Gem Soul Fire

Amber Soul Fire : Sky Flames

Sapphire Soul Fire: Rain Flames
Citrine Soul Fire:
Sun Flames

Emerald Soul Fire: Lightning Flames

Azurite Soul Fire: Mist Flames

Amethyst Soul Fire: Cloud Flames

Nature Soul Fire

Terra (Earth) Soul Fire: Earth Flames

Palus (Swamp) Soul Fire : Swamp Flames

Silva (Forest) Soul Fire : Forest Flames

Montis (Mountain) Soul Fire: Mountain Flames

Arena (Sand) Soul Fire : Desert Flames

Glaceon (Glacier) Soul Fire : Glacier Flames

Chapter 1


They all became pack. They looked up to her. They had looked to her for guidance, willing to pull their weight, but trusting her as Leader. So she had lead, to protect Hogwarts and those she called her own, she had marched to War.

She had already done everything. The others expected her to do more after the war. They demanded her. Join the Aurors, arrest the still-loyal Death Eaters, marry a man quickly and make him Lord Potter with her popping out several babies.

Ron Weasley was not apart of her pack. Not when he abandoned her in the times of need. In the Triwizard Tournament, when she expected him to back her up because she was always with Hermione and him, he accused her.

When they were hunted down by the Snatchers, it was her pack who went with her. It was Blaise and Luna who helped her when she was being controlled by the Horcrux, and that she was thankful.


Ron Weasley was a part of those who demanded things from her, especially with him becoming her husband, becoming Lord Potter with her popping out several babies. He was an arrogant, selfish man who only thought of himself and has an inferiority complex.

He wanted to be Lord Potter and have a trophy wife hanging onto him. But, when he saw his older brother close to Holly Potter, he was enraged.

His siblings always getting everything he ever wanted. New supplies, praises, awards. Bill, the curse breaker and the one who always watches over his siblings. Charlie, the Dragon tamer and ex-Captain of Quidditch, always so strong. Perfect Prefect Percy, oh so wonderful and smart, he should have been in Ravenclaw. Fred and George, always making others smile. Ginny, little Ginny who can never do wrong and just because she is the youngest and a girl, she gets everything new.

He frowned at the scene of them laughing. If he couldn't have Holly, then nobody would. Not even his own brothers. That was what he always did, steal his brothers' food and destroy their toys. After all, there was no difference in doing what he must.


They didn't know what could have happened. Everyone was celebrating the fall of Voldemort for the second time. They were full of joy. So of course, nobody couldn't have foreseen what was going to happen next.

With all the invitees in Hogwarts celebrating with a happy atmosphere, nobody could sense that there was one unhappy presence. People noticed that Ron was headed towards the Woman-Who-Conquered and his siblings, but didn't think anything of it. They just continued in what they were doing before.

But then, Holly had to dodge a green light headed towards her. Fred and George slid into a stance that Holly taught them in DA for them to not lose balance, and took out their wands as fast as they could. They were prepared for some rogue Death Eaters, Sympathizers, or even someone who resented Holly for not 'finishing her job fast enough so she could prevent their loved ones from dying'. But they weren't expecting their youngest brother with his wand out, sliding into his cruddy stance.

By this, the party was ruined and a lot of other people started running away from the scene, away from the spell that had caused hundreds to die.


"Ron! What are you doing?" Holly hissed at her ex-best friend. He held his stance arrogantly, as if it would help him seem more superior.

"If I couldn't have you, then nobody will!" He shouted, firing a Diffindo at Holly. In response, George casted Protego to shield them.

The three of them fired spell after spell, helping each other in blocking every hit by either using nearby objects or with Protego. Unfortunately, Ron spotted a first year, who tried to get out, but with the panic that broke out, she couldn't escape as well as the others nearby her who were left behind.

His eyes gleam with wickedness and fired his Avada Kedavra at the firstie.


Holly threw a chair, trying to shield the girl from the AK. The first year girl who sensed something was wrong, looked back to see a spell and a chair approach her quickly. She screamed, frightened out of her mind.

Then Ron proceeded to fire more of the Killing curse at the others who turned to look at the source of screaming. They started screaming as well, the adults promptly forgetting everything they learnt, trampling on the other kids to try and get away. The only thing in their mind was 'escape'

George, Fred and Holly all threw something solid at the Killing curse. Ron saw his chance when they were fully focused on the crowd. He grinned wickedly and fired his Killing curse right at Holly. Now, his quest will be complete!


With how concentrated Holly was on trying to protect the crowd of kids, she didn't notice the Killing curse. The three were all out in the open so that they could throw more effectively and efficiently.

Fred was the one who noticed it. His eyes widened in surprise and his body just moved


"NO!" George and Holly screamed when they saw the Avada Kedavra impact Fred's chest. Holly glared at Ron, tears furiously dripping down her cheeks, and casted a Crucio at Ron and Incarcerous-ed him, ignoring him promptly and left him in the hands of George.

"Fred! FRED!" She screamed, furiously trying to shake him awake. There were too many of those who had died from this spell. Just one shot and they were just gone. She refused another to die. She was in denial.

Her whole body shook and quivered. In anger, sadness and exhaustion. She gazed at his expression, eyes still wide open, his face in determination.

Tears dripping onto his cheeks, she cupped his face and rested her forehead on his. Eyes closed firmly as to not look at that glaze in his eyes closely and carefully. She let herself up and rested her hands on his eyes to close them. Keeping her hands there, she kissed him softly.

"I love you" She whispered against his lips.


The funeral was unwanted. For those who were close to him. He was truly loved, she thought as she looked at the bunch of crowds who were crying. He was there all the time with George, helping them with the Umbrage situation, making their lives less stressful with all his and George's enthusiasm and pranks.

There was not a single dry tear in this funeral. His brothers, his sister, his mother, his father, Hogwarts students and teachers who were still alive.


Ron was now simply Ron No-Name. He was disowned and was promptly chucked into Azkaban with maximum security.

Molly Weasley's rage could never be described. She ripped into him in his trial. Of how she loved him but she couldn't stand it. He may have resented the Slytherin and the Death Eaters as a whole, but he was no better than them.

They got to witness his shocked expression, for once quiet in everything.


They heard Ron's cries for revenge, but nobody cared. In order to prevent this, Arthur stood up shakily and raised a petition in giving the Dementor's Kiss to Ron No-Name.

Those who knew him was shocked. He loved his family, whether biological or not, with all his heart. So, with heavy heart, everyone in the court agreed to it.


I give my thanks to wolfsrainrule and Ika-Sophie. Ika-Sophie because she helped me beta and wolfsrainrule because they let me adopt their fanfiction.

So I adopted this from, if you're familiar with it, Flicker in Chapter 20, the recent one. I got a bunch of plot bunnies (Why bunnies anyways?) and so I decided to adopt it. I seriously am thankful to Ika-Sophie because I would never really double check anything much. But then, I noticed a lot of mistakes when I had to review over this. Lol, I wrote it in the middle of the night and distracted and currently lazy af. So sorry for any mistakes?

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