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"Pokémon speech"

"Normal speech"




Rotomdex/Drone Rotom

Episode 13: Battle on! The Battle Island Tournament!

After finally reaching the Ruins of Life Ash sees Rockruff between two Lycanrocs and are about to be attacked by Tapu Lele so he rushes in and stands in front of Rockruff with his arms and hands out to the side to block whatever attack might come.

"STOP!" Yells Ash.

Upon seeing the looks of determination on Ash and the two Lycanrocs Tapu Lele then powers down and begins to fly around them with Ash quickly crouching over Rockruff before using kissing on the two Lycanroc and Ash on the cheek making them all fall to the ground unconscious.

"Ash!" Says Kukui after reaching him and was about to run up to him had Olivia not stopped him.

Flying above the four Tapu Lele then began to send pulses of rainbow energy to Ash, the Lycanrocs and Rockruff.

"Tapu Lele is trying to Help Rockruff!" Announced Olivia causing Kukui, Rotomdex, Pikachu and the rest of Ash's Pokémon to look at her and then to Ash and Rockruff.

Rockruff then begins to glow green as all of it's wounds begin to heal.

"I see! It's using Draining Kiss!" Said Kukui in realization with Olivia nodding in agreement.

Draining Kiss... The Fairy type move that absorbs the opponent's energy?

"Yeah. Tapu Lele is taking the energy it took from Ash and the Lycanrocs, and sharing it with Rockruff." Explains Kukui.

Pikachu, Riolu, Rowlet, and Litten watch in amazement.

Waking up, Rockruff sees Ash unconscious and gives a small whine before licking him in order to wake him up.

Ash slowly opens his eyes and sees Rockruff all healed before he and the two Lycanroc slowly get back up as they watch Tapu Lele fly around the sunset sky.

Rockruff mesmerized, began to slwoly walk onto the edge watching the sunset.

As the sun slowly begins to set a green light begins to flash.

"The Sun is..." Said Ash.

"This is..." Said Olivia.

"A green flash!" Said Kukui.

As the green flash is reflected in Rockruff's eyes it then begins to howl into the sky as the two Lycanroc join before glowing a bright green as it evolves.

Rockruff slowly begins to resemble a combination of its Midday and Midnight Forms. The body is similar to Midday Form with the same white color except with orange-gold fur. It retains the three brown claws for all four feet. The white fluffy mane resembles a sun with part of the crescent moon. It also has four rocks around its neck like a sun as well along with a single, bigger stone coming from the mane over its head. The face resembles Midday Form but is orange-gold with bright green eyes.

"Rooooo~" Howls Ash's new Lycanroc along with the two other ones.

No data! No data! It evolved into a Lycanroc who is neither Midday Form or Midnight Form! Said the Rotomdex in shock and awe.

Ash on the other hand has the face of a child on Christmas as he runs to his newly evolved Lycanroc hugging it.

"You look so cool, Lycanroc!" He tells it as Pikachu and the other join Ash on praising Lycanroc.

"It might have been the influence of the green flash that made it evolve like this." Explained Kukui as he and Olivia walk up to Ash.

"Green flash?" Asks Ash.

"You saw the sun shine green just now, right? That's called a green flash. It's a rare phenomenon that occurs at sunset or sunrise." Explained Kukui.

"It's such a rarely seen phenomenon... There's a legend on this island that says that anyone who sees a green flash will be blessed with happiness... Amazing.. You're both amazing!" Said Olivia who was crying tears of joy.

"Are you alright, Olivia?" Asked Ash sweatdropping at her. "huh?"

Ash then looks at his Lycanroc and notices it's green eyes.

"Lycanroc's eyes are the same color as the sun was just now!" Said Ash.

"Since it evolved at dusk, I guess it's a Dusk Form Lycanroc." Said Kukui.

"Dusk Form Lycanroc." Said Ash, liking the sound of that name.

Lycanroc then looks at the sky before howling once more.

Ash and his friends were now on a boat back to the Academy having successfully completing the training camp.

