Hope of Humanity

Ch.1 Introduction from God

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Ch. 1 Introductions from God

Outside of Time and Space

After spending an unknown amount of time unconscious, Xander awoke to find himself once more awakening, only this time in a rather comfortable bed with the same face just staring at him in open amusement as he sat in a chair next to the bed. This cause Xander to fall from the bed with a 'yelp!'

"Had a good rest, Xander?" the man who wore Morgan Freemans face and using his voice, claiming to be God, asked.

"Sh-Um, you're him, really him. You're really real!" Xander gasped, managing to catch his near use of a fowl language before the Almighty.

The man just chuckled as he too stood, the bed and chair vanishing without a sound, and both within blink of an eye without the man having to use a hand gesture or even looking at the two objects.

He slowly walked up to stand beside the young Kryptonian and grasped him by the shoulders, "Yes Xander, I am real, as I have always been. Better now?" the Omnipotent being asked his young guest.

"Holy shit...ooops." Xander said as he covered his mouth with both hands, now frightened somewhat of the being before him. Afraid that he would be smited or some other punishment would be levied against him for his use of the fowl word.

"Xander, please behave. I am not going to hurt you, and even if I did, I doubt you woud even know it unless I wanted you to. Which I obviously don't." God reassured him.

"I...It...It's just...you're God. The God!?" Xander naturally asks in shock at the confrontation of the creator of 'ALL'.

"We're you expecting George Burns?"

"Eh, good point." the young man said as he took a moment to center himself.

"This form is the last form I took before meeting you, however, let's change it up, shall we?" the Almighty said as his form shifted and changed to that of a young man of 20 in a black T-shirt and Jeans, with dark brunette hair and a healthy build, not too dissimilar to that of John Travolta from the original 'Grease' film. "Better?"

"Yes sir, it is." the Sunnydalian answered.

"So, I assume you have many questions regarding why you are here, right now?"

"Am I dead?"

"Technically speaking, yes you are...in your reality at the very least."

"Ok...could you please explain that? Because I must have heard you wrong on that part when you said that I am dead in 'MY' reality."

"When you jumped into the portal, you should have survived. However, certain...elements, which I shall deal with soon enough, made sure the portals energies were so violent and so powerful, that several things occurred that should not have."

"Xander just looked as if he was staring at the barrel end of a gun.

"First off, given your unique abilities in your home reality, you should have survived the entry into the portal as the blood of the key sealed it. Second, those same elements I spoke of, altered the event so that it was you who would jump in, not Buffy. In fact, her anger with you was a manipulation on their part right until the very end when you would assure your own demise."

"Wait...wait, wait, wait. You're telling me, that I was assassinated!?" Xander asked in shock.

"Sadly, yes my young friend, and they would have been very thorough about it. In fact, had it not been for my assistance, you would have died on the spot." The humanoid visage of the Creator replied, placing a comforting hand on Xanders shoulder as the young man looked like somebody had knocked the air out of him.

Falling to his knees with tears of despair falling down his cheeks, Xander murmured, "W-Why?"

With a sigh, God conjured another two chairs for himself and Xander as he prepared him for what came next. "Xander please, sit and let me explain something to you first."

When the boy did as he asked after a few moments of gathering himself together, the Creator continued, "Now, like I said, you know me as God. Though certain Cosmic Entities aware of me call me the One Above All, like my primary assistant, 'The Living Tribunal..."

"But...But he's a Comic Book Character!" Xander exclaimed before asking in a more subdued tone, "Right?"

"So was Superman, yet here you stand, with all of his powers, and all of his memories. So, I doubt that the Living Tribunal being my assistant can be 'THAT' far fetched, hhhmmmm?" God replied before continuing.

"Xander, what you need to understand is, what can be one persons fantasy, is anothers reality. In all of those comic books you've read, they exist in one form or another on other planes of existence."

"So, there is a such thing as a Multiverse?"

"That and so much more as well. Each gathering of Universes forms a Multiverse, then a Megaverse, and finally, an Omniverse. Very few are privileged with knowing of its existence, and even less get to travel it. Though, unlike me, who comes and goes as I please with but a thought, they will never be able to fully understand the grandeur that comes with it. Not to mention the rules and dangers as well that goes with it.

"Wow,...so does our reality have the same rules, like different choices, making different worlds and all that?"

"Now you are getting it." the Supreme Being said with a smile. "Free Will, is a powerful thing Xander, it has many effects upon the fabric of time and creation. Take those issues of 'What If...?' Or 'Elseworlds'. Here, they are simply fiction, but in other realities, they are fact."

