The Imperator class star destroyer Grey wolf exited hyperspace and came into high orbit above the newly discovered world.

Flanked by a pair of ISB agents, an imperial Inquisitor marched up the bridge walk way that divided the crew pit and regarded the planet bellow with an Icey stare. Her approach silenced the background hum of conversation, faces regarded the imposing figure in curiosity or took great effort in pretending to ignore her out of fear of sudden reprisal.

Turning to the captain, a tired and balding middle aged man, the inquisitor spoke.

"This is the one, have a squad of Stormtroopers assemble at hangar bay 1 and requisition me a shuttle."

"Yes, my lord" The captain responded. He relayed the command to a lower ranking officer who gave a crisp salute before turning on his heel to carry out his orders.

"This is your last warning, Mage!" the leader of a group of armoured soldiers spat with a religious zeal. "Come quietly now and maybe you will get the headsman's axe rather than the rite!"

Standing before the group, a man in robes sighed. He reached out of his robes and gently waved his hand. "I am no mage, you will leave me be." He spoke, his tone was soft like that of a parent reassuring a child.

The armoured soldiers, Templars he had learned they were called paused momentarily, but sensing the deception they recovered quickly. With a vicious snarl the Templar Capitan drew his sword and charged.

A blinding flash of blue light ended the capitan's life. His helmeted head and both halves of his blade clattered to the stone paved ground with a clang as his fellow knights attempted to take the apostate from all directions. One by one they fell to the apostate and his magical sword until armoured limbs, heads and various primitive weapons littered the alley way like the broken toys of a spoiled child.

The Jedi knight made a mental note to practice and improve his skill with mind trickery before departing the grisly scene and heading out into the moonlit streets of Lowtown.

TK-510, better known as "Kara" to her comrades, marched dutifully in line with the rest her squad along one of the many corridors that connected the interior of the Grey Wolf. The officer leading them stopped at a door and plugged his code cylinder into the key socket. The door opened to reveal the main hangar which was abuzz with activity. Imperial crewmen were busying themselves prepping the Lambda class shuttle, as well as several probe droids for launch.

The officer motioned the Stormtroopers to follow his lead as he approached the shuttle. Standing at the boarding ramp, was an imposing woman clad in black armor and robes adorned with the imperial cog on the chest and shoulders. She held a matching Mandalorian styled full face helmet in the crook of her arm as she spoke with one of her ISB underlings. The squad NCO, a Sergeant named Mala turned his head slightly so that the side of his helmet was facing his squad behind him.

"That must be the Inquisitor everyone is talking about. This can only mean one thing, we are going Jedi hunting."

The mood amongst the squad members darkened as their leader's statement sunk in. The almost mythical Jedi were no joke, even amongst the empire's elite Stormtrooper corps. There were recorded incidents in the past of single Jedi carving their way through the crews of star destroyers with ease. The old clone trooper veterans who taught and instructed at the various academies used to train Stormtroopers and other imperial special forces would speak about the exploits of their Jedi generals with awe, and what many a recruit would swear is a note of regret.

"Lighten up you schoolgirls!" the NCO scolded them as he sensed the decline in morale. "Some monk with a glowstick isn't going to overcome the Empire's best. Not on my watch."

Kara smiled. It couldn't be that bad. With the inquisitor and the unflinching resolve of Mala combined surely the Jedi should be no match.

"Alright listen up!" Mala's commanding voice called out through the confines of the Lambada's passenger compartment in which his squad was seated. The usual pre-mission squad banter cut short and every unhelmeted head turned in his direction. When he was sure that he had the undivided attention of each squad member he continued.

"About a year ago a surviving Jedi was discovered on a backwater world somewhere in the ass end of the outer rim. Local imperial authorities were alerted but unfortunately the army garrison stationed there was not able to respond in time to prevent him from leaving the planet."

Mala paused, he gazed over to the cockpit entrance and then back to the squad.

"Our inquisitor here has been on the bastard's tail since then and she believes he has been hiding on this uncharted world since that incident."

The Stormtrooper NCO gestured to a holo projector on the wall of the shuttle. The projection displayed the shuttle's progress as it descended through the upper atmosphere of the planet.

"Initial visual and sensor scans indicate that this world supports several different biomes and various ecosystems." After a short pause he continued: "Probe droids sent to the surface have also confirmed the presence of multiple primitive, uncontacted sentient species and their corresponding civilisations."

Several of the squad members, including Kara subconsciously leaned closer in interest.

"Interestingly enough, Humans and various as of yet unencountered species of near humans are confirmed to be amongst the sentient life that call this world home."

Kara's eyes widened. This was beginning to sound like something she would expect to read about in an amateur Holo-net book, not a mission briefing. She was shook from her musings as Mala continued his speech.

"The locals appear to be in a late medieval stage of development, they have likely yet to invent a means to mass print information and there is no evidence of them having developed atmospheric flight." Mala suppressed a sigh as he finished. First encounters with primitive civilisations rarely went smoothly. Especially when it is soldiers making the first contact and not diplomats and scientists who study and are trained for that sort of endeavour.

"But that's enough of the science lesson, the Jedi we are after is human male who goes by the name of Lee Kepler. He is described as a lean, clean shaven man who is thirty-two years of age. The inquisitor believes he has taken refuge in a large settlement located on a continent in the southern hemisphere. We will be landing a few klicks away from said settlement and taking a route inside that will attract the least possible attention. The Inquisitor wants no grand imperial entrances that might stir up a panic and tip him off."

The voice of the pilot over the shuttle intercom Interrupted whatever Mala was going to say next.

"Be advised we are approaching the landing zone now, ETA five minutes."

Mala nodded to himself in acknowledgment to the faceless voice "Buckets on troopers!" He said, ending the briefing.

With that the squad put on their helmets and prepared to disembark.