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Final Chapter: Past and Present at Peace

In Veronica's point of view, her eyes were slowly opening. However, her vision was all blurry and she could hear echoes of someone's voice. She could see a peach, red and blue blur in front of her. Once her vision cleared out, she noticed that it was Baby Mario who leaned down to her.

"…uhhhh…" she moaned as she puts her hand on her head.

"You okay, Veronica?" Baby Mario asked in concern.

Veronica slowly sat up and looked down at Baby Mario. She cracked a smile and responded softly: "Yes… I'm fine."

"Hee hee hee! For the first time, you didn't say I'm fine in a forced way!" Baby Mario giggled cutely.

"Oh, Baby Mario…" Veronica giggled.

"And you woke up just in time! The platform just took us back down!" Sonic exclaimed.

"Veronica! We won! We have defeated Elder Princess Shroob! And all thanks to your help!" Baby Luigi hugged her.

"Mario… Luigi… Sonic… Tails… Thank you." Peach thanked. "Thanks to you, the Mushroom Kingdom of this time is safe. I am so very, truly pleased…"

"No." Veronica shook her head. Unknown to everyone, the babies went over to the Shroobfied Baby Bowser just to have fun. "Not quite, princess. We still haven't got rid of the Shroob Mushrooms growing all around the kingdom; remember? And worst of all… I have no idea how to get rid of them."

"Oh no…" Melissa whimpered.

"What do we do now?" Young Tails asked in sadness.

"Hold on, where is Baby Mario and Baby Luigi?" Young Sonic questioned.

Then, they heard Baby Luigi's giggles coming from their right. They turned to the right and saw Baby Luigi bouncing on the Shroobfied Baby Bowser while Baby Mario watches him.

"Wheee! Hahahahaha! This is so fun!" Baby Luigi cheered.

"Oh my… You were right, Veronica." Peach remarked. "Even with Elder Princess Shroob defeated, the foul work of the Shroobs still covers our land…"

"This looks so fun! Hey! Luigi! Let me join in too!" Baby Mario prepares to jump on the Shroob Mushroom. "Here I come!"

Unfortunately, instead of landing on the mushroom, Baby Mario accidentally lands on Baby Luigi, causing him to cry in pain.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Baby Luigi wailed out loud.

"*gasp* oh I'm so sorry, little bro! I didn't mean to do that!" Baby Mario realized his mistake and apologized while hugging Baby Luigi.

"Huh? Hey! Look!" Tails noticed something on the mushroom.

As more tears from the crying Baby Luigi fell on the mushroom, Baby Bowser began to slowly change back to his former self!

"Muuuurgh…" Baby Bowser groaned.

"Ah! The mushroom…" Veronica's eyes widened. "Could it be… Babies' tears…"

A while later, back at the present…

"The Hydrogush… FIRE IT UP!" E. Gadd said as he pushes the machine's button to get the water filled with the same substance as baby tears to flow from its long rubber tube, now connected to several others. The water gushed into all of the castle's Time Holes and it came into the past as giant geysers, spilling it around all of the locations visited by our heroes.

The water rained at past Toad Town, removing all of the Shroob Mushrooms growing around and restoring all of the Shroobfied Toads back to normal. And at Star Shrine, even Amy and Kylie were restored back to normal, and in an instant, a white glow surrounded Amy and she disappeared, but not before she waved to Kylie.

"The liquid the Hydrogush is sprouting has the same chemical makeup as the babies' tears! Spraying it across the kingdom oughta cure all of those Shroob mushrooms!" E. Gadd exclaimed. "I am plumb astounded… The fearsome Shroobs laid low by baby tears…"

When all of the Shroob Mushrooms were eliminated, all of the Time Holes in the castle began to vanish.

Back at the past, we can see Kamek bringing Baby Bowser back to his castle by dragging him with his Clown Cart with his flying broom.

"My treasure…" Baby Bowser lamented.

