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Chapter 7

On my 22nd birthday, Cognac decided to drag me out to a bar and drink my heart out. I have a dangerous job, yet I lived a lot longer than my last life, what fun.

She kept on ordering for me, knowing that I don't like to waste any food or drink, so I drank it all, including Midori as a bit of an irony.

I didn't have any memory at all of what I did during that day. So after suffering a mother of hell migraine, I got to work same as always, though a bit snappy….okay, I acted like a hormonal bitch on her period. The same exact stereotype you see online, except more anger and less crying. But the one good thing that came out of it was that I made one guy and three girls cry, and that satisfied me.

It was a week later when I received something in the mail that was sent from drunk me. I had fishes. Why did I order a lot of fish? How did it even get through the mail? I tried hard not contemplating on how it got here without any of it dying and decided to go shopping for a fish tank that drunk me didn't helpfully order.

I bought a huge tank that would fit on a table that was just there and I never really used it, an oxygen fish tank, and whatever the staff recommended to me about raising one. I did have to admit why I bought it in the first place when I didn't know how to manage a fish that wasn't a goldfish.

For this fish, I don't think I need anything else other than those since I recognize that fish from my past life. On my way back, I wondered how it even got through the security mail as it was illegal to get anything back in Japan that wasn't stuff.

But I dismissed it as I was in the BO in the first place. So I dumped the fish in there after managing the right temperature, as well as drop in a pH adjuster, setting the oxygen tank for the fish.

I went out searching for a book on how to manage a fish, as well as search up on the web. Currently, it's all in the blogs and I'm too lazy to read the really annoying parts, so I searched up the book.

Once I bought a lot of books on Garra Rufa and managing fish, it had gotten easy to take care of it. I just had to change the water daily.

I sighed, why did drunk me have to buy it? I had no time for this as I had two jobs and was bound to die by one. So, I decided to search up a sitter.

"Miss! What are you looking for?" I glanced down to find my neighbour's kid asking me with curiosity. After failing to find a way to find a babysitter, I decided to go back home in defeat.

The website online wasn't reliable and I would also have to pay for transportation fees….Should I ask him? He could always learn.

"I'm looking for a babysitter for my fish," I told him the truth. He tilted his head in confusion. "Then isn't it a fish sitter?" God, if this is a sign, tell me. "Yes, I suppose," I said. "I can help! I like fishes! I have a lot of fish in my house! I can be your fish sitter!" He exclaimed. I looked at him. Thank you, God.

"Are you sure? It's going to be a heavy responsibility." I asked him seriously, bending down to his height. He nodded, as serious as I was. I patted his head.

"Okay, I suppose you want to see them?" I ask, getting up and holding a hand out for him to take. I led him into my house and he rushed in awe as he saw a bunch of ugly fishes (in my opinion)

"What kind of fish are these!?" He asked me, face smushed against the glass. "A Garra Rufa fish that will eat dead skin," I said helpfully. I took his hands and placed it in the water, causing a lot of fish to come up and nibble on it, making the boy giggle.

"It tickles." He said before gasping, facing me to bow.

"I'm Sanada Yuutaro, I'm 7 years old! It's nice to meet you, Miss!" He cheerfully said. I smiled, he wasn't as annoying as the other loud kids.

"My name is Mihashi Mizuki, it's very nice to meet you, Yuutaro-kun" I said, mimicking him playfully. He grinned widely, dimples making him even more cherub.

"Yuutaro-kun. Do you want to become my fish sitter?" I asked. He nodded. "I can take care of the fish! Kaa-san and Tou-san had already become bored of it, so it's my duty to take care of the fishes now!" He exclaimed. I wanted to sigh. A phase, huh?

"Okay, in exchange, I'll give you 500 yen each day for fish sitting my fish, is that fine?" Was that enough? It apparently was too much as he gasped in shock, his eyes bulging at the thought of that 500 yen coin.

"Really? That means I can buy 50 chocolates!" Oh, that candy store that usually sells to elementary students with a meagre amount of allowance. I nodded.

"Yes, and sometimes, I may leave for some business trip, so I may leave home for about a week or so. So that means you'll get 3,500 yen." That made him gasp, even more, feet bouncing with giddiness.

"I'll take it!" He held out a hand. Must have learnt it from his dad, so I took it. "It was nice making a deal with you," I said.

