Thunder woke me up, couldn't fall back to sleep, so instead of writing a new insomnia fic I decided to add to an old plot bunny and managed to write this out in about an hour. It, if nothing else, managed to get my brain to shut the hell up long enough for me to feel that I could possibly get a few hours sleep. Anywho, enjoy, I'm going to go try and pass out now.

As off balanced as her life tended to be there was occasionally one of those moments that Iris realized she had not fucked up in a rather hilarious pyrotechnicaly induced manner and that things actually sort of worked out.

This was one of those moments.

Iris was rather pleased that she had gone out of her way to get the old Black townhouse in proper shape before kidnapping her little male me from another reality, because really, Harry's wide eyed stare at the magic gathered around them was adorable.

Taking the little boy on his first tour through what was to be his new home he would occasionally let out a yelp when the portraits began to move in order to greet him, which was immediately followed with fascinated wonder as he jabbered on about how this was even possible.

Her reply of, "I have no idea magic is just crazy like that," didn't appease him, but his slight pout was cute.

Then she had shown him the old family nursery and he began gleefully playing with all of the animated toys within, the look of utter awe on his face as a toy dragon landed on his shoulder and began rubbing its head against his neck being particularly memorable.

Not the interaction with the toy, but his smile, that joyful innocence...

She just couldn't...

"I had it way better than him Kreacher, that kid...he doesn't have an ounce of malice in him despite what those filthy muggles did to him."

There was a *POP!* beside her when an ancient gravely voice responded to her, "The Good Lady Black woulds have burned them all alive by now if she was being in his place."

She blinked, then glanced down at the bat eared house elf watching Harry with a hint of amusement before replying in turn.

"Actually, I did just that about a half hour ago. Kinda out of character for me but considering the Dursleys I grew up with were more people rather than a rough collection of personality defects I really can't find it in myself to care. Plus, the arson will make it harder for Dumbles to track us down."

Kreacher turned his head to meet her gaze while grinning widely, his toothy grin doing nothing to appease the slight pang of guilt she felt for what she had done to protect Harry.

"The Good Lady Black does what she does to protect family, Kreacher is not being one to judge."

Iris sighed and shook her head slowly while letting out a light whistle, Harry snapped his gaze towards her as she smiled and gestured for him to follow, "Come on kiddo we gotta finish the tour then get some food in your belly."

Harry looked very disappointed but he obediently put the animated toys down and soon followed Iris to their next destination which happened to be the Black Family library.

"Harry," she began in a very serious and calm tone, "This is our Family library, later on I will show you the sections that are safe for you to peruse but please, bloody please understand that when I tell you to avoid certain sections it is for your own safety. Savvy?"

Harry for his part, as over whelmed as he felt met Iris' gaze and saw the clear honest worry in her eyes, and...and she had taken him away from the Dursleys and...he believed she wanted to keep him safe.

So he nodded his agreement, "Ok. Savvy."

Iris sighed in relief and continued their tour, ending at his own bedroom which happened to be right next to Iris's master suite.

Harry's first thought was that it was massive, gargantuan, and after he ran along the perimeter a few times Iris broke out laughing urging him to come back to her at the doors threshold.

"To your liking I take it?" She asked in a teasing tone.

"It''s so much! So big!"

She smiled in return and nodded slowly, "Also, all yours. I'll be taking you out later this weekend to shop for furnishings, then when you're properly settled in we'll begin your tutoring."

Harry paused, frowned, then tilted his head to the side, "My tutoring?"

Iris grinned as she spread out her hands, and willed fire to appear in her left palm, and a miniature blizzard to appear in her right, a moment later the flames took the form of a dapper gentleman, and the ice became a right proper lady. The two figures curtsied and bowed to each other then began to dance.

Harry stared on in wonder as the figures floated above them growing to life size, waltzing to music that was suddenly coming from nowhere, when Iris spoke up once again.

"Yes, your magical tutoring. One day boyo, you'll be able to do this, and oh so much more."

Harry spun to meet her equally green gaze with hope in his eyes, and Iris couldn't help but run a finger under his chin as she quietly stated, "You're a wizard Harry, and I'm going to make sure no one can ever take that from you."

No one was more surprised than Iris, or Harry for that matter, when the small boy rushed forward and wrapped his arms around her waist, and began crying.

"Thank you!" He whispered in a pained tone.

Iris hesitated a moment, then wrapped her arms around the small form before her.

"You're welcome, little brother."

Iris let out a tired sigh as Harry began to cry harder, and couldn't help but role her eyes to the sky as she muttered, " going to get tedious."