"Prince Bowser… Please, let it go." Kamek grumbled.

The scene shifts back to the heroes and Veronica stepped in front of them to do her magic.

"Now, everyone… It's time to head back to your own time." Veronica said as she works on her Time Travelling magic.

"You're right. The Toadsworths must be beside themselves with worry again." Luigi remarked.

"Well, I guess it's goodbye for me now." Melissa told them. "But thanks to my immortality, I shall live on even at your time. And that means we'll be able to see each other again, but at the present instead!"

"That's nice! We hope we could see you again in our time, Melissa!" Mario waved as the group disappeared in a bright white light with Melissa waving back. She then flew back to her castle at the Star Realm.

After the ride in the portal, the group returned back to the present safely, where they were greeted by the many Toads, E. Gadd, Toadsworth and even Amy.

"You're back!" Amy exclaimed.

"Amy? But how…?" Sonic was surprised to see Amy back to normal and brought back at the present.

"Heh heh heh heh…" E. Gadd chuckled. "Furry feller… As soon as I got the information from Stuffwell, I put our plan into action. The rain of baby tears hit the Shroob 'shrooms, and they melted immediately! Success!"

"All right!" all of the boys cheered.

"And that takes care of every last trace of the nastiful Shroobs! Happies!" Stuffwell exclaimed in happiness.

"I'm glad it's finally over!" Amy squealed.

"Yep!" E. Gadd nodded. "Phew… So much cleaning… Actually, there's something interesting to see here in the castle…"

"Really?" the heroes tilted their heads in curiosity.

"Perhaps it might be good for us to check it out." Veronica stated as she, the Sonics and the Tailses went inside, while the Marios and the Luigis stayed a bit to hear Toadsworth's conversation. "Aren't you coming?" Veronica asked the brothers.

"You can go on ahead. We'll meet you later." Mario told her as she flies back.

"Princess! Oh, my dear Princess! You're safe at last!" Toadsworth exclaimed in relief.

"Thank you. We owe Mario, his friends and the kids a great debt." Peach said.

"Peach! Please come this way." Amy called her as they and Toadsworth left.

"Uhh… Am I hearing things or the princess didn't mention me at all?" Luigi's eyes widened.

And it even got worse when a group of Toads gathered around Mario and appraised him:

"Mario! Welcome home!"

"You're the best, Mario!"

"It was you after all, Mario!"

"Way to go, Mario!"

"YEAH, MARIO!" all of the Toads cheered in unison. "WELCOOOME BAAACK!"

Luigi was speechless. But not for too long until he heard a Toad from behind appraising:

"Good work, Luigi!"

This caught Luigi's attention and the Toad came to him and said:

"It was nice of you to go into the past to greet Mario. But you know, you can't shirk your house-sitting duties."

"What?" Luigi raised an eyebrow.

"Heh heh heh… Just kidding!" the Toad chuckled. "Welcome back, Luigi!" he then spoke quietly: "Ready, set…"

"HEYYYY, LUIIIIGI!" all of the Toads cheered. "WELCOOOME BAAACK!"

"Yeah!" Luigi cheered.

"Now let's go meet with the rest in the castle." Mario said. Luigi and the babies nodded and they went in.

As soon as they entered the throne room, both Toadsworths came to them.

"Oho! You've saved the princess and the kingdom!" Young Toadsworth exclaimed. "Well done, dear fellows!"

"You're welcome, Toadsworth!" Baby Mario replied.

"Master Mario… Master Luigi… Young Master Mario… Young Master Luigi… From the bottom of my heart, I thank you and your friends for rescuing our Princess Peach." Toadsworth thanked. "Please come this way, sirs. There's a favor I must ask of all of you…" as the group follows both Toadsworths, Toadsworth spoke quietly to himself: "And now, at long last… I must bid farewell to my younger, exuberant self."

"Hmph! It's as if you can't wait to be rid of me, you old Toad." Young Toadsworth scolded quietly back to his older self.

