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kyuubi or Kurama, watched as his vessel looked at him in pure and innocent confusion.

"I am as I said earlier the Kyuubi no yokai, the strongest of the nine Binju, ten years ago I attacked the village hidden in the leaves, not of my own will of course, that stupid Uchiha bastard forced me from my former host and then made me attack the village, the fourth Hokage of course fought me and sealed me inside you, an infant.

There I simply went into a deep sleep"

Naruto looked understanding some what, "w-why did he seal y-you in me?"

The fox face palmed, this village didn't tell this kid anything? I mean the kid was going to be an idiot by the time he would go to the academy.

"You are his son, simple as that, that stupid kage sacrificed his son cause he didn't want to ask someone else to Sacrifice their own"

Naruto looked understanding but still confused , "B-but if you're simply sealed in me why do the v-villagers h-hate me? I'm

n-not you and you're not me..."

Kurama looked a little shocked, this kid had a better understanding of the situation than most, and from the looks of it didn't even look angry at him or his deceased father.

The Fox decided this kid was going to be his favorite host as of now, contrary to belief he truely did care for his vessels, but it was usualy because he held a small respect for their power and resilience against the villages hate.

Even before the attack his hosts were mistreated, he knew that the Gaki infront of him probably had the worst treatment, but he would find out later.

"not all people are as understanding as you, many see jinchurikis as the demon they hold"

Naruto looked up " th-there are others ?"

"yes, but I'm afraid they are all quite...diffrent in their own ways.., the one tails is well to say the least he is not the most mentally stable...I do not suggest confronting any of them untill you grow stronger" Kurama cringed, his youngest brother obviously lost a couple screws somehow, someone probably dropped him on his head at some point...

Naruto seemed sad at the news but determination flashed through his eyes, somthing Kurama saw in all of his hosts,

"I-I want to help them, I'll get strong and I'll help an-anyone who needs it, including the jinchuriki and their Binju " he noticed the Gaki gain a bit more confidence in his words.

Kurama smirked, he liked this kit, he was determined to help people, even if they were named demons like himself.

"Well then Gaki, I have a suggestion then,

my siblings are known to get into trouble no doubt so will their hosts, I always had to heal their injuries so I've become pretty good at healing jutsus, I'll teach them to you so you can help people"

( Its kinda a headcannon that Kurama has knowledge on healing jutsus it kinda make sense because he heals Naru so much)

Naruto looked estatic he would be able to help people and learn awesome techniques at the same time.

"w-wait what if I need to fight?"

Kurama smirked people offen underestimated medics "healing jutsus are like a double edged sword , they can heal but they can also cause fatal damage if used properly"

Naruto looked even happier.

he could defend himself and help others!

He had heard how Medics were seen as heros because the would stop in the middle of battle to help allies putting their life in danger.

He had heard of one medic she was powerful in battle and inept in Medical knowledge, he just thought she had other powerful jutsus.

Kurama looked down at the young child "kit, it's time you went back to the real world, someone's waiting for you to wake up"

Naruto felt like reality just showed up and said 'oh yeah that thing happened, it's still a thing that exists', he felt nauseated,

he didn't want to go back it was safe here.

He closed his eyes as everything faded into black.

Kurama didn't miss the look of fear, he would definitely look through those memories.


hospital room


The Hokage looked at the scroll he had recived this morning, yesterday Naruto had freaked out and was sedated, it took him a few minutes to convince them not to secure him to his Bed, he knew that would only scare him more.

The scroll held the key to Naruto's escape.

Naruto's eyes slowly opened they were a little brighter then last time the old Hokage had seen them.

The small blonde sat up slowly and turned noticing his presence, he didn't speak but he did send him an apologetic look.

The nurse had told him about Naruto refusing to speak, she said it was a natural defence against traumatic events.

He looked down at the scroll and slowly lifted it up so he could tell him of the contents.

" Naruto, I believe it would be best if you left the village for a while, for your protection, I want to send you to a place called the temple of healing, the people there are monks , in a way."

Naruto seemed to think for a moment, he looked around and noticed the notebook the nurse had given him.

Grabbing it and the pencil nearby he quickly wrote out what he wanted Ji-ji to know.

'I know about the kyuubi and my dad, I spoke to him in my head, I want to know how to use medical jutsus, can I learn those there?'

The Hokage looked sad, it was only a matter of time untill the boy learned, Kushina had told him about how she was able to speak to the kyuubi in what she referred to as her mind scape, it only made sence he was able to aswell.

" Yes, you can, they are well known for keeping peace within the nations, they have some of the best known healers"

Naruto seemed to think for a moment

" hey kit, It's me, I figured I would open a mind link so I could help you out, I suggest you take this chance i can only teach you so much from the mindscape, having a teacher in the real world could make learning easier and faster."

Naruto flinched from the sudden voice but nodded understanding.

he scribbled out his Responce on a blank page.

' I'll go'

The old hokage smiled and explained how he was going to get hime there, he wanted to send out an escort of three anbu and a carriage so that he would be safe.

The ambu would be , Inu, Weasel, and raven, all three where sharingan users and naruto knew them well as they had rescued him from mobs.

The blonde agreed to the plan with a quick nod.

He could be free from it all.

No one could hurt him.

he could be happy.

The hokage noticed that Naruto looked tiered again, the small boys mind has beed working overtime and has gone through alot of stress.

It only seemed fair that the boy rest aslong as he could.

"Naruto, tomarrow I will send Inu to pickk you up around noon, I wont be able to see you off so..good luck"

The old man stood slowly and left the room shutting the door quietly as possable.

He could finally be happy.


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