"Lycanroc is so cool!" Said Dawn.

"I can't believe it was a tiny Rockruff until yesterday!" Said May.

I've never read anything about this evolution in any books! Said Max

"It's an "Unbelievable Form" Lycanroc!" Said Gary.

"It's "Dusk Form"." Said Iris.

"Hey Rotom, what will you do about Pokémon data that's not in your Index?" Ash asked the living Pokédex who was taking pictures of Lycanroc.

I have just now updated the photograph data. Next, I need to come up with a description. I will personally update and fill in the explanation for any Pokémon that are not in my database!

"Sounds great!" Said Ash.

"It's a wonderful idea." Said Iris.

"I guess the Index Rotom is evolving, too." Said Max

"Man Leaf is gonna flip when she sees Lycanroc." Said Gary.

Kukui was steering the boat Ash and his friends were with Olivia sitting to his left.

"Even now, as a professor, I still get surprised by how mysterious Pokémon can be." Said Kukui.

"Human children are just as mysterious. Sometimes they display growth that far exceeds your expectations." Said Olivia.

"Akala Island is getting further and further away!" Said May.

"Come back anytime. Give me a call, and I'll come pick you up with the boat right away." Said Oliva

"Alright!" Said Ash and his friends.

Ash then walks over to Lycanroc and sits next to it.

"Let's come again, Lycanroc... to Akala Island, the place where you evolved!"

"Roc!" It said in agreement as Pikachu and the others agreed too.

It has been a week since Ash and his friends were on Akala Island and is currently sleeping in his bed after another day of training with his Pokémon especially his new Lycanroc which was neither Midday or Midnight Form but the newly discovered Dusk Form and right now he is sleeping along with Pikachu and Rowlet.

Gary and Leaf after Rotomdex had asked for their help waking Ash so they enter Ash's room and see that he is still asleep, the former with an amused expression and the latter pouting.

"Figures that he'd still be asleep." Said Gary

"I can't believe that he's seriously still asleep." Said Leaf.

That's what I said. Said Rotomdex

"If there's one thing that always wakes this guy up it's always knowing when food is ready." Said Gary.

"You don't have to tell me, I've known him just as long as you have." Said Leaf.

Gary then waved his index finger at Leaf.

"You mean almost as long as I have." He said.

Leaf then got an angry tick mark on her forehead as she glared at him.

"You've only known him for year more than me, not that big a difference!" She said.

"Chill out will ya I was only joking, now let's wake our good ol Ashy-boy up." Said Gary as a thought occurred to him before smirking at Leaf. "But I bet you wish he was your Ashy-boy huh?"

Leaf's face turned a bright red before she gave Gary a death glare with a very visible blush on her face while Rotomdex had a question mark on it's screen.

"S-shut up! Are you going to wake him up or not?" She said.

Gary just laughed at her before turning to their childhood friend, honestly her crush on the raven haired trainer was just as obvious as it was from back when they were kids.

"Now let's see if what Brock says is true then this is the one of the best ways to wake him." He said before cupping his hands over his mouth. "HEY YOU GUYS RISE AND SHINE!" He yelled at the top of his lungs causing Leaf to cover her ears.

This spooked both Ash and Pikachu but in the latter's case caused it to unleash a Thunderbolt shocking Ash.

Gary couldn't help but laugh while Leaf was giggling with her hand to her mouth.

"What's up guys?" Asked Ash though he was slightly dazed by the Thunderbolt.

"Breakfast time man c'mon let's go" Said Gary.

Leaf says she has something she wants everybody at the dorm to go have a look at. Said Rotomdex.

Curious as to what it is, Ash began to get ready as Gary and Leaf went back to the mess hall.

Leaf was leading Ash and the others to the quad where she said she had something to show them.

"So what did you want us all to see?" Asked Ash.

Leaf pointed towards some bulletin boards that were surrounded by students.

After somehow making it through the ocean of students Ash saw what was on the Bulletin Board.

"Woah there's going to be a tournament!?" Ash said excitedly.

"According to the flyers it's going to be held in three weeks." Said Gary.

