Hope of Humanity

Ch. 2 The Fall of Shiganshina

and the rise of Hope

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Shiganshina District

Eren Jeagars POV


The day I had always feared had arrived. I stared, eyes wide. My heart was racing a mile a minute. I didn't pay any attention to the many people whom ran past me, let alone Armin who tried to pull at my arm to turn back and run away.

I remained transfixed as I gazed upon a Titan for the first time in my life, one whom was apparently the tallest of its kind. Unlike the many stories I had ever heard from the soldiers of my village, only this one had no skin, just muscle and sinew with a hint of bone in the oddest areas of its body, especially over the cranial region, and what appeared to be cartilage centered around what can be construed as its mouth area, forever fixed in what seems like a permanent scowl. Its eyes looking down upon us humans as if our deaths were inevitable.

It was then I had realized. That the day the human race remembered...the terror...of being dominated by them...and the shame...of being held in a birdcage.

As everyone knew, 107 years ago, the entire human race, save for us...was devoured by the Titans.

Following that, our ancestors constructed mighty walls that the Titans couldn't get over...and thus successfully secured a safe, Titan-Free domain.

Now, I'm sure many of us were present there..five years ago, when tragedy struck again only to be pushed back by even greater, more powerful beings some would consider Gods themselves, but sought neither accolades nor worship.

When Hope sprang forth from despair. That in our darkest time, a light, a light that Humanity lacked, a light to show us the way, had appeared and shined the way towards salvation.

I remember that day very vividly. It was when I saw as the thing that I had feared the most every day since I first learned of them and what evil beings they were, had suddenly appeared and stood just over fifty meters tall from the other side of the wall, steam pouring from its toothy maw on both sides of its jaws. It was then I had remembered the words I spoke earlier to those drunkards, our walls were our cage, and we were the cattle.

And with its reveal, came the hope the world so desperately needed. A hope that stood in the sky, a silhouette that radiated within the rays of the sun. And even more powerful than the Titans themselves.

"N-No way...even the biggest Titans are less than 15 meters tall...! For its head to stick out over a 50 meter wall..." Armin cried out in shock.

"It's moving!" I had said as I had watched as the upper part of what I and everyone else could see of the Titans body, moved just slightly as it gripped the wall with its single hand.

I covered my ears from the explosive power of whatever the Titan had done.

The loud explosion from the lower area of the walls had unleashed mighty gusts of wind buffet the town with heavy winds followed by massive stone and dust, followed by parts of the town being uprooted from the force of the wind, falling and crushing the people before and around me, men, women, and even children.

It was Mikasa who had pointed out exactly what it was that the Titan had done. "I-It...made a hole in the wall?!"

The power of its kicked had opened a massive breach separating us from the outside world that I had dreamed of one day seeing exploring. As the people around me ran in mass panic, I watched as if transfixed in silent horror and helplessness, as if the world moved in slow motion, while I could make out the many miniature giant, grinning and grotesque figures walking through the hole itself.

"TITANS!" someone had cried out. But that wasn't what was on my mind.

"Both of you, run. We have to get out here before the Titans get in!" Armin said in almost silent horror, but I paid him no heed. "Eren?!" he had cried out.

As if by some unknown force carried me forward, my feet were dragging me in another direction...towards the quickest path leading to my home...to my mother, slowly at first as I whispered in growing dread, in fear for my mothers life, "Those pieces of the wall fell near the house!"

Unknown to me, even Mikasa realized what that meant. She too turned back and kept in step behind me as I then began to quicken my pace until I felt despair fuel the Adrenalin coursing through my veins as I began to run, running faster than I had ever had, towards the direction of my home. Despite the growing distance between us, Armins now loud, fear induced words only fueled my need to keep moving, "...will be over-run by Titans!"

In our state of mass panic and fear, we didn't see the shadow that flew overhead as if our salvation came down from heaven itself. Nor did we see as it and another flew towards the source of our darkest hour.

As I ran, I could feel Mikasa, my adopted sister, running just behind me, not hearing her gasp as she 'did' see the silhouette that passed overhead.

We passed many a destroyed and badly mangled bodies crushed by stone and wood as we quickly ran toward our home, most of whom were crushed and buried beneath tons of rock and earth, some of which came from the torn hole of the walls of Shiganshina.

Mikasa had long black hair with gray eyes that could pass off as black, depending upon the lighting wherever she stood. She wore a beige dress with a light pink open, light overcoat and a scarf I once gave to her that she has since never parted with. No doubt like myself, my mother was the number one thought in her mind as we ran.

Many a families were crying out in despair for those whom were lost due to the destruction caused by the massively huge Titan. 'There's no way my house was hit!' I cried to myself. 'I'm sure she's already escaped...!' I mentally pleaded. 'When I round that corner...my house will be there. Just like always!'

"Dammit!" I growled out as around the corner we stopped in our tracks, but for only a moment as we stared, and already the plumes of dust and debris floated in the air of where the house once stood, and yet I could already make out what remained of it. Running up the steps leading to our home, I cried out, "MOM!"

When I got to what remained of our home, I could see she was barely out of the rubble as a single hand had stuck out from beneath a piece of lumber that I had then grabbed ahold of and tossed aside. I cried out for her again as I ran to her half buried body, and could see signs in her eyes that she was struggling to open them at the sound of my voice as I had called to her again, "Mom...? somehow, the loud tone of my voice as I cried out to her had given her the strength to at least come to.

When she finally did open her eyes somewhat, she said my name in an weakened tone, "Eren, is that you?"