"So,...in one Universe, Spider-Man married Black Cat and Superman wasn't raised by the Kents?"

"Precisely, my friend. In fact, you could say that you are the product of a choice, a fairly interesting one at that."

"Wait,...don't tell me..." Xander spoke with a mixture of dread and curiosity.

"I do so enjoy the show..."

"We're a TV show?!"

"Oh yes, in fact, you have quite a fan base. They all love that whole 'Underdog' mystique after all."

"I have fans?!"

"Hhhmmm, it boggles the mind, doesn't it? Of course, they don't follow your current life, but that of Xander Harris, who went as a Soldier in what would be considered the core of your reality."

"So, what happened in that reality?"

"Well, the short of it is,...he continued in the fight as best he could, at one point, he even lost an eye, became a Watcher in a manner of speaking, and is currently dating Dawn."

If Xander were drinking, he would have done a very impressive spit take. "I...he...what?"

"Like I said, Xander. 'Choice' is a powerful thing. But enough of that now, hhmmmm."

"Uh...right...Dawn?" he murmurs quietly to himself.

"Xander..." God chides playfully.


"It's ok. You should the other choices in women versions of you have..." he pauses before giving him a mischievous look, "...or men for that matter."


"HAHAHA, oh my boy, you are much too easy to joke around with, no wonder they enjoy needling you back there in your world."

"Great,...even God thinks I'm a joke."

That cuts God off from his laughter as he delivers a frown upon his face and makes Xander 'gulp' in fear.

"Xander, why must you put yourself down like that? I know every detail of your life, every ounce of pain you bared on your shoulders, you hid behind the mask of a fool, yet even now that you show what a hero you are, you still belittle yourself."

Xander bows his head in shame, as if he has failed some test.

However, he soon feels himself enveloped in the Creators arms.

"You are no failure, Xander. You give of yourself freely for those whom you deem worthy. You selflessly spared your friend a terrible pain, knowing you would earn her hatred, you gave your life for her and her sister,...you are no failure."

Xander never really considered what he did as heroic, he just wanted to make sure his girls were safe. He had already lost Jessie, and there was no way he would lose Willow or Buffy like that. "Thanks..." he replied.

"There is no need, I often find it soothing to aid my creations when I can..." he sighed, "...it is just a shame I can't do it more often."

"W-Why not?"

"Have you ever seen that episode of 'Futurama' where Bender is lost in space and has a run in with God."

"Yeah...wait a minute..." Xander spoke suddenly, "...if 'Fiction' is fact in other realities, then that means that you really did run into him."

"Something like that. Any way, do you recall what 'I' said to him after Benders rather unique approach to being God?"

"Yeah, you said 'It takes a light touch. Too much help, and they start to depend on you and too little, and they question your existence and lose faith'."

"Precisely. All of my creations are my children, and like any parent must do eventually, I have to let you stand on your own, or else, you will never grow beyond your own limitations. If I was always around to guide you, you would not look for other paths and lose sight of the many possibilities, and you would never be able to make your own future. As any character in some book, on TV, or even some films spoke so eloquently, 'Where's the fun in that?'"

"Then what are the PTB of my reality?"

"They are a collective consciousness that seeks to maintain the status quo, they take neither side of the conflict. Good and Evil are irrelevant to them so long as the balance is maintained. They seldom intervene in the affairs of the lower plains and act through Avatars or Champions..."

"Like Buffy, Faith, or Deadboy!" Xander realised where he was going with this.

"Exactly,...they among others are responsible for your proverbial death."

"What? But why?"

"Because," God replied leaning forward with his hands clasped together, "...you were altering the status quo in their minds. It began when you defied prophecy and saved Buffy, they wanted her to die there because it was part of their plan." God observed as Xander began reeling at the thought of the PTB who they trusted were actually a collection of conniving, back stabbing, bastards who cared more for the 'Balance', than anything else.

"It doesn't end there. They had plans for Willow to be corrupted by magic, Faith to betray you and side with the mayor before she would be left in a coma, Cordelia to become one of them after she would serve as a vessel for a fallen Power and so much more. I could go on and on, but I think that you already get the gist of it."

Xander was slowly growing angrier as he listened to the plans they had for his girls. "Those...Those Bastards!" he snarled as his eye began to glow red.

"Calm yourself, you prevented all of that. They are safe and I will be cleaning 'House', so calm yourself. I might let my children go along on their own path, but that hardly means I am going to let them get in way over their heads."

"Right...sorry about that." Xander panted as the anger slowly abated, his eyes returning to their natural state.