"That's right, The Sevii Islands Tournament, which means you guys all have three weeks of training to prepare for the tournament" Said Leaf to everyone.

"Bring it on! Doesn't matter who we face we'll give it our best shot and win this thing then it's just one step closer to taking the number one spot!" Said Ash confidently.

"What makes you think you're taking the number one spot? If anything it's going to be me." Said Gary.

"Hmph that's where you're wrong, I'm taking the number one spot." Said Paul who appeared next to Ash.

Leaf just sweat dropped at seeing Ash and all his rivals who began to join in the conversation about who's taking the number one spot and could see the flames of determination around all of them.

After three weeks of training Ash has arrived on One Island of the Sevii Islands site of the tournament that's soon to take place.

Ash who decided to leave his school blazer back at the dorm and Pikachu were in front of the Pokémon Center with a few other competitors waiting for the signal when they saw a Rotom Drone fly in front of the center as an image of Professor Oak appeared.

"Greetings everyone, the Tournament preliminaries will begin soon. The rules are simple. Once the tournament begins, trainers who are scattered throughout the islands and will be free to move about each of the islands they're on and are free to travel to any of the other islands. The forests! The waterfalls! Inside ruins! It's all a battlefield. This will be a survival of the fittest free for all, anyone who is defeated will be eliminated and will be instructed to return to the nearest Pokémon Center. Attacks in order to directly harm other trainers are prohibited and will result in immediate disqualification. The battle format for this will be either one on ones or three on threes single battles as well as two on two Double Battles and trainers are free to choose which format they battle in. Trainers are given VS Seekers so that they may challenge whomever they want and for us to keep track of who is left, you may even use it to check to see if anyone you know is in a battle. in the end the last 8 competitors will move on to the final tournament. So without further ado let the countdown begin."

With that the video image shut off as the Drone Rotom began the countdown.



"Ready Pikachu?" Said Ash.



Back at the Academy Students gathered in groups across the school watched as the tournament was streamed live.

"Good luck Ash, Gary I know you guys can make it." Thought Leaf as she watched the tournament back at the dorm with Kiawe.


A lightly pale girl with gray eyes to match her long light platinum hair wearing a dark blue jacket with orange highlights watched as the countdown lowered


A guy with long neck length black hair with a red forelock that covers his right eye while his visible eye is green with an X shaped scar on his face wearing a grey and maroon long coat with a maroon shirt underneath along with a red cape was leaning against a tree with a dark silhouette behind the tree with a purple flame in the center as he watched the countdown.


The Battle Island Tournament has begun! Passionate souls will collide as they aim for the top!

Not long after the starting sound was Ash challenged to a 1 on 1 by one of the competitors that was with him at the Pokémon Center, A Beast Tamer named Akira.

"Alright Pikachu, I choose you!" Said Ash


"Alright Sandslash let's go!" Said Ash's opponent as he released his Pokémon.

A Rotom Drone quickly flew to where they were and floated in between them to the side.

Battle start!

"Sandlash use Fissure!" said Akira.

"Pikachu dodge it quick!" Said Ash.

Sandslash quickly jumped into the air and drilled into the ground creating a giant fissure in the middle of the field with Pikachu quickly jumping high into the air avoiding the 1 hit KO move.

"Let's use one of your new moves, use Swift!" Said Ash.

"Sandlsash, Rapid Spin!" Countered Akira

Pikachu launches stars from it's tail at Sandslash but it quickly started to spin and reflected the stars back at Pikachu causing it to fall to the ground.

"So, he reflects it easily like that. Now then, Should I wait for an opening when he stops spinning...?" Thinks Ash as he saw Pikachu fall.

"While I definitely have type advantage, I need to be careful of Pikachu's speed...Guess you can't be too careful." Akria. "Sandslash, Dig!"

Using the momentum from spinning Sandlsash quickly dug underground right where the Fissure started.

Ash slightly sweats as he tries to figure out where Sandslash is. "I don't know where it's coming from... then..."

"Pikachu, confuse them with your speed! Quick Attack!"

