Annie has been living with Grace and Oliver Warbucks for a little over three months now. She loved her new family. She couldn't have been any happier. She has the parents she's always dreamed of and Molly was now officially her sister. She was just as protective and took care of her just as much as she did back in the orphanage. They both loved their parents and their home on 5th avenue and they felt like the luckiest kids in the world.

Annie loved her ears they're so big and flicky and she tries to keep them sticking out from behind her hair. Everyone loved them too and got a chance to flick them every time they walked by Annie. She even made the effort to wash behind her ears every morning when she took her bath

"I wanna have big shiny clean ears!"

she told herself one day as she was washing behind the ears. As she was washing her ears she was thinking of getting her ears pierced. As soon as she was done she ran downstairs to find Grace and ask if she could pierce her ears. Grace was sitting in the study reading her book and happen to see Annie run into the room

"well I can sense you're excited about something? What is it baby?"

"Well mom I wanna get my ears pierced everyone loves my ears and loves to flick them and I kinda want earrings like you they're so pretty!"

So touched that her daughter thought she was pretty,

"I don't see why not why don't we go to the store this Saturday and get those flicky little ears pierced"

as she said that she flicked Annie's ear.

True to her promise that Saturday Annie and Grace went to the store to see about getting Annie's ears pierced. They went up to the person at the front desk where a woman named Mrs. Smith stood behind the counter, and Grace said,

"we came to get my daughters ears pierced. Her name is Annie."

The women looked at Annie and saw her big flicky ears and couldn't resist but give a flick

"sure thing you have the cutest little ears! It may hurt a tiny bit but you'll be fine!"

"Thanks! Everyone loves my ears! I was thinking little diamond studs."

Said Annie to Mrs. Smith as she sat in the chair ready to get them ears pierced. The woman got her needles out and took out the earrings then marked a circle on each ear lobe and pierced each ear! They hurt Annie a tiny bit but when she was done she loved them!

"I love my new earrings thank you so much!"

She hugged both the woman and Grace.

"You're very welcome baby your ears look even better now!"

When they got home Annie showed her earrings to everyone at the mansion and they all loved her ears and flicked them for the rest of the night.