A couple days later, the sun was shining, a breeze blowing in the air. Ziva had just returned home from getting groceries at the store, stepping from the car and helping out Tali first, then grabbing the brown bags and closing the door. The little girl reached up her arms, to which Ziva gave Tali her attention. "What is it?" Tali tilted her head to the side. "Can I help?" Ziva smiled and gave her the lightest bag which just had some bread and lettuce in it. "You got it okay Tateleh?" Tali nodded and followed her mother. "And I'm not tateleh. I'm a big girl." She said in confidence. Ziva smiled in her usual maternal way, feeling a flush of warmth as she smiled with pride. "Yes you are a big girl Tali. You're a good helper." Their other car was having some trouble so Tony was playing Mr. Fix It Man, his lower half sticking out from under the vehicle. Ziva then decided that some pay back was due from their night out. She opened the door and Tali went inside. "Just set the bag in the kitchen, Yakiri-darling." She waited a moment until the little girl was out of sight, then with a coy smile on her face she bent down and gently grabbed onto the pants zipper handle. Zzzip, zzzip, zzip, zzip, zzip, zzip, zip zip zip! The handle did not break fully but one end came off, it was enough to send the message. "I love you honey." She commented smiling. Then, satisfied, went inside with the two bags in her arms.

Upon entering and setting down the keys Ziva heard laughing. She smiled at seeing Tali and her husband on the living room floor, playing tickle attack. Wait a second! Her husband?! Zivas eyes widened and she had to hold the bags tighter to keep from dropping them upon what she saw. "Tony?!" DiNozzo glanced up at her. "Yeah? What's wrong?" He asked as he got up from the floor, smoothing his messy hair back and walking over to her. "You're inside." The man nodded. "Yes I am." Ziva's breath hitched in a gasp. "Then who is that outside under our car?" She asked as she set the groceries on the counter. "Gibbs." Tony replied, scratching his head and furrowing his brow as he watched her. "You sure you're alright?" At the mention of their boss' name Ziva froze. "Oh god." She murmured, turning red. She didn't move, was she even breathing? Tony became more concerned. "Ziva? Honey, what is it?" After that she blushed and shook her head, putting her hands up to cover her face as she went close to her husband, speaking in low tones. "When I pulled in I may have..mistook him for you?" It wasn't a question at all but her embarrassment was evident. DiNozzo nodded for her to continue. "Remember our night out, when you broke the zipper?" Tony nodded again. "Well I thought it was you working under the car so I, uh..brk the zppr." She mumbled the last part, unintelligible to Tony's ears and he inclined his head to the side. "What?"

Ziva let out a breath then grabbed him and pulled him to her, whispering in his ear, Tony's eyes widening as he then stood more straight, Ziva looking into his eyes but becoming frustrated at seeing him trying not to smile and laugh. "You..Broke..the zipper." Zivas lips pressed together, her cheeks red. "...It was, well, only partially but still." There was the shuffling of footsteps behind them and Tony's eyes moved from his wife's dark brown to his boss' steely blue, the younger man giving a nonchalant smile just trying to act as normal as possible as Ziva was speaking to him. "You guys got any super glue?" At his words Ziva froze and she briefly closed her eyes and her lips pressed together in a grimace before she turned around, her expression sheepish and her mouth open. Her boss was standing there holding the zipper piece. "Apparently the car isn't the only thing thats a little rusty." It took a couple of seconds before Ziva blinked and shook her head slightly out of her frozen trance. "..., yes we do." Gibbs looked to her, noting the slight redness of her cheeks as she came forward and immediately took the piece from his hand and went to the living room, one of the pieces of furniture having a drawer where random things were stored. After she had walked by, Gibbs looked back and stared at DiNozzo, who held up his hands in defense. "I'm staying out of it." "I heard that." Came Zivas voice from the living room which caused both men to look in that direction, Tony's expression a little wide-eyed, and Gibbs...he just smirked.

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