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Chapter 55: And Then There Were Fairies (Tenrou Island Finale)

Not much time had passed since the rendezvous with Makarov's announcement to the postponement of the S-Class Exams, but things on Tenrou Island were gradually returning to normal, minus the damages to the landscape of course. Many wizards of the guild had spent the time after the war against Grimoire Heart to regroup, recover, and to reconcile with everyone else who had taken part in all of the mayhem that had happen over the last few days.

The Great Tenrou Tree had been restored to its rightful place, though many of the members of the number one guild in Fiore had no clue to as why this miracle had occurred. However, Erza and a few others had a faint idea on who would do such a thing, much to their happiness, or even confusion and surprise. Many things had transpired over the course of what was supposed to be a normal trip to partake in a normal Advancement Exam. Luckily, things couldn't get any worse…

Or could it?

Everyone had reacted in their own way to Makarov and Ben's announcement, but even then, they had to take point of the facts that they, as well as Mira, played out. So, on a unanimous decision, after recovering and getting everything back together, the team would board the ship that had taken them to the island in the first place, and make haste back to Magnolia Town. There was always next year after all—it was just a matter of whether or not the Universe would decide to be a douche and cause some un-divine intervention to happen between the next attempt. Lord forbid anything happening again due to someone jinxing it.

But… Speaking of which, something had garnered an interesting, yet dangerous sense of attention to Ben's mind.

"Are you positive…?" He asked, eyeing Mavis with a worried and cautious look in his eyes. "If that's so, then…"

The First Master of Fairy Tail had a blank look on her face, placing intention that her words were true. That only caused Ben's thoughts to dwindle down as he lowered his head with an occupied look.

"You had best prepare. And for the worst at that." She quickly reaffirmed her position.

"No, it's fine." Ben swiftly answered. "I'm not thinking about going straight into disparity right away. I already went through that once before; and there's no point in doing so now."

That caught Mavis' attention, though that not for a joyful reason. "…Is it bad if I ask the reason behind that?"

He wasn't in the mood to explain his life story, especially with impending doom coming straight for the island; however, he wasn't necessarily against the thought either. He had already shared his past with Erza, and even with Wendy. However, these recent turns of events had clouded his mind with a few unpleasant ideas, though it was mainly with the sake of survival for himself and everything currently on the island. He was sure that Grimoire Heart would be away from the events that would soon approach, as he could feel the Magic Power of Hades and a few others escaping out from the island's vicinity.

After thinking about her words for a bit, he let out a deep sigh. "Tell you what; if we survive this, I'll tell you everything… And I mean everything about me. How's that for a deal?"

The blonde projection rose a brow before smirking, folding her legs as she sat in a floating matter. "All right. It better be a good story though!"

"I'll set the genre for you." Ben chuckled. "It's a mixture of Angst, Fantasy, Adventure, Sci-Fi, and a bit of Tragedy."

"…What about Supernatural?" The projected Master quickly asked.

"Eh, same thing as Fantasy in my opinion." Ben shrugged, before redirecting his attention back to his previous train of thought. "Now then… How long until it arrives?"

"Not long. I suggest you concoct a formation right away." Mavis answered in toll, eyes back to a serious look.

That didn't give Ben much hope. However, he didn't want to say anything else for the time being, at least not in a serious matter. Taking her words into account, he simply sighed again before heeding his next move. He had been walking for quite a while, so it was likely that at least someone or a few members of the guild were taking responsibility for lodging all of Fairy Tail's supplies back onto the ship. If anything, at this rate, the group would be leaving around the hour at the latest.

"Well… I believe Master will bring this up. I might as well tell those who need to be told about what will happen next though." He decided.

Activating the Omnitrix, Mavis' projection disappeared for a moment as he began to select an alien. It didn't take long for him to make his mind on which form to select, so he quickly searched for it and slapped the core down, transforming into Wildvine after a bright flash of emerald green light engulfed him. The Flourana quickly replaced his human form and took to the forestry, merging into a nearby tree as he began to scatter about towards the nearest members of Fairy Tail.

After a few minutes, Wildvine picked up a few traces of familiar voices near where he was shouldering through the woods. The bickering of a familiar white-haired Take-Over Mage took over his thoughts as he also recognized Wendy and Carla hiding behind a tree. As he merged out from the one closest to his mate, he eyed the group that the two were eavesdropping on; it was Laxus and Lisanna of all people alongside the Thunder Legion. Apparently, Laxus was trying to confirm the reality that Lisanna was not actually dead and was right in front of his eyes.

Snickering a bit, Wendy and Carla were about to glance around, only to shudder their eyes a bit as Ben replaced the plant alien. He approached the two of them with his hands in his pockets, peeking over a little with a smile on his face.

"Hey, what's with the commotion?" He asked, curious to what he was seeing. "You curious about Laxus?"

"B-Ben!" The Dragon Slayer gasped a little, before sighing a little and turning back to Laxus and company. "Y-Yeah… He seems like he's a pretty decent guy… B-But I admit, I'm a little scared of him. Weird, huh?"

"What?" Carla frowned. "Don't be silly. He's fine as he is if he's being all playful like that!"

Ben nodded, smirking as he leaned against the tree they were hiding upon. "Definitely. He's really calmed down since the last time I've seen him though."

"Well, truth be told, when you arrived, he was at his worst." Erza's voice suddenly called from behind them, making the trio turn around. "Don't be troubled by the rumors you hear nowadays about Laxus though, Wendy. Deep down, he's just a little awkward; though he's a decent guy, trust me."

"O-Oh! You think so, Erza-san?" Wendy looked up to the bandaged redhead with a gleam in her eyes.

"Yes… You could say that he's just a little bit of a slacker, that's all." Erza chuckled. The four of them eyed the duo as Lisanna was seen playfully wailing on Laxus with a tatter of punches, smiling a little as he went along with her little act. The Thunder Legion was greatly enjoying this cute moment as well. "Heh, look at him."

"I guess I should meet him see what he's like for myself then." Wendy decided. "What about you, Carla?"

"Hmph. I'll at least give him the benefit of the doubt." The white furred Exceed huffed, though with a small smile growing on her lips.

As the two began to do just that, it was then that Ben's soft demeanor shifted back into a serious one. Erza could feel the change in his presence, looking in his direction with a curious look. After Wendy and Carla had left and began to engage in an introduction with the Lightning Dragon Slayer, Ben turned to the scarlet knight and told her that he had something important to tell her and Makarov and requested if they could stay a little later for Laxus as well. Curious to hear what Ben had to say, Erza quickly took heed to his request. It didn't take long for Wendy and Carla to be acquainted with Makarov's grandson, so after they finally got used to his presence, while Wendy and Carla were busy conversing with Lisanna and the Thunder Legion, the duo ushered Laxus to join up with them.

In a secluded part of the woods, Makarov sat alone on top of a boulder, pondering on the events that had happened thus far, as well as the ones that should be taken in the near future. He sighed a little, but it was then that he dug into his pocket, taking out the very object that Professor Paradox had given him. It resembled a trapezoid-like container, being colored black with green circuitry similar to that of Upgrade's appearance. Makarov had little to no clue as to what the device what supposed to do, but coming from the general nature of the Time-Walker, no doubt it was for something important.

After a few more minutes of solitary thinking, his thoughts were interrupted as he heard an eerie sound. It resembled that of a growl…or a roar more specifically.

"What an ungodly sound… What could it be?" He questioned with a whisper, opening his eyes.

