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Episode 1: welcome to the academy

The Kanto region in a place known as Pallet Town home of Ash Ketchum a Pokémon trainer who's dream is to become a Pokémon Master along with him is his faithful starter Pikachu. Ash and Pikachu have traveled far and wide across multiple regions collecting gym badges to compete in each region's Pokémon League. During his travels he has come across many challenges, make many friends, face many rivals along the way like the grandson of the famous Professor Oak: Gary


Ash and Gary were facing off in a full battle in the Johto league Silver Conference. It was Gary's Blastoise vs Ash's Charizard.

Charizard lift Blastoise up into the air! Commanded Ash.

Rawr replied Charizard as it did as it was told and lifted Blastoise into the air.

Bite attack Blastoise! Commanded Gary.

Blastoise then bit Charizard's left shoulder causing it to grunt In pain.

Charizard don't give in! Encouraged Ash. Seismic Toss with everything you got!

Rawwr! Roared Charizard as it started to continue flying high into the air once high enough it began to fly into a earth shaped circle really fast.

Blastoise! Cried Gary.

Then they both began to crashing down onto the field causing the whole battlefield covered in smoke. Everyone was anxiously waiting for the smoke to clear. When it did it revealed both Blastoise and Charizard covered in scratches staring each other down until Blastoise then fell flat on it's stomach knocked out.

*Flashback end*

Now 15 year old Ash Ketchum and his faithful partner Pikachu are going to begin a new adventure as the story begins.

Ash has returned to Pallet Town after his adventures in the Kalos region and now he was going to visit Professor Oak. As he was about to ring the doorbell the door opened to reveal his old rival Gary Oak.

Hey Gary long time no see! When did you get back to Pallet? He asked

Pikachu! Greeted Pikachu from Ash's shoulder

Hey Ash, Pikachu been a while and to answer your question I've been here for awhile now to catch up with my grampa and I'm about to head out. Said Gary

Where are you going? Asked Ash as he and Pikachu tilted their heads.

I'm taking a break from researching and heading out to Pokémon Academy. Explained Gary.

Pokémon Academy? Said Ash

Pikapika? Said Pikachu

Gary smirked. Figures you two never heard of it it's a special school where Trainers can go and learn as much about Pokémon and battle each other as much as they want. As well as other locations around the world for people to learn other things that involve Pokémon. He then smiled. Gramps gave me my acceptance letter not to long ago since I took the written exam to get in hey Ash if you ever want to go you should take the battle exam they start tomorrow at the Viridian City gym at 8am and I hear that the battle instructor for this year's exam is a really strong trainer. It's been nice seeing you Ash but I gotta go see you at the freshman orientation maybe. Smell ya later.

And with that Gary walked past Ash and Pikachu and started heading toward the exit of Pallet Town.

What do you say Pikachu? You want to go and have another adventure where Gary talked about? Ash asked his starter.

Pikachu! Replied the electric mouse meaning yes

With that the duo went inside Oak's laboratory to go and pick the Pokémon team for tomorrow and to ask the professor for as much information about the academy as he can understand.


It was 7:58am in Viridian City and our hero was just currently arriving and was running at full speed to the gym. While Pikachu was hanging on to his shoulder for deer life.

Ok I have Pikachu, I got my Pokémon, and I got about 2 minutes to make it to the Pokémon Academy battle entrance exam before they end. Oh well I guess since I'm not a student yet they can't give me detention for being late.

Unfortunately Ash wasn't looking where he was going and ended up bumping into someone and he fell down.

Ouch! Ash Said when he landed. Sorry about that I wasn't looking where I was going.

The man was standing perfectly fine though. He had a red cap, red vest over a black shirt and blue pants with running shoes. He smiled when he saw Ash's Pikachu who was checking to see if his trainer was alright.

You're a trainer? The man asked.

Yeah I'm just about to try out the Academy. Ash replied as he stood up dusting himself off with the help of Pikachu.

Heh Heh. The man chuckled as he reached in his pocket for something. You don't say.

Ash then turned to face the man and saw who he was. Hey wait you're-. Ash started but was interrupted by the man as he held up a pokéball to him.

In that case why don't take this something just tells me it belongs to you. Said the man.

Ash took the pokéball and was looking at it when the man started to continue walking and walked past him.

Thank you! Ash said to the man as he continues to walk. I'll make you proud!

The man stopped walking to turned his head to Ash and gave him a thumbs up before continuing.

Ash then looked at the pokéball again. What do you say Pikachu do you want to meet our newest member? He asked the electric mouse.

Pikapika. said Pikachu as it nodded it's head.

Alright then! Ash enlarged the pokéball and threw it in the air. Come on out!

The pokéball opened to reveal a small blue dog like Pokémon with appendages on its head.

Cool it's a Riolu! Ash said in excitement. He then bent down on one knee and crouched down to be at eye level with it. Hey

there my name is Ash. He then pointed to the Pokémon who just climbed up his shoulder. And this Pikachu I hope we can be great friends.

The Riolu looked at the two of them for a minute before nodding with a happy smile.

Ri! It said with a smile

Ash then took out his pokédex to get info on his new teammate.

