth, Roxanne falls apart. Chandler tries his best to comfort her, but Roxanne just can't let go. Will she be able to move on?

And They Call This Perfect - The sequel to Not That Perfect After All. Roxanne and Chandler's wedding is almost here. But, an unexpected secret, jealousy, and a big surprise may ruin that.

Opening Old Wounds - Why does Roxanne keep reminding of Lucy of someone from her past? Could there possibly be a connection between Roxanne and someone Lucy's met before?

The Past Returns - Roxanne is haunted by dreams of her mother's death. The killer told her that in 11 years he'd come back and get her. Now 11 years later when she starts getting weird threats can anyone help her? Can Lucy figure out why she thinks she knows something about Roxanne? And when Roxanne turns to Chandler for help and support can there be a possible romance sparked back alive?

My Favorite Mistake - Roxanne makes a mistake that will forever change her life. But what happens when Chandler is there to help her through things? (Longer: While dating Robbie, Roxanne learns that she's carrying his child. Robbie leaves Roxanne after she tells him. Roxanne is heartbroken and afraid at first, until Chandler comes along and helps her pull herself together. Will more than and friendship come out of this? And will Robbie come back for Roxanne and his child?)

Love Me for Me - When someone says leave, maybe, just maybe, they really mean stay. Now if they had known that, maybe they'd still be together. (Chandler and Roxanne)

If You Were With Me Now - Two people. Two worlds. But somehow, their two minds always find their way back to each other. (Chandler/Roxanne)

I Want You - Just as his marriage to Kendall is falling apart, Roxanne returns to Chandler's life with a massive secret.

Imperfect Christmas - The Camdens find themselves hosting the most dysfunctional Christmas party ever.

They - Lucy, Kevin, Chandler, and Roxanne win free tickets for a cruise to Hawaii on a radio contest. Sounds like fun, right? Wrong! There's a murderer on their ship, slowly plotting everyone's deaths, can the four figure out who the murderer is before they are their new victims?

Take a Bow – A story about Lucy, Roxanne, Chandler, and Kevin and all of their secrets, pasts, and relationships.

Speak - What is going on? Terry Richardson and Paris Petrowski are engaged to be married? Roxanne and Chandler in the same room without wanting to kill each other…and what's up with them kissing? And why is Vic watching Roxanne's every move?

Too Freaky for Words (a.k.a The Switch or All Switched Up) - After a fight at the church one night, Lucy, Chandler, Kevin, and Roxanne are left with their bodies switched. They now have to live each other's lives and learn to understand each other better if they want to be changed back to normal.

I Should Be So Lucky - Sequel to Stupid Mistakes. Shortly after Kevin and Mary leave town, Lucy finds herself falling for another guy…her best friend Roxanne's boyfriend Chandler. Lucy-Roxanne-Chandler triangle.

Smoke and Mirrors - The sequel to Will I Ever See Tomorrow: The Rewrite. Roxanne's life has been out of control lately. With a problem that's slowly taking over her and some pretty strange secrets surfacing, will she be able to hang on to what little sanity that she has left?

Your Love - What if in the episode I Love Lucy, Lucy and Kevin had never become engaged? And what if Chandler had proposed to Roxanne and she said yes and they were married that very night? What if things had went this way instead of the actual episode? How insane would Lucy go?

My Happy Ending - The sequel to Simon Camden's Christmas Wish, only it centers on Ruthie. After a fight with her parents, Ruthie thinks she'd be better off without them. Can Amanda, her guardian angel, make her see the light?

Goodbye to Innocence - After becoming drunk one night, Kevin and Roxanne make a mistake that neither can take back. And to make matters worse, Kevin was happily married to Lucy and Roxanne was about to marry Chandler. So they keep what happened a secret, but what happens when there is a consequence to their choice?

Hazy Shade of Winter - Set in the 8th season. As she prepares to leave for Iraq, Roxanne finds she has some conflicting feelings involving Chandler. She decides to see him one last time before she leaves, but that only makes things worse.

Pretty Soldier Ruthie - Set circa season 8. Ruthie Camden had a normal, but rather boring, life. Until, one day, a strange encounter with a stuffed cat toy leaves her with strange new powers and a super heroine identity known as Sailor Moon. Now with her new powers, Ruthie must fight an evil force known as The Dark Kingdom along with four other girls: reclusive and stubborn Lizzie / Sailor Venus, shy and sweet Leah / Sailor Mercury, fiery tempered and passionate Rachel / Sailor Mars, and tough but kindhearted Hannah / Sailor Jupiter. Can these girls save the world or will it be covered in darkness and hatred? (Based on the Sailor Moon series)

Never Look Back - Eric had a secret kept from his family for years. He was working as a secret agent for the government. Now, when a gang of terrorists are after him, Eric's secret comes out. He and everyone he cares about are in danger and they all must hide. Is there any hope for them?

It's a Damn Cold Night - Lucy is widowed on a cold stormy night, and things don't get better for her there. She becomes depressed and is stuck raising baby Savannah alone. Plus it doesn't help that her two best friends, Roxanne and Chandler, have the perfect marriage and are soaked in bliss while Lucy drowns in sorrow. Can Lucy pull through her sadness or will it overtake her?