I quickly moved to her left, bending down and grabbing a hold of the remains of my home with both hands. I then relayed a set of instructions to Mikasa as she moved to the right of my mother, "Mikasa! Hold that!" I said as I directed her on what to do. "We're going to move this pillar! Let's go! One, two..." I began to count as Mikasa was about to try and lift the rubble trapping my mother beneath the roof with everything she had.

I was about put everything I had with every fiber of my being to lift the roof and wood that was crushing my mother, I could hear her protesting as I was about to say the final number, too determined to not listen and drowned her voice out when something gave and the roof slowly rose from where it buried my mother.

"What the...!?" I thought to myself as I tripped and fell over my own two feet, landing painfully on my backside. "Ow!" I said when opened my eyes and watched as the roof rose higher than my arms and hands could reach. I fell back on my backside yet again with a somewhat painful "Wooof!"

Looking up, I gasped as my eyes rested upon a man, or what could pass as a man in a blue suit with red boots and a long red cape. He was the biggest man I had ever seen with massive muscles to back it up.

As I looked on in shock at how easy it was for him to raise the remains of my home with his bare hands, a roof that had just fallen and crushed my mothers body just minutes before, the man looked to me and I could see that the weight of the wooden roof didn't even cause him to strain himself. He looked as if it was an effortless task to raise and hold the roof in the air high enough so that my mother could be pulled from underneath.

The mans mouth moved, and yet just gazing at him, I had somehow tuned out his words at first as just the mere size and power he was demonstrating was unbelievable, that was until Mikasa had smacked me in the head. Rubbing my said head as it throbbed somewhat, I cried out, "Ow, why did you do that for?"

Mikasa's normally emotionally deprived facial features had a look of awe as she pointed at the now softly smiling 'super strong guy' I guess you could call him, casually holding the roof that just used to be a part of my home. He then looked to and nudged his head in my mothers direction.

Knowing what he was trying to relay to us in the odd language in which he spoke, Mikasa and I quickly made to and aided in retrieving my mother from the ground in which she lay. Even she, despite the obvious pain she was in, looked upon this man, this strange and powerful figure with awe and amazement. I then moved to the left with my adopted sister moving to her right, both of us took her by the arms, placing them over our shoulders and lifted. It was difficult at first as we didn't want to jostle her too much. Lifting my head as we began to move out from where the roof had fallen on her, it was then that we felt a tremor in the stone beneath our feet.

I froze in sudden fear, I could barely take another step as I unconsciously forced myself to turn my head to look back.


From just a block away, having turned in the direction of my now destroyed home, was a being right out of my worst nightmares.

End of Erens POV

With it's lifeless eyes and its mouth stretching wide showing rows of hungry white teeth with protruding gums, short dark blond hair. It looked to be a female Titan.

The young teens then could only watch stunned as the Man in the blue suit and red cape bent down and gently laid the damaged roof fully upon the ground. He then to their amazement took two steps forward and then seemed to flow, for the better lack of a word, into the air where he then rose higher until he was mere meters from the creature, rising within eye level of the Titan.

"H-How is he doing that?" a new voice stuttered out as the Unit Captain of the Garrison, Mr. Hannes had touched down after swinging over to the young teens and injured woman, his 3D Maneuver Gears grappling lines recycling back into itself.

He looked in awe as the red cape, now noticing a yellow diamond shaped design stitched into the back of the billowing fabric as the air ruffled it while the 3DM gear-less man rose into the air. His right leg slightly raised as he then paused several meters from the hungry, yet grinning monster.

"He-He doesn't even have a 3D gear on!" he stated. 'Just who is this guy?'

The others were of the same thoughts as they watched the man hover before the smiling Titan.

Normal 3rd Person POV

It had been only been a few minutes since they left their fortress when Xander felt like spreading his wings, so to speak as the sun shined down upon him, filling his entire being with energy, strengthening and nourishing him with its ultra violet rays. He could feel the cool wind on his face, and enjoyed the calming sense of serenity that the gift of flight had given him. For just a moment he tuned everything out as he held his arms aloft close to his sides and just enjoyed the freedom he felt.

His wife, one Faith Harris formerly LeHane, turned and could see the serene look on his face as she too felt what he felt, making her that much closer to the man that she loved.

It was then that her mischievous side took over as she slowed her flight down without his noticing as she pulled back and came up slowly behind and over him and before he knew it, she grabbed the end of his cape and zipped to just over his head where in she then pushed the end of the cape into his face and shot off before he could react.

"Hey!" he called out indignantly before with a smirk, shot off after her, exceeding speeds that no normal humans could comprehend. Chasing after her in the air was thrilling as both pulled aerial maneuvers in a game of 'Catch me if you can!'

Faith just laughed as she made to stay one step ahead of her lover when as she flew faster and made to turn her head forward, she noticed that she and he were both approaching a high, stone walled city. There appeared to be three towns, all huge within their own right, layered within one another.

It would have been a beauty to behold had the sudden flux of an electrical bolt of lightning not ruined the moment as it touched down just outside of the walls protecting the other settlements outside of the three cities.

Faith was the first to stop and hover just high enough in the air to touch the clouds when Xander made to hover next to her. "What the hell was that?"

"I don't know." he replied as both used their Kryptonian enhanced vision abilities to zoom in to bypass and penetrate the dust and apparent steam, only to gasp in shock as their eyes locked onto a colossal giant without skin, only muscle and sinew. An outer layer of a skull-like cranium covered the upper part of its head. The skull-like visage covered even the area in what should have been eye brows as its eyes were brown. It had all of the qualities that they had come to know in regards to demons, but with one miner setback, no horns, its lower half not matching with what they knew of regarding demon anatomy that was normally associated with the Demons from their former world.

