Shatter, Kyoka Suigetsu! (REMADE)

Summary: In acceptance of the hopeless pursuit of returning Aizen to his sanity, Kyoka Suigetsu manages to actually trick the Hogyoku into giving her a chance at redemption, to find a new partner. However, the Hogyoku noticed her true desire, and sent her back in set things straight. "Hear me out...I am Toyoto Yoshio, former member of Squad Nine. I bear you news...of your future."

Characters: [OC, Kyoka Suigetsu], K. Urahara, Y. Shihoin; more OCs, Suì-Fēng

Genres: Romance, Adventure ; Comedy/Humor, Spiritual

Rated: T ; or M, depending on Future content.

Languages: English : English ; Japanese (English, some Romaji), Spanish, German, French

Crossover: Bleach, Soul Society Sectors (AU), Temporal Displacement (AU), the Gamer

Beta: Antex-The Legendary Zoroark

End Notes: This is a rewrite of Antex-The Legendary Zoroark's "Shatter, Kyoka Suigetsu!" I hope I will have done a great job in its remake.

-= *Other Information* =-

Season 1: 40 Years too Young for Pendulum | Act 1: Shinō Academy

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-= *Chapter 1: Toyoto Yoshio* =-

This wasn't any kind of usual pain. Not the kind of prickle from some wooden splinter, or even the pain of being stabbed by the cold metal of a Soul Reaper's Asauchi. Already, though, the pain flitted throughout the body of a particular living spirit.

She wasn't normal, per se, but that wasn't to say she was completely grotesque in appearance. The woman was actually quite beautiful, if her jade eyes were anywhere to start. Her face was smooth on the jawline and soft on her whitish skin color with very little color - not to say that she was pale, or ill, but more so to accentuate the fact of her rather elusive personality.

However, while she was elusive, that wasn't to say she was about as insane as her master, Aizen Sōsuke. She was Kyoka Suigetsu. Reflective flower, flowing moon. Her clothing was to say about that on its own, being silk robes, shining all the while in its attempts to flow downwards. Silk robes that were held together at the waist by a brown leather belt, a zanpakuto sheathed at her left hip. Next to it were the strands of crystal blue hair, falling down past her waist. It was lively, uncoordinated, and wildly spread across her back like a large mane similar to that of a tigress.

The silk robes split about halfway up her torso from the belt to the top, giving the allure of the skin of her chest, which was the same equal white as before. Beneath her socked feet, which bore no sandal or shoe, was a single pane of glass that stretched across the world. Beneath it was a city created by herself and Sōsuke that both had once envisioned.

She stood, aghast, as the world around her rumbled, a rectangle of vision before her. She watched with growing sadness and a rather large amount of loneliness forming in her heart as she watched her wielder, Sōsuke, be slowly devoured by that of the Hogyoku, which was before her, floating idly beside the screen.

"Resistance is futile, Kyoka Suigetsu," it spoke to her. Its voice would be reassuring, if she hadn't known what it had been used for. The full use of her name would have had the effect it was looking for - caving and paying more attention to its word, almost heeding them - but she remained steadfast against it. "Become a part of us. We can end your suffering!"

Before her, Aizen had mutated once again. He was completely whitened now with a large hole in its chest. There was a brief moment when the Hogyoku was missing, beforehand trying in its recent attempts to bring Kyoka down to bow to its wishes. She wouldn't do so. She would never back down.

"We can no longer wait!" the Hogyoku prattled to her, its tone laced with distaste and annoyance at her refusal. "If you will not assimilate with us, we shall use force to do so! It is Lord Aizen's command!"

It took a moment. Her eyes furrowed for a moment, realizing something crucial. She, to some degree, was also Aizen, so surely the Hogyoku had to follow her command as well? "No," she replied, but added, "It's over, Hogyoku." She indicated to the screen before her, mostly black, due to the hand of Kurosaki Ichigo over Aizen's face. "Surely, you must realize that Aizen's fall nears? As a Zanpakutō Spirit, I am literally Aizen's other half, which leads me to my conclusion: I am your master as well. Obey my will."

"We will not answer to you!" the orb became indignant now. "Only Lord Aizen may command us!"

She waved a hand at the screen again, and the Hogyoku, in its panicked state, could only move in such a way that indicated that it had turned to regard her pointing. Doing so, it could only 'gape' as it showed Kurosaki Ichigo, with only a hakama on, gray bandages over his torso, and a concentration of pure, black Spiritual Energy in his hand, raising it. "You can see that Aizen is no longer capable of being your master. As the remaining part of Aizen's soul, my first command is for you to eject my soul from him!"

