Shatter, Kyōka Suigetsu! (REMADE)

Summary: In acceptance of the hopeless pursuit of returning Aizen to his sanity, Kyōka Suigetsu manages to actually trick the Hōgyoku into giving her a chance at redemption, to find a new partner. However, the Hōgyoku noticed her true desire and sent her back in set things straight. "Hear me out...I am Toyoto Yoshio, former member of Squad Six. I bear you news...of your future."

Character(s): [OC, Kyōka Suigetsu], K. Urahara, Y. Shihōin; more OCs, Suì-Fēng, T. Halibel, basically everyone but better

Genre(s): Romance, Adventure ; Comedy/Humor, Supernatural, Angst

Rating: T ; or M, depending on Future content. Leaning for M for lemons in the future.

Language(s): English : English ; Japanese (English, some Japanese Romaji), Spanish, German, French, English (Japanese Romaji, some English)

Crossover(s): Bleach: Soul Society Sectors (Alternate Timeline 3) AU, Temporal Displacement AU, Levelled Releases AU, Multiple Transcendent Relics AU, Relic Pieces AU, Hōho AU, Pre-Image AU, Soul Games AU; The Gamer: Ability On/Off Button AU, Ring AU; Soul Eater: Western North American Sector (Bleach SSS AU X-Over); RWBY: Measurements AU, Time AU, Souls AU, Earthern Languages of Remnant AU, Recreated AU, Relic (Bleach MTR y RP AUs X-Over); Akame ga Kill: Empirical Orb AU (Bleach MTR AU X-Over);

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-= *Other Information* =-

Season 1: 40 Years too Young for Pendulum | Act 1: Shinō Academy

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-= *Chapter 6: Potential Specialties* =-

-= *4:33 PM Monday, 25 August, 1851* =-

-= * Yoshio and Kaito's Tenth Period Class - Strategy* =-

Yoshio narrowly dodged a missile of an electric Kidō blast, courtesy of a faceless member of the Kidō group - Kaito's group. He flipped over and swiftly performed a maneuver on the girl, who wrapped herself in Hainawa before releasing it completely, which acted as a sort of ousting attempt that regularly succeeded, like now.

"Dammit!" he shouted, thrust back quickly where he sensed what felt like a cold - something he associated weapons with when sensing Spiritual Particles - sensation and spun around with the back of his forearm to block the flat of the blade.

After several months of continued practice, Zabrowski-sensei decided to have the Zanjutsu group begin using their Zanpakutōs during large matches like these.

While exerting some Spiritual Energy release from his wrists to act as a sort of secondary barrier for his skin, he simultaneously kicked out the same side leg to trip his attacker, causing them to lose concentration over their Hohō. They fell and screamed as they fell several feet to the ground.

Kirio-sensei, who was watching Zabrowski-sensei's class, huffed in annoyance. That boy, Evan Lunaryu if Yoshio remembered correctly, was Kirio-sensei's star pupil in Hohō. To be easily swindled of his concentration while being top 1st year student in Hohō did not sit well with the 12th Captain.

Over the last eight months, captain seats in groups changed regularly depending on the appalling performance of the previous captain. For the last two months, however, seating hadn't changed.

In a rather successful attempt to imitate the 13 Court Guardian Squadrons, Zabrowski-sensei had split them according to what fighting style they wished to major in, and while there had been transfers over the months, everyone eventually settled into their proper positions.

"Sabeki, Tsubaki!" shouted Kaito, gathering the attention of his two Kidō offense combatants, "Move to 2-B!"

The two girls raced off somewhere unknown, only recognized to themselves. Over the months during their tutoring periods with Zabrowski-sensei, the three groups had fallen into game commands to explain quick positioning skills for each rotating team administrator.

Even Kurofuchi Hiruyaami, a known harrier-like student, had earned Captaincy and showed exceptional field commandment in the heat of battle. "Kuro, Shiro - flank to the right, Alpha and Beta teams, charge! Gamma team, split accordingly to assist!" He had taken to Greek letters to assign smaller teams together, so he didn't have to speak multiple names unless he had to create a splinter group.

Yoshio struggled to form commands a majority of the time but pulled through when it meant the most to his team. "Uh, shit," he cursed, looking around for which team member he can throw around until he gets a better stance on the situation. "Akihiro!" He caught the boy's attention. "Split up Tsubaki and Sabeki, then assist Aki!"

