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It was nearly 11 o'clock by the time Araine got home. She was so tired from giving Sailor Moon her new powers that she could barely move. But even though she wanted to fall asleep on the couch she knew that she must silently creep back into her room & pretend she never left. "WHERE WERE YOU?!" cried a male voice that startled Ariane so much she could later swear that she almost has a heartattack. "I. I ." stammered Ariane. "What makes you think you have the right to go around in the middle of the night? DON'T ANSWER ME YET! You know that that foul wench of a human is after you! And what do you do?! YOU GO FOR A MIDNIGHT STROLL!" By this time the male's voice had been raised so high that the silence to follow afterwards seemed weird & unnatural, but it wasn't quiet for long. Ariane soon heard her other companions stirring from their beds to see what was wrong.

~~~~~~Meanwhile at the other end of town..~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Come on Raye! It's like 11 at night! You have to get some sleep so we can figure everything out in the morning." Came a very disturbed voice that belonged to none other than Amy. "I cannot help it but. everytime I start to close me eyes I hear a voice telling me that time is running out. Maybe I should do some fire." Started Raye, but was soon interrupted by Lita. "You will do no such thing. GO TO SLEEP! Please Raye you aren't helping the rest of us by doing this." "I know. I'm so so just so worried about her." Tears started to trickle down Raye's cheeks as everyone else's eyes burned too. "We know. She'd do anything for us." Came but another voice as Mina came into view. Everyone bowed their heads, they all knew what she might do. could do. They knew that was going to be the one battle that would really count.

~~~~~~~~~The Next Morning (Sunday)~~~~~~~

*YAWN!* There came a little noise from in the bedroom. *Good, she's up. Now we can talk* thought a really confused Darien. "Good morning Darien." Said Serena as she walked into the kitchen rubbing her tired eyes. "We need to talk." Was Darien's only reply. "Oh I know. It's about last night. Look that girl did me a favor! If I tried to beat this new beast without new powers. Well we'd all be destroyed like that," Serena snapped her fingers & continued talking "Don't ask me how I know. I just do." Was Serena's last reply before she started to shove pancakes in her mouth *Boy, that girl can eat* thought Darien. "Ok I believe you. But why? Why you? And why do you have to become some new, more powerful killing machine?" Asked Darien. Seeing Serena's hurt eyes as he looked at her he began "I'm so.." "Don't bother Darien, it's ok. I know. I thought the fighting was over too." So with that said they both sat in silence gulfing down pancakes & coffee.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Your Heighness, I'm sorry. I didn't know that the shadowsoul wouldn't be able to take care of the situation." Said a very frightened girl, or so it seemed from the fact that her voice trembled with fear. "I told you this would happen. because of your stupid little brother we now might actually have to fight them! Why can't you find her! I told you she is the key! SHE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PIECE! Go now before I change my mind about keeping that idiototic brother of your's promise." Came a very angered voice that obviously came from the throne that was placed exactly in the middle of the room.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "So, you've noticed it right? I mean she's changed. It's all because of her stupid transformation."Came Setsuna's voice. "I think it's a very bad thing for her to have awakened. She wasn't supposed to ever wake up unless Chaos himself was walking about, I mean no-one should have even known she existed." Came Hutaro's voice. "What exactly do you mean?" Came Mirchel's voice. The outer scouts were sitting in their living room, Serena had stopped by an hr earlier to explain the situation. When Hutaro found out, she nearly dropped dead from shock, she was the 3rd person out of 4 ppl who first knew of her existance prior to the incedient. The 4 ppl were- Araine, Queen Selenity, herself (Sailor Saturn), and Sailor Infinity herself. But out of everyone only 2 ppl knew the truth of what happened, & she was one of them.

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