Aboard ARK

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If you haven't played (and beaten) Sonic Adventure 2(:battle), you won't understand most of the things that happen.

By the way, I'm not very good at writing stories that aren't in the script format.

Professor Gerald Robotnik was one of the greatest scientific minds in the world. He designed the space colony ARK. He gave the blueprints to a military corporation called G.U.N. After a long time of debating, the eventually approved the plans. ARK was the most advanced space colony ever! It was designed to look like an asteroid, so not many people knew where it was.

Gerald had many experiments, but the one he worked on the most was codenamed "The Ultimate Life Form."

This next scene was the beginning of Gerald's first ultimate life form:

A girl named Maria entered the research facility on ARK.

"Ah, my granddaughter, you are here" said Gerald happily.

"You called for me Grandfather?" Maria asked.

"Yes" said Gerald. "I have finally created the ultimate life form" Gerald slowly reached into his pocket, and pulled out a tiny orange lizard.

"That's your ultimate life form?" Maria asked.

"Well, right now it is only a lizard that I created but, when I expose it to these," said Gerald as he pulled strange multicolored glowing tubes out of his pocket "it will truly be the ultimate life form."

"What are those?" Maria asked curiously

"These are called 'chaos drives' the professor explained "I have harnessed the power of the chaos emeralds into these drives, and they improve the abilities of whatever they are exposed to. For instance, red increases power, and green increases speed"

(Author's Note: People who have played a game in the "Sonic Adventure" series will know what chaos drives are)

Many weeks later Maria went back to the research facility. When she entered, she shrieked in terror! She saw the orange lizard, only it wasn't little any more, it was HUGE! It also had a huge machine on its back!

Gerald explained that the lizard was exposed to the chaos dives for too long, and now it's skin can repel any attack, but it needs a life support system to stay alive. He also said that if the lizard (codenamed: Biolizard) was near all seven chaos emeralds at once, it would turn incredibly violent and become impossible to control.
Next Chapter: Gerald creates another ultimate life form, this time, a HEDGEHOG!

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