"Like I said, your actions after Halloween altered everything they had set up. You killed the Judge, you sent Angel into the portal, helped destroy the mayor by igniting the bomb, killed Adam, saved Doyle, and so much more. By then, both sides had to rid themselves of you. So, they altered the portal to kill you."


"Of course. The Senior Partners were the other faction for example. The moment you destroyed their main base of Operations, they saw you as a threat since they could not corrupt you, so they conspired with the other side to return things to the age old way before resuming their plans."

"A perpetual deadlock, or at least for the PTB that is."

"Precisely. Everything you have done, you have done so for the light. The balance had shifted because of you. They could not take that sitting down, and so argued their case with the PTB. In the end, it was unanimous. You had to go."

When God spoke, it was at how he would be forced to discipline the Powers That Be for the actions they had taken, the choices they had made. He had at one point in time, such high hopes for them. Never again. It was time to show them the folly of their choices. It was time, to set right the many wrongs perpetuated by his creations.

There was a few moments of silence before Xander could find the strength to ask, "So, what now? I mean, where do I go from here? Wherever here is?" the question finally leaving his mind through his lips as it had been nagging him for some time.

"Well, I am willing to place you in another reality. Naturally, I will have you trained to control your abilities. But you won't be going alone." Xanders head snapped up as God turned away as the visage of a young woman shimmered into existence. Her boots leaving no sound, and yet, Xander knew the legs in which those boots belonged as a young woman in tight blue jeans, a white tank top, and a moderately sized jean jacket walked into view. Her long brunette head of hair flowing past her shoulders, "Thanks Big G., I don't think 'X' here could stand not having me at his side in the long run."

"It was my pleasure, Faith."

"Wo...Wh...Huh?!" Xander stuttered in disbelief.

"While you slept after your feinting spell, I went to your home reality one year ahead of time and spoke privately with Faith after meeting and then explaining who I was, and my purpose for visiting. We talked and when offered the chance to join you, she jumped at the chance. After all, she alone really understood who you are and why you did what you did. I empowered her with the same powers you have after speaking with a female version of Kal-El, or as you know him, Superman. The Female Superman, or Superwoman as I know her, agreed to what I had proposed for Faith and allowed me to temporarily merge them for the same amount of time as you did with Kal. Like you, she too was altered at the genetic level, becoming a Kryptonian, but not before I removed the taint that was of the Slayer line within her. The plan worked. I replaced Faith with what I would affectionately call, my own version of a Time Remnant with the Slayer taint in it as it was within her. It would not be the same Faith, but no one, not even the PTB would notice the difference. I then brought 'her'," he hinted by pointing at Faith, "to another part of this place where she could experience what you have while I spoke with you."

"You really feinted, X? Like a little girl?" Faith teased with a shit eating grin.

"Shut up." Xander murmured with his head down and his face turning red, causing Faith to bust out laughing.

After taking a moment to get herself together, Faith had then walked into Xanders space and into his arms. "I missed you Xander."

"I missed you too, Faith." he replied as he rested his head on hers.

Looking up and into his eyes, she grasped him by the back of the head and brought him downward as her lips brushed over his, taking the one thing she desired most, his mouth as she claimed him then and there before the Creator.

It was unknown how long they remained lip locked, but when the need for air became too great, they separated, with the newly born Kryptonian woman resting her head on Xanders shoulders as he held her.

"I'm sorry I left you, Faith."

Suddenly, it was like the flood gates had opened as he felt her trembling in his arms, his suit feeling her tears as she unleashed the anguish in her heart.

"Whe-When I saw your sh-shield fall, when we-we buried an empty grave with things to remember you by, I became lost. I hunted more, I lost myself as I began attacking our friends, our family, all because I lost you. I love you Xander."

"Do you really?" he asked after tilting her head to look at him.

"Yes, you big goof." she sniffled.

He searched her eyes and saw she really meant it as he smiled fondly, "I'm willing to try, if you are."

Seeing the honesty in his eyes, she attacked his lips once more, moaning in the soft tenderness of the kiss. They had to break it up a few moments later as a cough had interrupted them.

"Aaahhh, young love." God smiled with a toothy grin.

"Sorry." Xander said, him and Faith fixing their clothing as it began to get a bit hot all of a sudden. A few moments later, the male Kryptonian asked, "So, what now? W-.., Faith and I..." until Faith stopped him with a finger to his lips.

"Thank you." Faith interrupted. When he was ready to speak clearly, she released him.

