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They drove back from the kiln in silence. Ga Eul suddenly found herself wanting to remember every detail of his car. She wished, for once, that the traffic would remain heavy or that they would have to take a long detour due to construction. For all her brave words a few days earlier, she was not ready to give him up just yet. And his words from that afternoon now filled her with such hope. He had promised to come back to her—first.

Too soon, they pulled up in front of Ga Eul's house, where the memory of their second pretend date still lingered in her memory.

"Thank you for the ride, Sunbae."

"No problem."

Ga Eul unbuckled her seatbelt but couldn't bring herself to budge. After hesitating a few moments, she mumbled, "Sunbae?"


Ga Eul opened her mouth, but nothing came out. Shaking her head and opening the door, she replied, "Nothing. Thank you again." As she started to get out, though, she felt a hand clamp around her left wrist, tugging her back.

"It's not nothing. What were you going to say?"

She could hear a slight edge to his voice, and his hand clenched her wrist a bit tighter with the last few words.

She couldn't look at him then. Stupid girl. She shouldn't have said anything. He was probably growing tired of her confessions by now. Her clumsy attempts to show him how much she cared. What did that promise really mean anyway? That he was seriously interested in her? Interested in her in that way? When he could literally have any girl he wanted.

Get a grip, Ga Eul scolded herself. He's probably just grateful to you for all you did, like a friend would be to another friend.

But she could feel his hand still on her wrist and his gaze on her holding steady. He seemed to be holding his breath. She realized she had been holding hers too.

"Ga Eul yang?" he said quietly.

"Will I see you?" Ga Eul blurted out. She forced herself to look up at him. "Before you leave, I mean…um, will I see you again?"

Or is this goodbye?

His grip on her arm loosened then, and after a moment he pulled away.

"Why don't you stop by my studio later this week? I'll be packing up some stuff there, and I could use some help. Say, um, Thursday?"

"I have work Thursday, but I can come around six. Is…that okay?"

Yi Jeong grinned then. "As long as it's six in the evening, not six in the morning."

"Okay." She found herself staring into his eyes a bit longer than necessary. Then, abruptly, she turned and climbed out of the car.

She turned back around, her hand easing the car door closed.

"Goodnight, Sunbae." Ga Eul tried to smile at him normally.

"Goodnight. Take care." As she shut the door, she saw him smile and wink at her once. Then she was watching his car roar down the street and turn the corner.

What if this was the last time he would drop her off?

Oh, stop being a sentimental fool, Ga Eul. At least you have Thursday. Yeah, there's no telling what could happen on Thursday.