The silence of the room was breached only by the ticking of the clock and the rhythmic footfalls of Juline's pacing. 9:59. One minute until her Matchmaking Scroll was due to arrive. Please, please, don't be late. Juline thought.

The suspense of the past month had taken it's toll on Juline's appearance. She had dark circles under her eyes and it was clear where each rib was located in her abdomen. Nevertheless, Juline's eyes sparkled at the prospect of her agony ending at last.

The clock in the living room started to ring. Before the ten rings were even halfway finished, Juline was at her front door, watching for the messenger. Right on the last resounding gong, the messenger from Eternalia glittered onto the front porch of Juline's home.

The messenger knocked on the front door with the knocker. Juline whipped open the door and beamed at the messenger. "Do you have my scroll?" she asked him. The messenger cleared his throat and looked pointedly towards the inside of the house. "Oh. Sorry!" Juline exclaimed, clearing the way to the living room. The messenger nodded to Juline, then stepped inside.

Once the whole Salor family was seated on the couch in front of the messenger, he started to speak. "I present to the Salor family the Matchmaking Scrolls created for Edaline Laya Salor and Juline Inya Salor. Keep in mind that these scrolls contain only the first one hundred of five hundred total people that you are eligible to marry. Also, remember that this scroll contains the names of the people whom the Matchmakers most strongly recommend that you marry, based on your compatibility and tastes. Please take as much time as you need to decide your match, but remember, once you decide to marry someone, you will be with the elf of your choice for the rest of your life. So choose wisely, and good luck to both of you!" The messenger bowed and regally walked to the door.

Edaline cleared her throat. "Would you perhaps like to stay for a moment or two for a refreshment?" She asked the messenger quietly.

The messenger shook his head and bowed to Edaline. "Thank you for the invitation, Ms. Salor, but I must decline. There are other girls and boys who are just as eager to receive their Matchmaking Scrolls, and it would be inappropriate for me to delay." Edaline nodded and curtsied gracefully towards the messenger. The messenger dipped his head towards her in reply and walked the rest of the way to the door.

"Thank you for delivering our Scrolls to us!" Juline suddenly blurted. Her face reddened with embarrassment. The messenger turned and gave Juline a small smile.

"You are very welcome, Ms. Salor." The messenger said. Then he turned, opened the door, and exited the Salor family residence.