Chapter Zero: Prologue


Emerald eyes briefly flicker over his left shoulder to scan the hallway's barren surroundings. The nonexistence sound of rushing footsteps and aggravating shouts create a slight wave of relief for the owner as he pushes himself off the white door frame. His heavy breathing gradually returns to normal pacing as the teacher notices nineteen pairs of concerned eyes gazing upon him. After taking one final look of the empty space behind him, the man quickly steps inside the classroom and instantly shuts the door. The apprehensive actions and lack of response from the adult sparks the questioning from a girl with matching eyes, "Hey, is everything alright?"

A swift movement towards the windows on the left side of the room is shown by the well-dressed man as he peers through the translucent glass in disbelief. He mutters under his breath, "Dear god."

"Holy fucking shit, it's a damn war zone out there!", usually Sakimoto would scold the student for his usual vulgar outbursts but he thinks to himself, why would he punish someone for having the exact same thoughts as him?

More of his students join the teacher near the window out of curiosity. He slightly turns his head to catch the reactions of the kids witnessing the gruesome scene unfold within the academy's school yard. It was not a surprise to the educator to see certain students performing the habit of biting their quavering bottom lip in nervousness, running a stressed hand through their wavy locks, or even subconsciously undoing a tight bun in order to re-do it out of deep thought. He subtly rolls his eyes upon spotting a student completely ignoring the events occurring beneath them and instead simply seizes the time to check on her appearance from the sheer glass reflection of themselves.

"Everyone listen to me carefully, we need to leave the school immediately and get you on the plane. Now."

The scene fades into the sight of two people quietly taking cover behind a set of wooden crates nearing the outskirts of an aircraft hanger. Spotting the duo's skin is the growing discoloration of red and purple hues as they plan their next course of action. A grimace immediately appears on the younger girl's lips.

"Like hell I am! You know damn well why I can't leave you behind!"

Sakimoto places both hands on the younger girl's shoulders, sincerely looking into her eyes with reassurance and a gentle smile, "Listen to me, I need you to board that plane and help protect your classmates for now on. I know you can do it."


"Akira, that's an order."

The girl briefly shut her eyes tight for a moment before sighing in resignation and then proceeds to reach down to her duty belt carrying various equipment around the waist. She unsheathes a black, standardized Glock Twenty-Two and was about to hand it over to the educator who only hesitantly stares back at her, "Relax, it's only loaded with rubber bullets, as if Headmaster Kirigiri would let me walk around campus carrying actual bullets. These are non-lethal but still hurts like hell when fired from a distance, it should provide enough time and cover for the both of us."

She places the weapon onto the palm of his right hand and clasps the left one over it, "There's ten rounds left, but as soon as you fire the last one you better get your ass to the plane, you hear me?"

"Loud and clear. Now get ready to move once I start firing", the teacher instructs which only earns a hard nod from its recipient.

The scene shifts to the sight of the young instructor lying on the concrete surface, his body remains partially still with the exception of heavy pounding coming from a heartbeat.

The heightening pulse radiating through the body, resonates within their ears.

This notion of natural tranquility with one's own bodily functions quickly becomes disrupted at the sound of an electronic beeping registering an activation notification from his right wrist.

"Player one has joined the game."

Hey guys! Long time no write? Yeah, who knew three months would fly by when you're dealing with stress from senior year and your personal life? But anyway, as a quick life update, I'm all better and pretty excited to graduate in June and for prom coming up next month, so fun times are ahead! Especially since ya girl is officially back to kickoff the spin off of First Class Despair Series!

So as a refresher for the FCD timeline: This story is a sequel to the prologues in FCD but is a prequel to the actual events of FCD. Why am I tossing out this random fact, you may ask?

Well, simply because...the cast of this story will also make appearances in the interludes of FCD! So, not only will the cast play their parts in this story, but they also appear in FCD playing the parts that shall remain classified! I hope you guys enjoyed this quick little intro and if interested in sending an OC, be sure to check out the rules and application! ~ Kay

P.S: For my FCD folks, I'm working on the next update and should have it done before this deadline!

Hello! Bet you weren't expecting a second authors note were you? Anyways, this is Annika aka CandiedStars. Some of you may recognize my username from some SYOC's but if you're reading this story chances are you'll know me better as Setsuka Aihara's creator, everyone's fave SHSL Figure Skater in FCD. I'm really glad to say I'll be helping write this story with Kay, kinda like a collab or whatever else you want to call it.

I'm really looking forward to see what OC's are submitted, and I definitely recommend making one because it'll be worth your time! Make sure to check out the rules and application if you're interested. That's it from me, so, until next time!


1.) As always, no Mary Sues or Gary Sues! AKA: There's no such thing as a perfect character with no flaws whatsoever! I mean, realistically nobody is flawless so let's reflect that on our characters okay? If you do send one in, I can guarantee you they have a really low chance in getting accepted...Plus, the more diverse the cast is personality-wise the better!

