Aboard ARK

Chapter 3

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The space pods were programmed to transform Sonic and Shadow into children to help them live longer.

Sonic's space pod had been damaged, so the tracking devise on it was broken. Sonic's pod landed at a farm house in the Green Hill Zone, home of the Hedgehog family.

Sonic (now a kid) tried to explain what ARK was, and that he had to save Maria, but the adults believed that he was pretending. When Sonic tried to run off, he tripped and bumped his head, giving him amnesia.

The Hedgehog family, feeling sorry for him, took him in. Sonic had told them his name before he got amnesia, and the name stuck to him. Sonic was happy with his new parents, but one day.

When Sonic turned 11, Sonic heard a noise at the door. It was a loud pounding noise!

His parents went to answer it, and they were immediately shot with a laser gun!

Sonic watched in horror as a fat bald man (followed by a lot of robots) stepped over the smoking bodies, laughing! Sonic didn't know it at the time, but the human was none other than Doctor "Eggman" Robotnik! Sonic swore that some day, he would make that Fat man pay.


Gerald was enraged by the loss of Maria! He went insane! He found Shadow, and let him grow until he was a teenager again. Next, he erased Shadow's memory of Sonic, and made him believe that Maria wanted the Earth destroyed.

Gerald was captured by G.U.N. and Shadow was put in suspended animation. Before his execution, Gerald put one last entry in his diary.

The End (Or is it the beginning?)

How did ya like it? I know that some things don't fit the storyline, but I still thing I answered some things that were hard to understand.