"Pika!" Said Pikachu as it starts zigzagging around the field but not long after Sandslash quickly emerges from underground and lunges at Pikachu.

"From the crack made by the Fissure..!" Thought Ash in surprise. "Quick, Counter with Iron Tail!"

Pikachu quickly turns it's tail into metal before swinging it at the Sandslash only for it to go right through it as it disappeared.

"That was Substitute!" Ash said in shock.

Sandslash then stabs the ground where Pikachu is at but misses as Pikachu dodges at the last second.


Sandslash sends Pikachu flying to the air with it's Slash attack as it collided with the Iron Tail causing a crack on one of Sandslash's claws.

"So you guarded with Iron Tail? Well done." Said Akira. "But! The Moment your Pikachu lands will be it's last!"

"OK, Pikachu." Said Ash as he then points his thumb to himself and Pikachu smirks. "We're turning this around."

"Sandslash, use Dig again!" Said Akira.

Sandslash digs underground again while Pikachu is still in the air but a little slower the usual due to one of it's cracked claws.

"I don't know what you're trying to pull off here. But, Electric Type moves have no effect on my Sandslash who is hiding underground!"

Ash smirks at his opponent's words. "Don't worry. What I'm aiming for is to be a Pokémon Master, you know. Pikachu, Swift!"

Pikachu launches stars straight down befuddling the opposing trainer.

"!? Right into the crack made by the Fissure? What is he...?"

"Plus..." Said Ash. "Thunder!"

"PiiikaCHUUUUUUUUUU~!" Said Pikachu as it unleashes powerful electricity onto the stars underground making them blow up causing a great explosion destroying the field as rocks and debris fly into the air revealing Sandslash who was damaged from the explosion.


"No matter who the opponent is, no matter how much of a disadvantage you have, you win no matter what! That's what being the strongest trainer is! Said Ash as Pikachu launches itself down from rock to rock closing in on Sandslash.

"No Sandslash!" Cried Akira in worry.

"For us, aiming to be a Pokémon Master, overcoming the type weakness is nothing but..."

Pikachu then slams it's tail with all it's might right into the side of Sandslash's face. "The most basic of basic!"

The smoke from the explosion clears and it reveals Sandslash knocked out with swirls in it's eyes.

Sandslash is unable to battle, Pikachu wins! Which means the Victory goes to Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town! Said the Rotomdrone. Trainers who are defeated please escort yourselves to the nearest Pokémon Center.

"Alright Pikachu we won our first battle of the Tournament let's keep it up and we're gonna make it to the final 8 in no time!" Said Ash as he fist pumped.

"Pikachu!" Said Pikachu in agreement.

With that two began to run straight ahead in search of their next opponent.

On Five Island Gary was in the midst of battling a trainer and his Magmorter with his Electivire.

"Now Electevire use Thunder!" Said Gary.


The opposing Magmorter soon fell down with swirls in it's eyes showing that it's been beaten

Magmorter is unable to battle, the winner is Electivire! Which means the victor is Gary Oak of Pallet Town! Said the Rotomdrone.

"Can't stick around here for too long this place is too small for my liking it'll be too easy to get ganged up on and wear us down and there's plenty of other trainers on the other islands that we can fight that'll give us good battle. Electivire return, I'll go see what one of the other Islands have to offer." Said Gary as he returned his Pokémon.

And so Ash and many of his other rivals began to clear away at the competition, defeating one trainer after the next hoping to make it into the final rounds.

After a couple of hours as the sun has begun to set and many trainers are getting ready to call it a night and set up camp or spend the night in one of the Pokémon Centers others are using the time to find and defeat more opponents in order to raise their chances of advancing into the top 8.

"I bet there's someone hiding out in the Berry Forest hoping to wait out the tournament, well not on my watch." Said Barry as he crossed the Bond Bridge on Three Island.

As he enters the forest he notices that there is a small light in the depths of the forest that looks like it could be from a campfire.

"Bingo found someone." Thought Barry as he began to walk towards the direction of the campfire.