He nodded and ran off, splitting up the two girls with a scissor kick, throwing Tsubaki away and kicking Sabeki back. While Tsubaki recovered, Akihiro repercussed against Sabeki in both an attempt to defend himself from the onslaught of low level Hadōs and Bakudōs but also to speed up attacks and defenses before Tsubaki returned to fight him.

"Marenoshin!" The large boy turned to look in his direction with a little fear on his face. "Get out there and help Aki, now!"

"But-" he cut himself off to dash away from an attack, Flash Stepping away from the Zanjutsu user. "-I can't!"

"Yes, you can, you little shit, so get moving!" Yoshio commanded, irritated with Marenoshin's lack of confidence. "I'll have to work on that later," he decided.

Suddenly, a wave of Spiritual Pressure weighed down on multiple people - a waste to professional Soul Reapers in the room - and moved with its zealous user. As it approached Yoshio, he looked over to it.

"Shit!" he shouted before the blade of Kettei landed nearby, shattering some of the tiled floor beneath them.

"COM'ERE, TOYOTO!" smiled a certain Kurofuchi who had grown tired of waiting in the back and commanding his troops - several of which had been knocked to the floor from the brutal stampede of one. "TIME TO DIE!"

Unfortunately, Zabrowski-sensei had decided die would be the term to use once a student was booted from a game due to a defeat, and Toyoto honestly couldn't tell whether Kurofuchi was using it in its game term or its literal term, what with all the killing intent being displayed in the weight of Spiritual Pressure from him.

Kaito - almost against game rules - came to Yoshio's aid, in a sort of habitual way. The two captains parried the attacks with either the use of his body or the use of Kidō, effectively barring the Zanjutsu captain away.

The other students cleared a path and helped each other off the floor, without team boundary, to watch the three scuffle again - as the previous weeks had proven to be rather eventful and exciting.

Kurofuchi was thrust back but recovered in a backflip, several meters from them. The two turned to each other after realizing it was a game and sent a retreating attack against each other.

"Bakudō #21: Senkienton!"

An explosion of red smoke filled the room as Kaito fell back, which caught Yoshio off-guard, causing his own attack to become null and his retreat all the more needed.

After the three had separated equally from one another, they quickly took their battle stances and waited for the other to attack.

Kaito's smoke bomb from earlier lingered, causing his form to be obscured enough for Yoshio and Hiruyaami to be wary of, their suspicions not unfounded as he charged Yoshio.

Hiruyaami, waiting for such an open opportunity, sprinted forward towards the back of Kaito, who had thrown a tendril-like Bakudō - Hainawa, if Yoshio remembered correctly - after Yoshio in an attempt to either whip or bind him.

Yoshio dodged out of the way, forcing Kaito to quickly spin around and meet Hiruyaami in battle, eighth Bakudō Seki wrapping around his forearm to act as a shield against Kettei, allowing Yoshio to return, throwing a kick into the mixed attacks, forcing the two of them back.

Both Kaito and Hiruyaami, obstructed from each other because of Yoshio's body, charged the lone boy, who easily parried their punches and kicks.

Infuriated, the two of them resorted to their fighting specialties, a Zanpakutō and the red light of Hadōs engulfing him.

Yoshio retreated once he realized that their attack vectors and parameters went unchanged, allowing their attacks to flow into each other, though Kaito's Shakkahō blew up in his face due to incomplete concentration and the lack of an incantation and Hiruyaami was blasted away from the attack due to its force.

Though Yoshio was blown back aways, he was the only remaining captain still on his feet.

"That's match!" shouted Zabrowski-sensei, stepping down from his position up in the seats, looking down at the aforementioned match beneath him. "As you can all see, please practice your Kidō lest it literally blows up in your face," he spoke, earning some amusement from his students. "Now!" he accentuated with a clap of his hands, "You all should go ahead and cool off, get your stuff ready. If you want something from the vending machine out and around the corner, go ahead and follow Verdad. Food's on me," he said politely, and a few reinvigorated students jumped after the giggling Zanpakutō of his as she exited the room. The rest moved to their seats.

"In other news," Zabrowski continued, the rest of the students who had not left with Verdad slowly streaming into the seats, some straining to listen and others too tired to care any longer, "the annual Soul Games will be taking place in a few weeks, specifically in the middle of September. Sign up quickly if you intend to be a participant in the Games. As far as I know, several 2nd Tier Courts will be there - such as the 3 Sun Squads and the 4 Lion Squads. I'm unaware how many captains will sign up from our Court but I will be present - much like Kirio-taicho here," he waved towards her, before turning to her fully. "Speaking of which - anything to say, taicho?"

