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Birthdays, one of the few holidays celebrated by many religions: Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam and Atheism to name a few. Obviously, each celebrate birthdays differently but due to being influenced by many different religions, the David household tended to stray from their Jewish ancestral traditions. Today was no different. Today ways the 31st of July. Today was the birthday of one Harry James Aaron David.

Many of the now eleven year olds birthdays began the same way, well, apart from when he was six and his mom, Ziva was undercover in Cairo, Egypt, with his aunt Jenny thus meaning he had had to stay with his grandfather, Eli, Harry's birthday begins by Ziva waking him up. And when I say waking him up, I mean by using some of the oldest tricks in the metaphorical book. One year he was rudely awakened via a bucket full of ice cold water being showered upon him, the next was by tickling his sides mercilessly, another was the obnoxious sound of a foghorn blaring into his juvenile ears and finally, Ziva's favourite, violently ripping the duvet off the bed, placing the duvet on the floor and quickly pulling him down onto the floor but all the while ensuring he was not hurt, seriously, and by making sure he did not bang his head on any of the pure oak wood furniture littered around the room.

This was why, on the morning of Harry's 11th birthday, it was a massive surprise to him when his mum waltzed with a large triple chocolate cupcake with an obviously fresh candle on the top.

'Happy birthday dear Harry, happy birthday to you.' The ex Mossad agent sang as she walked through the oak door. 'That is an American tradition, yes?' She questioned.

'I believe so Maman,' the boy answered thoughtfully 'that is what Uncle Tony did to Uncle McGee on his birthday but he did not like it that much but when Auntie Abby sang he didn't mind so much. It did take him a long time to say thank you he had to break down the words like I did when I was learning English. And he went red.' The youthful boy added as an afterthought.

After Harry had blown out the candle, which was decorated with a blue and white spiral that made it look like a candy cane, he was led into the kitchen where his new family (his Mum's new team) sat dotted around the place. Gibbs and Ducky were sat at the table presumably drinking coffee and tea respectively, whereas Tony, Abby and McGee sat at the bar stools with coffee and in Abby's case, Caf-Pow!

They sat and ate the muffins Gibbs had gotten at the local diner before heading into the spacious living room to open the presents from the team and read the twelfth psalm. The team had given him a variety of gifts: from Gibbs he had a wooden carving set for when he had to stay there like when his mother and Tony get sent undercover, Abby had given him his very wn Farting Bert toy to keep in her lab or with him for if he ever felt anxious it also included an emergency GPS chip if either Harry of Mini-Bert went missing, Tony promise to take him ten cinema trips for the newest - and oldest - action films available *cough* James Bond *cough*. Tim's gift was a new computer to work on both homework and learning how to hack. Finally, the last gift from his Aunts and Uncles, was Ducky's gift was a book of 365 stories and poems.

His grandad had sent over several presents from Israel such as: a Star of David puzzle, a candle making bundle and a book on the dictionary of martial arts. The book was one they had seen when they had first come over to the states and so went done well.

After the gifts had been exchanged, Gibbs got a phone call from dispatch offering them a particularly gruesome case relating to his past. They put the celebrations on hold with the field agents heading the crime scene and Ducky, Abby and Harry travelling back to the Navy Yard to start work from there.

The young boy headed up to the directors office where he was greeted with a large hug and a couple of presents such as an NCIS hat and a little badge. He stayed in the office for a couple of hours until his Godmother was summoned into a meeting in MTAC. During this time, he went to Abby's lab where he was instantly greeted with the deafening sound of heavy metal and the smell of caffeine. It appeared as though the cheerful goth was busy making her way through the large pile of evidence neatly organised over the counters. He made his way over to his 'section' of the lab which held a laptop a few books and a body sized pillow in the shape of a coffin for when he had to sleep in the headquarters. On top of the black cushion sat a present clearly labelled 'Mini Agent' a nickname given to the now eleven year old by the cheerful goth. It referred to the second month they had been in America where they had had a case involving a peculiar sign of a green snake wrapped around a pitch black skull. The snake, which would have use to be a real one was always left beside the body which had died of a peculiar poison. Harry had helped by recognising the signature from a book he had read about an increase of crime ten years ago in England when he had told his mother this, she had used this to find the men who had come over from England and using the rest of the evidence had found the killer but without that vital information the crime may have turned into a cold case r at the very least would have taken an extra month.

Due to his assistance, Jenny had given him a small, gold badge that he could use as well as an official entry card so he wouldn't have to go through security every day.

Abby's present was a box which held a ten dollar note. Attached was a note explaining it was to be spent on the child's, caffeine free, version of Caf-Pow! with a large smiley-faced bat on it. To be perfectly honest, he had been expecting this but as he further thought about it he realised his mum probably wouldn't be too impressed if he had formed an addiction to the unique drink.

~Time skip because writing long chapters is hard :'(

Though gruesome he case only took a day of hard work and so at half past nine in the evening, the team left the building with a promise of the weekend off. With that in mind, Ziva and Harry left to find the Israeli's Mini Cooper in the vast car park.

As soon as they got into their Georgetown home they settled down in then later went to their individual bedroom to get a good nights sleep unaware of what's to come.

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