"Holy frakk?!" Shell shocked, Mac closes her flip-phone. Logan glances over at her. Twenty minutes into their website expansion meeting he has managed to resist asking about Veronica but he can't let this pass. "What's going on?" Mac turns to face him. "My grandfather died." She says blankly. "I'm sorry." He tries not to let the relief sweep into his voice. "Yeah, not my grandpa. My…biological grandfather. I didn't know him. I'm kind of adopted." "What's kind of adopted?" Mac's head jerks quickly toward the blonde at the end of the couch. She'd forgotten Dick was there after 10 minutes without a lewd comment. It seems unnatural for him to be indoors at the height of summer. "I…was…am…don't worry about it Dick." Dick simply shrugs and leans back. "Are you okay?" Shaking her head, it just falls out. "I just inherited forty million dollars." She sinks into her seat as Dick bursts into laughter. "Welcome to the useless rich." Logan says with a sympathetic smirk. "Don't worry Mackie, we'll show you how to live." Mac gives in to a light chuckle as she shakes her head.

Fast forward two weeks. Mac, Dick and Logan stand in front of duplex on the beach. "I can't believe I let you guys talk me into this." The shaggy haired blonde scoffs comically. "Talk you into this? This was all your idea." At Mac's challenging look, Dick continues. "Yeah, you're the one who said buying would be a better investment." "What I think I said was that its ridiculous for you two to have all this money and waste it on living at the Grand." "Exactly." Dick smiles brightly as though she has whole heartedly agreed to his point. Mac smiles and looks down for half a second. "It is beautiful." "And will have unparalleled internet speeds." Dick throws in. Logan can't help throwing on, "Plus, dorms are for the lowly, which you no longer are." "Yes, my exalted status demands two bathrooms and a balcony." After an extended pause, she relents. "Alright gentlemen, enough of the salesman shtick. Let's look inside." Logan opens the orange door to Mac's potential new home with a flourish. She walks in alone as the guys look into their side of the house. Hardwoods opening up into a wall of windows drinking in the ocean view. A quick search reveals one of the bathrooms and bedrooms are on the bottom level. Upstairs' vaulted wood ceiling and balcony with a palm tree sweeping to the right gave it an adult treehouse feel. Mac beams as she steps out. "You love it." Dick says from the other side of the shared balcony. Mac attempts to hide her enthusiasm but it just comes out as a frown-smile, which only makes Dick's smile widen. "I may be coming around." "Logan!" Dick shouts towards the open glass door. "Get out here. We're going to have a beach pad!" Logan closes his phone as he walks out. "Of course we are. The realtor will be in 20 minutes with the final paperwork and champagne. With possession directly following." Mac lets out a near noiseless laugh. This confidence in wealth had always tweaked Veronica but Mac feels swept away with the excitement of not having to share a bathroom with a floor full of people. Dick picks her up and swings her around. "Dick put me down." She says in a more serious tone. She finds being this close to Dick uncomfortable or rather uncomfortable that its not. "Balcony campout tonight!" Dick declares as he sets her down gently. Logan glances at Mac for her feelings. "After we sign papers I'll run by my parent's house for supplies." "Don't worry about it Mackie, we'll just buy it. You can afford to buy one use stuff." "Surprisingly, I don't plan to watch a million dollars disappear into outdoor gear." "Beav was gonna take over the world with his trust fund." Dick says lightly. The colour drains from the moment as all smiles disappear. A loud knock startles them out of it. Logan lets the realtor in and they sign the papers, deciding to save the champagne for later.

Afterward Mac heads for her car. "Hold up Mackie." Dick says as he jogs up. "I'm sorry for making you uncomfortable by mentioning…you know. Please don't go back to hating me." "I don't hate you, Dick. I just…" Mac crosses her arms, leans back onto her car and avoids eye contact. "I just have spent a year putting all of that behind me. I've really moved forward and that's where I want to keep going." She exhaled as she finally looked at him. "Fair enough." He nods solemnly before jumping around her to hop in the green car. Not the reaction she was expecting, if she even had an idea as to what she thought he'd do. "What are you doing?" "Helping you get camping supplies." Dick states as though its obvious. Mac climbs in and starts the car. "I was hoping to do it without my patents noticing. You know, just leave a note. I haven't exactly told them about the money." "Don't worry, Macksters. I can help you pull a Veronica." They both smile and take off.