With reluctance in its voice, it answered, "So be it...Master..."

At this acknowledgement of her command, the pain left her body. It was only slightly numb. Little weighed to her, as if the glass beneath her had lost its existence. She looked down, regarding the city she and her former wielder had once envisioned crumbling before her, only for it to fade to white. She looked up, the waves that made up the sky ceasing to move, before they, too, were swallowed by the white mist. Only then, was her eyesight taken from her.

-= *"So be it...Master..."* =-

Far from the aftermath of the end of Aizen, far from Urahara Kisuke and Kurosaki Ichigo, a woman in a white, flowing silk robe was on the ground, unconscious. A glow from her chest shone brightly before disappearing, and she disappeared as well.

-= *Rukon District 64* =-

A small gasp was her first indication that she was alive, and for once, Kyoka Suigetsu had to thank the little orb for actually letting her out. To be separated from her wielder was one thing, but that didn't stop the Zanpakutō Spirit from being able to feel Aizen's spiritual pressure. It was small. Okay, well, it was large, but not as large as his damned ego as it was a few moments ago. Kyoka could appreciate that. What hadn't entirely confused her was as to the distance he was away. She was certain that he was unable to feel her presence, even in her absence, so she believed she was in the clear for now.

No, the thing that wholly confused her now was the odd scent that filtered into her nose when she gasped.

There was a mixture of pine to the room, and maybe even a little mustiness for a myriad of other smells she couldn't quite dictate without her sight. Speaking of which, with enough strain, she was able to flutter her eyes open and squint a little in the light above and behind her, which extended to the rest of the room.

There was a small flame roaring at the top of the torch, but the thing was dying, not that she cared too much. All Zanpakutō Spirits had a special affinity for darkness, no matter the type they were. A phenomenon few Soul Reapers were actually privy to.

With a grunt of effort, the lonely Zanpakutō Spirit was able to raise herself up and sit up straight, two arms trailing behind her so she could sit up properly. Examining herself, she wore her usual garments when in Aizen's inner world without much change. Instinctively, however, at the feeling of a little itch, she brought her hand to meet the center of her chest, only for a sound to her side that startled her enough to throw her into a Flash Step, appearing in the middle of the room, blade raised at the intruder.

The intruder was alarmed by the quick movement, and moreso with the sword pointed at him. She was noticeably stumbling due to her lack of materialization, thanks to Aizen. Now that she stood on her own two, tangible, feet, she was taken aback with how it felt to actually have a proper weight. But she digressed, and instead refocused on the intruder.

"I...I see you're awake..." he began feebly. She assessed him, as Aizen had always had her do with a potential opponent. The man was mad for a rival. No wonder his over inflated ego was his downfall...

She narrowed her eyes a little, which caused him to react a little in fear. It was obvious that she was a little frustrated with the situation, but it was mostly out of confusion. The boy stepped out into the light, slowly so as to not incur the woman's wrath, and she kept her sword aimed at him. She rose an eyebrow, enticing an explanation out of the boy.

He was a rather slim thing, if not a little toned in muscle. She noted the possibilities, one of them being that, in his ragged state, was somewhat of a runner, or a hitman for lower class people. At this point, hypotheses were all she could make of the situation.

"I'm sorry I startled you..." he mumbled, though loud enough for her to hear. "Here," he said, his sudden movement almost causing a decapitation, but he was turned too far to notice her sword swipe at him, and she had missed. Her eyes furrowed again as he had reached over to a table at the head of the bed, and picked up a small wooden bowl. Steam was billowing from it. "Take this soup," he offered, bringing it up to her and meeting her gaze feebly. She pulled back the sword more out of curiosity as to what he was doing, so he missed how close it was before. "I heated it up a little. They're leftovers from last night..."

Warily, Kyoka sheathed her Zanpakutō rather slowly, before reaching up and cupping the bowl in her hand. Her hand brushed with the boy's and, in an instant, she felt a small prickle of Spiritual Energy as theirs touched momentarily. Disregarding it as physical touch between two Spiritually attuned beings, she nonchalantly sat on the bed, miraculously not spilling any of the soup which the bowl had been filled to the brim with, and took the wooden spoon in her hand.