"As I was trying to say, Faith and I have no where to go and nothing left to lose by taking the chance you are offering. How will she and I train?"

"Simple, by using this." as he produced from the air itself, an emerald green crystal. It took Xander a moment to recognize the crystal in Gods hand, understanding what it truly was."

"The Fortress Master Control crystal!" he whispered in awe at seeing it.

"Wait, isn't that..."

"The crystal Clark used to create the Fortress of Solitude in the first Superman movie."

"Oh yeah. Wait, we get our very own crystal fortress?" she gasped as it finally hit home on what they were about to experience.

"Of course, how else do you think Kal-El was able to learn and harness his abilities." God surmised with a smirk. "Now, with this crystal, not only will you learn how to handle your Kryptonian powers, but also the knowledge of a race that should not be forgotten in the pages of history." God spoke as he handed the crystal over to Xander.

The young Kryptonian handled the priceless object delicately. In his hands, he held the legacy of Krypton. "Are you sure we should have this? I mean, neither of us are like 'him', and if Superwoman is anything like him, it would be the same for Faith."

"Xander, you are right when you say that you and Faith, Clark and Clara Kent have lived four, very different lives. The both of you having lived in constant danger against those who seek the destruction of the world, and for them, lives filled with dangers against men and women who seek to dominate all life."

"But I am not asking you two to become them, perhaps follow their example in being beacons of 'Hope', but not be an exact copy. You choose your life and do what suits you best, nothing more, nothing less."

"What about 'B' and the others? Will they be alright?" Faith asked, getting a nod from Xander as they did not want to leave them behind without knowing if they were safe.

"They shall be safe from the Powers, but remember that they are still involved in this war Faith, Xander. They will still live or die by the choices they make, as all heroes do. They know that they will not always make it out, but they do it anyway because it is what they feel is right."

"We get that, it's just...Faith and I just don't want them to have to deal with those assholes because they can't control them."

"I understand your concern, Xander. But rest assured, as I stated earlier, they will not have any problems after I have cleaned house, so to speak." The Omnipotent being spoke with a smile directed at the both of them.

"Well, that's a load off, that's all we really want for our family, for them to be safe." Faith replied.

"Then, if that is all, it is time." God said as with a mere thought, he, Xander, and Faith disappeared in a flash of light.

North Pole


Reality unknown

All three reappeared in the middle of snow and wind, though neither of the three minded the bone chilling cold. Within the distance, and icy canyon could be seen.

"This looks promising. Xander, if you would do the honors." God said.

Xander looked to Faith who nodded and began to have an expression of glee as he took one last look at the crystal, and threw it at the glaciers.

Despite the force used to hurl it, the crystal landed with a soft 'plop' onto the snow. For a minute, it remained there, before it slowly sank into the ice. Ten seconds later, a deep 'rumble' was heard, and from the ice, giant crystals burst forth from the land.

They crossed one another at an angle to form what Xander had only seen in cartoons, movies, and comic books. In flashes of light, the now near complete ice structure that was a tribute to a now long gone race, shot sparks into the air, lighting up the sky. Minutes later, the sparks ceased, the skies darkened to their normal setting, and the Fortress of Solitude stood, as if beckoning its new owners.

In another 'flash', they were inside the alien structure. Standing in the Central Chamber, where the statues of Jor-El and Lara were usually found, was simply Krypton. Something Xander felt right with since was not a member of the House of El, and had no right to something so precious to Clark Kent.

"I can't believe it...I-We're actually standing inside the Fortress..." he whispered.

"I don't know what all the fuss is about as it is now the both of yours, and believe me, it has most of everything Kal-El's has, except of course, the Habitat where he kept Alien Species, but the arsenal 'IS' present and will remain sealed until the time you both are fully trained and briefed, then there's..."

"WOOF" A white blur suddenly tackled Xander.

"Oof!" he wheezed as the air flew from his lungs as he landed on his back. Suddenly, he felt as his face being drooled on by a rough slimy tongue as he managed to open one eye, "Krypto?"

"Krypto!" God finished with a smile as the alien canine continued to lick one of his new master's face. Just like in the comic books, Krypto was a white dog, similar to a Labrador wearing a red cape with a smaller yellow shield with the symbol of the House of El.

"Ah dude, he's so cute." Faith squealed as she touched the canine upon the head and began scratching his ears, causing the dog to jump upon and begin licking his new mistress in the face, making her laugh out loud.

"I don't believe it. We have our very own Krypto!?" Xander spoke with surprise as he gently grabbed the enthusiastic dog and pulled him away from his equally playful mistress who looked at Xander with appreciation as she had to use her shirt to wipe away the drool from her face.

