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This was it, I, Neville Franklin Longbottom was going to Hogwarts, the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Believe it or not, this was a big and important day for me.

Especially since for years, my family, and at one point, I was convinced I was a squib. That was until the day my Uncle Al decided to throw me off a balcony, and I bounced when I hit the ground, tumbling all over the place.

I shrugged it off and walked over while nearly tripping over my suitcase to get to my closet. I made sure my bedroom door was closed so Gran wouldn't walk in. I began changing out of my pajamas, and slipped on my dark red sweater, my black jeans, my old pair of shoes that were starting to get holes in them. I tried to convince Gran I needed a new pair, but she told me to stop fussing. She and I have never really gotten along. Not that I minded living there, its just that its be a change since, since; nevermind.

I got to my bedroom mirror to look at myself after brushing my bangs that were getting really long, out of my eyes. I had to keep pulling my sweater down so my stomach wouldn't show. I wasn't exactly the skinnest kid for my age. Trying not to let that bother me, I turned to put my suitcase onto the bed, to pack more of my clothes. I fiddled for my wand that I thought was on my bed, but it was gone.

Thinking it had fallen on the floor, I bent down on all fours to check. When I reached my hand under, I immediately pulled it back out after feeling something wet and slimy. Taking a minute, I rolled my eyes, knowing full well what it was. "Trevor!". I once again, reached under and pulled out my pet toad my Uncle had bought for me. I was saving to buy a new wand. But Gran insisted on me using my dad's old wand. "Aren't you excited to be coming to school with me? I'll at least need one friend there", I said to him, who continued to struggle in my hand. I stood up, with one hand, I tried hard to keep Trevor clutched in my right hand, especially since he was always moving, not staying in one place. And with the other, I tried wiping the dust from the floor off my pants.

After I finally gotten Trevor into his carrier, I finished packing my suitcase, and retrieved my wand, which was under my pillow the entire time. I must have forgotten I put it there; a habit I had to break, forgetting things. Gran says one day that will lead me into trouble.

"Neville! We're going to be late! The train leaves at 11", Gran called from downstairs. "Hurry it up!". He voice was the kind that when it was raised, you tense up everytime you hear it. I was used to it be now, but every now and then, it spooked me.

"I'm coming, Gran!", I yelled back. I grabbed the handles to my suitcase and Trevor's carrier, and after checking I put my wand into my pocket, I opened my bedroom door and basically ran down the stairs, seeing Gran finishing her last sip of tea, and her last bite of biscuit. She offered me one, which I took and chewed very slowly. It tasted as though they have been expired for a while. As I finished eating, Gran stood up from the kitchen table and walked over to the hat stand, taking her red velvet hat that had a vulture like bird on top that smelled of something that I didn't really know what.

"I've asked Gerald Macmillan to drive us to the station", she said. I moaned, but immediately regretted it, knowing she heard me.

"What can't we get our own car?", I asked her, already knowing the reason.

"Because Neville, we can't afford a new car, since the Ministry decided on raising the prices on everything", she said. Our old car was getting to expensive so Gran decided to sell it to pay for my school supplies.

"Couldn't you just apparate us there?", I practically pleaded. Mr. Macmillan had a son my age, who was also going to Hogwarts. It wasn't that I didn't like his son, it was just that he acted like he knew everything and acted smarter around me. Considering he was our neighbor that made it all the more difficult to avoid him.

"I'm too old, and you're underage. If you got hurt, that's another trip to St. Mungos". It wouldn't matter, we're always there anyway.

"Okay", I said, out of ideas. I stared at the clock which said 10:22.

The two of us hurried out the door, where we were greeted by Mr. Macmillan in front of our house. He was a big man, even bigger than me. I noticed he also had to keep pulling his jacket down so his belly button wouldn't show. As soon as he saw us, Mr. Macmillan began smiling really big and started twiddling his banana colored hat around in his pudgy fingers. "Why, morning Augusta!", he said, his voice almost sounded like singing. "Good day?".

"Barely, Gerald. Once I get Neville off to school I can apply for that job at the Ministry. Put my old self to work", Gran said, straightening her hat.

"Why, you still look the same to me. Even more so today!", said Mr. Macmillan. He finally seemed to remember I was there, walked over to me, and grabbed my suitcase. "Here my boy, let me put this in the trunk. You can have a seat in the back, there". I pulled open his car door, got in, grabbed my wand out of my pocket, so it wouldn't snap. After closing the door, I rested my pet carrier on my legs, put on my seatbelt, and looked to the boy next to me.

He wasn't big like his father or me. He had a skinny build. His mop top of blond hair looked like it had been combed a lot. He was holding his hands together, and continued staring at the window. The black robes he was wearing were just like mine. I guess he wanted to put them on now so that he'd be prepared. "Hey, Ernie", I said, shyly.

He stared at me for a few seconds before turning to look back out the window. "Hello, Neville", Ernie said, flatly.

I didn't mind not talking to him, no conversation was better than forced conversation. I too looked out the window at my house trying to remember if I turned off the light in my room.

