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Harry entered the Institute and looked around before blinking several times, it seemed like something not from this world. He expected the Institute to be a dour and a very boring place, yet he felt here as if he was at home. Not the house he had on Private Drive 4, but a true place where he would feel safe and be comfortable.

"Yes, it can be your home," Professor Xavier said quietly from the side and Harry looked at the aged man. "It is home for mutants and I can feel that you want to find a shelter and a place that will be your home. Also I can feel that you have certain feelings against your family, but it isn't true for your whole family."

Harry scowled at those words. "They didn't give me anything."

Professor slowly nodded and then Harry could feel their gazes meet. "I won't force you to change, but there are parts of the family you haven't met that don't have hostile feelings towards you and in fact have positive feelings towards you." He then paused and looked towards a girl that walked towards them, she was tall with storm gray eyes and black, spiky hair. "Tonks, mind coming here?" the Professor asked.

The girl jumped up at the voice and clumsily hurried towards them, when she got closer her eyes almost immediately landed on Harry and then on his scar. "It is, it's impossible," she said as her hair changed color before stopping on bubblegum pink.

"What's impossible?" Harry asked, very confused by girl's reaction.

"She's your cousin, Harry," the Professor said calmly. "Nyphadora Tonks, sometimes called Chameleon, she's I believe a niece of your godfather, Sirius Black."

At those words Harry felt his knees become too weak to support his weight and he almost slammed onto the ground. However before he could land on the ground he felt something invisible grasp him and stop him in mid-air, allowing him to gather himself and clear his mind before standing up.

"I know that it is hard to believe," the Professor said and Harry looked at him. "But it is truth and truth only."

This was too much for Harry and he simply lost his consciousness, his body in too big of a shock to handle the influx of all of those informations.


Warren Worthington III was used to doing some very strange and sometimes dangerous favors for Professor Xavier, but this one so far looked simple and easy enough. Just go to London, deal with a couple of bureaucrats and be back in the States. He left his car right in front of the entrance to the Ministry of Magic and looked around, the weather was sorry and it looked as if it was about to rain.

"Warren Kenneth Worthington the Third," someone said to his right and when Warren looked there he noticed Stephen Strange walk towards him, the Levitation Cloak on his back and the Eye of Agamotto glowing on his chest. "Xavier sent you to play fetch and free for him godfather of his new student?"

Warren bristled, his wings shifting and muscles coiling.

"Easy," Strange said. "I'm here to do the same thing, so come with me and you will be spared the questionable pleasure of dealing with corrupt and stuck up bigots that don't see beyond the very tip of their nose."

Warren gave the Sorcerer Supreme a long look and then nodded before following him into the Ministry which apparently was hidden underground and according to Strange they did it because humans were for wizards something that should be treated as trash.

"If they could see where my Sanctum is they would have a heart attack," Strange said and smiled. "Middle of New York and normal people living everywhere around me."

Warren smiled thinly and the two of them walked through the Ministry, completely ignoring wizards around them, most of whom gave one look the Eye that hanged in the middle of Strange's chest and hurried out of their way. "Fools," Strange snorted and indicated door in front of which they stopped. "Office of their Minister, tho better would be calling him a spineless creature."

"Takes bribes from everybody and does whatever the highest bidder asks him to do?" Warren asked.

Strange nodded and without any ceremonies opened the door and stepped inside, Warren half a step behind. "Long time no see, Minister Fudge," Strange said in greeting and the portly man that sat behind the desk almost paled.

"What are you doing here, Strange?" Fudge asked with a snarl. "You are a wanted criminal in Britain."

"Fixing wrongdoings that should have been fixed a long time ago." At those words Fudge looked at Strange and narrowed his eyes. "To be precise ones related to a certain Boy-Who-Lived and his godfather, whom according to my knowledge is as guilty as a saint."

"We have evidence that says that he is guilty and he was sentenced to Azkaban," Fudge said.

Strange let out a sigh and looked at Fudge. "We both know where we can place those words and if he isn't freed in say four hours from now I will go to Azkaban and get him out and when I leave there won't be much standing. So choose, now."

Fudge gulped and paled, making Warren realize that he was even more spineless than Strange said. "I'm sure we can reach some kind of an agreement," Fudge said, thick drops of sweat flowing down his forehead. "There's no need for you to destroy the Azkaban."

"Release Sirius Black and do it, now," Strange said firmly.

Fudge gulped, but nodded. "I will do it."

Strange nodded, with a flourish turned around and opened a portal in front of himself. "You have an hour, he won't be on his way out of the prison in that time, then I will come and destroy the Azkaban." Then Strange looked at Warren and indicated the portal. "It will take you to your car."

Warren nodded and the two of them stepped outside. "Thank you for your help, Sorcerer Supreme," he said and added after a moment. "As much as I hate to admit it, on my own I would have far greater issues getting anything done."

Strange nodded and looked at him. "Perhaps you would have or perhaps you wouldn't have, but that doesn't matter. Return to the States and tell Xavier that Sirius will be freed and on his way to the Institute in the next few hours."