"I figured you two might get lonely, so I pulled some strings. Let's face it, you two need to learn control before you are allowed to help people. I also had one of the droids programmed to tutor you both in diverse fields since you will need more than an incomplete High School Education if you plan to blend in."

"Oh man, for real?" Faith whined, Kryptos ears lowering as he must have sensed his mistresses distress.

Xander just shook off his companions antics with a somber smile. "So, that means we're going to be home schooled?"

"Essentially, yes. Here he comes now." God replied as a robot floated into the room. It had a somewhat humanoid appearance, only no legs, with a metallic gold colored shell. It had thin arms with an oval shaped head that had a flat face screen while the rest of the head extended outward somewhat and extended downward into the rest of the body. An 'S' shield proudly branded into its chest. The screen/ face of the robot had an blue holographic feature to it with a single red eye in the middle.

"Greetings." It spoke in a voice both individuals knew all too well.

"Giles?" Xander asked out loud as the machine clearly spoke in the voice of the Watcher, albiet in a digitized tone.

"Yo G., how did you do that?" Faith asked.

"I was given his voice to better help the both of you to adapt to the change of scenery while I tutor you." it asnwered.

"Cool, we have our very own G-man Robot. Thanks Big G."

"Wow...that's...that's great. Thanks man, I really mean that." the young man replied with a bit of sadness as well as gratitude.

"You are both welcome." the machine responded.

"What he said." the One Above All said as he then sighed, "I'll be leaving now..." God spoke, gaining the teen Kryptonians attention now, "..the Fortress will block out all outside noise for the time being until your training is finished. I know the both of you wish to help, but right now, you could hurt someone unintentionally."

Grabbing Faiths hand and pulling her to his side wherein she laid her head against Xanders shoulder, Faith smiling fondly at the Creator, "Then we better get started..." he said before a look of confusion came to his face, "...but where are we, exactly?"

"I'll let you three to figure that out as rest assured, it's not a world you know, and the people here will need both you and Krypto within the next few years." God spoke with a hint of anger and righteous fury.

Reading between the lines, Faith asked, "Is it really that bad?"

"You can only imagine, which is why I chose to bring you here instead of somewhere more familiar. This world will need you, as will the people, as they are not strong enough to overcome the threat within this world, alone." he took a moment to calm himself before schooling his facial expressions, "But before I forget, here's two final presents..." the Supreme being said as he produced a small rectangular, thin lengthened box, "Don't open it until you are done, alright?"

"Sure." Xander replied as he took the small item.

"Well, I must be off, but a word of advice Xander, Faith, I know the transition away from home will be hard at first, but so long as you both keep the memories as well as your feelings of your time with them alive, you are never alone, and in time, new friends and memories will come along and remind you that you are never truly alone."

"Thank you." Faith said as she walked up to and wrapped her arms around the Creator who, while slightly surprised a bit, returned the embrace in kind.

"You are welcome, my child."

He looked and saw Xander holding out a hand in which he gladly returned in kind, shaking his other childs hand. Faith realizing it was time, slowly extracted herself from the OOA, tears flowing down her cheeks.

With that done, a with a final "Farewell." God vanished without a trace.

"So," Xander began, turning to look upon the floating robot, "...what should we call you?"

"Whatever you wish, sir." it answered.

"Giles, or G-man it is then." Faith spoke up as she wiped the last of her tears away with the sleeve of her coat.

"I shall adhere to answer to both then, shall I? It replied with a touch of humor in its digitized tone of voice.

"So, what should we do first?" Xander asked.

"If I may, I believe I should show you the Fortress and then, you should eat and then rest. Tomorrow, your training begins." the newly named Giles spoke as he turned to lead his new charges.

"Lead the way, G-man." Faith replied, as both individuals began following as the machine moved with their new pet at Faith side. With that, Xander and Faith began their first steps into their new lives.

For the next five years, both trained under the watchful eye of their robotic tutor in the use of their powers.


"The both of you are now at 100 tons. How do either of you feel?" Giles asked his wards as he watched from behind a control panel as Xander, garbed in boxers, and Faith, a tank top and womens boxers, with sensors around their bodies, lifted massive pillars over their heads.

"Dude, is this thing even on?" Faith teased with a hint of a strain in her voice.

"I'm good..." Xander replies himself, also with a bit of a strain in his tone, "...let's push it to 120."



Both Kryptonians were now training their Super Speed as well as their hand-eye coordination with a series of blocks in different shapes they had to place in the proper holes. What made it unique was the holes moved and changed shape every second.

