Hey y'all! Sky here with another story, this one much less depressing than my previous. This was inspired by a meme I saw about Kora bending fire before water. I doubt it'll be very long, and updates will be sporadic, but I hope you enjoy.

This story takes place just before the Avatar disappeared.

Barely stifling a giggle, I crept towards my marks, their slick hides gleaming in the early morning sunlight. I slid down a steep slope, seal fur mukuluks and gloves quietly shk-ing against the ice as I leaned back for more balance. Hand-holds I notched earlier in the season helped slow my slide. Wind whipping a few stray locks of my snowy hair, I caught myself on a small rise and quickly ducked below the top. Good thing the wind was blowing towards me, or the slippery little buggers would be alerted to my presence.

Soft calls echoed against the snowy hillsides. Peeking over my cover, I let out a soft breath. They were fending off a penguin who had strayed too far into their territory. Deftly shifting my hunting spear, searching for the right balance, I stalked forwards. The young bull by what was probably his mother would be a good catch. Just a little closer… Soft mukuluks barely made a sound as I shuffled, low to the ground, towards my prey.

Just as the penguin slipped back into the icy waters, an alarm cry rang out from a seal a few feet away. Tensing, I threw my spear, the tip sinking into the seal's hide as it cried out. A few seconds and it passed. Quickly throwing the seal over my shoulder, I scrambled back up the slope, scrabbling for my handholds as the spear wobbled dangerously in the carcass. Just as I made it to the top, the seals were snapping at my heels. Open ground would be their advantage. I cursed, taking off at a dead run, hoping they would be too bogged down by full stomachs to keep up.

After a few minutes, the calls grew softer and softer, and eventually stopped. Glancing over my shoulder, I smirked at the small pod sliding back to the shore. I slowed to a walk and pulled my spear out of the bull. My feet started to sink.

I swore under my breath, tossing the seal to the side as I wrestled with the adrenaline. Not here, come on! Focusing on my breathing, I tried to release a small puff of fire instead of the heat melting ice and snow beneath my feet. After a few puffs of light smoke, a small sputter of flame came out, and the heat receded. I quickly hopped out of the small hole my stupid bending had formed.

Not for the first time I had to wonder. How was a fire bender born into the Southern Water Tribe?