She pulled the bowl up to her face, letting the steam go past her with the scent of the food. She gave a few sniffles, smelling the concoction. In it were various forms of meat, a few chopped up potatoes and carrots, a whiff of seasoning entered her system as she found some cabbage floating around in it. The liquid was a healthy mix of brown and green, and despite the odd colors, enticed her. She looked up at the boy cautiously, who stood off to the side still a little afraid of her, with a hint of embarrassment. Her sniffing was heard, it seemed, and he was afraid if his juvenile attempts at culinary were about to be scrutinized.

Instead, with the wooden spoon, she dipped it slightly into the mixture, and pulled up some meat and a carrot, floating in the liquid. She gave the boy one more look, before eating it.

As she chewed and swallowed the liquid, her face twisted a little in pleasure at the taste, and gave a small hum of appreciation for the food. The boy's face visibly brightened and a small smile graced upon his lips as he realized his craft in the kitchen wasn't for naught. He'd been his own cook for years, liked his own food, but never had a second opinion, being the position he was in, so when the girl gave her appreciation for it, he decided to redouble his efforts in the making of food.

However, he didn't know that this was the first time that Kyoka has had actual food. Being a Zanpakutō Spirit didn't really warrant her hunger, so she was rather surprised at the taste. Honestly, she had liked it, so she had continued to eat it with a little more vigor. She hadn't noticed when a little made it to her right cheek, a little ways from the corner of her right lip. She paid the boy little attention when he walked over to the table with regained confidence, and stepped up to her.

"Wh-" she tried, only to be silenced as he brushed a napkin against her face. Against her better judgement, she blushed. She had little to no contact with any other entity other than Aizen himself, and the man was never inclined to ever physically touch her. The boy wasn't leering or looking at her in a strange way, instead focusing on wiping a bit of food off of her face. Once he was certain that he had gotten the most of it off, he placed the napkin next to her on the mattress of the bed. He returned to his spot in the middle of the room, awkwardly standing there. It was then that Kyoka began to note his state of dress.

He had a brown, ragged shirt, which was torn in many areas, especially an area that looked like it had been cleaved off at the right side of his stomach, revealing his lightly tanned skin. On it was a scar about the same shape as the cut of the clothing. On his legs were two shorts, equally as short and not quite reaching his knees. His feet were bare, idly poking into the mud beneath his feet. Kyoka hadn't even noticed herself wearing the Japanese style sandals that she had been wearing.

His hair was a soft silver and was dishevelled, but not overly masking his face, which was soft at the cheeks and cheekbones high, golden-yellow eyes filled with the energy of youth. Around said eyes, and his cheeks, was some grime and dirt. His hands were also filthy, meaning that the food probably wasn't as clean as well, but Kyoka ignored that little bit, as she instead took a few more bites, a little more uniform now so as to not garner the boy's attention to another mistake in eating, of which would cause him to take the napkin again and surprise her by cleaning it off.

After a few minutes of eating the food, she felt an odd sensation in her stomach, and wondered if this was similar to the hunger that Humans, Souls, and Hollows all felt. She shook that thought off immediately as she returned the bowl to the desk beside the bed, adding the napkin beside it, spoon in bowl. She turned to him and stood, and he visibly stiffened, before she bowed to him and said, "T-thank you for your hospitality, kind sir. But, I must ask, w-where am I right now?"

The boy swallowed quickly, not frightened but slickening his throat so as to not irritate it into breaking his voice, "You're in the 64th Rukon District...why do you ask?" That last question was asked with his brows furrowing slightly.

She analyzed the question - like she had always done to other ones - and looked at the boy strangely. She was trying to form a coherent answer that wouldn't go questioned, even though she knew he wouldn't. Though, the habit was slowly catching up to her, the paranoia, but before she could reply, he cut her off.

"You're not from around here...are you?" he began, his tone obviously laced with one so as to not irritate her in any way. He's had his fair share of dealings with nobles every once in awhile. "I'd, y'know, give my name to be polite and stuff, but...I'd kinda like to know yours first..."

Being the cautious Zanpakutō Spirit she always was, she narrowed her eyes for a moment, before weighing the repercussions, which were surprisingly low. With that thought, she decided to change just a little. "Ky-Kyoko," she uttered. She was no longer used to the long conversations between herself and Sōsuke, so she lost her edge in speechcraft.

"Hmm, I see..." he mumbled to himself. His confidence was regaining, if her analysis of his Spiritual Energy was any indication; which was, at first, a little slow and thoughtful, and now it was a little energetic. Her brow raised, but he didn't notice it and continued. "I see. My name is Toyoto Yoshio, and it is a pleasure to meet you, Kyoko!" he beamed at the end. Throughout his sentence, his volume increased and his smile brightened. It caught her off guard.