"My God." Xander whispered in dread as the creature rose up, one hand grasping the side of the high wall and gazed down upon the people within the surrounding city streets on the other side of the wall, as if judging them and finding them deserving of death.

Of course, their eyes could also make out what appeared to be similar creatures within the stone walls that kept the massive thing out, yet seemed to have been frozen within the stone walls themselves.

They could also make out what appeared to be smaller giants of various sizes and shapes, just itching at the bit to get in. All wore hideous, hungry expressions as they stood behind the much taller being as if waiting for something. Before the two super powered beings could react, the taller creature proceeded to rear back one of its legs. The speed of which it shot forth and planted its sinewy foot within the lower half of the stone walls would have been impressive had both airborne individuals not shook off their shock as they quickly shot down towards the city townsfolk.

"Oh hell X, THE PEOPLE!." she shouted.

As the giant made to remove its foot from the hole in which it made, the smaller giants took this opportunity to move in for the kill.

"I'll go for the big guy, you plug up that hole and take out those uglier ones." Xander ordered.

Faith nodded as she she flew off to do just that as dust and debris was everywhere after the massive creature had smashed his foot threw the lower half of the wall. The other giants were entering the city in droves when Xander observed as Faith began her run on the much smaller creatures.

His only focus was on the big one as he propelled himself towards it when it spotted him. It had a look of shock within its eyes as its pupils retracted as it made visual contact with him and made to escape as tremendous amounts of steam and hot air began to shroud it until it was completely enveloped by the hot mist.

Xander made to cover his eyes as he had to halt his approach and brace for the heated wind pressure as it buffeted him from where he hovered.

Pulling back his arms, he quickly brought them forward, open palms slamming slamming together as he clapped his hands,...


The effect was instantaneous after he had created a thunderous shock wave of displaced air, pushing the steam back while dispersing it at the same time. The steam dissipated with the much greater force of Xanders clap. His eyes raked all through the apparently hungry creatures when his eyes spotted a human whom seemed to have been where the now vanished Giant had been, dressed in what appeared to be a set of tan coveralls with suspenders and dark brown boots.

The suspicious individual quickly made his way towards the forest beyond the stone gated walls, constantly looking back towards the air as he ran.

Xanders Microscopic vision zoomed in and saw that the human was male with dark hair and brown eyes. When he finally entered the forest, he attempted to make himself invisible by hiding behind a tree.

There was fear in his eyes as he chanced a look towards the flying man in blue and red, not knowing but sensing that he too was seen and still being looked upon as no doubt that the flying man would accost him at a later date.

Xander made to visually compact the mans physical attributes within his mind in the off chance should they cross paths another time. Already he could see that the hole in the wall was frozen over with a wall made of ice, courtesy of his girl. But, then she was assaulted by what appeared to be a bone armored giant. He would have acted, but she was quick to recover and return the favor as she ripped through an Achilles tendon, removing leg from foot and then removed its arms with her heat vision as it fell when it turned its back on her, thinking that she was taken out of the equation.

He turned back as he knew she could take care of herself as his heart hurt at the massive loss of life seen throughout the town. There were bodies both mangled and crushed as the streets ran red with their blood. Xander wasted no time, proceeded to search for life as he both looked and listened.

He unleashed his own heat vision upon the giants that he flew over first, allowing the townspeople to escape wherever evacuation efforts and protocol demanded in such times as this. Some more of the cities civilians had already been grabbed and were about to be eaten by more giants when he unleashed his Heat Vision upon the said giants. He sheared off arms and hands in order to buy the people the needed time to escape and made to do so again to another Titan after dispatching the last creature he had come across when the person within its grasp, a young blond woman, screamed for her life as she neared its open maul.

She screamed even harder as the now lifeless limb opened as it fell as she fell with it until she felt a pair of strong arms catch her in mid-fall, not bothering to halt as the person now holding her ascended into the air without the Militarys ODM gears. The wind gently buffeted her as her savior quickly flew her towards a vacant roof, well beyond the Titans reaching capabilities.

After gently setting her down the moment his booted feet softly touched the roof, he gazed upon and once more unleashed his heat vision on another creature that hid itself well upon the street below, its actions reminiscent to that of a frog from the way his body moved on both hands and feet.

His heat vision seared off its head. The other Titan whose arm he removed before in order to save the woman, was regenerating its arm from where he could stood as he turned to back to gaze upon it, now that the girl was safe, he focused his heat vision once more, it dropped to its knees, and collapsed forward with a loud 'WHUMP'. The end result was a headless giant that would not live to harm or eat another human being.

Xander didn't bother to take notice as the creature began to dissolve as he made to turn his head, already his enhanced hearing picking up the sound of a young boy in a state of panic.

His eyes and ears sought out the boy when he observed the boys path as he ran in the opposite direction of where he should have run, his eyes came across a fallen woman with a wooden roof crushing her back and burying her half under. A giant boulder, obviously from the massive stone wall, being the cause of the small cottages damaged and fallen roof.

Before the woman he rescued could speak as she had stepped away to regain her composure, he sped off, a sonic boom being left in his wake, enough to cause the woman to take a cautious step back with closed eyes and raised hands as she was hit with a powerful powerful air current that caused her to stumble in place.

As Xander quickly flew towards the woman trapped by tons of heavy wood and red, hardened clay shingles, he could make out not one, but three young teens turning around a bending curve, two of whom stopped to look upon a now destroyed house, then quickly ran up to said house and made an attempt to hoist up the fallen roof when they discovered that there was an important person beneath the fallen roof, buried half in, half out. She was obviously someone whom was very close to both dark haired teens with how quick they made to react.