"Master." Erza's voice broke him from his thoughts yet again as he glanced back. Ben and Erza were behind him, with Laxus taking shade underneath a nearby tree.

"Ah… Erza, Ben." The old man hummed. "And even Laxus?"

The redhead nodded, coughing once to clear her throat. "Yes. First things first, however. I want to report that the ship will be ready to the mainland in a short while. Also, regarding Laxus…"

"…I've nothing to discuss with or about that boy." He immediately responded, though both he and the person in question knew that it wasn't for any unjust hatred.

"Yes, I understand… But still." Erza persisted.

Makarov snorted, folding his arms. "Hmmm… I will admit that he has quite a pair on himself, daring to set foot on the holy land of the Fairy Tail guild. However, he no longer employs that privilege."

Ben glanced at Laxus, who merely shrugged. Makarov wasn't wrong, after all. Erza however, didn't seem to be convinced just yet.

"But what about what he's done for us?" She continued. "Can't you take that into consideration?"

Makarov sighed a little upon hearing her plead. "Ah… Yes, I've heard of what he's done. I heard all about his heroic return and trial against Hades, how he saved your lives by putting himself directly into harm's way. My appreciation for his actions is more than I could ever convey with words alone… But as far as Fairy Tail is concerned, he is still considered an outsider; albeit, one to which we all hold our gratitude to."

"I don't think he can help it, Erza." Ben replied, not wanting to break any more harshness onto her. "After all, isn't this the way that he's maintained order within the guild for as long as he has been its Master?"

"Of course." Laxus snorted. "It's exactly as you said it, Tennyson. It's how the guild has remained number one over the years. You have to have a firm grasp on your way of leading; you can't just have any kind of leeway for certain exceptions or events that may coincidentally happen."

"That's true…" Heeding to both of their words, Erza's face drooped a little.

"All I did was do what any decent person nearby would do: help out." The blond explained. "There wasn't any kind of ulterior motive for my actions."

However, it was then that he turned to Makarov.

"Hey, old man."

"…What is it?" Makarov turned around immediately, earning the look of his grandfather's stare right into his soul.

"…Heh, there it is. That's the look… Classic." He muttered, narrowing his eyes. "This'll probably the last time I'll see that scowl of yours for a long, long while…"

"…Why do you say that—"

"—It's coming!" Ben suddenly stood straight; his eyes full of alertness as another instance of that eerie noise came about to everyone's ears. They all sweated a little upon hearing its distinct sound go through their eardrums, making their faces grit down in worry. "We have to move, NOW!"

It didn't take a genius to know that the look in Ben's eyes was that of pure caution. Quickly running along with Makarov, Erza, and Laxus in tow, the four quickly adjourned to the Resting Point with as little time as they could waste. As they arrived next to a gigantic well with Gildarts, Cana, Lisanna, Lucy, and the rest of the Fairy Tail grouped up together, everyone could only stare in horror at an object that heeded itself in the air above Tenrou Island. As soon as they arrived, the formers turned to see a look of shock on the arriving group.

"Master, don't tell me…!" The strongest Mage in Fairy Tail was quivering, which would've been a surprise had it been any other situation. However, this was not one of them. "It's coming here?!"

"Unfortunately…" Ben gulped with a marble of sweat dropping down his face, which made everyone else turn to him in confusion. "It's coming, right now and right here. The Black Dragon… Acnologia."

"The very Black Dragon of the Apocalypse…" Makarov concluded, sweat rolling down his face. "Oh dear…"

"Shit…" Gildarts could only grunt. "It's definitely him. These old wounds of mine are aching up."

"That sounds bad…" Lucy blinked uncontrollably. "What the heck are we going up against? What can we do?"

As everyone could only stare at the atrocity coming down onto the island, unexpectedly, Natsu of all people stepped up.

"HEY, DRAGON! WHERE CAN I FIND IGNEEL AT?!" He screamed out, which only made everyone gasp at his loud question in shock. "TELL ME! GRANDEENEY AND METALICANA TOO, WHERE ARE TH—"

"NATSU, YOU FOOL!" Gildarts grabbed Natsu by the shoulders, dragging him back. "Stop it! You don't want to provoke him! Did you already forget what I've told you before?! How I lost my arm and leg, and even almost my life in an instant?!"

Natsu could only grumble in agony as he recalled the chat he had when Gildarts first came back from his 100-year quest, how his encounter with the Black Dragon nearly coincided with the lost of his life. The Dragon had only shown a fraction of its power to the Ace Mage of Fairy Tail, and only for a moment as well. Even he, the mighty Gildarts, was completely devastated by the one-sided encounter; making him the only man who was capable of surviving such an encounter and living to tell the tale. Even to the Dragon's eyes, Acnologia was only playing with his prey, just as he did with everything else he had his eyes set upon. He had lost an arm and a leg, as well as an organ or two…

However, with an ear-shattering roar, everyone covered their ears as Acnologia made his descent down onto the island. The flapping of his draconic wings blasted waves of gale that hurdled themselves against everyone as he drew closer to ground zero.

"He's coming our way, take cover!" Freed yelled out with alertness.

Happy squeaked as Acnologia crashed onto the floor, the very shockwave from his landing plowing against everyone. "I-I doubt this is the kind of Dragon that would raise someone like Natsu or Wendy! This one seems completely evil!"

"Well you aren't wrong about that!" Gildarts had the guts to riposte as the Dragon landed right in front of the group, growling eerily all the while. "He's the evilest thing there is…!"

"So?! Are we gonna fight it or what?!" Natsu dared to ask as Ben approached the front line next to him.

"No… We can't." The copper haired Mage grunted. "You don't understand the situation, Natsu. It's not about winning or losing…"

"In this case, it's whether you can survive or not…" Ben finished, glaring at the Dragon in front of the group. "It's the question of whether we can get away with our lives intact. Even I have my doubts about this, considering that we also just went against Hades…"

Acnologia was a mastodon and seemed to be comparable in size to a form like Way Big, having an entire upper body covered in black, round, scales, which, in turn, were decorated by spiraling, blue markings. His lower body, specifically his chin, chest, stomach, inner tail, thighs, and arms, were gray in color, and appeared to be rather smooth. His eyes are white and beady, and his head was round and blunt with four, large, elongated plates extending backwards. Acnologia's mouth was full of razor-sharp teeth, and, attached to his chin, had a protrusion that resembled an arrowhead. His large wings appeared to be feathery in appearance, akin to a bird's, yet armored. The scales disappeared at the end of Acnologia's tail, which, in itself, ended in a stinger-esque shape.

"W-What?! What do you mean?!" Natsu blinked, turning to the two as Acnologia made its presence further known by slapping a hand onto the ground, causing the floor to tremor in awe. "Are you saying that this thing's gonna kill us?!"

"Damn it, we don't have time for this!" Gildarts quickly garnered his attention back to said Dragon, before sweeping his arm towards the island's edge to where the ship was. "EVERYONE! RUN, NOW!"

Right as Ben noticed what Acnologia was going to do next, he quickly activated and slapped down onto the Omnitrix's core, briefly showering his body in a flash of light before replacing himself with Diamondhead. "Everyone, get behind me!"

He quickly morphed both arms into drills and stabbed them into the ground. Once that was done, once Acnologia was about to breathe out, pillars upon pillars of crystal walls appeared before the group.