Confide in Me - Follow up to Bittersweet Goodbye. Three years later, Chandler is in an awful marriage with Kendall. He's miserable until he meets up with Roxie Richards, a girl he swears he knows somehow. Chandler's in for the shock of his life…

Confide in Me Version 2 – Chandler meets up with Roxanne three years after they said goodbye to each other. Chandler wants to start something new with Roxanne. Roxanne is all for it, but one shocking thing stands in her way to say yes…

Spinning Around - Set in the 8th season. When Roxanne changes her image in effort to get Chandler back, she gets more than she bargained for.

Fragile - Follow up to Can't Get You Out of My Head. What happens when Roxanne appears at the church and catches Chandler's eye?

Nothing Can Stop Us - Follow up to Beautiful Stranger. Lucy and Chandler leave Glen Oak to move on after their relationship is revealed.

Breathe In, Breathe Out - My take on Chandler's childhood and why he hates his father so much and vice versa. Not a happy story.

Simon's Shameful Secret - Simon has a secret that could destroy him-he likes pop music.

These Are the Dreams of an Impossible Princess - A Mary/Roxanne slash story. In a world of confusion, Mary Camden and Roxanne Richardson come together. Very AU.

Closer - Mary/Chandler. YES, you read it right, Mary/Chandler. AU. One night brings Mary and Chandler closer than anyone could imagine after they both confide in each other.

Walk Away - A Simon/Cecilia story. Set when Simon is in 9th grade and Cecilia is a new girl with a crush on him. What will happen with these two?

Butterfly - Sequel to Free. What happens when Roxanne finds out that she's pregnant? How will Chandler react?

A Girl Named Happy Camden - Happy Camden is run over by a car and granted a second chance at life as a human girl. But, if she doesn't fall in love within two weeks, she'll die forever. Can Happy find true love and keep herself alive?

I'll Always Be Watching You, No Matter Wha t- Sequel to I'll Be Watching You. Four years after Mary, Simon, Lucy, and Ruthie's deaths, Eric and Annie start getting threatening notes from Koper saying that he will be back to kill Matt, Sam, David, and Nicole. But Matt won't allow it. He decides to live up to his vow to get back at Koper for destroying his family. He teams up with two cops, Kevin and Roxanne, and their spouses, Chandler and Eileen, to get Koper. Will they succeed?

Who Killed Who?: A 7th Heaven Murder Mystery -Twelve people…seven are murdered. That leaves five possible suspects left to take the blame. But…who is it?

I Gave You My Heart - Season 9 and Chandler come to Glen Oak to celebrate Christmas. But, what happens when sparks begin to fly and old feelings come out? *7th Heaven*

Into the Groove - One night…one block party…two people who won't admit their love for each other. The way Getting to Know You should've ended. (Chandler/Roxanne

Stay - He leaves and comes back…she welcomes him…they fight…then he leaves again and comes back again. It's a vicious cycle…is their love strong enough to withstand it? (Mary/Wilson)

A Perfect Circle - When she learns that she's pregnant, all of Roxanne Richardson's fears and doubts become an open book for everyone to see. Is she strong enough to make it through?

You Broke My Heart-The POVs of both Chandler and Roxanne during their 8th season breakup. Set during the episodes The Long Bad Summer and An Early Fall.

Show Me Your Colors - Lucy Camden falls in love with someone off limits…Roxanne.

Undiscovered - AU. When 16-year-old Roxanne and18-year-old Chandler find each other in a world of mixed up emotions and a bond shared over a destructive habit…will true love blossom?

Stuck in the Middle of Nowhere With You - What if in the We Do episode Chandler's car broke down, leaving Chandler, Ben, Karen, and Roxanne to put up with each other? Would they kill each other? And what is this surprising news that Roxanne has for Chandler?

Something to Remember - After both of them experience heartbreak, they turn to each other for comfort. They get more than just comfort, though: they get into a relationship and fall in love. But what happens when their love is considered forbidden…can they keep it hidden? (Simon/Roxanne)

Mixed Up - Roxanne realizes that she's in love with Kevin, but he's dating Lucy. What's a girl to do? Win him over, of course!

Papa Don't Preach - Chandler and Roxanne learn they're pregnant early in season eight…this is them going through the pregnancy, getting married, avoiding rumors, and raising their daughter, who just might make a few mistakes herself.

Hello Friend - Counter story to Here Lies Roxanne. It's been a month since Roxanne killed herself…how are Lucy, Chandler, and Kevin dealing? Lucy thinks that Roxanne was selfish to take her life. Kevin is trying to move on, but failing miserably. And Chandler just wants the woman he loves to come back to life.

Dirty Little Secret - Counter story to Beautiful Stranger. Lucy and Chandler continue to hide their relationship from everyone, including Kevin and Roxanne. Can they stay together or will the pressure get to them?

Love at First Sight - Roxanne thinks about her first date with Chandler and how thankful she is to have found him. *7th Heaven*

Frozen - He was bitter and cold towards her. She just wanted to be with him. But he always wanted more. He won't stay by her side if she doesn't accept more. Watch their relationship crumble before your very eyes. (Chandler/Roxanne)

Letters to a Friend - Counter story to Here Lies Roxanne. This is pretty much letters that Lucy, Kevin, and Chandler wrote to Roxanne after she killed herself.

Little Star - Lucy reflects on how amazing it is to have her daughter, Savannah, in her life.