To anyone watching, all they would see would be faint blurs placing blocks in the time it takes an average person to blink.

"Time!" Xander called out.

"For you Xander, five seconds. You have broken your previous record by ten."

"Good...but I can do better."

"No doubt, sir. For you Faith, four seconds compared to your last record of eight."

"Yes." she cheered, her hands shooting upward in victory.

"Oh come on, how is that even fair?" Xander cried out.

"I guess it's true what they say, girls mature much faster than boys." Faith smirked.

"..." Xander began, only to stand there gobsmacked for a moment, making Faiths grin even wider, "Yeah, I got nothing."

"Uh-huh." she teased.

"Alright Giles, lets take it up a notch. Change intervals to 30 microseconds." Xander spoke to their robotic companion.


"Alright Xander, Faith, your objective, is to strike these dummies which have the same consistency as humans, with the most minimal amount of power, and do try to remember your meditative studies." Giles said while Krypto watched from beside him.

Xander and Faith stood before the dummies, sensors once more on their bodies.




"You both may now begin."

The young adult Kryptonians did so while breathing slowly. Ten seconds later, they struck.


"Damn it!" Xander cursed as his dummy was pulverized.

"Oh man, I got dummy guts all over me." Faith whined.

In actuality, it was digitized dummy fragments that then vanished as Giles tapped a command sequence in the control console that vanished the remains of Faiths dummy, getting a look of appreciation from the former Slayer.

"You both used half your power this time, good. But remember, it is a work in progress. Control will come in time..." Giles spoke before two more dummies took the originals place, "...now, again."

All of this and more, they were put through as they prepared themselves. Giles gave them a full High-School and College Level Education that they soaked up like a sponge given the fact that their Kryptonian minds were more developed than humans.

"What will the both of you do once your training is completed?"

"We'll see what's what first, G-man." Faith replied.

"I agree with her. God himself hinted about something dark here, something not right. Something he felt we needed to know for ourselves before even thinking of work. So, let's just find out what that something is and go from there."

"A noble idea. You're learning. But know, given your current skills, you both have many possibilities available." Giles spoke.

"Well...I guess I like to work with my hands, so I guess I could do something like a mechanic or something..."

"Old G-man used to hint at your being good at carpentry. And with your hands, I'm sure you can carve and shape anything you put your mind to." Faith said with a touch of lust in her voice.

"Stop it Faith." Xander warned.

"Or what?" She mock dared him.

With a growl, he charged her in a blur. Of course, it was what she wanted as the moment he had her in his arms, he sped them back into their private quarters for some personal time to themselves." Giles could hear the laughter, and eventually the moans that followed minutes later.

"Oh dear!" he muttered a he tuned out their fornicating by shutting down his coms sensors and went about some other business he had been in development of for the both of them.

Finally, the day came when it was time to venture out into the world. They found themselves excited and nervous at the prospect of seeing what kind of world they had been brought to.

"Well Giles, this is it. We're ready to take a gander at what is out there." Xander spoke. Time had changed the both of them both physically and mentally. Xander now stood at 6'4, his body now teaming with hard packed muscles that conformed to his build.

Faith on the other hand, stood at 6'1, also teaming with chiseled abs and powerful arms. Her breasts of course also grew. So much so, that the woman known as Power Girl would be impressed. It was a good thing Xander loved them, and Faith loved showing them off to her man who couldn't seem to get enough of them.

"Before you go sir, there is the matter of the item the creator left for the both of you, as well as something he wanted you two to see before you left the Fortress. I personally have also prepared something of a gift for you that I feel you will need. Please, follow me." The machine spoke as he headed for the arsenal.

They soon reached the hall that held the many weapons on the wall. Frankly, Xander tried to avoid touching many of them since they were informed of how some of them were planet killers if misused.

Faith on the other hand, found herself attracted to the many blades more than anything. A side-effect of being a former Slayer.

They stopped in front of a pedestal that held a small box.

"So, what's the what, G-man?" Faith asked with Xandr nodding to the question in similar thought.

"This is for when you wish to hide yourselves better..." Giles said as he took the box and opened it to reveal two rings with blue gems, "...this is blue Kryptonite."

Whereas Xander jumped back, Faith smacked the box from the machines hands, got in the machines face and snarled, "Are you nuts? Are you trying to kill us?"

Giles looked to where the box fell and floated over to retrieve it. He gathered the rings from the ground where they too fell, "If you will allow me to explain. Blue Kryptonite is not like its jaded counterpart. When in physical proximity, it will merely suppress your Kryptonian abilities, but leave you still much stronger than a human. It will not hurt when near you, as you will feel nothing. Only when worn will you notice the effects."