And with that, Acnologia released a terrible, howling roar in Fairy Tail's direction. Believe it or not, the layers of thick, durable crystal walls that Diamondhead had produced proved to be for naught; paperweight even as they were instantly shattered and scattered apart. The mere howl of this Dragon was enough to blow away the ground and everything in the direction that he roared in, sending people off their feet, destroying the nearby environment, and blowing up an enormous amount of dirt and rock that piled onto a gigantic smokescreen. By the time it ended several seconds later, as Natsu got up, his eyes widened in horror.

"I can't believe it… The entire forest, it's disappeared!" He muttered, eyeing a perfect view to the ocean which should've been clouded by a sea of flora.

"That's crazy…" Elfman gawked. "What the hell…"

"How can such a being be so destructive?!" Levy yelped out. "So much damage, and it was in an instant!"

"…With a single roar, it wiped out the entirety of the forest." Cana stated. "How powerful is that thing…?!"

"It's not just strong…" Gildarts grunted, eyeing the Dragon as he soared back into the air. "He's an absolute example of evil, a symbol of pure animosity. Tch… Look at him, he's enjoying the work he made."

"W-What do we do then?" Cana gulped, only to hear a grunt from her fellow Mage… No, her father.

"…Listen up, everyone!" He then called out, noting the fear on everyone's faces. "If you want to stay alive, you can't waste time freaking out like this! Pull yourselves together and let's get out of here!"

With another roar from Acnologia, it only served to intensify Gildarts' worry. "HURRY! GO NOW! GET TO THE SHIP!"

"THIS WAY!" Erza screamed out, gesturing to the ship's direction. "THROUGH THESE WOODS! GET MOVING!"

No one dared ignore Gildarts orders. Acknowledging Erza's directions, everyone began to run towards the woods. However, right as they were about to enter, Bickslow and Freed were nearly crushed by one of Acnologia's palms as he slammed one of them in front of the trees, effectively blocking out their escape route. The two members of the Thunder Legion could only gawk at the shadowing figure of the Dragon as he let out a malicious growl, before diving straight at them face first. And while it didn't strike them directly, he knocked them off their feet as a result of his smashing into the ground with his chin.

"Shit! He's blocking us out!" The Seith Mage yelled.

"FREED! BICKSLOW!" Evergreen screamed out in concern for her teammates.

Gray gritted his teeth in despair. "Shit, what do we do now?! He cut us off!"

"Why…?" Wendy attempted to call out to Acnologia as Diamondhead approached next to her, quickly reverting back to human. "Why are you doing this?! Please, answer me!"

Seemingly hearing her words, the black Dragon turned its face to the Dragon Slayer, though it wasn't that of wanting to responding, but one of wanting to target next. Ben narrowed his eyes, activating the Omnitrix once more.

"…He doesn't see us as equals." He explained as Acnologia slapped down a palm right in front of Laxus and Gray, forcing the two away to avoid being crushed. "He sees us as nothing more than mere insects at best. What person would think to engage in a conversation with vermin?"

Seemingly smirking, Acnologia crashed onto the floor with another palm and the whipping of his tail. Much to Elfman's misfortune, the tail slapped right through the woods and into his body, knocking the wind right out of him as he was sent flying into the air.

"Elfman!" Evergreen screamed out, generating her wings to fly up to him.

"Be careful!" Erza warned, though she was relieved that the brunette caught the Take-Over Mage right as he was about to drop.

"Ever…?" Said Mage glanced around, only to turn around in horror. "Wait, look out!"

With a slap of his palm, Acnologia knocked the duo back onto the ground. One could only imagine the damage that they took, especially with all the injuries they already had. Levy and some other wizards cowered in fear in sight of Acnologia's destructive nature, hopelessness beginning to grow within some of them as the Dragon's rampage continued. Even as Natsu tried to get a sneak attack on the creature of terror, Acnologia literally swatted him away like a fly. Luckily though, right as he was about to land headfirst into the ground, Ben quickly intervened, slapping down on the Omnitrix's core and transforming into Four Arms.

"Shit…" Natsu growled. "Can we even do anything?"

However, answering his question was Makarov, who, after standing in front of the nearby members of his guild, swiped his shirt off from his body. Four Arms and Laxus frowned upon knowing what the old man was going to do, which only seemed to provoke the Tetramand into confining into his next action.

"Master!" Quickly running to his side, he pleaded towards Makarov. "If you're going to do this, you'll need backup!"

"No." The old man muttered, his body glowing with a golden aura as his size began to increase. "Get to the ship!"

Going into Giant mode, Makarov roared as he lunged himself straight at Acnologia, grabbing him by the neck as he tried to hold him back. Their clash caused a shockwave of wind to blow apart, forcing everyone's attention to the duo.

"What?! He's crazy! He can't fight that thing, not in his condition!" Gray bellowed in shock.

Erza agreed, worried for the state of the old man. "Master, please! There's no need for heroics! The guild needs you to stay alive!"

"WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?!" The gigantic Makarov yelled. "GET OUT OF HERE!"

"N-No way…!" Freed grunted, holding his shoulder as he tried to rub out his injury. "I shall fight by our Master's side!"

"No lizard's gonna tear this guild apart!" Bickslow added with a growl. "We're with you!"

"We'll stay here 'till the bitter end!" Evergreen scowled.

Elfman howled in response. "A real man stands by to finish the job!"

The continued support of the guild would've been music to Makarov's ears, but it was all for naught. There was little he could do, especially with the injuries he had. And of course, despite growing to a similar size, he could tell that Acnologia was not even treating this skirmish as a serious battle. It was a child pushing against another in an effort to tug them down to the Dragon. With no choice left, he breathed in, before turning to send out a final declaration.


That certainly shocked them.

"F-Final wish…?!" Mira covered her mouth in horror.

She and everyone else could see that despite Acnologia clearly holding back, Makarov's condition was worsening, his strength faltering by the moment. It pained Laxus to see such an expression growing on his grandfather's face, even to the point that he turned away for a moment. However, despite his reluctancy to follow his orders…he decided to heed them.


"Not today…!" Laxus growled, grabbing Natsu by the scarf and dragging him back. Before the pink haired Mage could retort, his eyes widened upon seeing splinters of tears coming out from the blond's eyes. Following his example, Erza and the others begrudgingly began to scamper away from the fight, all of them having torn expressions on their faces as they began to run with tears flowing down each other faces.

Knowing that everyone was getting away, that served to be a relief for Makarov.

'Heh… What good children. It may be hard to believe now, but this is for the best. It's time like these that teach you important lessons for your future… Like knowing tears are wasteful things, nothing to trump over. Is death caused by sadness? Or is sadness caused by death? The answer…will be in your hearts, my dear children. But... As for now... You must learn, and grow, and LIVE!'

As the group began to dwindle away from the scourge, Makarov began to get serious. Tightening his grip on Acnologia, Makarov grunted loudly as he lifted the Dragon and smashed him into the cliffside.

"You foul creature…! I don't know what your goal is here, but I'm not letting you get any further!" He announced as Acnologia attempted to push his large head against his torso. "I shall not let you hurt my children!"

Acnologia however seemed to understand his words and his determination, and in a sense of distorted humor, seemed to had taken a step further into toying with Makarov. Letting just a teensy bit more strength go by, Makarov suddenly felt his body being pummeled against by a superior force, groaning in pain as Acnologia suddenly began to push him back. With one shove from his mighty hands, Acnologia pushed the Master of Fairy Tail onto the ground, pinning him to the floor with an iron grip. His claws sunk deep into his torso, locking him in place as the entirety of his hand covered the Fairy Tail emblem on Makarov's chest.