A trainer with long neck length black hair with a red forelock that covers his right eye while his visible eye is green with an X shaped scar on his face wearing a gray and maroon long coat with a maroon shirt underneath along with a red cape and his right arm completely wrapped in bandages was leaning against a tree in front of the campfire with his eyes closed as he heard someone approaching and when he looked to see who it was he saw that it was some blond trainer with a green scarf approaching him.

"Found you, thought you can hide in this forest and wait out the tournament, well too bad for you that I'm here and when I beat you I'll be one step closer to winning this tournament." Said Barry.

The trainer stared at him for a few seconds before facing back towards the campfire and closing his eyes ignoring him.

This caused Barry to get upset. "Hey! Don't you ignore me when I'm talking to you or else I'm gonna fine you!"

The trainer continued to ignore him as he just sat there leaning against the tree with his eyes closed as if he was asleep. "..."

Barry stomped his foot in frustration as the guy continued to ignore him as he pointed a finger at him. "Alright wise guy, I'm officially challenging you to a battle with me right here and now and I won't lose to you!"

Barry then pressed the button on his Vs. Seeker on his waist as it began to beep and then beeped again only this time in unison with the Vs. Seeker his opponent had which was on his coat.

It was almost night time and the winds began to pick up as a Rotom Drone arrived and began to descend between them.

Welcome! Welcome! This Battle Island Tournament battle will soon begin.

The wind became a bit stronger now and began to create a breeze which caused both trainers hair to move around a bit.

The wind caused the forelock that was covering "Sleeping" trainer's right eye to shift to the center of his forehead in between his eyes as he then opened them and then glared at Barry.

Barry had seen and met a lot of people in his journey but he's never seen anyone like the guy in front of him without the forelock covering it you can see that unlike his left eye which was green his right eye was completely different the sclera was pitch black while the iris was red and to top things off it had a cross slit pupil.

The trainer slowly stands up as he then walks so that there is even space between him and Barry as the Rotom Drone is now hovering to the side between them.

"The battle will be a 2 on 2 Single Battle." He said to Barry.

"Fine with me! My name is Barry and I'll be the one who wins this whole thing."

Trainers release your Pokémon at the same time! 3!...2!...1! Battle Start!

"Hitmonlee go!" Said Barry

"Lee!" Said the kicking fiend.

At the same time the Trainer just dropped the Pokéball in front of him. "Delete." was all he said before a Pokémon that Barry had never seen before came out.

"Arrrd!" Roared the Pokémon

It looked like a Charizard except it was a skeleton of one and it looked very much alive if it's roar was any indication the bones where black and the flame on its tail was purple the same as the flame that was in the center of it's body that can be seen though the rib cage and the eyes were a dark purple.

To say Barry's Hitmonlee was a little freaked out by its opponent was an understatement.

"W-wh-what the hell is that!?" Asked Barry as he looked at the nightmare fuel of a Pokémon as he quickly took out his Pokédex to figure out what it was.

The Pokédex scanned the Pokémon and appeared to be loading and briefly showed an image of a regular Chaizard before glitching out until the screen went black.

No Data. It then said to him as the screen turned normal again before displaying those words.

"I'm giving you a single chance right now forfeit and save your Pokémon the trouble of going through a lot of pain."

Barry then scoffed at his "offer". "Yeah right there's no way I'm gonna forfeit, I should fine you for even suggesting that."

The Trainer ignored him as he commanded his first attack. "Use Shadow Ball." He said.

Charizard quickly launched the attack at the frighted Pokémon knocking it onto it's back.

"Hitmonlee!" Said Barry in worry.

Before Barry can carry out a command his opponent spoke again. "Knock it into the air with Dragon Claw and then finish it with Aerial Ace!"

Charizard quickly did so as it then knocked the Fighting type into the air before quickly flying after it with great speed and knocked it back down on the ground as it sank to the floor with swirls in it's eyes.

Hitmonlee is unable to battle, please select your next Pokémon. Said Rotom Drone.