When they pull up Mac sees Ryan's babysitter's car parked outside. That means the front door is out unless they want to get sucked into childcare for the rest of the day. "Come on, we have to sneak in through my window." Mac says whilst comically low in her seat, eyes on the house. "I didn't really think we'd be going full Bond, but I'm down. Is this the kind of stuff you do with Veronica?" Mac notices her ridiculous position and sits up a bit. "Maybe." She response archly, taking herself a little by surprise. "Let's do it then." Dick says enthusiastically as he jumps out of the car. Outside of her window, she grabs a hidden piece of metal and opens it. "Break into your own place much?" Mac glances over and back. "I needed a break from the constant concern last summer. Leaving always meant a barrage of questions. I don't know where they thought I was going." Mac begins to climb in, Dick helping. Before Mac can say anything about the unnecessary waist holding, Dick replies. "At least you had people wanting to know how you were handling things." He climbs in after her, whispering this time to maintain stealth. "Even Logan didn't check up on me." Mac actually frowns. "I'm sorry, I didn't know." "Yeah, well. You had enough to think about." Dick shrugs it off. "So how do we get into the garage from here?" After Mac explains her room being the only one on the same side of house as the garage, they sneak there quietly. Once the door closes they set to work gathering sleeping bags, lanterns and the like. Mac writes a quick note and leaves it on the door that lead back into the house. Dick tries to ninja roll beneath the barely opened garage door whilst holding the sleeping bags.

Logan's happy the mood has brightened when they walk back in. Mac is laughing near hysterically at some story Dick is telling her about him and technology. "Dude, s'mores? You're the best mom ever!" "I don't know, wife number two let us stay up all night eating junk food." "More like, she was out sleeping with her "fitness coach." Both guys smile, Mac looks disturbed. "Come on, Mac. I've seen the Fitzgerald on your dorm shelves. You know the very rich are different. 'Cynical where we are trustful.'" Logan says playfully. He grabs a bottle and some glasses as they all move out onto the balcony. "Yes, I recall something about your people being soft instead of hard. Being born that way." Mac says back with a teasing smile. She takes her glass and takes a drink. "Jokes on you then, Mackster." Dick contributes. At her questioning expression he continues. "You seem to have been born the same way. Inherit massive wealth recently?" Mac can tell that they are both waiting for an answer, probably have been since the phone call. "I'm going to need to get significantly more inebriated before having that conversation." She says jokingly before downing her champagne bowl. "My biological grandfather apparently never felt right about the circumstances of my adoption and therefore left me a significant portion of his estate. At least that's what his lawyer told me over the phone." Logan lifts his glass. "To the infinite complexities of families." They clinked glasses and took a long drink. "Forget all this introspection. Here's to our new house." Dick raises his glass and is met with enthusiasm by the other two.

The next few hours are spent laughing, making s'mores over the fire pit and laughing, lots of laughing. Dick is sprawled out asleep. Mac looks over at Logan and back at the fire before she speaks. "Ask." He looks over at her. "What?" "About Veronica. Ask. I know you've been barely holding it back. Just ask." Logan takes a deep breath and lets it out. "Is she coming home?" Mac thinks about how her mom would try to comfort, to sugarcoat it. But Logan deserves the truth. "I don't know." Logan nods as he stares into the fire a minute before speaking. "I can't blame her. If I could get away from me, I probably would." Mac fixes a hard look on him. "Logan." He looks up, surprised at her sudden firmness. "You know that's not why she left." "I don't know that," He says matching her. "And neither do you." Veronica Mars, the one person that connects them all but who has left them all behind. Mac understands mostly, Logan however just feels her lack. "Well, we'll see after her FBI internship is over." Mac states not wanting to have to dwell on it anymore. "Have you registered for classes yet?" "I thought I might tomorrow," he response. "Respectable homeowner, responsible academic," Mac lifts an imaginary glass to toast him. "Clink." "Dude! Go to sleep and stop hitting on your ex's best friend." "Why, getting jealous Dick?" Mac shoots back with a grin. Logan laughs when Dick is speechless for a minutes, sleepily grumbles and whips the sleeping bag back over is head.

**"Useless rich" is a reference to a G.B. Shaw quote