My thoughts changed when finally Gran and Mr. Macmillan got in the car and began to drive. The rest of the drive was Mr. Macmillan talking to Gran. She wasn't interested in what he had to say, of course. She always told me he was a blabbermouth. "And that Weasley fellow, he keeps trying to get my opinion on what a, what do you call it, a, a blender is. That man and his interests with Muggle contraptions. Ridiculous".

I decided I wanted to put Trevor in my pocket, especially since he was sleeping, I had a better chance of him staying in one place.

In the next few minutes, we made it to Kings Cross Station. It was huge! Not to mention how many people there were. The four of us got out of the car, and with Mr. Macmillan's help, he got Ernie's trunk and mine out of the trunk of his car. I noticed Ernie pulled out his pet owl in its cage as it slept. Some of its grey feathers had fallen on the bottom of the cage.

We walked into the station and quickly got to where platforms nine and ten were. We made sure that no muggles were watching us, that way it would be easier for us to get to the platform. Gran told me all about this; the way to get to the train that would be taking us to Hogwarts is through a brick wall that stood before us.

"I'm sorry, Ernest. I can't see you off, I have to get to work. But I'll see you when you come home for Christmas. Behave yourself, and remember what I told you about that willow tree, and keep clear of Mr. Filch's cat. He even sees you near her, he'll think you're messing with her, and he'll see to it you get detention!", Mr. Macmillan chuckled. Ernie laughed as well, but I could tell he was disappointed his father wouldn't be there to see him go.

"Yes, Father", he smiled.

"That's my boy!". Mr. Macmillan smiled a proudly, and ruffled his sons hair. "I'll be waiting in the car, Augusta". And with that, he turned and disappeared through the crowd of people. Without looking or saying anything to us, Ernie grabbed his trunk, his caged owl, and without a sense of doubt, he ran right through the wall.

I was nervous at first, but then thought how hard could it be, really? As Gran held onto my sleeve, we walked to the wall and the next minute my eyes went wide with wonder as I saw a large train, that just had to be the Hogwarts Express. I dreamt it would look exactly like it did just now; a candy apple red with gray smoke blowing, ready to leave.

I could see other kids with trunks just like mine, saying goodbye to their parents who were hugging and kissing them. I felt a weight in my stomach that wouldn't go away, not even when Gran dragged me closer to the train, and started making me look acceptable.

"Alright, Neville. Do you're best and I expect a letter once in a while. Have your wand?". I showed it to her. "Your pet?". I felt in my pocket for him, but became horrified when I didn't feel his wet, slimy skin.

"Gran, I've lost my toad again!", I said, looking around desperately, but he was nowhere to be found.

"Oh, Neville!", Gran said exasperatingly. She shook her head. "He's around here somewhere, just get on the train, and be good", she said, trying to straighten my hair. Carrying my trunk, and my empty pet carrier, I walked towards the train, handed the conductor my ticket I had in my back pocket and got on board.

I tried to look for Ernie, but he was gone, thinking he didn't want to be seen with me, he probably made sure he was away from me. I was getting pushed around the aisle by some bigger kids who were trying to get through. Thankfully I found an empty compartment and quickly got in, and closed the sliding door, hoping nobody else would come in. Seeing a rack for luggage on top of the seats, but I realized it was too high for me to reach. I had to stand on top of the seat and place my trunk on top. I hopped down and set my carrier on the seat next to me.

In the next few minutes or so, I heard the train whistle, and with one lurch, the train began to move forwards. I could see kids sticking their heads out of the windows, waving to their parents who waved back. I tried looking for Gran, but couldn't see her. We were now out of the station and were free to walk about the train if we wanted. This was the perfect chance to look for Trevor! I mean, less kids had to be out of the aisles by now!

So, with a suitable amount of courage, I slowly opened the sliding door, and tried my best to stay out of peoples way, while I looked on the floor, still not seeing Trevor. It dawned on me he had to be in one of the compartments. I usually wasn't comfortable talking to people I didn't know, so I decided on checking the compartments with the doors already open.

The compartment behind me had a group of laughing girls, they were older than me, and wearing the same black robes, but these had different colors on them with animal patches. There was a Hufflepuff, three Gryffindors, and two Ravenclaws. "Can we help you?", asked one of the girls, who noticed me. She was really loud, making me nervous. She was a Gryffindor.

"Uh, I, I w-was w-wondering-", I started, nervous beyond belief.

"I-if y-you c-can sit with us?", she said, mockingly. "No. Bye!".

My palms were getting really sweaty, and realizing I hadn't moved yet, I continued on. The next two compartments had closed doors.

The third one had a girl who looked about my age. The first thing I noticed about her was her hair; it was really messy, and seemed to be out of control. She was reading a really big book. Since her door was open, I knocked first. Without moving her eyes off her book, and raised one finger that meant she wanted me to wait. A few minutes past when she finally closed the book, sat it down next to her and looked at me. "Yes?", she asked, her voice was really bossy.

"I, um, well, I was wondering if you saw a toad anywhere? I lost him", I said.

"Why is he roaming around on the train? Where he should be is in a cage. You could have at least made sure he wouldn't escape".