"Yes, er… What an overactive imagination you possess!"

"What are they discussing about?" Baby Luigi whispered to Baby Mario.

"No idea." Baby Mario whispered back.

"Well, well, well! Look who we have here!" Sonic smirked once the brothers and the Toadsworths reached the end of the throne room.

"Did you mean the Mario Brothers or Bowser, me?" Young Sonic smirked at him.

"Pffft! Oh, please! Isn't it obvious? I'm referencing this big guy here!" Sonic directed to Bowser.

"Huh?!" the four Mario Bros were surprised to see Bowser lying unconscious in the middle of the room.

"What is Bowser doing here?" Luigi asked.

"We actually have the same question as yours, Luigi." Amy admitted.

"Will somebody please tell me how this happened?" Peach asked.

"Apparently he fell from up high and landed in a time hole…" Toadsworth explained. "Then he just plopped into the castle's backyard!"

"Yeah, since then, he's just lain there like a lump." Toad said.

"Master Mario, is there nothing you can do? Perhaps jump on him or some such thing?" Toadsworth asked.

"Hm..." Mario pondered.

"Leave it to me!" Baby Mario interfered as he approaches Bowser and stomps on his head. However, his stomp wasn't as strong as Mario's and that just left a puff of smoke. Luigi just went next to Bowser's face and sat down.

As Baby Mario continues to stomp Bowser, suddenly, Baby Luigi felt something moving out of his pocket and the Shroobfied Elder Princess Shroob came out!

"Eh? How…?" Baby Luigi didn't see that coming.

"Ah, Baby Luigi, what is that grotesque mushroom?" Young Toadsworth asked as he went to Baby Luigi.

"It's supposed to be Elder Princess Shroob's remains, but…"

Before Baby Luigi could finish, the mushroom began to float in midair.

"(%..." just then, Elder Princess Shroob's faint voice came from it, catching everyone's attention.

"Isn't that…? Oh no…" Veronica whimpered in fear.

They watched the mushroom fly into Bowser's mouth. He munches on it, and…

"SHNARFL?" he gagged, making everyone gasp. Their eyes widened even more when Bowser opened his eyes, but they were magenta instead of white. "BLAARGH!" all of a sudden, the whole room was covered in purple mist as everyone was freaking out. Once the mist cleared, Bowser was now standing up and his body was flashing in purple and cyan.

"What just happened?!" Peach panicked.

"The Elder Shroob Princess is possessing Bowser!" Veronica told her. "He's not Bowser anymore! He's Shrowser!"

"Hurry! We must flee!" Amy called out as she, Peach and both Toadsworths fled out of the throne room.

"Guys! I'll be at your side again!" Veronica flew to the heroes, who were now standing in front of Shrowser.

"Mmm… I can feel a power burning in my belly!" Shrowser smirked. "What in the world did you feed me?" he stomps the ground, creating an earthquake, sending the heroes in the air before landing back down. "GWAH HAH HAH HAH!" Shrowser laughed evilly. "Aw, who cares what it was? I've been reborn!"

"Come on, guys! Let's beat him!" Young Sonic said. "For good, this time!"

"Yeah!" the rest of the heroes nodded and went into their fighting stances.

"Mario! Sonic! Tails! Green 'Stache! And you brats, too! NO MERCY FOR YOU!" Shrowser roared. It was now time for the REAL final battle: to eliminate Elder Princess Shroob for the last time!

Shrowser sent out purple smokes from his mouth, creating the spirit of Elder Princess Shroob above the room.

"T-That's her spirit!" Veronica gasped.

"Hey! Listen here!" Shrowser called out. "From now on, you guys get NO chance to attack! I'm gonna flatten you with an attack barrage, baby! Enjoy! Bwah ha!"

"Oh great… We won't be even able to attack!" Sonic growled.

"But we can try to counter his attacks instead and see what happens." Tails told him.