She made a face, in a thinking manner, before malforming her face into a little anger. "Lunaryu," she spoke simply, causing the boy in the stands to sit up in question. "You and I will have words next Hohō session," she spoke darkly, the atmosphere in the room dropping a few degrees. Even Zabrowski-sensei felt it.

"Y-Yes, ma'am," Lunaryu squeaked.

"Now," Zabrowski enunciated, a single clap causing multiple people to sit up straight instantaneously, "we have a few minutes in class left. Who here is capable of proper thought process at the moment?"

Multiple students groaned in disagreement.

"Alright, rest period," Zabrowski-sensei stated dully, almost as if he was a little disappointed, "Anything you need, Kirio-taicho?"

She sighed, nodding her head no, before stepping out. He breathed out in relief before setting towards his desk. In mere curiosity, Kaito made the strength to get up and head over to Zabrowski-sensei's desk. He snuck to it, but - as per usual - he-

"Yes, Sarizawa-kun?"

-was caught.

"I've been-well, many of us have been wondering, sir," he began, before his sensei turned towards him to indicate his full attention, "uh..." he stuttered, the lieutenant raising a brow. "Permission to speak freely, sir?"

"Permission granted."

Suddenly, Kaito was informal. "We've been wondering how you made lieutenant with that monster of a woman, Shihōin...hime..."

The teacher burst out into laughter, causing a few students including Kaito to chuckle a little with their own little theories - bets mostly.

He sighed after a moment to calm his laughter and began with a smile, "Well, it all began in 1803," he started - his history students simply realized he may go into a little detail. "Back then, well, things were different. Less Soul Reaper intervention in our schools caused, well-" he waved his hand in emphasis for something lowly "-our quality in Soul Reapers to decline, so I started organizing other students in an attempt to bring this to the attention of some higher ups - that we needed to learn from those with experience."

He stood up, stepping around his desk as he picked up a piece of chalk, beginning to write on the green board. "In lieu of captains and lieutenants, several nobles were in command of the learning structure," he began, drawing nearly perfect boxes over the few bullet points near the school, illustrating the system from nearly fifty years ago. "They had literally no experience in the field of Soul Reapers and had no combat experience, forcing the Gotei 13 to rely on themselves to teach them combat ability and how to communicate with their Zanpakutō. Many captains," he continued, drawing a separate system showing what appeared to be the 13 Court Guardian Squadrons, "were also against this, but decided it was beneath them and continued their duties.

"4 years later, I graduate from the academy early and several captains, impressed with my effort in the school, came together to decide which division I would graduate to. It was decided in that meeting that I would chose my own division due to my own adamance.

"I chose 2nd Division since Shihōin-taicho had been the current go-to for her division despite her brother being the captain at that time. I was also," he let out a breath and very dully said, "drunk," which caused some laughter, "and I made a bet with Shihōin-taicho that I would eventually make her mine." More laughter, and his dull words continued. "For future reference, I don't recommend this, because she is winning this bet."

When the hilarity subsided, his mood dampened, "After mysterious circumstances," he lifted his chalk towards the 2nd Division captain box which said 'Yūshirō,' "her brother went missing and she has been forced to take the seat of captaincy for the past 13 years." He crossed out the box and wrote 'Yoruichi.'

"After some years, I slowly ascended in Shihōin-taicho's division, slowly coming to terms with the fact that she wasn't as talented with captaincy as her brother was, but she was proficient in Hakuda, so Central 46 decided to keep her as the captain of that division and I generally refused anymore promotions and squad changes after I earned lieutenancy.

"I became a 1st Sgt. in '28 and jumped up to lieutenant in '38 due to a fiasco within that ten years," he finished, drawing a line up from a 3 to a 2. "After a few years, I was given a teaching position here in '41 - I taught calligraphy and Language studies for 5 years, then I taught history for two, Ethics for two - got booted for making insults towards Central 46 - and then I was assigned History and Strategy for this year." He turned around, meeting the gazes of his students, especially Kaito's. "And that's how I've become lieutenant to that monster of a woman," he smiled, and Kaito chuckled.

The bell rung.