Gently setting down beside the boys left, he lifted it for them.

It was an effortless task as he tried communicating to them to pull her out from the rubble surrounding her. They understood as they quickly overcame their shock and quickly moved to either side of the injured woman.

Xander could see the resemblance between the boy and woman, but not the girl. The characteristics between the two teens were nonexistent aside from the color of their hair. It was the same for the woman who shared zero qualities with the young girl. 'Huh, must be her adopted daughter and his adopted sister.' he thought to himself.

It was then he noticed the ground shaking as if with heavy steps. His ears quickly picked up the sounds of an approaching giant.


Seeing the giant turn towards them from just a block away as it made to approach, Xander casually set the roof down upon the ground and ushered the kids behind him with the injured woman in their arms.

Xander then took to the air by several feet, slowly making an approach towards the smiling giant until he stopped and hovered several meters, outside of its arms reach as his eyes took in its outer appearance. It was feminine to be sure, with dark blond hair in a bowl shaped cut that fell to just over its ears. And like the other giants, had no genitalia.

It bore no further attributes regarding its sexual anatomy and orientation in either forms. Its face wore a grotesque grin showing both its inner teeth and gums. 'This thing would give The Joker a run for his money in the Grinning Department.' he shuddered even thinking of such a union,

Remembering the much bigger giant from before, his eyes gazed deeply as layers of skin, bone, and muscle peeled back before his extra sensory, visually perceptive senses as he then found what he was looking for. A woman. An almost spitting image of the creature before him minus the smile, was controlling it from within from the back of the throat area, just behind the nape of the neck protected by both skin and muscle tissue.

Her body was connected to, from what he could make out, the giants inner musculature tissue. Her face, arms, hands, her entire body was connected to the giant in some way as to control the creatures motor functions, almost as if she was piloting it.

'Piloting it?!...Pilot', he realized the idea behind with a sudden sickening feeling in his steel like stomach. With a leveled glare at the...'thing' before him as he then gazed at the pilot itself or herself and could see the fear in her eyes. Her eyes bore a pleading look that caused Xander to pause in confusion. Looking once more into the womans eyes, he verified that she was indeed afraid and remorseful, most likely not entirely in complete control as he first thought.

He contemplated on what to do. He'd seen that look before. It was then that he realized the more he looked into her eyes and then listened to her heart beat, he knew that without a doubt that she was not in control as he initially thought.

He pulled back on his X-Ray Vision and Enhanced Hearing in order to gaze upon it, he called out to the woman within the creature in a solemn tone, "What are you? What do you want?"

The creatures head began to turn on its side to the left as if it was curious.

"Wha...What are you doing?" the sudden fearful shout of the boy in whom half carried the injured woman behind did nothing to cause a reaction from the flying man before he and the others as Xander didn't falter from where he was within the sky.

"Get away. Get away from the Titan before its too late." he cried out. "It's going to eat you."

Suddenly, quicker than Xander could give the female creature credit due to its sheer size, she...it lunged forward and grabbed him in both hands, fingers clasping as it made to squeeze him until it broke him. Only then would it eat him.

"Nnnnnoooooo!" Eren Yeager cried out as he, Mikasa, Armen, and Mr. Hannes, could only watch in horror as the Titans fingers began to squeeze the man who just seconds before, floated above and before them like that of a floating God.

But suddenly, the Titans head seemed to have shifted a bit as Eren gasped in amazement as the Titans hands and clasped fingers began to be pushed apart. Before their very eyes, they watched as a man, mightier than a mortal should ever be allowed to be, slowly peeled apart the hands grasping him, both of the Titans hands pushed back and then held in place by even more powerful hands and arms. The mans said arms didn't even seem to be struggling with the Titans strength.

Xander then sped forward. So fast was he that it took the female within by surprise as he thrust out with both hands, the power of which sent the Titan flying back onto its back by several yards, carving a path into the stone pavement. There was a massive release of air when Xander had struck the creature in the center of the area of where the sternum would be.

Witnesses, including the family of three, extra boy, soldier, and citizens nearby, could only gawk at the sheer power one man possessed. Their sheer disbelief was only further shattered when the man then drew back his right arm, brought it to and under the chin of the Titan, the punch so loud and strong, it created a shock wave that no doubt could be both felt and heard by many of the city's inhabitants still walking the nearby streets all around.

"Unbelievable!" the Unit Captain whispered in a shocked tone as he watched as the man with a single punch, rendered the Titan unconscious. From where he and others began to crowd around, those near the creatures head, could see the Titans head, upturned and unmoving. "He-He knocked it out with one hit!"

The still unknown man, at least to the people, didn't waste any time as he then turned to and looked down upon the neck area of the Titan. All watched curiously as his eyes took on a red glow as twin beams of what felt like great heat to those closest, left the caped mans eyes and focused on the throat of the Titan.

"Hi-His eyes," Armin stuttered, "he's shooting fire from his eye!"

"Oh my God!" someone whispered as they watched the man fire beams of red heat from both of his eyes and into the throat of the creature in whose throat he stood on.

"Impossible?! What is he?" Carla Yeager then spoke up, despite barely being able to stand on her own two feet, and with the amount of pain she felt as Mikasa and her son continued to support her, "H-How is he doing that...and why?"

The how didn't matter as the why became obvious as the twin beams of heated energy suddenly ceased, his eyes returning their natural color of hazel. With barely an effort, Xanders right arm plunged into the things throat, He then pulled back as a steaming, massive pile of flesh and muscle came out, impaled by his arm.