Shrowser spat out flashing purple fireballs at the heroes, but they dodged them. Then, Veronica noticed the fireballs heading towards Elder Princess Shroob's spirit, and they hit her.

"Hey! That's it, everyone!" she confirmed. "You'll just have to dodge and counter attacks so that we can damage the spirit of Elder Princess Shroob!"

"So it's just a defensive play? Great!" Young Tails exclaimed.

"We can do this!" Mario encouraged.

"Since I won't be able to use my magic in this fight, then I'll leave the rest to you. Good luck!" Veronica flew back to watch the four heroes and their younger selves do the rest.

Shrowser next spat out more fireballs, but these ones took off into the air like rockets before coming down at Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. The babies used their hammers to knock the incoming fireballs right at Elder Princess Shroob's spirit.

"Nothing like good ol' hammers!" Baby Mario grinned.

"Yeah!" Baby Luigi exclaimed.

Shrowser spat out an orb of energy at them next. Then, both Tailses nodded to each other before they whacked the orb at the spirit with their tails.

"We make a great team!" Young Tails high-fives his older self.

"You did great, me!" Tails replied.

"Hey, Turtle Breath! We bet you can't hit us!" Sonic taunted to call Shrowser's attention.

"Yeah! Your attacks are so slow that even a simple turtle can dodge them!" Young Sonic teased.

"Why you little…" Shrowser growled as he spits out a larger version of the energy orb at both Sonics.

The Sonics looked at each other and ran in opposite directions to avoid the orb, only for it to split in half and both halves begun to chase after the Sonics.

"Keep running!" Sonic called out to his younger self.

They ran around the room in a circle pattern until they got close and summoned their springs to send them into the air and passed by each other while high-fiving, which confused the orbs' trajectory and both of them hit Elder Princess Shroob's spirit.

"Awesome!" Young Sonic bro-fists his older self.

"Hey, great job!" Sonic replied.

"You're doing great, boys! The spirit seems weaker now; that means you're almost there!" Veronica warned them.

"THAT'S IT! I'M GONNA END YOU RIGHT NOW!" Shrowser yelled furiously and spat out two HUGE fireballs at Mario and Luigi.

The adult brothers did a nod to each other and prepared to make their attack.

"Just to let you know, Bowser! You're not the king of Awesomeness; you're the king of Suckiness!" Mario smirked. "Buh-bye!" he finished as he and Luigi did a bicycle kick at both fireballs, sending them at Elder Princess Shroob's spirit.

"Hungh?!" Shrowser began to feel strange. "WARGH! What?!" he yelled as Elder Princess Shroob's spirit exploded in a puff of purple smoke. With that, Bowser collapses on the ground, unconscious.

"Wow! That was a nice teasing!" Sonic appraised.

"Thanks." Mario thanked.

"Woohoo! We did it!" Baby Mario cheered. The rest cheered with him as well.


Everyone gathered at the castle's garden, ready to say their goodbyes.

"Elder Toadsworth… We've had our share of disagreements, but… Now that the time is nigh, I find it rather difficult to say farewell." Young Toadsworth admitted.

"Younger me… Please take good care of the little princess and the little mistress!" Toadsworth requested.

Then, Baby Peach started to cry for attention.

"Oh, poor me… She wants attention, doesn't she?" Peach spoke as she walked towards her younger self and picked her up. "Shh… Shh… Don't cry." She pats Baby Peach's back to calm her down. Once she was calm, Peach took a good look at her. "My, I was really cute when I was young!" she smiled and hugged her baby self.

"Eee hee hee!" Baby Peach giggled cutely. Peach then places her gently back in her baby wagon.

"Now that you mentioned it, I was also cute when I was little too!" Amy squealed as she walked towards her younger self.

"So I'll be just like that when I grow up? Sweet!" Young Amy exclaimed. Amy then leans close to her and whispered in her ear:

"And remember, make sure you don't lose sight of Sonic ever!"

