The Blu Medic, decked out in Das Ubersternmann and The Colonel's Coat, was getting impatient. 48 seconds until the round starts, and he already had his Uber fully charged. The Medic looked out of the spawn gates to see a frantic Red team hurrying through the defense phase. A Gibus Pyro joined the waiting Medic, calling for him a couple times before turning his attention to the gates. A brave Engineer approached the two, taunting behind the safety of the locked doors.

41 seconds left.

The Medic turned around to see a reasonably large Conga party, headed by your typical Muselk copycat. The Medic got an idea, and headed deeper into the spawn zone. He took off his Strange Medi-gun and equipped the Kritzkrieg in its place. He started overhealing his teammates, quickly building his Uber due to the item's passive bonus. Soon, an electric crackling sounded from his healing weapon of choice.

34 seconds left.

The Medic decided to go over his cosmetic loadout once again, only to find out that he was not wearing his favorite item: a Fabulous Strange Unknown Mann. He put it on, only to be respawned without his full Uber. "Dangit" he muttered in a non-German accent. He went back to his team to rebuild his Ubercharge.

22 seconds left.

The Medic ingested the sweet healing power that came from taunting with the Kritzkreig. "A-haha! Oktoberfest!" he shouted, before snapping back to seriousness. The Muselk-copycat Soldier turned to the Medic inquisitively. He called for the Medic, and earned himself a pocket for actually thanking the Medic for healing - something that rarely happened in his life.

"Ten seconds until the round begins!" announced the announcer.

The Medic got into position behind the Soldier, ready to pop his Uber immediately after the door opened.






The Medic tensed, finger on his Medi-gun's switch.


The doors yanked open, and the iconic sound of Kritz could be heard. "Auf Wiedersehen... Dummkopfs!" he jeered at the enemy team as he popped Uber. The round began at last, and the Solder gibbed six enemies within five seconds.