Ziva David was not happy. Her father, Eli David, had put her on a five hour flight from Tel Aviv to London to assassinate a high ranking businessman who was getting quite close to several Hamas terrorists. At half past two in the morning, she was sitting at the corner of an overly prim drive in Surrey about to approach her prey like a tiger and strike.

It was then she noticed a parcel on the the doorstep of her target, number 4. A letter bomb? A small nail bomb? Surely she was the only one assigned to this mission. As she got closer, she realised it was not a bomb but a baby. As she picked up the letter that accompanied the child Harry as she soon learnt his name was began to get restless. From when she used to look after Talia as a girl this young girl of this age she knew to pick him up and rock him. As soon as he left the ground a faint golden glow encased the couple.

"I guess you are coming with me then child." She murmured in Hebrew before completing her mission, contacting her father to debrief and ask for a passport and an advance in the adoption process so it would be legal in all countries not just Israel or England.