He flung his said arm to the side, his hold on the deteriorating flesh loosening enough in where as it came loose, it did so with a slightly disgusting 'thwump'. Hitting an adjacent building nearby with a sickening 'squelch', where it then slid to the ground. The blood trail it left steamed as it fell to the ground. It continued to steam as it did not cease in its deterioration. Those near it quickly moved as far away from the Titans deteriorating flesh as possible as if the dying flesh could hurt them and their loved ones, children included.

Everyone watched as he once more plunged his arm into the Titans throat and slowly, retracted his arm, and raising a stunning revelation before the masses very eyes.

It was a woman. It would come to pass earlier than expected, that humans could become Titans. That the enemy that they had feared for so long, that had plagued their dreams, turning them into nightmares, were in fact human.

The woman held by the powerful man by one hand, from their visual perspective, was alive and whole as the Titans body began to steam and disintegrate in on itself not even a second later. She was conscious, alive, and crying. Her eyes wide with fear, holding onto the wrist of the one whom held her with both hands, his one hand was raised high, revealing her before the shocked faces of the people for all to see.

As he held her, she appeared to be wearing what appeared to be the buttoned lapels of a white blouse and an ankle length skirt, other features came into play as the body of the Titan gradually ceased to exist, leaving behind a skeletal structure of the Titans body frame that was, but soon enough, that too began to break down until nothing remained.

More features of the woman came into focus as the steam ceased, the woman had blond hair that passed her cheek bones, but didn't reach her shoulders.

Xander listened to the people in various tones, from shocked whispers to downright high pitched demands and curses, sampling their language as well as the language of the scared woman until he knew exactly which language it was that they spoke and how to speak it.

It was close enough to German, but had a French pretext to it along with an accent normally used by those of French ancestry. He could even distinguish a bit of the Japanese tongue within the language barrier. He bet that if he was to do a proper overview of the planet in order to look over the land in which he now settled on at the moment, he'd figure that he was somewhere near if not close to Africa as he remembered vividly flying over an ocean when he and Faith had arrived.

He looked from the woman to the people and back as he could clearly still see not just the fear in her tear filled eyes, but acceptance. He had seen that look before.

It brought back memories as he'd seen many people who'd at the last second of their lives, had accepted that no matter what, they were going to die. Her eyes reminded her of Jessie. Of himself. In that one moment, he knew that she had been ready to meet her fate and was prepared for what came next.

He ever so gently, lowered both himself and her to the stone ground wherein she collapsed to her knees as he lowered his arm and released her. She prostrated herself before him, begging and pleading with him to kill her when he looked upon her with pity. Kneeling before her, he gently grabbed her by both of her shoulders and gradually had her sit up and look into his eyes.

For the first time, she and those around her could listen as he spoke in their language, "It's alright. Everything's going to be ok."

"But I'm a monster." she screamed out, clenching her eyes and lowering her head in shame.

A second or two passed as he then raised her head up with a single finger and had her look upon as he looked upon her with compassion in his eyes.

"I don't see a monster." he said. "Just someone who is lost. Tell me, is this what you wanted?"

"No my Lord. I didn't want this. Any of this."

"Ok first off, I'm no God. Second, were you in control of the creature?"

She shook her head, "Nay My Lord," 'Man. I'm really going to need to show these people that I'm not a God, nor do I hold a position of any type over them.' he thought to himself.

"Was this forced on you?" he then asked.

Her head bowed, she nodded as her shoulders shook once more in remorse.

Nodding his head as he finally had a piece of the clue he needed to figure out this dilemma. Raising his head, he placed an index finger in his right ear, "Xander to G-Man, do you read?"

There was a slight hiss of static before the familiar mechanical voice Giles came through, "That is affirmative, Xander. Is something the problem?"

"Does the Fortress possess any form of beaming capabilities?" he asked as he saw people look upon him and the woman, perplexed as to how he switched from their language into his own as if it was second nature.

"That would be affirmative Xander, as our benefactor ensured to include the schematics of the DC's Justice League matter transporters. I had figured it would be something that would eventually come up sooner rather than later. Is everything alright?"

"We seem to be in a situation. I have a woman with me. She's human, but also something else." Looking down at the still shaken up woman, he stood while also aiding her in order to stand on her own two feet, he switched back to her tongue, "What's your name?"

"Di-Dina. Dina Yeager."

This caused a gasp to go out as both Kryptonian and the woman in his arms turned simultaneously, "Ye-Yeager?!" the injured woman stuttered, a hand at her mouth, in shock at this knowledge.

The woman now known as Dina Yeager nodded as she tiredly looked the woman in the eyes, "I am Dina Yeager. Wife of Grisha Yeager. Direct descendant of the Royal Bloodline of Ymir Fritz."

"That's a lie." the young boy whom Xander helped moments ago. "There's no way you could be married to my father."

"Gri-Grisha, it can't be." the hurt woman said as she gazed upon the former Titan.

"It's true." the blond woman said as she raised her head and looked her sister-wife in the eyes, tears falling on either side of her face. "Ask him. See if his eyes will speak the truth."

"Mom!" the boy replied as he looked at her, "You...You can't really think that she's telling the truth. Dad wouldn't do that, right. He just couldn't."

"I-I...I just don't know anymore, Eren. I don't know what to think anymore." she said as her legs nearly gave out on her when the soldier known as Hannes caught her.

The sound of more giants or Titans in the background as well as Xander looking and seeing his wife taking down some form of an armored Titan, and yet more people were running from other grotesque looking Titans, some not being so lucky as some were even being caught and eaten, caused his focus to shift a bit until it returned to the current dilemma, "Listen, regardless of who's married to whom and who did what, the fact remains that there are still Giants out there and people being attacked and even killed."