While Makarov seemed to be wailing in agony, that senseless screaming of pain soon began to falter, and eventually began to become a cocky sense of laughter. To Acnologia's surprise, the old man was laughing, which actually made him a bit curious to the point that he ceased in his ferocious demeanor and look down at the old man. A large grin bore itself onto Makarov's face as his laughter turned into a confident chuckle.

'Ha… This is what a father should be doing for his family. I've no regrets for doing such a thing, I can die a happy man.' He smiled, closing his eyes as he resigned himself to death. He was waiting for the inevitable to happen…only to hear footsteps and the familiar activation of a certain alien device, causing his eyes to open up in shock.

Skittering right before his eyes was a familiar Dragon Slayer, and from behind him, the footsteps of a giant alien. Acnologia was taken surprise by this new turn of events, though it only seemed to amuse him slightly. Taking point to the new foe in front of himself, he forbade his attention from Makarov, swinging his tail in the new enemy's direction. When the flash died away, standing in Ben's place a familiar giant red and white alien. He quickly caught the latter's tail as it whipped him in the side, yelling gallantly as he pulled him off his feet and threw him into a cliffside.

"Get off of him, you beast!" A loud, familiar voice commanded.

"W-What the…?!" Makarov could only stare in shock as Way Big took on Acnologia's attention, leaving Natsu to move and climb onto the Dragon's body.

"You little…!" The Fire Mage growled. "We're getting Gramps back, you hear me?!"

The Master of Fairy Tail gasped in surprise. "Natsu?! Ben?!"

To his chagrin however, Way Big and Natsu weren't enough to dwell Acnologia away from his playful nature. To the To'kustar's shock, the Dragon had used his tail to literally lift him off the ground and whip him in Makarov's direction, knocking both of the fighters into a nearby mountainside. Right as Makarov made contact, he was unable to hold his Giant state any further, and began to shrink back down to normal size. Coughing loudly, as the old man grasped his clawed torso, he heard another footstep, opening his eyes to see Erza clad in her Heart Kruez armor.

"Erza…?! You too?" He frowned, only to hear another pair of feet walking in his direction.

"Shit… I was down on the plan to evacuate. Tch... I'm sure there's plenty of folks would let an old guy take the fall… But not your guild." Laxus smirked. "Not with these brats acting like this."

At Erza's command, she unsheathed her blade, pointing it in Acnologia's direction as a mass of Fairy Tail wizards began to show themselves. "Now then… ATTACK!"

All of those who could fight appeared at the scene. While Way Big was busy garnering Acnologia's attention, the guild began to pummel the black Dragon's back with a volley of long-range spells. This only served to bring Makarov to tears, though he was eternally grateful for such kindhearted children.

"You damn stupid, no-good kids…!" He sniffed.

Roaring loudly, Laxus began to generate a huge amount of electrical energy after summoning a magic circle underneath his feet, garnering everyone's devotion to his presence while Way Big continued to be the decoy. "All right, you guys! Let's hit this overgrown lizard with everything that we've got! If you let loose, I'll blast him with a million volts of lightning! He'll learn never to mess with Fairy Tail again!"

Everyone grinned at the determination of the Lightning Dragon Slayer. While Way Big was busy stalling Acnologia, Natsu could sense the incoming lightning radiating off from Laxus as he hung onto the Dragon's body.

"W-Wait, huh?" He turned around. "L-Laxus?"

"You better get out of the way, Natsu! Otherwise you'll be completely fried!" The blond roared.

"H-Hold on just a sec man! I need to move out of the wa—"

"—Do it now, Laxus!"

"—I need to be able to dodge it, damn it!"

As soon as Laxus garnered enough Magic Power, he raised his clenched fists into the air before pointing them at Acnologia, a large bolt of lightning blasting out from his arms. "Lightning Dragon's Raging Bolt!"

With that in mind, everyone else began to unify their Magic as well. Erza donned herself into her Heaven's Wheel set and released her Scattered Petals, while Gray unleashed a flurry of Super Freeze Arrows, adding onto the numbers category along with a barrage of arrows from Lucy and Sagittarius. Levy and Juvia added their own twists of elemental attacks, with a powerful Water Nebula and a Solid Script: Fire in coordination to Mira as she blasted forth with an Evil Explosion. The Thunder Legion were no slouches either, adding on with lasers, beams, and light pellets from their respective Magics.

All of these attacks unified together into a large Unison Raid, combining with Laxus' Raging Bolt into a humongous beam of cosmic blue and yellow proportions. Much to Natsu's fortune, Happy managed to sweep in and get him out of the way before Way Big suddenly pulled Acnologia into a full nelson and forced the combined might of all the spells to slam right into the Dragon. The giant alien grins as the Dragon takes the full-brunt of the attack, however, his grin quickly turned into a frown upon realizing that Acnologia was taking the full-frontal attack as a leisurely blast, like a hose of water splashing itself against his body.

Laxus could tell that Acnologia wasn't taking any real damage whatsoever as well. "Ugh…! Seriously?! We unloaded everything onto this bastard and he's just smirking away like nothing's happening?! Come on then, go, Dragon Slayers! Show us what you got!"

Heeding his words, the trio of Dragon Slayers took to the skies with their respective Exceeds. Despite Natsu grumbling in remembrance at the thought of Laxus almost frying him alive, the three began their flight towards Way Big and Acnologia. Once they were in range for their Roars, the To'kustar quickly released his hold on the Dragon and backed off to the side, slapping his Omnitrix dial and reverting back to Ben in a quick flash of light. He quickly reappeared with the rest of Fairy Tail as the elemental Mages began to breathe in, towering Acnologia with their respective attacks.

"Iron Dragon's Roar!"

"Sky Dragon's Roar!"

"Fire Dragon's Roar!"

Combining their Roars into one gigantic beam of energy, the attack blasted itself right into Acnologia, and unlike before, it was enough to knock the Dragon back and off his feet until he smashed into a large stone wall, off the island, and even into the sea. Though it meant in a large portion of the island being destroyed, the Dragon Slayers watched as the humongous pile of smoke covered the disappearance of Acnologia. They quickly flew back down to ground zero, waiting for the dust to clear out.

"Did that work…?" Erza dared to ask.

"…Of course not." To everyone's shock, Gildarts answered with a casual response. "Just look at him."

"What?! What do you mean?" Gray frowned, turning around to face the Crash Mage.

Gildarts scowled at where Acnologia crashed into. "That guy… He's still completely messing around. He's not even using half the amount of power he was using when I encountered him. He's still playing with us."

"Wait, what—"

Before Natsu could further comment, suddenly the ground underneath everyone cracked, with Acnologia crashing out from underground and out of the water. He roared loudly as his wings flapped gracefully into the air.

"Shit, he's back up in the air!" Erza yelled. "Now what?!"

"All of our attacks did nothing?! There's not a single scratch on him!" Elfman grunted.

Gajeel and the Dragon Slayers were speechless. "His power… It's unbelievable."

"And we gave it everything we had…" Wendy mumbled, falling to her knees. "Three attacks from three Dragon Slayers at the same time… Our whole guild went against him and it still wasn't enough!"

Natsu growled loudly, slamming his fists onto the ground. "Shit! This ain't supposed to happen! We're supposed to be frickin' Dragon Slayers, so why the hell can't we beat him?!"

"Well… What do you think he's going to do now?" Lily stared into the sky.

"May… Maybe he'll decide to go home?" Happy thought out loud.

"I… Severely doubt that." Carla retorted.