"Return." Said Barry as he then switched Pokéballs. "Empoleon I'm counting on you!"

"Empoleon!" It said.

"We'll finish this in one move, use Hydro Cannon!" Said Barry.

"Shadow Sneak."

Charizard quickly enters it's shadow and quickly appeared behind Empoleon as it strikes making it miss it's attack.

Knowing Empoleon needs to recharge the trainer took full advantage of it.


Empoleon was now shaken to the ground as it slowly tried to get up but was quickly pinned down by Charizard's foot as it then started slapping Empoleon in the face with it's bony tail as it laughs at it.

"Empoleon!" Cried out Barry in worry.

The sun had completely set by now with the only light in the area being from the campfire, Rotom Drone, and the full moon in the night sky.

"It's time to end this. Oksizz!" The trainer said calling out to his Pokémon.

The Charizard responded to it's nickname as it returned to it's trainer's side before giving one last slap to the face with it's tail.

"Empoleon!" Said Barry in relief as his starter slowly stood up.

"Allow me to let you be the first person in this tournament to see my Z- Fusion Move" Said the Trainer as he revealed a Z- Ring that was on his left wrist but unlike Ash's his was a mix black and purple with 2 Z Crystals in the center of it.

"Deltacharizium Z + Ghostium Z"

With that he crossed his arms in an X as he activated his Z- Ring with both crystals glowing as he began to do a series of poses that look to be a combination of each crystals poses.

"Hope, Faith, Friendship, all you have will be naught." is what he said as the two crystals glow brighter as they appear to fuse together as he then transfers his Z Power to his Charizard.

Charizard was then filled with Z Power as it looks straight up as it forms a Shadow Ball but it then starts sparking with black energy as it starts to grow and gets bigger and bigger as the ball turns from purple with black sparks to pitch black with purple sparks.

The wind starts to grow wild as the ball gets bigger and bigger as it now feels as if you were being sucked into a tornado as the trees soon began to shake wildly.

The force of the ferocious wind had become too much for the Rotom Drone as it quickly started to shift a lot trying hard not to get blown away by the wind.

Danger! danger! Area has begun to be too unstable! Said the Rotom Drone as it was soon after blown away by the strong wind.

Barry and Empoleon were keeping their ground as they shielded themselves with their arms as they look at the attack that was about to be unleashed.

As the ball got bigger slowly the skeleton that made up the Charizard began to disassemble piece by piece as the bones were being absorbed by the ball before the Charizard itself was engulfed into the giant sphere as it then became enveloped in purple flames and it was now almost five times the size it was and then the flames gathered in center of the sphere as the wind calmed down considerably before the Charizard emerged from the front of the sphere with only it's upper body and head as it now had wings for arms with it's claws at the top of them as it roared.

Barry and Empoleon where in too much shock at what was in front of them to do anything.

The trainer then pointed at Empoleon. "Now scatter into space like stardust. Oksizz!"

The Charizard then began to flap it's wings as it began to descend, charging straight towards Empoleon.

"Vanishing Death Hole!"

Although Empoleon quickly tried to stop the attack or even slow it down with another Hydro Cannon, but it was a failed effort.

The Trainer then closed his eyes as he turned away. "Forget about everything. That way, you won't be hurt." he said with sadness in his voice.

"EMPOLEON! GAHHHHH!" Yelled Barry as the attack then hit as a giant explosion of ghost energy that caused not only the whole forest to shake but sent Barry flying till he hit a nearby tree banging his head against it as stumbly fell face down to the ground.

When the smoke cleared Empoleon was badly beaten with swirls in it's eyes and Charizard whose bones were scattered across the area quickly reassembled itself in front of it's trainer who had his back against the field.

"Delete End." Was all he said.

The Rotom Drone quickly returned to where the battle was and quickly saw that Empoleon was defeated.

Empoleon is unable to battle, Charizard wins which means the victory goes to Ryouga Kurogane of Holon City! Announced the Rotom Drone as it quickly looked for Barry and saw he was unconscious.

Before it could say anything the now named Ryouga quickly approached it and Barry after returning his Charizard.

