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The Legend of Zelda: Interloper of Time

Prologue: Part One

-Unknown Place-

"This isn't good, not good at all." The sound of heels clicking back and forth echoed through an elegant yet simple room as the cause of it, a lovely woman dressed in a simple white dress with golden hair, lightly tanned skin, and oddly enough pointed ears, marched back and forth as three other females bowed before her.

"Are you absolutely sure of this Farore?" The woman asked snapping her azure gaze to the youngest of the three, young girl who looked to be around seven to eight years old with bright green hair and eyes, and gave off a feeling of life and energy though strongly dampened, whom nodded her head solemnly. "Yes, my Lady. As strong-willed as he is, Link's spirit can no longer withstand the cycle of reincarnation and has settled permanently in the afterlife."

The woman held her gaze for several seconds before sighing deeply and collapsing into a chair that seemingly rose from the ground. "Fantastic…" She muttered, "And you are certain Demise's essence has re-escaped Its imprisonment?" She asked, though from the dull tone of her voice the woman clearly knew the answer.

"Yes, my Lady." This time the oldest of the three, appearing to be in her late twenties to early thirties with dark blue hair and eyes, giving off an aura of intelligence and wisdom, spoke in a calm level voice. "As we speak it settles into the newest reincarnation of its mort-" "Oh just say it normally would you!" Interrupted the one in the middle, a red-headed teen with glowing ruby eyes and a literal hot-head if the small amounts of steam oozing off her were anything to say.

"That asshole popped back up as my ex-champion Ganondorf again, is that so hard?" The red-head grumbled while ignoring the bluenette smacking the back of her head. "Watch your tongue whilst in the presence of Lady Hylia, Din." "It's fine Nayru, she has all the right to be upset." The now named Hylia said.

"Damn right I do, of all the people he could have chosen to possess it just had to be my chosen champion. Do you know how much bad reputation I have cause of that?" Din growled as her hair seemingly caught ablaze. "Just let me at him, I make sure the little bastard stays down this time." She growled, her fiery hair getting larger while she made choking motions with her hands.

"As tempting as that sounds, you know why I can't let you three directly affect the world anymore." Hylia said as with a wave of her hand an extremely detailed model of a country shimmered into existence. "Without my full power to prevent it, your mere presence would cause untold amounts of chaos and destruction." She stated as various natural disasters besieged the model until it lay in ruins.

"What of your champion Nayru?" "She is to be born t-tomorrow, but even with your previous incarnations blood running through her veins she shall be n-no match for Demise alone." Nayru stated in the same calm voice, but Hylia caught the slight stutter that gave away her nervousness.

Nodding slowly, Hylia remained silent for several long minutes before sighing. "These are desperate times we are in. Farore, do what you can to find a suitable new champion to assist Nayru's. Din, assist Farore. Nayru, stay here."

"Yes My Lady!" The first two said before vanishing in a flash of leaves and fire respectively. "What do you wish of me Lady Hylia?" Nayru asked, still in her kneeling position. "I need you to transfer my remaining power into your soon to be champion." As she spoke particles of light floated from Hylia's and condensed into a sphere within Nayru's hands. "At this.. rate, she'll… need every.. ad-advantage she … can.. get."

Nayru rushed to the blonde's side as she collapsed onto the ground in slumber. "We won't let you down my Lady." Nayru stated while creating a bed for her to rest.

-Hyrule Castle-



A woman's voice screams out shortly followed by the loud cries of a newborn infant. "Congratulations Lady Alaire, it's a girl." The midwife stated as she handed the tired woman, a young woman with soft blonde hair and watering blue eyes her child. "Oh look at her, isn't she beautiful Rhoam?" She asks while looking very her shoulder to a somewhat elderly man who knelt beside her. His hair and beard a mix of grey and black contrasted against his dark red royal outfit and golden crown.

"She looks just like her mother." He stated as he kissed the woman's cheek. "Zelda, my darling Zelda, the goddess Hylia has truly blessed us with you." The woman cooed as she held her newborn daughter close to her chest, preventing her and her husband from seeing the bird like symbol that briefly glowed upon the child's forehead before vanishing.

End chapter