Ben tilted a brow in wonder, but it quickly turned into a frown. "Oh no…"

As he feared, the Black Dragon began to breathe in heavily, his inner mouth beginning to exert a chaotic blue glow. Gajeel and the other Dragon Slayers immediately recognized this.

"ROAR ATTACK!" The Iron Dragon Slayer roared in caution.

"Is he going to try and wipe out the entire island?!" Cana sneered with hate.

Evergreen could only stare. "No way…"

"Is he really that strong…?" Juvia growled.

"Is there anything we can do…?" Lucy was the brink of tearing up. Natsu could only gawk at his teammate, but he gritted his teeth, frustrated at his own uselessness on the matter. "Are we all just gonna die here…?"

"We may still have a chance!" Erza quickly quirked. "Those with defensive Magic, bring out your most powerful spells!"

"I would… But I don't have enough time to write an Enchantment that powerful!" Freed shook his head, agreeing with the idea but unable to comply to it.

Levy however rushed up to him. "It's fine! Script Magic has plenty other defensive spells that we can utilize!"

"Wait, that's correct!" Widening his eyes, Freed turned to the blue haired Solid Script Mage. "That's a sound idea!"

"That's it then! Think of one, and quickly!" Bickslow requested with a tone of worry. "Otherwise we're toast!"

While everyone seemed to be agreeing on the idea of wanting to shield themselves against Acnologia's Roar, Ben narrowed his eyes at the incoming attack. 'This isn't going to work. If Acnologia was able to block out this much force without giving as much as a grunt in response, no doubt that he could easily break through whatever Enchantments that we make. At this rate, I'll probably have to…'

Mavis appeared from the Omnitrix, noticing the scornful look on Ben's face. "So, you're doing it?"

He swiftly activated the Omnitrix, his eyes locked onto Acnologia as he answered here. "…Yeah."

"Huh…?" Wendy could overhear the activation of the Omnitrix, her eyes wandering to Ben. "B-Ben? What're—"

"Stand back, everyone! This will be the final confrontation! If I can't be him with this form…then it's over." Her mate responded, a worried grin on his face as he scrolled over to a certain hologram. Everyone could hear his declaration, wondering what he was about to do. Before Wendy could respond, he ran in front of the crowd and slapped down on the Omnitrix's core. As usual, his body was consumed in a brilliant emerald light, however, the size of this flash was comparable to that of Way Big. Everyone shuddered their eyes, shouldering the blinding light off from themselves with their arms.

Acnologia was about to gloat on his victory with the elimination of the island, when suddenly, a loud roar pierced through the sky. The blue and black scaled Dragon ceased in charging up his Roar attack, only for his eyes to narrow… out of pure hate and rage. It was something that he didn't think he'd hear for a long, long while…

As the light from Ben's transformation died off, right as everyone was about to open their eyes, the loud flapping of wings forced them to cover up once more as the winds from taking flight nearly toppled everyone nearby. Everyone turned away to look back into the air with widened looks, with the Dragon Slayers of all the individuals being the most flabbergasted. Wendy eyed the new being in the sky, her eyes as wide as marbles as she stared at the sight.

"Ben…" She whispered.

The members of Fairy Tail were all flabbergasted as well by the sheer size of the transformation that Ben had displayed, but in paled in consideration towards their reaction to the identification of said transformation's origins. As soon as they opened all of their eyes, everyone gasped in awe.

"By the heavens of Mavis..." Makarov was speechless, as was everyone nearby.

Floating in the air in Ben's place was a large Dragon that was similar in size to Acnologia that had a body with black and gray scales along with details of green. His upper body was cover in black, armor-like scales with green markings. His lower body was covered to the brim in dark beige scales that also appeared to be more armored in comparison to Acnologia's sleeker tone, and had thick scales on his knees. His eyes were pulsating with an emerald green glow, and his triangular head was adorned by six horns; two on each of the side of his head, and two on top. They all assorted themselves behind his head. Compared to Acnologia's wings, Ben's were more traditional, resembling a bat's, with rippled tips and claws at the edges. And like Acnologia, he was bipedal and capable of walking on all fours. The Omnitrix dial was positioned onto his chest, with the Fairy Tail emblem appearing on his upper left arm.

Everyone stared at this new transformation in absolute awe, and it stayed unchanged even as Ben released another scowling howl, one that rivaled the intensity of Acnologia's.


Every member of Fairy Tail stared at Ognilogia with wide eyes, a few drops of sweat racing down their surprised faces. Though Ben was not one to be able to utilize Magic Power, this form radiated the very essence of it. Everyone could tell that this was probably the most powerful form that he had ever shown to them, even topping the likes of Way Big and Atomix.

The cyan light that shined in Acnologia's mouth had died off. This was a clear indication that he was done playing around. Something had gotten his attention, and it wasn't in a good way.

The two Dragons floated in the air, staring down at one another with mixed emotions. Ognilogia was filled with the determination and mindset of beating Agnologia so that everyone could survive… Agnologia on the other hand… He looked like he was going to go livid.

"A Dragon transformation…" Wendy uttered. "Since… When though?"

"…It was from me." Gildarts noted, making everyone dart their eyes to him. "He must've gotten the sample from the lingering scraps of DNA that Agnologia had left on me from our brief encounter. But to think… He could form a completely new transformation. It's mind boggling."

"A Dragon…" Natsu mumbled. Two Dragons, on the very same day. This was miraculous, but this was also very dangerous.

There wasn't any time for any small talk. The battle of the ages had begun, starting off with Agnologia as he was seen heading straight for Ben headfirst. The transformed member of Fairy Tail didn't flinch and floated, taking a moment to grit his teeth before blasting full forth in his enemy's direction. After a brief moment, the two Dragons clashed with a shocking clang of armored heads, blowing energy and wind all the way down to the island. They both released devastating roars as they clashed, staring down at each other.

Backing off a second later, Agnologia was the first to strike once more, this time with a fist. Everyone winced as his arm smashed its way into Ognilogia's face, but the green and black Dragon proved that it wasn't as harmful as it looked. Using the momentum of the previous strike, he quickly flew around his enemy and snapped his spiked tail around. A loud crash was heard as a green shockwave of energy was created from the contact. Unlike before, Agnologia seemed to be quite irritated by the damage dealt to him as he was blasted backwards. Just before he could crash down into the sea, he quickly gave a strong flap to his wings and launched a powerful uppercut into Ognilogia's chin.

His eyes bulged out as he coughed up a bit saliva. Spinning backwards for a bit, Ognilogia growled as he rubbed his jaw before rebalancing himself. He grinned at Agnologia, gesturing him to come and attempt to assault him once more. Clenching his right hand, he felt his arm growing hotter as it was encased in a green glow of Magic Power. There was no doubt that his power... Dragon Slayer Magic was in his possession.

Clenching his body, he stooped low and blasted forward towards Agnologia with his arm cocked back. As expected, this newfound hatred for his Dragon form caused Agnologia to head straight for him. As he then engulfed his second arm in Magic Power, he began to rapidly slug at the Black Dragon. To Fairy Tail's dismay, Agnologia was taking this quite easily as he dodged to the left just in time before his first punch made its mark. Blocking another punch, Agnologia quickly blasted Ognilogia's chest with a palm, forcing him back as he hovered in place. He then aimed his mouth and breathed in, before quickly firing a volley of bright cyan projectiles.

To Ognilogia's surprise, he barely had enough to cover himself as he crossed his arms. He doused them in Magic Power as they made contact with him, with a gigantic explosion coming forth.