"I won't!" Young Amy whispered back.

"What are you two talking about?" Sonic asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Nothing!" both Amys faked out, placing their hands behind their backs.

"Well, then…" he shrugs it off and looked at his younger self. "I had a lot of fun adventuring with my younger self! I'll admit!" he grinned.

"I had fun too! Even if I doubted it at the beginning, it was really cool meeting my future self!" Young Sonic grinned back.

"I hope you learned a few tricks from me that'll help you out in the future."

"You bet I have! Check this out!"

Young Sonic ran a bit and attempted to do a Boost while airbone, but he stopped in the middle of the technique and fell to the ground.

"Dang it… I guess I'll have to practice more." Young Sonic said quite depressed.

"Dude, sweet!" Sonic clapped. "And you're only going to get better."

"You say so? Thanks, Sonic!"

"Heh! No problem, Sonic!"

Then, they both high-fived each other.

"Well, enjoy your future! It's going to be great!" Sonic exclaimed.

"I can't wait!" Young Sonic gave thumbs up, with his older self returning the thumbs up.

"So… Will I be a great inventor once I grow up?" Young Tails asked.

"Of course! And you'll love it!" Tails answered. "Just…make sure you don't get into too much trouble in the future."

"Oh, just like the Star Gate told you?"

"Uh, yeah… Oh! And make sure you also help Sonic and his friends a lot and practice your flying too!"

"I promise!" then, something came into Young Tails' mind and he asks: "And what about all of the rings Sonic collects? Do you know how many he collects all the time?"

Tails leaned to him and whispered in his ear, causing his eyes to widen: "He collects how many? Wow, where does somebody put all those gold rings?"

"You know what? I don't know. I keep forgetting to ask." Tails admitted.

Young Tails then flew with his two tails before double high-fiving his older self.

"Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Young Sonic, Young Tails… Thank you for rescuing me and saving the kingdom." Peach thanked them. "Please look after my and Amy's younger selves and Young Toadsworth."

"You can count on us, princess!" Young Tails exclaimed.

"Yeah!" Baby Mario, Baby Luigi and Young Sonic nodded.

Baby Mario then walked to his older self, who looks at him.

"I guess this is goodbye, right?" Baby Mario asked quite saddened.

"Yes… It's quite sad, really." Mario lamented.

"Yeah… But no matter what, I'll always remember this adventure, even when I grow up!" Baby Mario exclaimed. Then, something came on his mind: "Oh! Before I go, here's something from me to say thanks." He hands Mario his hammer.

"You sure you want to give it to me?" Mario asked.

"Well, to be honest, I've always wanted to wield a hammer, but I'm too young for this right now. After all, even Sonic said so!" Baby Mario answered as he looks at Young Sonic at the last sentence, who winked at him. "Plus…" Baby Mario looked back at Mario. "I want you to keep this as some sort of souvenir or if possible, wield it for your next adventure!"

"That sounds like a great idea!" Mario exclaimed. He then takes the hammer and puts it into his pocket. "Thank you very much-… Wah!" he startled when Baby Mario suddenly jumped and hugged him. Mario did a small chuckle and returned the hug.

"Take care, older me." Baby Mario smiled once he broke from the hug, with Mario holding him by his waist.

"You too." Mario smiled back and placed Baby Mario on the floor.

"Do we really need to say goodbye?" Baby Luigi asked saddened; he really didn't want to leave his adult self.

"We need. I know it's sad, but we have to stay in each of our own eras." Luigi answered.

Tears began to appear in Baby Luigi's eyes, and he jumped on his older self, hugging him and sobbing on his shoulder.

"WAAAAAAAAH! I DON'T WANT TO GO! I'LL MISS YOU SO MUCH!" Baby Luigi wailed out loud.

"Shh… There… There, younger me…" Luigi pets his younger self's head to calm him down. "I'll miss you as well. But on the good side, we'll always remember everything from this adventure we had!" he pulls away from the hug and held Baby Luigi by his waist.

