Juline put her hand up to knock on the front door and paused. Doubt was clouding her mind like fog, and she shivered from apprehension. What if he doesn't want to see me? Will we ever be able to make amends?

Slowly but surely, Juline steeled herself, and rapped on the door three successive times. Knock. Knock. Knock. The door whipped open to show Kesler. When Kesler looked at Juline, his eyes widened and he went to shut the door.

"Wait." Juline said, surprised at how calm her voice was. "Please, Kesler. Let me explain."

Kesler shifted his weight and grunted, motioning Juline inside the house. Inwardly, Juline sighed with relief, but she kept her expression neutral as she stepped over the threshold.

Kesler looked at her. "So what do you have to explain so badly?" He asked.

Juline took a breath. Here it goes. "I'm sorry that I punched you in the stomach when you told me you loved me. I was shocked that you had told me that, but I was even more shocked that...I reciprocated your feelings. And I still do. I love you, Kesler Diznee. I hope you will accept my apology and my love."

Kesler took a step forward in Julines direction. "Do you really love me?" He whispers, a spark of hope gleaming in his eye.

Juline nodded.

Keslers face broke into a smile, and he hugged Juline. Juline hugged Kesler back, the love in her heart burning stronger than ever.

Eventually Kesler broke the hug. "Was that all that you were here to tell me? Or is there more?" He asked, a worry line creasing his forehead.

"There's more." Juline said, regaining her nervousness. "I told Edaline that I liked you." She said, a faint blush creeping up her cheeks.

Keslers eyebrows shot up. "And why did you do that?" He asked, his curiousness piqued.

"I wanted her approval." And her to help me get Kesler to my Winnowing Gala Juline added silently. She had decided not to tell Kesler about that one part and just have him help her prove her love to Edaline first.

Kesler nodded. "Go on." He said.

"Aaaand...well...she went into total big sister mode." Juline said sheepishly. "Now we have to prove that we really do love each other."

Kesler sighed and sat heavily in the chair behind him. "Tell me why we have to prove that we love each other to Edaline?" He asked tiredly.

"Well, first of all, if you and I decide we want to get married, Edaline can handle my parents a lot better than me, so-" Juline started to say.

Kesler cut her off. "Who said anything about marriage?" He asked, grinning at her teasingly.

A faint blush crept up Julines neck as she fought to hold her composure. "As I was saying," Juline continued, "Edaline can help persuade my parents, and maybe yours if you need help, to consent to the bad match."

Kesler nodded thoughtfully. "True, true." He mused.

"And also because...well, I want Edaline to support me in this endeavor. I value my sisters opinion, and so if she needs proof, I will get it for her. If you agree, that is." Juline said, adding the last sentence as an afterthought.

Kesler looked at Juline. "Do you think we can do this? Prove our love to Edaline, to our parents, to the world, and hold through the scorn after marriage?" He asked softly.

Juline gulped. "I won't assume anything about you, but I'm prepared and ready to take the backlash."

Kesler nodded. "That's all I need. Let's do this." He said, smiling at Juline as only a lover can. "For better or worse?"

Juline smiled and repeated Keslers words. "For better or worse." She said confidently.

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