"Ben!" Wendy yelled out in concern.

"Holy crap!" Gray yelped. "Is this for real?!"

However, there was hope. When the smoke, cleared, Ognilogia was seen flying out from the space, his arms being relatively unharmed due to coating them. He was moderately surprised with the firepower that Agnologia was presenting, but even then, it probably wasn't even half of his full might. Agnologia quickly went on the offensive again as he clenched his fists and charged forward. However, to his surprise, Ognilogia blocked the attack and grabbed onto his arm. Grabbing underneath his pit, Ognilogia then swept around and threw the large Dragon over his shoulders. Everyone reacted with sounds of awe as they watched that.

"Two years of Omnitrix usage, four years of cousinly Judo!" He yelled, dousing his leg in Magic Power and giving the tumbling Agnologia a roundhouse kick. "Though I'm not exactly proud to admit being a punching bag for her for all those years…"

As Agnologia was sent hurling down, Ognilogia descended towards his enemy, his fist once again cocked back and surrounded by Magic Power. Recovering quickly however, the Black Dragon of Apocalypse breathed in deeply and began to charge up for his Roar attack, which made everyone shiver. Right before he could release it however, Ognilogia's wings flapped quickly as he zoomed by and latched his arms onto his enemy's neck, grunting loudly as he forcefully had Agnologia aim towards the ocean floor. Firing off his Roar, everyone covered their eyes and shuddered as a gigantic cyan beam of death pierced itself into the calm waters, igniting a gigantic explosion. A giant pillar of water splashed into the air and was forceful enough to rain down onto Tenrou Island.

Erza and the others sighed in relief at the sight of Ben forcing Agnologia's Roar to hit a target that wasn't the island. However, it came even more as a surprise once the transformed Ben began to fly back several dozen meters away, his mouth opening as he began to breathe in. He returned his gaze to Agnologia, who had flapped back in the air and hovered at the same level; he seemed to be waiting for Ognilogia to perform his own Roar, much to the Omnitrix wielder's confusion.

Regardless, once a few more seconds had passed, a green glow had begun to appear within Ognilogia's throat. Wendy and the others instinctively ducked and huddled, as he was right above them. He cried out as a gigantic green and white beam of energy fired from his mouth and made its way towards Agnologia, striking him completely. As a result, from the successful collision, the energy from his attack began to rebound, causing the island to shake a bit. Nevertheless though, it didn't seem right. Why would Agnologia want to be hit? There would be no reason for such a thing… Unless—

"—Watch out!" Natsu suddenly called out to Ognilogia. The black and green Dragon's eyes widened as Agnologia appeared out from the smokescreen and smashed his arm into his body with a lariat.

"His Roar did nothing?!" Elfman yelled.

"No, look!" Cana pointed out.

It was true. Though it was very insignificant, there were traces of scratches on Agnologia's torso scales. He had taken the full throttle of his enemy's Roar, but it barely did anything. However, he wasn't invulnerable if it was any consolation.

Ognilogia was caught by surprise when his enemy nailed him out of nowhere, but he inhaled deeply before he exhaled another Roar attack upon him in response while he was still tumbling back. Acnologia however was ready for this, and fired off his own Roar in conjunction. When the two attacks clashed together, it triggered such a large explosion that an infamous mushroom cloud nearly appeared right next to the island.

"Ugh… This is like living in a field of natural disasters!" Gray said, struggling to stay on his feet. "Do you think he can beat him?"

Natsu scoffed. "As long as he can do so, I'm game for anything. Kick his ass, Ben!"

All of a sudden however, a loud sound of impact was heard in the sky. Everyone looked up to see the two Dragons knee deep in conflict, holding each other by their hands. They were headbutting each other in an attempt to knock each other out of the area, but it kind of…proved to be naught. Even with this super serious situation right in front of them, some of the members of Fairy Tail couldn't help but sweat drop at this interaction. Regardless however, after a few more futile attempts, the Dragons began to get a bit more serious about killing each other.

Blasting forth, Ognilogia flew into the air until he was above Agnologia and fired a quick Roar at his back. With his reflexes however, he quickly dodged the emerald beam record time in a mockingly matter.

"What?" The green Dragon frowned. "Oh, come on…"

Shocked by this, he was distracted by the fact when Agnologia blasted into the air and flew at him full throttle. Ognilogia prepped and fired off a few blasts of Magic Power in retaliation, but Agnologia literally swatted them away like baseballs. The Omnitrix bearer ceased his attack to frown again, before deciding to switch back to a direct approach. At blinding speeds, the two launched themselves at one another; but before they could clash, Ognilogia made a bold move. Before headbutting again, he swerved to the side and proceeded to perform a barrel roll, grabbing him by the shoulders and changing his course to fly straight up in the air.

When they were at least triple the height they were initially, it was then that Ognilogia spun his body and threw his opponent down towards the sea floor. As the feared Dragon was sent careening back at a breakneck speed, the Omnitrix wielder fired off another Roar, making sure to charge this one with a bit more of an oomph. Drawing closer, the beam converged and struck him, making him crash and dive down into the ocean near the island with a torrential sized splash.

The Fairy Tail mages all looked up to watch the aerial battle. They were all anxious to see who would win.

"…Is it over?" Happy dared to ask.

Despite the force of the blow, his answer was quickly given as Agnologia recovered and lashed out from the ocean and above Ognilogia, roaring loudly as he began to charge up for another Roar.

"You just had to ask..." Lucy groaned.

Blasting down another beam of catastrophe, Ognilogia barely had enough time to make a snarky face and dodge it, leaving the attack to barely miss Tenrou Island and cause another pillar of water to rain down upon everyone. The huge explosion that came as an aftereffect was also quite devastating, sending most of the cast careening into the deeper parts of the island as the two Dragons went forth with their conflicting battle against one another.

After clearing out of the way, after making sure to fly a safe distance off from the island, Ognilogia hurriedly breathed in, before firing off another Roar in Agnologia's direction. To his chagrin, the black and blue Dragon dodged the strike with ease, shrieking loudly as he began to dive straight at Ben with another Roar coming up. The latter's eyes widened for a moment, but he quickly began to charge up his own attack. By the time they were both ready to fire, the two had clashed skulls once more, blasting each other at point blank. To say it was a massive burst of energy was an absolute understatement—It blew both of the contestants away, leaving a humongous smokescreen in the air as everyone huddled together for safety down on the island.

"It's… Too much!" Levy screamed.

Natsu growled. "It's so hardcore… Two Dragons, duking it out right in front of us…"

"Yeah, but I'm worried that we're not gonna last to see the end of it at this rate…" Bickslow retorted with a worried tone.

"Shut up and get ready for the shockwave!" Gildarts barked above them however, ordering everyone to get down. The literal collision from the two attacks had already begun to cause damage to the environment, so it was keen to keep everyone safe from the aftereffects of their attacks.

"MAVIS ALMIGHTY!" Makarov croaked.

As Ognilogia and Acnologia flew back to glare at one another, the former growled a little as he wiggled his fingers. "All right, what's it going to be this time…?"

Answering his question however was another loud roar from Acnologia, who merely rushed him and began another series of brawling. To his surprise, Agnologia seemed to be a tad bit angrier, letting some of his true power slip by as he broke their brief brawl with a knee to his gut. Coughing a bit, Ognilogia could only gasp as his enemy then came from behind and swooped him into a full nelson; and even more so once Agnologia began to drive down straight onto the island while spinning. With no real way to get out from the Black Dragon's grasp, Ben could only grit his teeth as they smashed into the ground in front the Tenrou Tree.