"*sniff* really?" Baby Luigi asked while still sobbing a little.

"Mmhm!" Luigi nodded while smiling softly. This made Baby Luigi smile back. "Oh! I have something for you!" Luigi takes out a Yoshi Cookie from his pocket.

"Ooh! Yoshi Cookie! Yoshi Cookie!" Baby Luigi squealed. "Gimme! Gimme!"

"You don't even have to ask!" Luigi places Baby Luigi down and hands him the cookie. He watches his toddler self munching on the tasty cookie.

"Mmm… Thank you very much!" Baby Luigi thanked. "Since you gave me a gift, then I'll give mine too!" he takes out his hammer.

"You're giving me your hammer too? Thanks a lot!" Luigi thanked.

"No problem! Here you go- Oops!" Baby Luigi accidentally threw his hammer incorrectly and its head hit RIGHT on Luigi's head.

"Oooooooh…" Luigi got dizzy after the impact.

Baby Luigi couldn't handle his older self's googly eyes that he cracked a laugh.

"Are you okay, me?" he asked between his laugher.

Luigi shook his head to get rid of the dizziness and responded: "I'm fine…"

"Is everyone almost ready?" Veronica asked the young group.

"Yes!" they all responded.

"Alright, all of you gather near me."

The young group walked towards Veronica. That is, until Baby Mario remembered of something:

"Oh! I almost forgot!" he runs back and approached Peach. "Here, princess." He takes out her crown from his pocket and hands it to her.

"Oh, my crown!" Peach squealed as she takes her crown and puts it on her head. "Thank you so much, Baby Mario!" she gave a kiss on his cheek, causing him to blush a little.

Baby Mario then runs back to join up with the young group and told Veronica: "Okay, I'm ready!"

As Veronica works on her magic, the young group did their last goodbyes.

"My dear Princess Peach… You've grown so beautiful… I'm honored to have met you." Young Toadsworth said. "And Master Mario! Master Luigi! Master Sonic! Master Tails! Thanks ever so much! Do continue to take care of the princess and the mistress!"

"Boy, I feel like hopefully next year we'll be able to come back here and go on a vacation!" Baby Mario said to Baby Luigi.

"Sounds great to me, big bro!" he replied.

"Hmm… A vacation, huh?" Veronica thought while smiling and placing her finger under her chin. "Then I shall make your dream come true, young Mario Brothers!"

Then, the glow became thicker and the group was starting to disappear.

"Goodbye!" the four young heroes waved before finally disappearing.

Upon their younger selves' vanishing, Mario, Luigi, Sonic, Tails, Peach, Amy and Toadsworth all had tears escaping from their eyes. But they all knew, that even parting ways, the memory of their time-travelling adventure…will never ever fade.

The End

Boy, I was actually crying on the inside when writing the parting scene. That moment when past and future have to part ways... It's so sad! :'( I decided to use the same dialogue from Sonic and Tails from the ending scene of Sonic Generations just for fun!

Before the closing, did you catch all of the foreshadowing events that will happen in my future stories of this Saga? There's a total of three of those events in this story. For hints, the first one is at the very beginning of chapter 8, but that one's very obvious, the second and third ones are somewhere at the beginning and at the end of this chapter.

Well, that wraps up the second story of this Saga! Thank you all so much for reading this. The next story after this one is, of course, Bowser's Inside Story! But sadly, Sonic and his friends won't appear at all in this next remake... Sorry about that. :( There will be more Mario characters showing up in this story, though, and if you played Yoshi's Island DS, you might know who are going to appear. Also, that's the reason why I won't add Sonic and his friends in the next installment; because I'm using something that originated in Yoshi's Island DS for this remake, adding Sonic characters in the middle would make my story very confusing and wouldn't make sense.

I'll upload the first chapter of my Bowser's Inside Story remake near the end of May, only. Fairy out!