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...The Scouts noticed it...& feared it... " Serena is losing her touch" wispered Luna, " there is no dening it." " Yes Luna, we know... but how could she lose her confidence? She is our Savior." cried Raye, she out of everyone was most worried for her. " She isnt eating! She hasnt been right since she defeated Galatica." replied Amy. " Amy is right, someone needs to talk to her." said Mina." Darien can." Yelled Lita. So its settled!


Serena laid on her bed. Alone, that is what she has been since that day... * FLASHBACK*

Winds rattled the warrior princess...rain danced across her face...flames licked her feet... Then the voice came... not distant like before... " You dont know who you are! You are worth nothing...those friends used you to save their own skins thats all...Kill Them! Destroy Them!" cried the voice. " NEVER! I shall never obey you! You destroyed me & my family... I will not stink so low! I am the light that brings hope!" cried Serena... She was wrapped in elegant robes of pale lavander, her hair was totally down no buns... " Princess.. come dear, I can embrace you, save you! Charish me darling!" cried the voice again ..." NEVER!" yelled Serena. " SO be it! I curse you!" With that serena came back from her memories, with that emptiness that has been consuming here ever since she declined in helping the evil one.


Serena wispered into the dark.."What do I do? I can save no one, I cant even make the crystal glow" Tears sprang out of her eyes. Welling up inside her she could no longer handle the pain she felt inside... " But I can end it, all of could be over if I just... yes.." Serena stood up. Walked out of her room & yelled to her mom as she left the house." Im going for pizza!" But she did not go for pizza, she ran to the park. As she was running the scouts spotted her.

"WAIT SERENA!" cried Raye started to run. They chased her till they got to the lake. All of them Raye,Mina,Amy,Lita,Luna,Artemis, & now Darien Stood in dead silence.

Right Before their eyes the watched her...

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