He clapped his hands together. "Take care, students! We'll take notes on Asia Sector's past captains tomorrow!"

Yoshio and Kaito were among many of the students to Flash Step out of the room. They ran through the hallways with their bags over their shoulders, which were filled with their notes and other Academy-related items. As they sprinted through the hallways back outside and towards their barrack, Kaito asked Yoshio, "Will you sign up for the Games?"

"Nah," Yoshio replied. "Not really wanting to advertise my Flash Shikai," he said. Kyō had told him about the term Flash referring to an incomplete version of a release. She gave him a Flash Shikai to deal with Kurofuchi due to his inability to Flash Step on his own. "You?"

"Totally!" he shouted. "I'm going to wipe the students from the 2nd and 3rd Tier Courts off the Games!"

Yoshio smiled. "You do that."

-= *7:00 PM - Monday, 25 August, 1851* =-

-= *Yoshio and Kaito's Dorm Room* =-

After a few hours of studying and note taking from their books, Kaito swiftly jumped up and landed safely on his bed to take a nap, a long, hearty sigh escaping his lips in relief.

Yoshio spun in his chair to look up at his friend and smiled. "That tired after just a few hours?" he asked teasingly. "I know we've been roommates for a while, but this is an all time low of endurance for you, Kidō-slinger."

"Endurance really isn't my forte," shot back Kaito in retaliation, rolling over to look down at Yoshio. "If anything, you're a work obsessed freak," he chuckled.

Yoshio rolled his eyes. "I've-no, we've got things to prepare for."

"150 years from now," Kaito added.

"And," continued Yoshio obnoxiously, rolling his eyes again, "we could use all of that time to allocate our strength."

Yoshio and Kaito stared at each other for a while, trying to will the other to their side. Unfortunately for Kaito, Yoshio was spot on with endurance.

Kaito sighed in annoyance, folding, "Fine," he huffed, getting off his bunk, "Lemme get Māmeido and we can spar."

Yoshio, smiling in victory, simply stood up as well to follow Kaito to their personal lockers. "Your world or mine?"

"I don't think you want to drown again," Kaito said, then offhandedly adding, "you took that first Hadō terribly."

"Whatever," Yoshio sighed, pulling out Kyō.

After a few minutes of clearing the floor of papers and other items, they sat cross-legged facing towards each other and Kaito shut his eyes. Yoshio reached forward and placed his finger on the bridge of Kaito's eyes and shutting his own.

"Unenumerated Custom Kidō of Jacob Kauffman: Forced Jinzen."

A small tidbit of electricity rushed into Kaito's head and the two of them opened their eyes to find themselves standing on a large, glass pane. They had decided to use Yoshio's inner world due to the nearly indestructible floor and gravity not playing a part in drowning one of them, as the sky was instead where the water resided.

Nearby, Kyō opened her eyes while water tanning - as she had dubbed it - on what appeared to be a lawn chair in a skimpy swimsuit. After registering the fact that the two Zanpakutō wielders were now staring at her, she yelped loudly and fell out of her chair, overturning the fragile wooden piece of furniture on top of her.

Yoshio and Kaito began to laugh loudly, only to hear another voice join with them.

"What am I missing?!" called the female voice.

Kaito sputtered, attempting to point at Kyō without guffawing extremely hard. Māmeido simply looked over at Kyō struggling to regain her bearings before laughing with the wielders. A fifth voice joined them.

"What the hell is going on?!" Hōgy shouted. If he had a body, everyone would have seen the Transcendent Relic roughing up the back of his head in order to wake more fully.

"Kyō fell out of her lawn chair!" Yoshio replied, before laughing again.

"Sh-shut up, Yoshio-chan!" she sputtered, red faced with embarrassment. A drink that appeared to be lemonade with a slice of lemon still on the rim of the glass cup was spilled, so when she finally stood, she slipped over the tonic-like drink and landed on her rear.

Yoshio, Kaito, Hōgy and Māmeido continued to laugh at the woman who angrily stood.

"You four wanted to practice?" she asked with a menacing voice.

The laughter stopped.

She smiled creepily. "Here's your practice."

-= *7:27 PM - Monday, 25 August, 1851* =-

Yoshio deflected a slash from Māmeido as he countered, throwing his blade in her direction. She parried and shoved him back with a single hand, a smirk on her face as she sent him backwards and into Kaito's back, who was shoved into Yoshio at the same time. They both grunted from the pain and the irritation of both Zanpakutō on either side of them.