2.) I prefer if you send applications via PM! I'm more likely to choose people who send through PM because if you review your character's backstory and secrets publicly on reviews, it kinda spoils their arc for everyone doesn't it? So, how about we keep it between us?

3.) As for nationality, I'm letting you guys have the freedom of your character coming from any country! I'll list the nationalities I get because it'll be really nice to have such a diverse cast ranging from let's say America or Cambodia etc instead of having everyone from Japan y'know?

4.) As for former SHSL Talents, only main course and elementary division staff are allowed to have a former SHSL talent! Any talent is up for grabs since it's possible to recycle the talent after that ultimate graduates and pass it onto a later student (Ex: Both Kyosuke Munakata and Soshun Murasame holding the title as SHSL Student Council President). The only restriction on talents is that my OC's talent is taken and no SHSL Despair/Hope or ?. Also, one talent per character and below is the post with the submitted talents so we don't accidentally run into multiple OCs with the same talent!

5.) Since the Monokuma Hunter game is fast paced with no FTEs and happens over a day, you may submit up to two characters with a relationship prior to the game! And by relationship, it doesn't have to be romantic (Ex: Family members, best friends, archnemesis, etc). Of course, submitting two characters with an established relationship is completely optional, there's also the option of submitting two stand alone OCs, and just submitting one character too.

6.) Finally, this will not be a first come first serve kind of thing since I really want you guys to spend time on your OCs. Basically, if my helper and I can tell you made your OC in 5 minutes or less, yeah no you're most likely not getting accepted. The deadline for when applications close is five weeks which specifically is May 13th. I will post the official HPA Staff roster on May 14th along with the introduction teasers of the cast.

~Danganronpa First Class: Lessons of Despair Submission Form~

* = Optional

^ = Required but skippable if it doesn't apply

~ General ~

Name: (Western order with first name, last name)

* Nickname(s):

Hope's Peak Academy Occupation: (Ex: Homeroom Teacher of the *Insert number* Class, Talent Scout, Nurse, Janitor, *Insert subject* Teacher, Librarian, Security Guard, etc…)

Work Location: (Answer with either Main Course (Any member of the Steering Committee or HPA scientist would fall into the Main Course category as well), Reserve Course Department, or Hope's Peak Elementary Division)

^ Former SHSL Talent (This applies to ONLY Main Course/Elementary Division Staff):

Age: (Age range is 21-65)

Birthday: (Month and Day)

Gender: (Female, male, intersex, non binary, etc basically anything can go! If the character has a preferred pronoun, please tell me! Also, I'll make a list of the number of submitted gender so we could see where we're at.)

Nationality: (Basically what country do they come from, also remember they can come from any country but do some research as well!)


Sexual Orientation: (Just like for gender, anything can go! Straight, gay, lesbian, pansexual, asexual, etc can go here! But, if it's something that I might not know from it being not common, be sure to expand on explaining it a bit so I can be educated on it.)

* Health Problem(s): (Do they have a terminal illness? Bad eyesight and needs to wear glasses or contacts? Just any type of health issue in general)

~ Appearance ~

Height: (In feet and inches)

Weight: (In pounds)

Build: (Are they average build? Muscular giant? Athletic toned with broad shoulders? That kind of things! The more descriptive the better…)

Eye Color: (Try to stray away from heterochromia because there's only so many people that could actually inherit this and I'll probably accept only one character with this.)

Hair Color & Style: (This includes length as well)

Skin Complexion:

* Any physical scars or markings?: (This could be actual scars or loss of limb or tattoos or birthmarks, etc)

Clothing: (This would be the same clothes they wear throughout the whole story, so choose wisely! Plus, make sure it makes sense with their occupation!)

* Accessories:

~ Personality ~

Brief Description of Personality: (This will appear in their profile as part of their partial introduction. Let's keep this around 3-4 sentences! Also don't put anything that could spoil their character arc!)

Extended Personality: (This along with backstory definitely needs to be the most detailed on this application. I'm more likely to pick someone who writes this out in paragraph format versus listing adjectives. Remember, nobody is perfect!)

Likes: (Minimum is 5 and maximum is 10)

Dislikes: (Minimum is 5 and maximum is 10)


* Attitude & Perception: (How do they view the world in general? Are they optimistic that everything will get better or looks at the negative side of things?)

Strengths: (This is for physical and mental strengths that would work for their advantage in this type of situation. Let's do three to five things here.)

Weaknesses: (This is for physical and mental weaknesses that would serve as a problem to them in this type of situation. Let's do three to five things here.)


* Habits/Quirks/Tendencies:

^ Opinion on the Reserve Course Department (Applies to ONLY Main Course/Elementary Division Staff): (Do they think anyone associated with the Reserve Course Department is plain and average? Maybe they unintentionally look down on them due to ignorance? Maybe they envy how simple their life may be?)