"Titans." the boy corrected him, "They're called Titans and they eat people!"

"Titans then," Xander said, "I suggest you get to the closest shelters and whatever place you can and steer clear as far away from these things as best as you can."

"What about her?" the soldier demanded as his hand rested on what appeared to be the grip of a gun. Xanders eyes flashed on the gear on either side of the man and saw that they weren't grips for guns, but rather for sword-like blades. There were six in each side of the propelling gear on either side of him, making that twelve blades in total. His eyes rested on the woman that Xander now held with one hand on her shoulder.

"Until I can figure this out and get the full story, she's under my protection." A tremor upon the stone Earth caused the people to either gasp or cry out in shock and surprise as they tried to steady themselves where they stood. Once more placing a finger into his ear, Xander then called back to his Kryptonian robotic companion, "Giles, do you have a lock on my location?"

"That is affirmative, Xander." came his reply.

"Scan for and lock onto the closest biological signature next to me. You'll notice a woman whom i have my hand connected to, once you have a lock, initiate transport, but be sure to place her within a secured room. Make sure that she stays put until we get there. Initiate Transport when ready."

He then looked down at the Yeager woman his hand was still attached to, "You're going somewhere safe. Don't be alarmed."

Looking into his eyes, she gasped, "W-What...?!"

"This might feel a little tingly."

Before she could utter another syllable, she was enshrouded in a glowing beam of light until she then vanished altogether.

When the light died down and everyone within the immediate vicinity noticed that she was no where to be seen, the people began to murmur among themselves. "Wha...Where did she go?" the boy demanded as his eyes were now as wide as saucers, "You bastard, where did she go?" he cried out as he ran up to and looked up into the mans eyes with anger and if Xander was accurate, hate.

Placing a calming hand upon the boys right shoulder, Xander looked down upon him with both understanding and indifference, "She's as much a victim of circumstance as you and your people are victims of man eating monsters. There's something else going on here, and until I, and by extension, your people can figure this out together, I only ask that you give me a little bit of time and trust."

The boys head being down, his body began to shake as his hands curled into fists, "But...how can you justify her actions? Her kind have killed so many people. We're food to them. How can you protect her like that?"

Kneeling down on one knee yet again, Xander replied, "Son, can you look at me?"

A bit of static in his ear followed by the sound of Giles voice cut in, "I have her Xander."

"Is she secured?" he asked

"She is. She is remaining stationary upon a bed that I have replicated for her."

"Thanks Giles, Faith and I will be there as soon as we can be."

"Understood. It should be noted that Krypto remains outside the crystal walls surrounding her room."

"That's Krypto for you. Now I gotta get him two steaks." Returning his attention to the boy who wore a look of confusion at the switch between languages, Xander spoke, "A friend of mine is watching her until I can question her more and find out the answers for both of our sakes. Just know, that I am here with one other and that we're here to help. I'll clear you a path in whatever way you're going. Soldier," Xander barked in the tone like that of a Superior Officer.
The man whom was just as perplexed as everyone else at the things being seen and heard, snapped to attention as if he was indeed being called to attention by Superior Officer and or a Drill Sergeant, "Sir!" he said as he instinctively stood at attention.

Without beating around the bush any further, the Kryptonian stood with his fists at his side in an imposing manner, "Is there an evacuation point nearby?"

"Uh yeah...?!" the man said a bit confused on where this was going.

"I need you to lead these people to safety. I and my partner will clear the city and other towns nearby of any festering Titans until we're sure your people are safe."

"P-P-Partner?! Yo-You mean there's another one of you around?" he asked, dumbstruck.

Rising into the air with one arm outstretched, Xander turned slightly and smirked, "She's my wife."

"Your wife?!" his jaw dropping open slightly as he and the others now knew that there was a female much like him also out there, doing Gods know what.

Nodding, the former Sunnydalian said, "Yes, now get moving. I'll make sure to keep your way clear."

As Xander turned and continued into the air disappearing over a buildings roof until he was out of site, Hannes took a few moments to shake himself out of his stupor, "Right, alright. Ok, Everyone who wants to live to see another day, follow me. Carla, can you walk?"

Try as she might, Carla was too hurt both physically and emotionally drained as the events of the day and the revelations that came to light, had set in. "I-I...I just don't ha-"

"Say no more, Ms. Yeager." Hannes said as he stepped up to her left and ever so gently took her into his arms in a bridle hold, "Alright everyone, follow me."

In the Meanwhile


"Oh hell X, THE PEOPLE!" Faith had shouted as she watched as stone and Earth sailed into the air towards nearby townspeople, killing several and injuring others. She had activated her visual powers as she zoomed in and saw smaller giants begin to enter the city.

People began to clamor towards safety while those grief stricken due to the deaths of their loved ones left them incapable of movement. The loss was so great that they had yet to notice or even perceive the information within their own consciousness that something much more horrifying was coming.

Her eyes focused back into normal vision as Xander spoke, "I'll go for the big guy, you plug up that hole and take out those uglier ones."

With a nod, Faith shot off as fast as possible, the sound of a Sonic 'BOOM' followed by displaced air being left in her wake as she accelerated towards the wall destroyed just seconds ago. She had to use her vision to put down at least three of the disfigured giant creatures. One she decapitated, another she split in half from the area of where its genitalia was supposed to be, her heat vison slicing upward and through its head. The last as she flew near and beside it, she once more beheaded before she flew up towards the damaged wall.

Many a people who witnessed her approach from the air would also watch and learn as she quickly shot down and then up, pulling an aerial maneuver where in she curved upwards at just the last second before she plowed into the ground, hovering several feet into the air and began to inhale.