"L-Likewise," she stuttered. "Dammit," she thought to herself. "Why am I stuttering?"

Her musing was cut off to a new question of his: "Are there any given names in your world?"

"Kyoko is my given name," she deadpanned. She almost mentally celebrated at her first sentence outside of Aizen's inner world not being tripped over, but she didn't have a chance.

"Oh..." he mumbled for a moment and looking to the floor in realization, before looking up back to her with a small grin on his face. "Are there any...surnames in your world?"

Kyoka gave a small smile, before replying with, "No, not really," she replied.

"I see," he conceded, before becoming rigid again in realization of something, his smile unfortunately dropping. "Wait, why unfortunate?" Kyoka thought to herself, but settled for raising another brow like she had been, smile falling with his. This time, he saw the inquiry in her raised eyebrow. "Look, it's nice meeting you and all, but I can't really stay here for long. It's dangerous at night." His speech was hurried, something was wrong...

She took the information with a grain of salt, noting it was dark out. There were no windows in the small room. Her eyes scrunched in confusion. "Why can't you stay here?"

"Ah...well..." he stumbled over his words, Kyoka's instinct was to put her hand to the handle of her weapon, but overrode it with not doing so. But, as if on cue, her question was partially answered by a loud banging on the door behind Toyoto. "Hehe..." he chuckled airily, an awkward smile on his face. "That..." he indicated behind him with a thumb pointed back.

"Oi! Toyoto!" shouted a deep voice on the other side of the door. Kyoka narrowed her eyes at the door, detecting three signatures behind it. "We knows you in there, ya little shit! Open the fuckin' door!"

Immediately, Toyoto swiveled on his feet, almost forgetting Kyoka for a moment, shouting back at the door indignantly. "W-wait! I-I'll get you the money!" He scrambled over to the desk beside Kyoka, who took the initiative to hide in the corner to the right of the door. She knew a bad situation at first glance. He quickly opened the drawer and fished out several Kan, before returning to the door with speed just short of a Flash Step (optimistically speaking), and opened the door. "This is all I have, please-"

From behind the door (the door opened inward, and the inner side faced Kyoka's general direction when opened), Kyoka watched as Toyoto was thrown back after hearing a blow harshly land on him. He was punched back into the room, and landed as a heap on the floor, the back of his head hitting the frame of the bed. He held on to his head, which was no doubt swirling with pain.

"Are you kiddin' me?!" the man shouted, entering the room, not sparing Kyoka a glance. "This ain't even half what yous owe us!" At half, he had thrown the Kan at the child, all of it, and it fell on the floor. "Listen 'ere, punk," he shouted, lifting up the boy by his shirt in accentuation, "You gotta pays us for protection, and if ya can't do that..." he threw the boy onto the bed, his head then hitting the wall behind him, which caused him to cry out, "yous a' good as DEAD!"

Fist raised above him, the man made to attack the boy, who could only sit and be dazed from the two times his head had hit something.

Before the blow landed, the man heard something.

"Bakudo #1: Sai."

The man suddenly lost all control of his motor functions, which caused him to look rather strange, standing as still as a statue, before his arms began to contort, and he began to shout in pain. His arms were forced behind him by an invisible force, and he fell back to the ground, screaming in fear all the while. Two more men then rushed in after him, both of them on either side of him. The man on the opposite side as her looked up to see her in the corner.

"Get da bitch!" he shouted, and the one closest to her turned around to meet her gaze, before he scowled and reached into his clothing, not too dissimilar than Toyoto's - though it was obvious he got the better clothes - and took out a small dagger.

Kyoka quickly Flash Stepped nearby Toyoto, behind the guy who was once furthest from her. The two were startled long enough for Kyoka to cover Toyoto's eyes with her hand and awkwardly drew her Zanpakutō with her left hand. As the shiing! reverberated around the room, the two turning their attention back to her. Satisfied with the veil over Toyoto, she shouted, "Shatter, Kyoka Suigetsu!"

Shouts of pain and surprise filled Toyoto's ears, but he was far too dazed to register them.


And with that quick incantation, Toyoto fell into a blissful sleep.

-= *Rukon District 53* =-

Kyoka wasn't sure what to make of the situation. She saved a random boy who had shown her hospitality from street punks whom he obviously worked for, though he only toiled for them to survive. Understandable, but she still didn't quite understand what was going on.

