Aboard ARK
Chapter 2

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Maria was in the chao garden; a home for the creatures (that Gerald invented) called "chao" Maria was playing with her chao. It was a normal type hero chao named Chaofun. Chaofun had won all of the beginner races, 3 challenge races, half of the hero races, most of the jewel races and beginner and standard karate tournaments

(Author's note: that's a perfect description of my chao!)

Anyway, Maria was playing with Chaofun, when suddenly, Gerald's voice boomed from the loudspeakers.

"Maria! Report to the research facility at once! I have something to show you!" he said excitedly

"I hope it's not that lizard again." Maria shuddered.

When Maria entered the research facility, she saw the outline of a hedgehog in a containment tube.

Suddenly, the tube opened and out stepped a blue hedgehog with emerald green eyes.

(Author's note: Ha! I bet you didn't see that one coming!)

The hedgehog was wearing a gold bracelet on each arm and had red soap shoes, with a white stripe on each one.

"Where am I?" the hedgehog asked.

"You are on space colony ARK, I am Dr. Gerald Robotnik; your creator, this is Maria, and your name is Sonic Robotnik the hedgehog." Gerald explained.

(Author's note: Sonic Robotnik sounds SO weird!)

Gerald did many experiments on Sonic, and eventually after being exposed to the chaos drives (but not as long as the Biolizard) Sonic gained very strong leg mussels, which gave him the ability to run very fast.

Eventually, after many more tests Sonic gained the ability to use the "Chaos Control," (chaos control is when you use a chaos emerald to warp time and space) "Sonic Wind," (an attack) and "Time Stop."

Sonic loved life on ARK.

One day, Gerald called Sonic to the research facility, and Gerald would not let Maria come.

Maria did not see Sonic for three days, but finally Gerald called her to the research facility. When she got there, she saw another hedgehog in a containment tube, and many wires were attached to Sonic.

The containment tube opened, and a black hedgehog with red stripes on his quills and red eyes stepped out. He was wearing gold bracelets just like Sonic's but he was wearing air shoes.

Gerald explained that the hedgehog was named Shadow because it was black and it was an imperfect clone of Sonic. Since Shadow was a clone, he had all of Sonic's abilities and some new ones also.

(Author's note: The next part will be Shadow's POV: point of view)

I stepped out of the tube. So this is ARK. I saw Sonic with wires attached to him, Gerald explaining who I was, and the most beautiful creature in the universe. I searched though the info Gerald had implanted into me, and I discovered her name was Maria.

(Author's note: This is not a romance fic! In SA2, Shadow seemed to love Maria very much; that's all.)

(Author's note: It is no longer Shadow's POV)

It was happy on ARK for years, but one day...

"Maria! Get Sonic and Shadow and run!"

"What's happening Grandfather?"

"G.U.N. is here! The want to destroy Sonic, Shadow and the Biolizard! Biolizard can't be hurt by their guns, but Sonic and Shadow can!"

Sonic, Maria and Shadow began to run to the escape capsule room, alarms and gunshots echoing in their ears.

"Okay Sonic, you first."

Sonic stepped into the middle of the room, and a capsule shot down from the ceiling.

But, before Sonic could be shot down to earth, a troop came in and shot Maria!

"Maria!" Shadow screamed in rage. He jumped and preformed a homing attack on the troop. Sonic could not tell if the troop was dead or just knocked out. He could tell however, that even though Maria stood back up, she would not live.

The next instant, Sonic was ejected from ARK.

"You...you next Sh...Shadow."

Shadow sadly stepped into the center of the room, and a capsule shot down from the ceiling.

"Maria!" Shadow yelled.

"Shadow, I beg of you... please do it for them... for all the people who live on that planet... give them a chance to be happy... let them live for their dreams. Shadow, I know you can do it...that's the reason you were brought into this world." Maria said weakly.

"Maria!" Shadow yelled again.

"Sayonara Shadow the hedgehog." Maria said as Shadow was ejected. At that exact moment, Shadow heard a gunshot and saw Maria fall...

Last Chapter: After ARK

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