Hōgyoku instead floated off on the side, occasionally making harmless blasts explode out of him. The four of them were immediately reinvigorated as the same electricity pulsed around their midsections, empowering them.

As the two Zanpakutōs charged at them, the two shared a look and nodded before quickly switching sides. Both Zanpakutō, visibly surprised, were unable to accurately dodge and parry, allowing themselves to be cornered by their respective Soul Reaper wielders.

"Your tactics are getting better, Yoshio-chan," Kyō complimented, nary a smile on her face as she concentrated, "to be able to communicate only with a nod."

"We've been preparing it for a while, Kyō," he smirked, throwing her back with a horizontal slash that her vertical guard didn't do much against.

"Strategy, then," she amended, Flash Stepping to his side. He quickly switched hands with his sword and deftly blocked her strike, throwing it behind him as he threw forward his right palm in a palm heel strike.

"Hadō #1: Sho."

A blast of Kidō threw her back aways, but her experience allowed her to flow with the attack and flip back. Her grace caught too much of his attention and he wasn't fully ready when she Flash Stepped behind him and tripped him, before throwing him into Kaito. Kaito, perturbed by the sudden attack, found himself battling Kyōka Suigetsu again, as his own Zanpakutō fought Yoshio, who had recently regained his bearings.

"Not bad, trying to get us back with the one of you we belong to," Māmeido smiled, giggling at the now irritated Yoshio.

The two Zanpakutō stood between the two wielders, ready to burst in. Another burst from Hōgy, however, caught the two unaware when Yoshio and Kaito charged at them, making the most of the newly acquired rejuvenation and attacking their Zanpakutō.

However, Kyō shared a look with Māmeido, and her eyes dilated for a moment and nodded back.

Yoshio noted this, but decided not to comment. Didn't want Kaito getting antsy - plus, not all of the information on that subject was with him yet.

When the two reached their weapons, they clashed hard, straining their arms as they pushed on one another. Over a short period of time, they spun around in midair as they switched position. Māmeido and Kyō quickly backed into each other and, without touching, spun around one another and looked down at their wielders.

For a brief moment, Yoshio saw clouded eyes holding nothing but darkness and a chill ran over him after it disappeared. Her smile returned. "What's wrong, Yoshio-chan?" she asked playfully, leaning in and pushing him back a little. A clash was heard faintly behind her, but he focused on her eyes. "Cat got your tongue?"

Yoshio narrowed his eyes, confusing her for a moment, and then replied with, "End match. I want to talk with you and Hōgy."

She tilted her head in wonder before nodding, turning over to Māmeido and nodding to her. The two Zanpakutō retreated.

"What's up, Yosh?" Kaito asked.

"Get out - you and your Zanpakutō," Yoshio said curtly. "I need to talk with Kyōka Suigetsu and Hōgyoku." The two mentioned stiffened - Yoshio never used their full names. They wanted to know what happened.

"Um, alright," Kaito said hesitantly, before leaving Yoshio's mindscape - Māmeido following with.

"What's wrong, Yoshio?" asked Kyōka with bated breath, confused.

"What was that glare?"

She tilted her head. "What glare?"

He sighed stiffly. "I meant the one during our fight - right before I decided to end it," he specified. "I want to know why you glared at me, like you were about to cut me into ribbons before it faded away."

Her eyes widened just a little, surprised he caught her, then looked away. "It''s because of who I am..."

Yoshio's hostility turned to mild irritation, mostly curiosity. "Who you are?"

She turned back to him. "I was once apart of Eisenwalde," she continued. "I was half of what made up Eisenwalde - cold, cunning...ruthlessness.

"I wasn't particularly happy with his newfound taste in battle," she went on, turning away again, "Head on, honorable battles weren't his thing anymore. Perhaps he was a little better off with espionage and forgery - using his enemies' friends against them; the way he did to Kauffman, by blaming everything on him, using me to get him off his tracks."

She turned to look at him. "You don't look your wielder in the eyes and suddenly tell them you're against them, that you're against their tastes, or their wants, or their needs." Her voice began to crack. "You don't do that. You are their other half. Zanpakutō and wielder are created to be the same." She huffed. "We are two heads of the same coin," she said. "We act the same. Actually - I acted different compared to the current Eisenwalde for two reasons. One, I preferred the old ways we acted together - fun, playful, and carefree. And two," she looked away, "because I rejected what he- we had become."

