I am seriously trying to force myself back into the Potter fandom so this is my first attempt. My friend Mel over on spacebattles said this was a good attempt at a primer, and since I trust her output, you get this is. So, I hope you all enjoy a hopeful restart.

Iris stared at the burning hearth, watching the fires flames licking across the logs with crisp pops and snaps, doing her level best to ignore Harry and Hermione playing with Legos behind her back oblivious to the mood of the room.

Iris, despite her efforts, could not follow suite, much to her chagrin.

Her kids were plainly speaking, inquisitive, intelligent, and adorable. but oblivious to the goings on of the adults in their lives, as it should be.

Luna would have loved them.

Fucking hell, it wasn't going to be a metaphorical thing about having kids anymore was it?

Having kids...

"I'm not going to be a good mother, I'm already terrible at it."

Emma looked to Iris with a glint of compassion, then poured some more mulled cider into her cup, patting her hand lightly in the process.

"Sweety, I always feel the same way when trying to guide Hermione, and I manage to make my way by. You are intelligent, vibrant, and stubborn, you'll do just fine."

Smiling slightly at the positive reinforcement Iris turned around and observed Harry and Hermione as they built the 'Annihilation T-Rex9000' as they named it, and barely managed to suppress a laugh at how adorable their discussion over how the logistics of delivering more Lego fuel cells to something so large was going to be an ongoing problem.

Iris let out a brief sob as Emma placed a hand on her shoulder, "Those are our children 'Ris, and now you are going to gift us with another. You aren't a terrible mother. Your problem is you care too much."

Iris froze, then glanced at Emma in genuine confusion as the older woman placed a hand at the swell of her stomach, "We have to let them grow into themselves. Harry and Hermione are turning into who they will be, and your child still growing in you will as well. All we can do is watch, nurture and guide them."

Iris was was silent for a time, then sighed.

"Sirius doesn't know..."

Emma froze, placed her cup on the table, and shot Iris a concerned glance, "Oh...sweetie..."

"I... Emma he was in prison for a crime he never committed for years, and after getting out he had a son dropped on his lap barely after he got out of the hospital. I just...I just don't know if he...we, can handle it."

Emma stared at Iris a few moments, then asked, "Do you need a hug?"

Iris nodded.

Emma stood and pulled her up into a tight hug, then whispered an old Gaelic lullaby into Iris's ear while swaying her back and forth for a time.

It was a good hug.

Eventually Iris whimpered out, "What do I do?"

Emma let her go, leaned back while grasping her hands, then laughed, "Well isn't that obvious? You've made the family pride thing obvious since our kids became friends, so you do as you do, and you be a Black about it girl."

Sirius was exhausted. Looking through the legers and interhouse documents he fully understood why Iris threatened to burn the entire shitshow to the ground on an hourly basis.

Fucking. Hell. Was he ever glad she had taken the head of house station, he honestly didn't think he'd have managed to handle it without killing anyone within the first five minutes of a Wizengamot session.

Shaking his head slowly while reaching for his fountain pen he froze when his girlfriend slammed the office door open with a look that could best be described as terrifyingly arousing determination on her face.


She marched into the room, placed a finger on his chest, and pushed his chair till he hit the wall.

She glared at him for nearly a minute, the tears gathering at the corners of her eyes raising some honest concern.

Sirius was internally bristling and was ready to murder anyone who hurt his flower when she froze him with a flatly stated, "We are getting married in a week. It is going to be a beautiful, it is going to be grandiose, it is going to be such a fucking spectacle that the Pure-Blood's will be talking about it for decades, are we clear?"

Sirius choked under her a gaze a moment, then gasped out, "Crystal."

Iris nodded, turned, and walked away.

She paused at the door, dropped her head, then muttered out, "I'm pregnant."

Sirius froze.

"Andi says it's a girl."

He gulped, ran his tongue against his lips, then nodded, "I...I always liked the idea of Alya as a name, if I had a daughter."

Iris stood stoic for a time, turned around, and met his gaze with a small smile gracing her lips, the same playful little smirk that had enticed him to begin with, "That's a good name for a Black."

She walked away, and as her heels clicked away into the distance Sirius couldn't help grinning despite his well earned terror.

"I'm...gonna be a dad... Oh Morgana I'm going to have to tell Harry he's going to have a little sister..."