They were further stunned as she exhaled what could be construed as hurricane force winds that pushed the Titans who had yet to enter the damaged South Gate of the Shiganshina District. Those whom had yet to fully breach the Wall Maria were sent sailing as the wind that was exhaled was too powerful for even they to stand up to.

The woman in the blue suit and red cape as far as people could make out, then ceased blowing only to inhale yet again and blow some more, but this time, the wall began to freeze over.

"She-She's got Frost breath?" one towns person said in stunned shock as the entire hole was not only sealed with a very thick layer of ice, but said ice was growing and spreading as she did not stop until it was long and massive enough that not even the bigger Titan could hope to damage it with one kick.

They knew from the length of which the ice grew upwards and inwards, it'd take more than several tries to bring down the thickening layer or mountain of ice.

With the last blast of frozen breath leaving her lips, Faith looked upon her work as the breach had been temporarily sealed by a mountain of ice that for the moment, plugged the hole in the wall, however temporary it may be as the ice would assuredly melt. As she took in her work, the sound of cheers caused her to turn and see the people cheering her on for the actions she had taken in protecting them.

She was satisfied for that as at least the people could have a reprieve from the many man eating giants outside the walls. Only a few she had noticed had remained and were already spread throughout the village.

After she had turned in the air to look back on the people for a moment, a massive fist smashed into her, sending her through a building.

The air left her lungs as her face and body met an armored fist that plowed her through a small lodge or cottage that looked as if it belonged to a small family. She would notice this when the giant, clearly bone armored fist retracts from the small lodge of which it plowed her through, but at the moment, she was forced into a coughing fit as the dust and debris in the air from the destruction the giant caused was all around her.

"Cough..cough, damn that thing can hit, cough." she spat a bit of blood from her mouth off to the side as she sat up, seeing through the dust in the air and getting a good look at the thing that struck her.

'Oh, hell. Cough, he's a big one. And he's covered in bone armor.' she mused to herself. 'How quaint.'

She noticed that it was beginning to turn away from her only to begin crouching when she noticed that it was setting itself up in a runners stance. Her eyes turned as she looked in the direction he was turned towards and was about to run towards a wall with a stone gate that was currently raised. Its path also revealed that it would be trampling the fleeing towns people in the process.

The people began to panic and run once more when Faith acted.

So fast was she, that her body was practically a blur as she tore through the giants right Achilles tendon, separating foot from body.

The was a loud "ROAR" from the thing as it pitched forward, hands and arms splayed out as to catch itself before it face planted and fell onto its front.

Searing pain could be felt in its arms as it then noticed that its arms from where the Humerus Bone would be were now steaming stumps as if it were sheared off by a very hot blade.

It wasn't able to produce another thought as it felt an uncontrollable force plow its face into the ground.

"It's not nice when the shoes on the other foot, is it ugly?" The Super Powered former Slayer said as she floated over its head and grabbed it by the base of its skull where it still had hair unlike the last odd Giant that destroyed the wall she had filled with ice.

She then proceeded to life its head repeatedly and smash it into the ground, "Why are you hurting yourself? Why are you hurting yourself? Why are you hurting yourself?" she playfully quipped as she smashed its head each time she repeated herself, the face being forced into the soil beneath the now destroyed stone pathway, its bone plated face digging an even deeper gouge into the ground, cracking each time it hit the ground.

Had Faith paid attention, she would have noticed that its arms and foot had regenerated. Her hubris getting the best of her, she noticed too late after the ninth plow that its face was no longer digging into the ground.

"Huh, what the..." she said when the body of the bone armored thing began to rise from where it lay. It then reached up and over its head wherein it then grabbed her and brought her down, smashing her into the ground via an open palm.

Before she could react, she felt the creatures strength first hand as it once more plowed into her, smashing her as it were into the ground.

'Sho...WHAM...Should...WHAM...have seen...WHAM...that...WHAM...coming!' she thought as when it went to bring its fist down a fifth time, her eyes began to burn red, "Alright, enough of this shit. No more playing around."

When the fifth blow came down the deep trench it made with her body, the Armored Titan noticed that its fist was stopped halfway in as it began to struggle with exerting more pressure into the power it used to punish the caped woman.

In fact, its arm shook as its strength was being outmatched as its arm was gradually raised.

Reiner Braun had seen many things in his short life that seemed to be too incredible to believe, hell he was living it when he inherited the power of the Armored Titan all those years ago. He was a Warrior and a Eldian Vice Chief with a short life span after inheriting the Titan power, and yet, nothing could have prepared him for this when a small woman in a blue suit and a red cape with some form of red and yellow shield or crest on her chest gave him a good fight and seemed to match him blow for blow.

But by now, it was getting ridiculous as when he went to plow her further into the Earth several yards from the now ice plugged hole from within the Southern Gate, just outside Wall Maria, he began to struggle.

As his arm, try all he might to stop it from doing so, gradually rose, he could see from beneath his fist, a single arm raised as the hand of the said arm held his fist in place as she rose into the air. Despite some of her hair falling over her face with the dirt and Earth muck covering her suit and head, he could clearly see two specs of red glowing orbs.

He gulped internally as she was clearly pissed off. Her head rose just over several centimeters as she made to look at him. He could swear she could see through his Titan form and into his soul.

Pushing his fear down as best as he could, despite being on his knees, he drew back his other arm and made to strike at her again when her hand caught the fist as it connected with her much smaller and petite open palm.


Displaced air followed by the sound of a chorus of thunderous power could be both felt and heard from many miles, both human and Titan alike could undoubtedly feel and hear the force of the blow as it was stopped by a smaller, much more powerful being.