"So..." Yoshio attempted, gaining her attention, "you wanted to save him?"

She nodded. "It was too late by the time I decided I wanted to bring him back," her eyes narrowed, "he had already gone too far off the track and...and I decided to run a coward."

He stepped up to her, taking a hand in his and directing her head towards him with his other hand. Her eyes were empty. "You're not a coward." No, he refused to believe her on that. "Inside, you wanted to change things - to make things right. That shows good in your heart." He pointed to her chest and poked her twice where her heart was. Her eyes had life returning to her as they widened. "Hōgyoku here," he pointed to him, and he perked up, "despite everything Eisenwalde made him do, here he is, rejecting his belief. Despite everything he made you do," he waved his hand in front of her, "you still want to make everything right again. It's honorable and I encourage you to be as individual as possible."

"Yoshio..." she breathed.

"Kyō," he replied, "you're not an object, you're not a slave, and you're not bound by me. Be free as you wish."

She smiled with tears welling in her eyes. "Thank you."

-= *7:45 PM - Monday, 25 August, 1851* =-

"What happened?"

Yoshio sighed. He knew Kaito was able to detect the Spiritual Energy around his head converging around him and dispersing as he entered and exited Jinzen respectively, but to be interrogated immediately after it was going to give Yoshio a headache.

"It happened during the fight - you just didn't notice it," Yoshio vaguely answered, causing Kaito to huff in irritation.

"Well, I wanna know what it is," he countered.

Yoshio rolled his eyes. "If Māmeido did something different from what you're used to while she was fighting me, would I have noticed?"

"Um, no?" Kaito answered, though it was more of a question.

"No, you wouldn't," Yoshio confirmed. "You wouldn't have noticed a subtle change in Kyō even if it saved your life."

Kaito huffed. "Whatever."

After a few moments with Kaito reading a book in his bunk in his spare time and Yoshio writing on some canvas, Kaito sighed loudly and shut his book after doggy-earing the page, setting it down and turning over to look at Yoshio, changing the conversation. "Why do you always do that?"

"Huh?" Yoshio asked. Kaito pointed at his paper. "Oh, this?" He lifted the paper to reveal what appeared to be lines and several spots on the page, the pattern never repeating. "Eisenwalde used to do this in his spare time to help him subtly learn detection skills during combat." He set it down before standing up, stretching. After a groan of satisfaction from some popped bones, he sighed. "Zabrowski-sensei was talking about it in class last week. Eisenwalde learned it from his former teacher, former 7th Captain Kauffman of the 12 RKP," he informed his Kidō-slinging friend.

A snore.

Yoshio rolled his eyes. "Teaches me not to help with your studying," he chuckled before turning in for the night by blowing out the last candles.

-= *The Next Day* =-

-= *9:43 AM - Tuesday, 26 August, 1851* =-

-= *Yoshio's Third Period Class - Hakuda* =-

"Alright, class!" shouted Yoruichi as the class finally quieted down. "Let's get started."

Shihōin...hime was the sort of person you might find in a friend. Not exactly of the teaching kind, but one who bound her time to near full horse-play and was rarely ever staid. The kind of woman that you respected and in return was, well, more or less exchanged an equal if less respect. She had little boundary, and as a noble she could get away with that.


She was quick to the moment but less of a strategist than her lieutenant, Zabrowski-sensei, was. She was quick on the ball for moments of battles - if the rumours from her personal squadron's operations were to be believed - but never one to think ahead.

The students quickly moved from their clusters of groupings and set themselves in a large, forty by forty square across the floor, standing tall, shoulders back, hands at their sides, and chin up after the command was given. As a Hakuda class, they were meant to be in a particular order with large spaces between each other - this class was forced to have 2 meters between each student with the allotted space of the classroom walls - in order to have enough space for the moves they will pull, and any possible amount of spiritual waves that are residual from their spiritual particles aiding their attacks, so they didn't throw someone away.

"Arc One!"

As one, the sound of "HAH!" echoed through the room, the group threw their first punches of the day, left fists from previously upturned fists that turned over during the throw to create enough torque for a powerful attack blowing forward. A few students, excluding Yoshio, managed to splay out spiritual waves from the attack. Yoshio cursed.

"Arc Two!"