Warren nodded and the moment when he got back into his car Strange was gone, as if he wasn't there in the first place.


"How bad it is?" Professor X quietly asked as he looked at the form of Harry that laid in one of many beds in the medical bay of the mansion.

"Could have been worse," Hank McCoy said as he looked at the papers he held. "He will make a full recovery and he has the same healing factor as Logan, maybe slightly better, so he will do it even sooner."

"If I was sure that he was a mutant I would have moved sooner," Professor said and moved on his wheelchair closer to the bed and placed his hand on Harry's forehead. "Alas, I wasn't able to confirm it, so we need to deal with what we have." Professor closed his eyes for a second and his eyebrows were pulled closer as he focused. "He is still a bright and a sane person so I don't fear about his mental health that much."

"Won't he turn into another Magneto? Similar past, similar hatred and similar lack of love."

"Shouldn't," Professor said and added. "Especially now when he will be at the Institute and will be able to see the brighter side of humanity. Speaking about it, can you ask Tonks to come here? He should wake up in few moments and she shouldn't scare him too much."


Harry groaned and slowly opened his eyes before almost immediately narrowing them as a bright, sharp white light slammed into them and almost blinded him. He took notice of his surroundings and his eyes almost immediately stopped on a girl that sat at his bedside.

"I see that you're awake," she said and looked at him, before blushing. "Sorry for my reaction, it was a bit too much for me."

"No problem," Harry said and looked at her. "It was the same for me, I didn't know that I have some family and all I had were the Dursley's."

Tonks looked at him and blinked in confusion. "The Dursley's?"

"Aunt Petunia is a sister of my mom," Harry quickly explained.

"So that would explain things," Tonks said, her hair changing colors at random, and gave him a look. "But for that there will be time later. Do you think you can walk?"


"Good." She smiled and handed him a small bundle. "Clothes that should be much better than the ones you had. Bathroom is at the end of the room, you can change there and once you do that I'll show you around."

Harry quickly dressed into the clothes he was given and he wholeheartedly agreed with Tonks about them being much better than what he used to have. A pair of comfortable sweatpants, a t-shirt and a hoodie maybe he feel a lot better and also more normal than his robes.

"You look good," she said, giving him a cursory look. "Like a younger version of Wolverine or a male version of X-23."

"Who?" He asked in confusion.

"Wolverine, small, scary, looks like a feral beast," Tonks quickly said and Harry nodded in understanding. "X-23 is his female clone created by an organization that wanted to have something similar to further their goals."

"They created a mutant because they wanted to further their goals?"

"Yup," Tonks said and placed a hand on his shoulder. "But about that we will talk at a later date. I'm kinda surprised that you don't have an avalanche of questions."

"I have," Harry admitted, a bit sheepishly as claws extended from his hands.

"Easy with your temper," Tonks chided him lightly, playfully tapping his claws with her finger. "They're sharp and you don't want to scratch someone or something with them."

He blushed, but then willed for them to hide. "Anyways, where exactly am I?"

"Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Bayville, New York in the United States of America," Tonks said and gave him a long look. "I know that you were given this very long and a very boring talk about magic around No-Maj as normal humans are called here, but at the mansion you can use it as you wish."


"MACUSA is more lenient," she said and seeing his expression added. "Local version of the Ministry with a more humane approach to magic and wizards, and Doctor Strange made sure that this place is as unplottable as he can make it and considering whom he is, it means that nobody will detect magic coming from here."

He frowned in confusion, but decided to keep the questions for later and instead let her guide him around the building, showing places and introducing him to some people that lived there. She was about to show him his room when something softly dropped onto the floor behind him and almost made him scream in fear. On instinct his claws extended and he spun around, just in a nick of time to block a strike of similar claws from a short, stocky girl with wild black hair and same emerald green eyes as his.

"Laura," Tonks said with a hint of a sigh in her voice. "Did you really need to do that? There's no need to scare everybody."

"He smells interesting," Laura said and pulled away her claws from Harry. "And it made me do it." She hid her claws and scratched back of her head sheepishly. "Habits die hard."

Tonks nodded and looked at Harry. "Harry, this is Laura Kinney, Laura, this is Harry Potter, a new addition to the Institute and a cousin of mine, so don't gut him out."

Laura nodded and Harry relaxed at this, hiding his claws and looking at Tonks. "Can you show me my room?"

"Sure," she said and opened the door, revealing a somewhat large room with a bed, a couple of drawers, a wardrobe, a desk and a couple miscellaneous things, including his trunk by the bed and Hedwig sitting on the windowsill. "Make yourself comfortable."

Harry nodded and entered into the room, carefully looking around, trying to see if it was a dream, if he had any doubts they were gone when Hedwig flew onto his arm and lightly nibbed on his ear. "Easy, girl," he whispered to her.

He heard the door close as Tonks and Laura retreated away, leaving him alone, letting him enjoy the new place to live he now had.


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