Cana gasped, before gesturing to everyone. "Crapbaskets…! Everyone, duck and cover!"

Hurriedly obliging to her words, everyone sunk to the ground as the entire island shook. Rocks and soil were flung up and smashed away from the shockwaves that came by, and even the surrounding flora was blasted away from the collision. Several members of Fairy Tail cried out as they barely avoided death for the umpteenth time, but they couldn't help but just watch.

"What's happening now?!" Elfman yelled.

Laxus opened his eyes to peek over. "Tennyson's getting Seismic Toss'ed, that's what!"

It took a while, but after several more seconds, the tremors from the slam into the island finally died off. Everyone was wondering about where the two Dragons in question were at. If they weren't on the island, they surely weren't in the air… Then, that would only leave—

"…Crap." Gajeel quirked, looking to the ground. Right as he said that, a few pebbles near his feet started to rumble.

"What's happening?" Levy asked the Iron Dragon Slayer.

"I hear them… They're below. They're underground and fighting underneath us!"

"Those are some freaky vibrations that I'm feelin' right about now…" Natsu snorted. "They're gradually rising up…"

Wendy closed her eyes, sensing the nearby area for abnormalities. She didn't like what she was feeling when she opened them back up. "The air is becoming dense with the aftereffects of their Ethernano release… The environment is in total distress with heat and chaos…"

Suddenly, the island started to shake violently like an earthquake was appearing right before them. Explosions shot out from various parts of the island; fissures rose out in some parts… And pillars of energy blasted out from the ground as the water clashed violently as humongous waves. As everyone took a look in the direction from which the Roars burst out, both of the Dragons shot back out into the air, spraying each other with a variety of Roars. As Agnologia shouted in anger and released another energy beam, Ognilogia grunted loudly as he extended his arms out to their peak and let out an earsplitting roar, taking the brunt of the hit before swatting it away in anguish. As Agnologia began to pelt the ground and the area towards Ben's direction with additional attacks, the latter began to go into a phase of dodging.

Letting out a fearsome cry as he flew ahead, he reared back his torso and began to charge for another Roar, releasing it in intense bursts of volleys. However, that wouldn't do much against a foe like Acnologia, far from it in fact. Releasing an equally dreadful scream of his own, Acnologia spun around and fired a volley of projectiles at them from his mouth, causing Ben's attack to shatter into pieces, and even cause him to stagger back in pain. Taking this chance to go forward, Acnologia thrusted an arm out and pinned it against Ognilogia's throat, spinning him a while before vaulting him down onto Tenrou Island's grounds. As a result, a powerful bushfire of energy from the impact blasted out and swatted itself against the island crew, forcing them to take cover again.

"BEN!" Wendy screamed out in terror.

The transformed being was almost taken off guard when Acnologia began to dive down at him again; however, he quickly smacked his hands against the ground to propel himself back into the air. Inhaling, Ognilogia released another Roar which blasted Agnologia straight in the face and off from his trajectory, forcing him to crash in a nearby cliff. Ben collected himself and floated back up, his eyes narrowing with caution. He looked over at Wendy and the others, who turned merely stared at him in awe as they went into hiding once again.

When Acnologia recovered just a few moments later, the two dashed back up into the air, floating right above the Tenrou Tree. Neither party look amused with this skirmish any longer.

"…Got anything else up your sleeve?" Ognilogia dared to taunt his enemy…but to his surprise—

"I am engrossed with a sensation of surprise at the sight of a Dragon… How displeasing."

That certainly surprised Ben. "So… You can actually talk."

"This warm-up has gone on long enough. While you have amused me thus far, I shall now acknowledge you as an enemy. I will now destroy you… And reap your very soul." The opposing Dragon declared with a clear voice, one of absolute certainty that he would attain to.

"Kek… You can try!" Ognilogia growled.

Both of the Dragons then began to charge their respective Roars once again, this time with the intent on releasing even higher doses of power. Discharging their attacks, the moment they collided into one another, a huge spherical charge of energy encapsulated the energy beams, exploding into a mixture of green and blue. A bright flash of light forced Ognilogia to pull up an arm to cover his eyes, but he was quickly pulled out of his musings when Acnologia literally flew out from the aftermath of energy, fury blazing in his eyes. Grasping onto his shoulders, Ognilogia had nanoseconds of time to block a point-blank Roar to his face.

Ognilogia's eyes widened in panic. He swiftly began to charge up as much energy as he could, firing off a Roar in hopes of diverting some of the power from Acnologia's attack. When the two elements met, a massive cloud of smoke was produced. However, despite his best attempts, the energy from Acnologia's attack blasted through the faulty defense he made and hit him right in the chest, sending him careening back once he was let go. He was shot down and slammed hard onto the island, bouncing off the floor a few times before coming to a halt.

Everyone's eyes went wide in horror as the green and black Dragon laid dormant on the ground, unwilling to move or get up. From above, Acnologia then released a hysterical scream as his eyes flickered into a murderous red coloration. With his entire body pulsating with a blue and black aura of Magic Power, he began to race down the skies as Ognilogia struggled to get up. When he was finally able to open his eyes and get a grasp on the situation while lying in a pile of dirt and rock debris, he felt pain surging from his chest. Whether that was from a direct hit from Acnologia's Roar or the latter's supposed "reaping" of his soul, he was in trouble…

He clamped his mouth shut, growling eerily with his attempts to continue. "Come on… Get… Up…!" He yelled out.

Everyone down on the island was shocked to see Agnologia fly back down towards the island. He turned to Ognilogia and shot him a fuming glare. "It is time for you to begone, Dragon!"

"Thou shall despair with thy ravaging of the soul, and deliver one into oblivion!" Chanting his next attack, Acnologia prepared his next spell. Clenching his arms, instead of a bright cyan light as to his typical Dragon's Roar, a deathly pale white sphere appeared in front of Acnologia's mouth. The aura surrounding it was vague at best, but the feeling that it projected was fearful at the miniscule level.

Wendy's eyes widened when she felt the negative energy gathering out from Acnologia. "W-What… Is that?" She mumbled, perplexed at the light.

"The reaping of a Dragon's soul…?" Natsu questioned with fear, feeling a tug in his chest. Suddenly, the silvery splotch began to shrink, just small enough that it could go inside Acnologia's mouth. When it floated near Acnologia's teeth, everyone was surprised when the Black Dragon actually consumed the ball with a loud chomp, however, it soon turned into panic once they began to see his cheeks bulge and unholy white light sparking out from the cracks of his mouth.

"BEN!" Erza cried out in anxiety. Right as she yelled out for him, Acnologia's eyes glowed eerily once he fired the ball of energy from hus mouth as a beam, focusing his attack on a narrower area instead of letting it detonate all around upon impact like his typical Roars. It zoomed in the wind like an arrow, locking on right towards the Omnitrix symbol on Ognilogia's chest.

"I will reap the very essence of your soul, Dragon! You, and everything you hold dear will fall!" Agnologia roared with great power as he released his onslaught. "Soul Abstain!"

Natsu snarled. "Why you… Come on, Ben! You've gotta get up!" He crouched low and launched himself towards Ben, landing on his chest. With fists shrouded in powerful flames, Natsu began to stare at the oncoming attack with a mixture of fear and anger on his face. Everyone else's eyes bulged out from the dangerous action that he was attempting to do.