"I'll make sure he gets to a Pokémon Center along with his Empoleon." He said.

The Rotom Drone thought for a moment before nodding and flying off.

Ryouga quickly moved his hair to hide his right eye as he grabbed Empoleon's Pokéball and returned it before placing it in Barry's coat pocket as he then released a Shiny Hydreigon.

"Take him to the nearest Pokémon Center, make sure he and his Pokémon get taken care of then come back once he's settled." He told it before it nods and picks Barry up with it's mouth and began to carry him away.

He then walks back to his now put out campfire and just leans against the tree he was at before and then closed his eyes as he drifted off to sleep.

The next morning at the Pokémon Center on Four Island, Ash and Pikachu were about to head out after a good nights rest when they saw Barry in the lobby.

"Barry?" Said Ash as he and Pikachu blinked before walking up to him.

Having heard his name he turned to see Ash and Pikachu.

"Hey guys!" He said.

"Hey Barry it's been a while hasn't it, how are you doing? Are you still in the tournament?" Asked Ash as he then noticed bandages wrapped around Barry's head.

Having noticed his look Barry sighed. "I was but not anymore I ended up getting beaten just last night and I ended up getting knocked out too so the memories of my battle last night are a little fuzzy right now or how I even got here, but Nurse Joy said It's nothing to worry about too much but told me I should take things easy for a while, but enough about me what about you?"

"We're still in tournament and from what the Vs. Seeker showed there's still plenty of people left." Said Ash

"Well at least you're still in this, you better go now, and Ash I better not see you lose out there if you do I'm gonna have to fine you." Said Barry.

Ash and Pikachu smiled at Barry's words and flashed him a thumbs up before heading out.

With those words Ash and his Pokémon continued to move forward defeating trainers left and right until the last 8 Trainers have finally been determined.

A Rotom Drone flew high into the air as it then flashed a screen showing 8 pictures of Trainers.

The Battle Island Tournament has now concluded! These 8 Trainers will be moving onto the final tournament, Ash Ketchum

Ash and Pikachu fist bumped each other in celebration. "We did it!"

Gary Oak

Gary flicked his nose with his thumb as he smirked. "Looks like I still got it."

Paul Shinji

Paul placed his hands into the pockets of his jacket as he smirked. "Hmph course I did."

Virgil Wayland

"Alright, mission complete for Team Eevee" Said Virgil as he and Eevee fist pumped.

Amber Hasuto

"We did it Cinderace!" Said the lightly pale girl with gray eyes as her Cinderace nods in agreement.

Ryouga Kurogane

Ryouga was actually asleep right now under the shade of a tree with a Zoroark sleeping next to him.

Alain Kenshō

Alain smiled as he saw that Ash had made into the top 8.

and Misty Waterflower

That last name was a shock to Ash and Pikachu. "Misty is in this tournament!?"

"Damn right I am, honestly why am I not surprised that your only focus was on battling." Said a voice to which when Ash turned around saw that it was Misty.

"Looks like we're both moving onto the final tournament." she said with a smile.

Ash then smiled back at her. "Guess so."

We will now announce the match-ups for the Quarter Finals which will be 3 on 3 battles!

With that the screen then shuffled all of the pictures before placing all of them into brackets.

Ash and Misty both a look of surprise as they saw the brackets.

"How's that." Said Misty breaking Ash out of his stupor as he looked at her.

"It seems your time in this tournament is over. Ash." She then faced him with confidant look on her face.

"...This won't be like our Gym Battle."

Ash then quickly had a determined look on his face as he clenched his fist in front of her. "Y-yeah! I was just thinking the same thing...!

Sevii Islands Tournament Quarter Finals

Amber Hasuto Vs Virgil Waylend

Ash Ketchum Vs Misty Waterflower

Gary Oak Vs Paul Shinji

Ryouga Kurogane Vs Alain Kenshō

The Quarter Finalists for the Battle Islands Tournament have been decided which of these eight trainers will come out on top and become the Battle Island Champion?

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