"Oh well, why didn't you just say so, G-man?" Faith said as she walked up to and patted the machine on the head, "Sorry for smacking you and getting in your face."

"It's quite alright. It wasn't highly unexpected. I calculated a 87% chance that you would have melted me."

"The thought did cross my mind."

"Faith," Xander chastised.

"What? It did." she spoke, seeing the small glare he sent as he then turned to Giles and took one of the rings in hand, looked at it, and then put it on. Faith saw as blue energy went up his arms and even in his eyes. But Xander didn't seem to have noticed.

"That's it?"

"Try using your X-Ray Vision."

He looked at Faith who blushed as she tucked a stray hair out of her face and behind an ear, turned to fully stand before Xander in a pose, "Tell me what you see."

He seemed to be trying to look extra hard before stopping, "Nothing. Guess it really does work without the side-effects of excruciating pain." he said as he removed the ring and placed it back in the box. Raising his hand, he squinted and could see his X-Ray working as he looked upon the bones and joints within his hand. "They could come in handy when around normal people."

"I guess." Faith slightly agreed with a huff.

"Indeed, but remember, your bone and muscle density is still much greater than a humans, regardless of that, you should still be careful."

"We'll use our training, if it helps."

"That is all I ask. Now, for my item of interest..." the machine spoke as he walked towards a nearby console and pressed a sequence of keys. Next to the small pedestal that held the rings, the floor opened to reveal two large cylinders. Both split down the center, revealing a soft white light. Both individuals gasped as they gazed upon what lay inside both cylinders.

"Are these...?" Xander started to ask as he stepped closer to the one meant for him as inside the cylinder before him, was a mannequin, wearing a suit of deep red, blue, and a somewhat dull yellow.

Faiths was designed with her in mind as it looked like it would fit with her shapely body.

"I thought it appropriate to have these made for you." Giles spoke as Xander ran his hands over his suits material. It wasn't like the one from the comics as the shield stood out by less than half an inch, and the 'S' seemed to look more like a rune since there was a 'line running or curving through the middle layer of the 'S' shield*. There was what appeared to be a red belt with a miniature yellow 'S' shield for a buckle. The only thing missing was the outer boxers, and in a way, Xander was glad for that. One of the things to stay constant was the cape, though this one had the same deep red color as the red of the costume themselves.

He looked, and noticed that Faiths was an almost exact match to his, only it was designed for her. The boots were make from the same unknown material as much as the suits were while retaining the original idea of what they grew up knowing, but all in all, the suits seemed to work for both Kryptonians.

"They were made from Nano composition, built to withstand great impacts and climates. They can be hidden by pressing the belt buckle twice, causing them to flatten and retreat themselves into the belt until needed. Tap it once, and the suits flattens themselves to form fitting material to be worn under clothes. Also, the belts have compartments to help store the rings. The belts can also alter themselves to match any design so as to throw off suspicion."

"Giles...this is incredible!" Xander spoke in awe.

"Well stud, put it on." Faith said as she had already did so for hers while Giles spoke. Xander looked and his jaw dropped.

Faith struck a pose with a lustful expression, "See anything you like Tiger?"

"Oooohhh, daddy likes." he said as he had to shake his head a moment, "Did I just say that out loud?"

This only cause Faith to laugh out loud again.

"Mm, quite!" Giles stated. But one could even hear the amusement in that short statement.

Doing as instructed, it didn't take but one try for Xander to be suited up.

"How does yours feel?" Faith asked.

"Good, like a second skin. How do we look, Giles?"

"Like heroes." he replied. "Now then, for the Creators final item. Please, follow me to the Central Control Area." Their robotic companion spoke before walking towards the area that contained the crystals that held much of the knowledge of the planet Krypton, as well as the other bits of information.

The former Sunnydalian, Bostonian, and their pet walked behind the machine, the young man and woman were almost shaking with Anticipation for what was next to come.

They soon reached their destination and Giles approached the console and maneuvered certain crystals in a very specific configuration.

Within minutes, an image appeared before them of the OAA.

"Hello Xander, Faith, although the redundancy of myself using a holographic interface to speak to you both is quite evident, I felt it best given the people with whom I felt it best leave you with some words of confidence."

With that said, the image vanished, before another took its place, or rather two images. Images that made both Xander and Faith gasp in surprise.

"Hello Alexander."

"Hello Faith."