"I know, but he likes to move around a lot".

"Of course he does. He is a toad after all", she said. What? Like I didn't know that already? "I'll help you look for him, if you'd like. I just finished a chapter in my book, that's why I made you wait". She got up, and walked over to me. I backed up so she could get out and closed her compartment door. When she turned around again, I felt her wisps of hair fly into my face. "I'm Hermione, by the way. Hermione Granger", she said.

"I, I'm Neville Longbottom", I said, nervously.

"Now that we're acquainted, I'll look for him that way-", she said pointing behind her, "and you go that way", she finished, pointing the way I came from. "If we don't find him in the next hour, I'm sure someone else will", said Hermione, as she turned her heel, walking down the aisle, I saw her bushy hair bouncing behind her. I couldn't help but think her and my Gran would get along just fine, they were both really bossy. But, I did as I was told, and looked around for my pet.

It felt like an hour after I had asked some of the kids if they have seen Trevor or not, a lot of them once again made fun of or just ignored me. By the time I reached the last compartment in back of the train, I knew it was hopeless. I figured I was going to spend the remainder of my time at Hogwarts without my pet or any friends. When I couldn't see or find Hermione, I checked her compartment, which was empty, and I trudged back to mine without seeing if anyone else was there, opened the door, went in, and closed it.


I was shocked to hear a voice behind me, especially since I thought I was alone. Expecting to see Hermione or even Ernie. But no, it wasn't either of them. It was a girl my age. She was wearing a dark blue long sleeved shirt, black jeans, and black shoes. She had short, black hair that was slightly curly and untidy, but still civil. She had a small build, yet seemed to be as tall as I was. Why was everyone skinnier than me?

"Sorry if you were here first, I've been looking for a compartment this whole time, but nobody would let me sit with them. You don't mind, right?". Her dark brown eyes made me nervous to look at her, and with her not taking her eyes off me, it caused me to continue to look around the compartment. "I'll take that silence as a yes", she said, cheerfully. I noticed she put her trunk on the opposite side of the wall, along with her caged, light brown owl, who also wouldn't stop staring at me.

"Oh, that's Norman", she said when she saw me looking at him. "I bought him in Diagon Alley. He wasn't too fond of me at first, but he getting used to me. Did you want to pet him?", she asked, beginning to stand on the seat to take him down. I shook my head no and sat down on the seat opposite of her, shoving the pet carrier under the seat. She shrugged her shoulders and sat back down.

I looked out the window. I knew she continued to gaze at me, which was making me uncomfortable.

"So, what House do you think you'll get sorted into?", she asked kindly.

"I, I haven't thought about it", I confessed. I honestly haven't.

"Me either. I mean, If I had to guess, maybe Gryffindor? I'm kind of brave, well, if that doesn't include my fear of mice. Because in that case, if I ever see one, expect me on top of a table screaming at the top of my lungs", she giggled. That surprisingly made me smile; imagining that happening. She began digging into her pocket and pulled out a small paper bag. She picked out small brown pieces that were shaped in a very odd way. "Want some?", she asked me, this time I looked at her, and noticed she was smiling.

"What are they?", I asked, reaching my hand out and watched her put four of the small treats onto my palm.

"It's just chocolate my Mum got from the Muggle world. It melts really fast, so eat them now!", she said. I put one into my mouth, and realized it tasted the same as a Chocolate Frog did. With that, I quick ate the other three. She ate her four, and stuffed her bag into her pocket.

"They were good", I told her, she nodded.

"I know. I was going to wait for the Candy Lady to come by, but she's taking forever. If you want anymore let me know".

"So, you went to the Muggle world?", I asked.

"Yeah, my Father was a Muggle. He, um, he died when I was seven", her voice changed from happy to sad, along with her expression. I sort of knew how she felt, thinking about my parents made me upset, too. I was a bit uncomfortable, mostly because I wasn't sure how to comfort her.

"I'm sorry".

Her face changed, and she was smiling again. "Its okay. I don't think about it too much, just because I don't want to be sad. Being sad is like a really bad dream; it lasts for a while, but when it's over, you'll always find a way to make yourself feel better", she smiled. I found myself smiling as well, and in no time at all, she was back to her happy self. "Wow, I'm sorry, here we are talking, and I haven't even told you my name. I'm Sarah Joyce Kennett", she said, holding her hand out, wanting me to shake it.

"I'm Neville Franklin Longbottom", shaking her hand, I figured she was going to make fun of my last name, as most people did. But she kept smiling, and let go of my hand.

"Nice to meet you, Neville", she said, still staring at me. I smiled at her, too, feeling myself relax for the first time since I left my house.

"You too".

For the rest of the train ride, we began talking about Hogwarts, Quidditch, and about ourselves. The candy lady came by, and we both got Chocolate Frogs. We ate the frog, but what we really wanted were the cards inside. We both got our soon to be Headmaster Dumbledore on both of them. When night came, the two of us drifted off to sleep. We were jolted awake by the screeching of both Norman and the train as it stopped.

It was then that we knew we had arrived.

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