^ Attitude towards the Main Course/Elementary Division (Applies to ONLY Reserve Course Department Staff): (Do they think anyone associated with the main course is stuck up and snobby? Perhaps they're jealous of not being in their place? Or maybe they're just glad they don't have to deal with the Ultimates? Etc...)

~ History ~

Backstory: (What happened in this character's life that led them to working for HPA and having their current personality? You can make a list of the highlights of their life or paragraph format, anything can go for how it's presented but just make sure it's detailed!)

How Did They Get Captured?: (Basically, what was your character doing before they were kidnapped during the Reserve Course massacre? Did they get caught trying to escape the school grounds? Were they being heroic and tried to rescue the Ultimates? Maybe they just happened to have been at the wrong place at the wrong time? Etc…)

^ Student Life During HPA (This applies to ONLY Main Course/Elementary Division Staff): (How was your character like during their HPA years as a student? Did their personality back then completely contradict their current ones?)

Family: (Basically short descriptions of their family members that are important and current status)

* Friends: Basically short descriptions of their friends that are important and current status)

* Relationship With Other Character: (Only answer this if you're submitting two characters that are interconnected before the killing game. Ex: Being married, relatives, best friends, ex, etc...)

Current Relationship Status: (Are they single, dating, married, divorced, etc…)

Interested in romance?: (Yes or no answer here)

* If yes, what kind of people would they fall for?:

~ Danganronpa ~

Reaction to Monokuma Hunter Game:

Reaction to NG Codes/Forbidden Actions:

Reaction to Discovery of Corpse:

Reaction to Being Accused (While Innocent):

Reaction to Being Accused (While Guilty):

Type of people they would get along with:

Type of people they wouldn't get along with:

Method of Kill: (How would your character kill if they did, given the situation escalating? Use their own fists? Would they use their surroundings? Using a NG Code to their advantage? Sacrifice themselves? Etc…)

NG Codes/Forbidden Action Suggestions: (List at least three codes that other players should have!)

~ Voice ~

Quotes: (At least 5, can include their introduction and reactions)

* Agreement Quote: (Example quotes of them agreeing with something)

* Disagreement Quote: (Example quotes of them highly disagreeing with something)

* Give Up Quote: (Example quotes of them giving up on something whether it's dealing with a stubborn player or surrendering, etc...)

Speech Pattern: (Does your character have a certain accent while speaking? Extremely formal? Do they have a clean or a vulgar sailor mouth? Any stutters? Etc...)

Voice Tone: (Do they have a seductive sultry voice? A gruff voice? A very high-pitch squeaky voice? Etc…)

~ Other ~

* Other: (Is there anything else I should know about your character that hasn't been covered?)

(Last updated on 07/05/17 at 11:47 AM)

~ Submitted Ages ~

21 x 1

22 x 1

23 x 3

24 x 4

25 x 2

26 x 1

28 x 1

29 x 1

31 X 1

32 x 2

34 x 1

35 x 2

39 x 1

40 x 1

~ Submitted Genders ~

Female: 9

Male: 12

Non Binary: 1

~ Submitted Nationalities ~

Japanese x 9

Portuguese x 1

American x 5

South Korean x 1

British x 1

Singaporean x 1

Canadian x 2

Australian x 1

German x 1

~ Submitted Talents ~

Former SHSL Ice Climber

Former SHSL Psychologist

Former SHSL Programmer

Former SHSL Fear Inducer

Former SHSL Wigmaker

Former SHSL Neurologist

Former SHSL Agent

Former SHSL Wrestler

Former SHSL Songwriter

Former SHSL Rakugo Artist

Former SHSL Maid

Former SHSL Military Strategist

Former SHSL Headhunter

Former SHSL Bodyguard

Former SHSL Skater

Former SHSL Lucky Student

Former SHSL Cellist

Former SHSL Voice Actress

Former SHSL Tutor

Former SHSL Chemist

~ Submitted HPA Occupations: Main Course Staff ~

Homeroom Teacher of the 76th Class (my OC)

Homeroom Teacher of the 74th Class

Homeroom Teacher of the 77th-A Class

Psychology Teacher

Scientist for Hope's Peak Academy x 1

Talent Scout x 2

Homeroom Teacher of Classroom 5-C

Security Guard x 2

Physical Education (P.E.) Teacher

Language Teacher

Chemistry Teacher

~ Submitted HPA Occupations: Elementary Division Staff ~

Security Guard x 1

Music Teacher


Homeroom Teacher of Class 5

School Cook

Homeroom Teacher of the Troublemaker Class (Zeroth Class)

~ Submitted HPA Occupations: Reserve Course Department Staff ~

Guidance and Counseling Teacher

Homeroom Teacher for Class 2B

History Teacher