"You both may already be familiar with who we are if what we have been told is true, and given the source, well..."

"We do very much believe it to be so is what my male counterpart is trying to say. Allow us to introduce ourselves, I am Clara Kent, or as my world knows me as Superwoman."

"And in mine, I am Clark Kent, also known as Superman."

"Giles, is this for real?" Xander asked. The astonished young man looked to his and Faiths robotic companion and and ally as he could not believe that the Man and Woman of Steel themselves were speaking to them.

"Very mush so, Xander. The Creator felt it best to have them say a few things to you both before embarking out into the world."

Xander nodded in understandig before giving his full attention to the message.

"No doubt you are both wondering why we are addressing you." Clara stated.

"The reason is that we wanted to say that we are sorry for what you both have lost. No one should have to lose their home or their families for doing the right thing, and you certainly proved that, despite the many setbacks in your own way." The last Son of Krypton said proudly to the young man who carried the others many memories.

"Faith, you showed great courage, not just to sacrifice your darker half to merge with myself and become not just my sister, but by becoming Xanders other half. His soulmate."

"You both have shown great courage for helping your friends during such trying times and hardships. Clara and I both know full well some of the pain you both went through in mastering our powers in less than adequate environments."

"You Xander could have abused the gifts you were given, but you held onto your moral fiber and showed great restraint and honor."

"And yet, here you stand in our peoples legacy, and wearing the symbol of our Houses. We have no reservations whatsoever for you to do so, however, we feel it should be made official...therefore, Alexander Lavelle Harris, as the Head of the House of El, I welcome you proudly into it and give you the name by which others of our race, should you ever meet them in the future, may call you in their presence, welcome Xan-El. Welcome to the family cousin."

"Faith Lehane, as the Head of House of El in my world, I name thee Fai Jor-El. I too welcome you to my family...sister."

The message ends with the Man and Woman of Steel smiling proudly at the man and woman who had been granted their gifts and burdens.

Both were pole-axed for a moment until Giles decided to break them out of their shock, but not before Xander turned to the love of his life, and saw a lone tear fall down her right cheek. He grabbed her and brushed the tear away before bringing her into his arms and holding her for what felt like hours, but was merely minutes.

It was Giles voice which brought them back to reality, "I have taken the liberty to pack some clothes, food, and money for you. It is waiting by the main entrance in a duffel bag."

"Where did you get the money?" Xander asked.

"The creator thought it best to have some put aside. You shall find enough funds to keep you safe until you procure a job and a home."


"I should warn you, that the currency in this world is very much different from what you know. Instead of paper currency, they deal in coins of the gold and silver variety. There is a generous amount of both within the bag for the both of you."

With a wary sigh, Xander nodded once more, "It's time."

"Do you know where we should go?" Faith asked.

"Let's see what's out there first before we make a decision."

"Sounds like a plan. Krypto, here boy!" she called out.

With a 'Woof'. The Kryptonian canine strutted up to them with a wagging tail.

"Krypto," Xander began, kneeling at eye level with the lovable pooch, "Take care of the place, ok?"

The intelligent beast gave a 'Bark!' in confirmation, earning a scratch behind the ear.

"Good boy! Giles, we'll be back as soon as we can." Faith spoke.

"No hurries. I shall make sure everything is kept in place."

Both just nodded and headed for the exit. Xander picked up the bag as they went, the massive doors slowly opened, letting in a gust of icy cold winds, and the muted sounds of people talking.

Normally, they would have found themselves cringing at the sound of so many voices, but thanks to their training, they no longer had to worry about that since they could now focus on just what to pay attention to.

With the bag strapped on his back, both he and Faith closed their eyes as they let the Sun hit their faces, feeling its energies invigorating them, granting them strength.

With an almost calm reverence, both knelt on the cold hard ground and laid their fists upon it. Both concentrated on the power they had both hoped to master above all others, for in it, they had found the freedom very few can possess.

The Earth beneath their feet and fists begins to slowly shake, dust and snow part, and with a sudden great force, they both blast off the ground at great speed.

Higher and higher they went, gaining more and more speed as they ascend from the Earths hold, into the Heavens and all the while, both smile and laugh with child-like glee as the clouds part before them and slowly, the blue skies darkened and more and more stars are seen.

Fully free from the planets hold, both lower their gaze and look at the world they will safe guard as its champions, its heroes, its Superman and Superwoman.

The only thought left in their minds goes unheard by all, 'Look out world, ready or not, here we come.'

With that thought in mind, they shoot down into the unknown, neither knowing what to expect, but willing to brave the challenge to come.

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