After that, I told him where I would keep my keys for him to enter my apartment so he could take care of the fish, and gave a book about fishes, making him giddy about it. Wow, he's going to be a fish enthusiast in the future.

I patted him on the head.

It was getting late so he left with a cheerful goodbye back to his home. I waved at him and closed the door, sighing in relief that he wasn't an annoying brat that would waste my time.

I cheerfully dipped my feet into the tank, feeling the tiny nibbles they gave out as they ate my dead skin. Changing their tank was a small price, so it was fine.

I caressed my smooth skin in awe. How soft it was! The last time I felt it this soft was when I was still a toddler before being taken in by the organization because I had scabs and bruises all over from the training session and I barely had enough sleep. Most kiddies need their afternoon naps, after all.

I pampered myself the whole day and went to sleep. And that was just yesterday.

So back to the beginning, here I was, texting my boyfriend, excuse me, 'boyfriend'.

Both of us had different jobs that made me far away from him. My job is to blend in society. His job is only to kill. I was like a sleeper agent, while he was a direct agent.

Both of us increased the mushiness each time we met, going as far as to flirt with each other whenever we meet up off mission.

We did pick up lines, we did romantic quotes from a lot of genres, we complemented each other heavily, and this one time, post-it-notes.

None of it was ever sexual, and I liked it that way. It was fun and relaxing for the both of us, no matter if the other two guys with him on several missions suggested.

Both of them seem to have a sense of humour, and that was fine to me, as Vermouth as too much of dark humour that it isn't ever funny, Gin is never funny, Vodka is too much in Gin's ass to ever be considered funny, and Cognac's sense of humour disappeared like it was never there. Chianti is too much of a bitch and Korn barely talks. There are no people with a good sense of humour, and if those two have a sense at all, I'm taking it. The others? They're all too low level to ever even get considered.

So whenever the four of us meet, I would greet the other two before handing a shoujo manga over to Rye. Either that or a romance novel.

He would always pocket it, much to our amusement.

Then, on our 'date', he would bring out quotes with a husky voice that would weaken a girl's knees.

In my previous life, I had wondered how most novels were said. But now, my eyes have been opened. The whole time, I stared at him wide-eyed when he used that voice with my mouth opened, which made him smirk a bit too smugly.

I always seem to stop in my tracks whenever I hear that voice to the point where I pointedly ignored him while earplugs were nestled in my ears. He could be that ASMR voice thing if he wanted to.

And this point, he seemed to realise that if he wanted to make me pay attention, he would always go close to my ears and just whisper words in that annoyingly but an admittedly hot voice that you couldn't compare linen to the silky velvety fabric. A nonsense thing, but somehow made sense.

But one thing that I knew he was weak to was if I blew against his neck, which was sure for him to shudder. It was an act of petty revenge, and both of us were equally petty, so we always used it against each other whenever possible, even during our little act. We both were always close to each other, so both of us would know each other's weaknesses.

I inwardly sighed in relief that this was still the era of flip phones, where otome games weren't even made yet. If it was and Rye used it against me, .die.

And too bad that today's technologies weren't that advanced enough for me to just send porn virus to any devices he had.

That or gay porn… or tentacle porn, perhaps.

The littlest mercies he had in the world. But if he tries to do it in the future where technologies were a lot better, I would do it.

No matter how long it would take, I would take the hellish training for the newest technology hacking method. Be prepared Rye.

I cackled evilly in my head as I pictured his screams of distraught and horror when he finds it.

The one time Rye and I were in private, as well as the fact that he wasn't in disguise, was when he decided to call out on my staring at him too long.

"What?" He finally asked. I stared at him for a little while longer.

"Midori." Ooh, warning tone.

"Lemme play with your hair," I said in German. Rye had a seriously nice and silky looking hair. How he maintained his long hair and make it look like its not made up of barbie hair without any hair oil amazes me.

But he still does use conditioner, of course.

"What? No." He spoke in Japanese.

"Eh? Why not?" I followed up since that meant that I didn't need to disguise my intention.

He rolled his eyes before looking away, making me grin because it meant that I got his permission. So I scooted closer to him and caressed his hair.

"How did you get it this silky?" I asked in indignation. But he decided to just smirk, making me pissed and punch his arms just so I could crow in victory when he hissed in pain and clutched his arms.

"Bitch." He muttered in English. I just smiled brightly like my persona and flipped my hair.

"Don't you know it," I said as I winked smugly at him.


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