Riolu the emanation Pokémon: The aura that emanates from its body intensifies to alert others if it is afraid or sad. It can discern the physical and emotional states of people, Pokémon, and other natural things from the shape of their aura waves. The pokédex said in a monotone voice.

Wow that's pretty cool. It's great to have you Riolu. Ash said with a smile

The Riolu then immediately hugged both Ash and Pikachu causing the three of them to chuckle together.

It was then Ash remembered his reason for coming to Viridian City.

Oh no! Ash said. I gotta hurry up Come on Pikachu, Riolu Let's go!

The three then began to run as fast as they could with the exception of Pikachu as it was on Ash's shoulder and headed straight for the gym.

Inside the Viridian City gym was a young woman at the age of 16 wearing a light blue blazer over a blue blouse and a red skirt that goes down to her knees and a white and red hat on her head. Her name is Leaf Green.

Leaf volunteered to come and referee this year's transfer exam in order for her to have some experience as referee. Standing beside her was none other than the Battle Frontier Pyramid King Brandon as this year's battle instructor.

Brandon asked to be the instructor for this year by the school at first he declined but after Scott called in a favor from him he accepted as he says it will be a way to scope out any potential Battle Frontier participants. So now here he is in the Viridian gym waiting for anyone who was interested in trying to transfer. So far only two people showed up and both have been victorious in their battles against his Dusknoir and Regice. What surprised him greatly was that both used Mega Evolution. They were incredible with their Mega Charizard and Sceptile. He offered them to stay and wait for other candidates so that they can all leave together to which they both agreed to and went to sit on the bleachers.

It seems that that's all for this year's exam I don't see anyone else coming in. Said Brandon. Miss Green I think it's best to wait little longer before we head out don't you agree?

Yes sir. Said Leaf.

And just as then the doors slammed open with Ash running in with Pikachu on his shoulder and Riolu at his side all three looked out of breath.

I…made it. huffed Ash. Tell me I can still take the transfer exam.

Leaf looked at him and couldn't help but feel like she knew him from somewhere.

Brandon then walked over to him after Ash regained his breath and clasped his shoulder with a rare smile on his face.

Well Ash it seems you're still as lively as ever. Said Brandon as Ash looked at him and had look of surprise with a smile.

Hey Brandon long time no see. Are you my instructor? Said Ash

Brandon nodded. Yes and tell me young man how much stronger have you become since your battle with Paul back at Lake Acuity

Leaf then walked to the two. Um excuse me but how do you two know each other? She asked curiously.

I participated in the Battle Frontier and challenged Brandon for a Brave Symbol and battled his three legendary Pokémon and won let me tell you it wasn't easy. Answered Ash.

WHAT! Screamed Leaf. You mean to tell me you faced off against THREE legendary Pokémon and won?

He nodded.

Where are you from exactly? She asked.

Pallet Town. He said plainly.

Leaf's eyes widened. Pallet Town that's where she's from the only other people she knew that were from Pallet Town was Prof. Oak, Gary, and her childhood friend Ash. Could he really be THAT Ash.

Just as she was about to speak another voice interrupted.

Hey Ash it's been a while. Said the voice.

Ash turned to see who the voice belonged to and saw it was none other than his rival Sawyer and standing behind him was Alain.

Sawyer, Alain what are you guys doing here? He asked his two rivals surprised to see them.

We came here to take the transfer exam to enroll in the academy and we both won our battles. Replied Sawyer as Alain nodded.

Wow that's awesome now I'm even more pumped for my battle. Ash said as he clenched his fist in excitement.

Alain then saw the Riolu next to him. Hey Ash is that Riolu your's? He asked

Ash then looked at Riolu then Alain and smiled. Yep and already a proud member of the family right guys?

Pika!/Ri! Replied the two Pokémon.

Leaf then talked to him again. Hey Ash do you remember me it's Leaf remember we used to play together every day before I left on my journey? She asked.

Ash then had a look of realization when he heard that. Oh yeah I remember now. Great to see you again Leaf how've you been?

Leaf blushed a little that he remembered her not that Ash noticed. Thanks. I've been great I'm helping out the school by referring the battles today. She then looked at his two rivals and then back to him. I'm surprised you three know each other I guessed you battled them before?

Yep Me and Sawyer battled each other in the Kalos League Semi Finals and I won. As for Alain we battled in the Finals and I lost but we battled a few times before then too.

Brandon then interrupted the conversation. Ash normally the battle format for the exam is 1 on 1. But to make this more exciting how about we have 3 on 3 battle instead. He proposed.

Ash nodded his head in agreement. Yeah that sounds great let's do it.

Brandon then looked at Leaf. Miss Green if you could referee please.

Yes sir. Replied Leaf

And so Ash and Brandon went on each end of the battlefield with Leaf in between them as referee while Sawyer and Alain went to watch on the bleachers.

This will be a 3 on 3 battle between Ash the challenger and Brandon the instructor each Trainer will be allowed three Pokémon the battle will be over when all three on one side's Pokémon are unable to battle. In addition only the challenger will be allowed to substitute Pokémon. Explained Leaf

Are you ready Ash! Said Brandon

Ready as I'll ever be! Replied Ash

Leaf then raised her arm. Then Battle Begin!

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