McCree paused when he stepped into the mess hall, nearly letting out the disbelieving laugh caught in his throat at the shock. It was a time between meals when the mess hall was characteristically empty, except for the one man sitting at a table alone.

"Well I'll be damned," he announced boisterously, dropping down into the chair across from the man, pushing out another chair with his boot to prop his feet up on. "Look who it is—Genji's big brother."

"That man is not my brother," Hanzo grunted, eyes on the meal in front of him. "Please leave."

"Aw, c'mon now," McCree grumbled, ignoring him. "I like to get to know the new recruits."

Hanzo raised an eyebrow at this, finally looking up. "Before its fall, Overwatch had hundreds of agents."

"And I knew every one of 'em," he declared, raising his chin proudly. "What made you change your mind?"

Hanzo ignored him and returned to eating quietly. McCree pursed his lips and glanced around the mess hall, forgetting what he'd originally come in here for.

He turned his gaze back to Hanzo. He'd changed since he'd last seen him. The sides of his head were buzzed short, the remaining longer strands pulled back into a topknot. And there was something about his eyes. He'd seen those eyes before somewhere…

"Something had to have changed your mind," McCree said. "You were pretty set on not joining up."

"One of your agents is a little more persuasive than you," Hanzo mumbled.

McCree narrowed his eyes. "Ain't no one more persuasive than me."

Hanzo pressed his lips together but said nothing.

"You and your brother are a lot alike," McCree grunted, leaning back in the chair. "He was moody when he first got here, too."

"He is not my brother," Hanzo repeated, glaring at McCree full on now. "He is a completely different person."

"He's still your brother," McCree drawled.

"He is not," Hanzo pressed, a little more energetic now. "He is not my brother. That man—"

"Listen," McCree interrupted. "Genji is your brother regardless of who he is on the inside. He could be a transvestite duck, but as long as he shares your DNA, he's your brother. You don't get to decide who he is—he does."

McCree never got the full story out of Genji about how their fight had gone down, but between the small tidbits he'd managed to wrestle from various others, he could make a few wild guesses. And now, this conversation, he could completely imagine how it all must have started.

Hanzo sat there stunned for a few seconds before a poker face slid over his features and he stood wordlessly.

The sound of quick footsteps appeared seemingly out of nowhere behind him and he glanced over his shoulder to see Lena standing in the doorway, frowning.

"What the hell," she snapped at him. "You were supposed to be getting ice, Jesse."

He held up his hands defensively. "Sorry, got distracted." She blinked across the room, eyes on Hanzo as the man stalked out of the mess hall.

"That him then?" she asked quietly as she scooped some ice into a plastic bag. "Genji's brother?"


She blinked back to the door. "C'mon. Dr. Zeigler got the bullet out of her own leg. Genji's kinda going a little crazy." She waited for McCree to stand and follow her down the hall towards the med bay. "They look nothing alike," she noted quietly.

McCree snorted. "Have one conversation with him," he told her. "You'll make some connections."