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It was a pitch dark night in the infirmary of Hogwarts, soundless night with people sleeping peacefully on their cots. Did all of them slept peacefully? No, one of them, boy with black untameable black hair trashed in his sleep.

He just killed the most terrible of magical beasts to be known in Britain, the basilisk and this ordeal exhausted him, both mentally and physically. Before the beast died, it managed to bit him and inject into his veins it's potent venom, one able to kill even an elephant in a couple of minutes. If not for the help of a phoenix and it's tears, he would be already dead.

While tears healed the damaged caused by the venom, they also woken up dormant genes, genes that slept inside of his body peacefully for almost thirteen long years. Those genes were known as X Gene, gene responsible for mutations and mutants, a group that was slowly becoming more and more common as they were stepping from the shadows and revealing themselves to the world. Even if they were trying to integrate with the society, there were also people that hated them for what and whom they were.

That boy that was haunted by the nightmares on his cot at Hogwarts was one of those mutants and his name was Harry Potter, to wizards also known as a Boy-Who-Lived due to the fact that he had killed Dark Lord Voldemort when he was just over a year old. Nobody knew how did it happen, but it had happened and that's how he had gained his fame.

In his sleep his eyes opened for a moment and they glowed for a moment with power, terrible power that waited to be harnessed and mastered. It also sent a strong enough signal to be picked up the Cerebro.


Professor Charles Xavier put on the helmet that came with his device called the Cerebro and almost immediately felt a powerful signal on the other side of the ocean. He looked at the display and his eyes narrowed when he saw the name displayed there 'Harry Potter'.

He didn't expect this kind of development, mutants on their own were rare, even extremely rare, mutants and wizards in one family were almost unheard of as those genes usually overlapped each other. To his knowledge there were ten such occurrences, two of which were at Hogwarts at the moment.

"Who did you discover this time?" Wolverine asked, entering the chamber, when the gaze of the older mutant landed on the display, he dropped his cigar onto the ground. "Another wizard with mutant powers?"

"Yes," Professor said and smiled. "It seems it is a proper time to pay a visit to Albus."

"Should I warn Falcon that we will be coming?"

"Yes, tell him to see if he can learn something about Harry," Professor said and placed helmet on the console of the Cerebro. "Get Blackbird ready and ask Cyclops and Phoenix to join us, they will be the best choice."

Wolverine nodded and walked out of the room, allowing Professor time to think about the future and this development. It was going to make their lives interesting, really interesting and nobody knew what would be the outcome of it.


Thirty minutes later a space black sleek jet flew over the ocean, it's engines pushing it forward with over three times the speed of sound as it raced towards the coast of Britain, it's engines far away from their maximum output, but still providing more than enough speed to cross the ocean in a timely manner.

Scott Summers, nickname Cyclops corrected his visor and dark brown hair before he glanced at the Professor, gaze of one of his eyes still focused on the controls in front of him. "Who is this mutant? Professor you are weirdly silent and you didn't tell a lot about him."

"Child of one of my close friends," Professor said. "They died in a war and left their son in care of two people that I wouldn't have called humans. His name is Harry Potter and he is also a wizard."

"Wizard? Fairy tales, unicorns and so on?"

"More, much more," Professor said and looked at Scott. "The place where we are flying is their premiere education institution in the Old World and it's Headmaster is also my friend. So hopefully we will be allowed to explain things to Harry and offer him place at the Institute."

"I won't believe it, until I see it," Scott said as he glanced at the controls. "According to the map there is nothing in the place where we are flying to."

Professor only smiled. "Trust me that there is something hidden there, maps are void of it's location and I acquired knowledge about this location after saving life of it's Headmaster, as Muggles as we are called aren't welcomed there. So being invited there is an extreme rare event as they guard their secrecy extremely carefully."

Scott nodded and focused back on piloting the plane, it was a heavily upgraded and redesigned version of the venerable SR-71 better known as Blackbird. It was one of the most recognizable and one of the best planes up to date and one owned by the X-Men was even better and far more sophisticated.


Oliver Wood sneaked into second year boys' dormitory and to the trunk placed between the legs of the sole empty bed, he pulled out of it Invisibility Cloak that was hidden inside of it and wrapped in cloak he made his way across the castle. Making sure not to be spotted, heard or seen, he knew that he was breaking the rules, but he needed to do it.

He stopped in front of the doors leading into the infirmary and checked if they were open, when they didn't move an inch he pointed in their direction his wand and whispered. "Alohomora!"

The lock clicked softly and with a smile he opened them, slipped inside and closed them behind, looking carefully around he breathed out in relief when he didn't see Madam Pomfrey as it meant that she was in her office. As he walked through the room he saw everything in perfect clarity, as if it was a middle of the day, not well over midnight. His eyes swept over each and every bed that was placed here before coming to stop on one where was Harry.

Oliver closed his eyes for the briefest part of a second and when he opened them, he was seeing everything in X-Ray and they widened when he focused on Harry and to be exact his hands. Inside of them were growing two long protrusions. Two long protrusions that seemed and looked familiar, as if he knew them from somewhere.

"He has the same set of claws as she has," he whispered, too quietly to be heard by anybody. He heard movement behind himself and dropping to the ground he draped Invisibility Cloak over himself, attempting to hide himself from whoever it was. He glanced in the direction from where the noise came and he breathed out when it was just Madam Pomfrey.

He tensed all of his muscles as she passed through the hall, he tried to make sure not to make a single noise and when she was once again in her office he breathed out in relief and silently thanked Wolverine for making him train for a better part of last three summers.

He stood up and almost at the same time he heard roar of the engines of a Blackbird, he looked through one of the windows and almost immediately spotted a large black shape move outside.