Faith was many things in her old life, a masochist, a dirty fighter, but most of all, she was a woman with a short fuse when it came to her hair. Nobody forces her into a position where her hair is messed up with dirt and whatever lies beneath it, and walked away unharmed. She swore she could feel a worm or two in her hair, and maybe a bug, This would not stand. She was a woman after all. A powerful Kryptonian/ former demon powered Slayer, but still a woman. And she had just reached her limit.

Shaking her hair and now seeing it for the mess it was as it fell all about her, she glared at the bone armored creature as she said, "Do you know how long it takes to clean out this hair."

Inside the Titan, Reiner was beginning to sweat more than he was used to while in his Titan form. 'Oh God, this is bad. This is really bad.' he thought to himself. 'I got to get out of here. Complete the mission, then get the hell out of here.'

Faith on the other hand, had a thought of her own in mind as her eyes shifted and peeled back the layers of the Titans bone plated armor that covered its head and face. Despite seeing the white of its eyes, she was able to see within the thing and found that it was a man, surrounded by and attached to muscular and nerve tissue, acting as the pilot for the bone armored giant.

His eyes were frozen in sheer terror as he no doubt could guess that she could see him and the exact location he was in within the Titan body. He made to pull his arms back, but he found that he could not. If he could look closer as he tried to ply his fists from the womans grip, he would notice that her lithe fingers had pierced and dug into the bone covered fingers several inches below the knuckle of each hand, left index and right middle.

It was then that the pain receptors kicked in when her fingers tightened, keeping him in place. To those watching, her eyes appeared to be burning brighter when two streams of red beams flew straight from her said eyes.

Their target was its throat as heated beams greater than anything Reiner had ever felt in his life, managed to penetrate the muscle tissue. The beams cut through and appeared to be out of the back side of his neck. He could feel the beams as they carved around his human body, making sure to miss his human appendages.

'What is she doing?' he wondered when the answer to his question was all too clear. Looking left and then right, he knew what her plan was as her eye beams created a human carving all around his body inside the Titan body, so that the moment she let go, it was all over.

Once more, he tried to pry his arms away, but to no avail as she rose a bit higher into the air, pulled her body back the moment her ascension ceased, and quicker than he could anticipate, she flew straight and true into his Titan throat.

Both heated muscle tissue and cool air met him head on when the Titan flesh was ripped away, allowing him to see her in all her powerful glory and she in his defeated state.

"Hi, nice weather we're having!" she said cheekily as she caught him before he could fall and then gripped him with the right hand while ripping away the remaining Titan muscle tissue from his back with his left.

By now, Reiner Braun was more than scared as he sweated not just from the heat of his Armored Titan body beginning to steam and break down on itself, but the power that this...this woman possessed that she was able to out muscle him and was even faster than he was, and that was just in the air, he was willing to guess that she was just as fast on the ground as she was in the air.

Grabbing the hand that held in the air, he tried to over power her grip. He could only stare helplessly as she let him try without trying to stop him. In fact, it seemed to amuse her.

This went on for several minutes.

"Are you done yet?" she asked coyly.

He then made the mistake of punching her in the face. Not exactly smart of him as he then cradled his hand with his other, crying out in obvious pain.

"Yeah, that was dumb." she said when he looked from his injured hand and then back at her. Her ears picked up the sound of something that sounded like something steaming in a pan followed by crackling when she looked back at his hand and looked closely with her enhanced vision, looking deeper as she spotted the hand regenerating and fixing the damage done to the said hand.

"Huh well, that's something. Not exactly new, but it is something." shrugging as she then saw the look of confusion on his face, "Yeah, long story, but for another time. And certainly not for you to know."

"What are you?" he growled out.

Wanting to use a line that was just begging to be used, she pulled him to herself a bit roughly as her eyes turned completely red. She herself then growled out dramatically, "I'm your worst nightmare."

She then held him out a bit wherein she then smacked him upside the head, rendering him unconscious. "Ex-Slayer to G-Man, you got your ears on?" she asked as she touched the button of the ear piece in her ear.

"Indeed Faith, I can hear you, and really, this is not a CB-Radio."

"I know G, just havin' you on."

"I take it that with you calling me, you have found something of importance."

"Got it in one, G. Going to need a pick up on my location. There's some seriously messed up stuff going on and we need to get to the bottom of it. I have in my hand, a guy that can become a bone armored giant."

"Oh my, is he conscious?"

"That's a negative, he's taking some time out in LaLa land."

"I see. Well, in that case, Xander has already had me transport someone here vie a transporter beam. Do you wish the same?"

"Yeah, but he needs to remain unconscious and I'm going to need you to do a full diagnostic scan on this guys physiology and genetics. I want to know how he's able to transform."

"Of course Faith, I'll place him within a crystal stasis pod and began examining him right away. What, may I ask, will you be doing?"

"This town is being attacked and I'm going to do what I can to plug that hole before the mountain of ice I created melts any further." She replied as she looked back and indeed observed as the ice was indeed melting at an exponential pace.

"Very well, locking on to your location. Target locked. Transporting now."

In a flash of light with the familiar sound of chimes, the body of the captive in her hand vanished.

Seeing that there were still a few stragglers slowly walking around, she shook and patted her head to vanish any dirt and bugs that may have burrowed into her hair. Pulling her hair back with both hands, she went after the closest miniature giant with a Slayers battle cry.

She would have to be quick as she and Xander needed to figure out how to plug that hole and make sure the people had nothing further to fear.

She just hoped her and Xanders robotic companion had something important to share when they got back to the Fortress.

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