"Natsu, what the hell are you doing?!" Happy yelled out in horror. When they reached the other end of the room, Natsu began to power up, electricity sparking around his body as he began to enter Lightning Fire Dragon Mode once more.

"If we're gonna kick the bucket, then I want to do it with style! Ben's done so much for us, and we're just gonna stand here with our tails between our legs?!"

Everyone clamped his jaw shut, trying to suppress their thoughts that they wanted to bring out; however, it was proving to be very challenging to speak out against his declaration. With his Magic Power charged up, Natsu glanced over, only for his eyes and everyone else's to widen as Wendy and Gajeel were walking up towards him.

Gajeel grimaced. "Shit… To think my last words to listen to would be Salamander's."

Wendy pulled up her arms and began to chant, summoning a magic circle as she enchanted her Arms spell. All three of the Dragon Slayers were suddenly enveloped in an aura of red, leaving them to prepare for the worst. To Natsu and Gajeel's surprise, as they turned to the blue haired wizard, she began to inhale deeply…and for quite a while at that. But their reaction to that was nothing once their jaws nearly dropped from seeing her whole demeanor change into a pink coloration. She had obtained and activated Dragon Force again with the help of Tenrou Island's rich atmosphere of Ethernano.

"…Let's go." She growled, crouching low. "We will SURVIVE!"

Shocked for a moment, their reactions soon turned to large grins as they faced back towards Acnologia. With their mouths beginning to breathe in, everyone could see a trio of magic circles appearing before them as their mouths puffed up to their absolute limit. Seemingly through sheer eye contact, after another moment, all three of the Dragon Slayers released their respective Roars, showing a scale of power that was completely superior to the might that they displayed with their previous unification against Acnologia. With Gajeel's Roar forming the base, Natsu's and Wendy's elemental Roars coincided with his and began to merge together, forming together a destructive beam of golden proportions.

Ben could only watch with shock as the two beams eventually collided with one another. Right at the middle of the beam collision, sparks of white and yellow energy flew apart, crashing all across the land. When they landed in the ocean, huge piles of water splashed about as giant pillars were erected in an instant. When they unfortunately happened to come across on the island, the Tenrou Island crew could only huddle in caution as the bolts of energy mortared and exploded across the land.

However, that wasn't the thing that shocked him the most. To his horror, while the beam collision between Acnologia and the Dragon Slayers seemed to be on a standstill, it was a clear fact that even with Acnologia's defiant statement for his murdering for Ben, the damn Dragon was still holding back. However, with the interference of the trio of mages, even the Black Dragon of Apocalypse was at the point of absolute annoyance. With that in mind, the latter opened his mouth to a wider angle as he roared loudly, concentrating a sudden burst of Magic Power into his attack, much to the surprise of the Dragon Slayers once they started to get pushed back. It was taking all they could to even push back at Acnologia's previous power, and it didn't help that all the shenanigans had left them at weary conditions.

Another moment later, the might of the trio's energy beam began to disperse…and eventually disappeared, letting the remainder of Acnologia's ray shoot through and strike down on the team. Everyone shut their eyes in dismay as they waited for their inevitable end to approach them… And while the explosion did occur, it didn't seem to hit them, and not even the island itself from the likes of it.

Wendy and the other Dragon Slayers also had their eyes closed for the eventual collision, but as that was about to happen, they suddenly felt nothing underneath their feet, falling to ground level. Wendy was the first to open her eyes as soon as she felt a hint of anxiety come over her.

When the smoke and ocean vapors cleared, everyone else opened their eyes to see a looming figure standing above all of them. With a hefty grunt of pain, Ognilogia dropped to his knees, before completely falling onto the ground while on his stomach. Thanks to himself shielding the others, everyone was able to survive the oncoming attack. However, the reactions that came after were detrimental as they witness the injuries laying on Ben's back. Not only were his scales completely charred off…but everyone could sense a strange sensation emitting from his body. Whatever the attack did surely was having an effect on Ben's body as he began to revert back to human form.

As soon as the ruby red light dispersed, Wendy and some of the others ran to inspect Ben's condition. All over his body were a multitude of cuts and bruises, all evidence of the injuries he obtained through this short battle he had just went through. However, the huge wound on his back was what concerned everyone else.

"No…" Natsu muttered, horrified.

"Kid…?" Gajeel said, shocked. "The hell did you just…"

Wendy looked on with wide eyes; her mouth gaping slightly in dismay. "Why, Ben…?"

"I wanted… To save…you all…" Ben grunted weakly before his eyes closed. "I didn't… Want to see another life threatened before my eyes, and definitely not the family that I cared about…"

"Ben!" Erza snapped out of her shock and ran to his side. "What the hell were you thinking?! You were already injured badly as you were!"

"You… All need to survive." Despite the attention he was getting, Ben could only respond with deep breaths as it became harder for him to breathe. Nevertheless though, he gave them a cocky smile as he opened an eye. "This isn't our time… Not yet."

Everyone nearby could only look as the brunet's eyes closed again, losing consciousness after a valiant effort. With their last hope of defense seemingly down for the count, many started to fall into despair. However, Levy and Freed quickly began to get to work on creating their last defensive spell, try as they might to alleviate everyone's worries. That seemed to be a lifter for everyone, who quickly began to circulate around them.

"Everyone… Come on, we can't Ben down! Concentrate all of your remaining Magic Power onto Freed and Levy! We're getting through this, ya hear me?!" Lisanna roared with determination.

Mira nodded, extending her hands out. "Let's hold hands together! It'll be easier to circulate the flow of energy if we do so!"

While some of the members continued to bawl their eyes out, Natsu got to his feet, turning towards a crying Lucy. Extending his hand out to her, he gave her a strongminded look despite the sweat built up on his face. "Come on, Lucy. We are not going to go out cryin'."

To her surprise, Lucy could look around as everyone else's spirits began to get lifted. With her eyes widened, she gave the pink haired Dragon Slayer a hard nod as she began to stand. "We will not give up… Fairy Tail won't lose, no matter what!"

"We've gotta face through this ordeal together! It's time to face our fears and show this heaping lank that our bonds will overpower everything!" Gray growls, taking hold of Juvia's hand. The Water Mage blushes, but quickly nods in conjunction. Eventually, everyone else began to join their hands together, circulating around their fallen comrade as their looks of determination began to show themselves against Agnologia. The black Dragon growls lowly as he begins to prepare for his final Roar, scowling energy shining from his mouth as everyone joined around.

Makarov could only give out tears of happiness as he joined hands with Laxus. "Alright, kids… Let us all go home, together."

"Back home… To Fairy Tail!" Everyone yelled together.

As they prepared for the inevitable… Right as Acnologia was about to unleash his attack, the Omnitrix began to glow a little as Mavis was projected. Floating above everyone else, she gave them a gentle smile as she closes her eyes and holds her hands together. With their eyes shut, the Tenrou crew could only listen with their ears as the Black Dragon releases his Roar. With an absolute amount of power compared to his other releases, this Roar easily consumed the entire island with a blinding explosion of light.

From afar, ships and other witnesses could only watch with surprise as the sheer amount of energy released by Acnologia scowled off to reach their vessels. By the time the light and vapor dissipated, there was only a gigantic crater where Tenrou Island was… There wasn't a shred of evidence of an island being in the sea once the flooding waters began to fill the vacant space.

With his work done, Acnologia gives off a grunt of a snort, before flying off to the distant horizons… Tenrou Island, gone from the map of Earth Land… Or was it truly?

And with that... The Tenrou Island Arc is now complete.

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