DISCLAIMER: Wicked Lovely belongs to Melissa Marr.

~ A Lesson in the Art of Subservience ~


Her disrespect could not be more clearly expressed. She called him not even by his name, but by his faery race, spitting the word as if it were a slur.

"You will address me as your king."

Although she had sworn fealty to the Dark Court, his words - in and of themselves - meant nothing to Lady War. Knowing this, he concurrently communicated them in a language she did understand...

He slammed her bodily against the wall, and she grinned as his fingers tightened around her throat. Violence nourished her; any pain inflicted on her, she experienced as pleasure.

"My king," she rasped out through her constricted airway, and he immediately let her go and backed away.

But which of them had really won the encounter, he wondered, and which had bent to the other's will?