She sat in a similar room as before in the 64th District, though the floor was actually plated with wood this time, so his feet wouldn't collect much more grime should he step out. It was bright out, as indicated by the window across from her. It was high on the ceiling and a small little rectangle greeting the room with the aroma of the morning and the air had a little bit of light shining through it, as was the smoke arising from the brew nearby. The 53rd District had more order than the sixties, so people were a little closer, some squished between homes as they were without shelter.

Kyoka was eating from the brew, but couldn't find herself liking it as much as the soup given to her by Toyoto-san (when did she give him that suffix?). It was similar to the soup he had given to her, and though she couldn't classify it, it was actually a stew she had eaten before. She couldn't classify this one either, thanks to her lack of knowledge to such information on culinary dishes. She wanted to try another type of food and obliged the generous old lady just around the corner, and yet, didn't like the food as much. "I thought skill followed age," Kyoka thought. "I was expecting the brew to be a little more, considering the woman was years older than the boy..."

But alas, it was not to be.

So she sighed and took another bite of the food. The contents were different, but she didn't note them as much as she had scrutinized Toyoto-san's soup, and ate with less content. The bed he laid on actually had sheets, the mattress was less worn out, and the wood was much more refurbished, so as to keep it from rotting, like the 64th's.

The desk at the head of the bed had a chair in it, and she was sitting in it. The chair was turned to the left, so she could gaze out the window. The sky was still a bright shade of purple, and it was receding as the sun rose from over the horizon. Few clouds littered the air, and she found a serene calm as she watched them slowly move across the expanse. It distracted her from the aftertaste of the brew.

She looked back over to Toyoto, whom she had made sure had a blanket on. It was a type of leather hide she couldn't identify, but decided it was excess information and left it alone. She had it draped over him, so as to keep him warm. It was cold out, and Kyoka decided to think up some numbers, and with the way the wind was blowing and the sky let few constellations in the wake of morning, she could easily tell it was around mid Winter, or late Winter.

She didn't realize that she had finished the food when the wooden spoon with little residue left entered her mouth, indicating that the bowl was now empty. She placed it on the table to her right and sighed, looking down with her hands intertwined, watching the subtle movements of her fingers as they interweaved, thumbs twiddling in boredom. It was more or less boring, due to the fact that she was just now contemplating the act of holding hands with another being. She'd done this often in Aizen's inner world when he was resting.

She sighed again before removing her hands from each other with some difficulty, due to her inexperience to the action. She huffed when the sleeping form of Toyoto refused to wake up and made to stand. When standing, she walked over the boy and gave him a small push on his shoulder, which was sticking up with the fur because he was on his side. The movement garnered a reaction, and the boy groaned, before turning backwards. He was on his right, and was now on his back, eyes fluttering open.

"Toyoto-san?" she asked, wondering if the boy could even hear her right now. His head hit the wood pretty hard, both times back in the 64th.

"Mm..." He looked up to her now. "Am I dead?"

"Technically," she answered boredly. "You're still in the Soul Society."

"Mhmm..." he mumbled, before his eyes shot open. "Hōdā!" he shouted, leaning up quickly, before groaning loudly and placing his head down gently, hand up and rubbing his forehead.

"Hōdā?" asked Kyoka.

"The guy from earlier that punched me..." Toyoto replied. "I owed him some money..."

"Not anymore, Toyoto-san," Kyoka cut him off, and he looked at her strangely, but altogether ignored the suffix to his name. She smirked, "I beat 'em up."

His eyes widened. "Are you kidding me?!" he shouted at her, she reeled back, unused to being shouted at. Even Aizen himself never shouted at her. "They'll hunt me down!"

"I don't believe that they even have jurisdiction in the Fifties Districts."

That comment caught him off guard. "I'm in the fifties?" he asked, uncertain. With a nod, he sighed and laid back down. "Huh..." he let out. "What do I do now?" She sighed in resignation, sitting down and letting him handle whatever came next. She wasn't too obligated to help him, she just owed him for his hospitality and paid back a debt. "Also..." he began, garnering her attention. "I thought you said your name was Kyoko, and that you didn't have a surname..."

"Oh...hehe," she mumbled. " actually heard my name?"

"Kyoka Suigetsu?" he asked timidly. The color drained from her face - well, whatever color there was to even drain, as she was practically an albino. "Why are you so surprised?"

"It's just one should be able to hear my name except for my former wielder."

"Oh-wait, your former wielder?!"

"Yes," she answered with a sigh. "I'm a Zanpakutō Spirit."

-= *End of Chapter 1: Toyoto Yoshio* =-

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