"Hah!" Left fist back, right fist up to their left before quickly being brought down - inversely, a right legged kick used the momentum from the right fist to be thrown, throwing out spiritual waves. Yoshio managed to throw one up. Together, the class held their legs up before the next command. Some struggled, legs shaking, and two or three put their leg down for a moment. Shihōin-hime gladly did not attack or discipline them - in her mind, both were the same thing.

"Arc Three!"

"Hah!" Right leg dropped (no one commented on the sighs of relief), they straightened out that leg and bent their left, turning their bodies to the left and throwing an elbow attack in the direction of their right leg, placing them in a stance.

"Arc Four!"

Yoshio had to admit, while the group slowly learned the first few forms together at the beginning of the year, it was a tiring and boring experience. Each move was explained by Shihōin-hime in an attempt to get the students to understand it. A few did, but Yoshio wasn't one of them - he had to consult Kyō for that, and Kyō was much better at explanation. Though, with the fear brought on by the dark-skinned woman, nobody had the guts to tell her that she was terrible at teaching. Hopefully, it would get better with time, or Yoshio would have to wonder how this Kurosaki Ichigo a hundred and fifty years in the future could have learned anything from her.

"Arc Five!"

Yoshio threw the next attack, luckily throwing out a few waves. Shihōin-hime may have been terrible with teaching, but her memory excelled, and the more waves they were able to produce, the higher the grade given to them for that day.

"Arc Six!"

This late in the year, Yoshio began to think more on the next year's sessions that he would be undertaking. As he and Kaito were in different classes of Soul Reaper types, they wouldn't see each other for the most part of the days in the next year. Luckily, the next years did not require a full ten classes, and instead they had to be there until afternoon at the very least amount of time. Yoshio, being a Hakuda aspirant, has to take classes with Shihōin-hime - also, with his more...appalling moments in strategy class, he had to make up for it next year. Kaito, being a Kidō aspirant, has to take classes with Ushōda-sensei and others.

"Arc Seven!"

Yoshio sighed in between arcs. With several forms like Arc, Bear, Sun, and Lion, he was highly suspicious there was a Guardian one as well, if the rumors are to believed. Rumors being of each form resembles a court of Soul Society Asia Sector. As the official First Court of this sector, the 13 Court Guardian Squadrons not only dealt with the larger operations, but also regulated the Second Courts - such as the 4 Lion Squads, 3 Sun Squads, 7 Arc Squads, and the 10 Bear Squads.

"Arc Eight!"

"Hah!" Yoshio took the head of the invisible assailant he had to envision (he imagined it was Kurofuchi) and slammed it into his kneecap, which he kept levitating off the floor glued to his hand. With such a blatant move, Yoshio doubted he'd ever be able to execute it without his victim being of someone who wasn't a Soul Reaper. After all, these were the basics of the basics for every Soul Reaper.

"Arc Nine!"

Yoshio decided he may as well have been in the middle of a war with another Society as none of the Hakuda he had learned so far had anything to do with restraining a powerful Hollow enough to purify it or anything even resembling something not concerning a counterattack against an intelligent and skilled Hakuda user. If he had any suspicion then without the help of the knowledge given to him by Kyō and Hōgy, he may have just believed that. Then again, nothing he ever believed before had anything to do with this.

"Arc Ten!"

He was a new man now.

-= *2:01 PM - Tuesday, 26 August, 1851* =-

-= *Yoshio's Seventh Period Class - Sciences* =-

"Now, as warm-up has ended," Kirio-sensei spoke, the ruffling of moving items such as papers and bags moving about as the students messed with them in an attempt to remove from or place back in their bags ending, "we shall now speak of Flash Step. A majority of us have already been made aware of these - such as my top ten Hōho students," she waved her hand across the ten on the lowest row. Evan Lunaryu was the furthest on her right.

Kirio-sensei was a motherly figure to a majority of the students - and more specifically (lest she hit you for asking, I shall explain it to you:) it was Sarugaki Hiyori, a short, hot/blonde-headed girl who sat as the lowest ranked of the top ten Hōho students. Most students believed she did not deserve the position as she had more of a talent in brawling than actual speed. Her mouth was one to be washed by God-knows-how-much soap, and her scowl was on par with an irritated Kurofuchi. In fact, the two were being shipped by the entire cla-

"Flash Step can be in multiple ways regarded as one of the few speed techniques a Hōho expert could hold on to, but there are more advanced versions of it - versions we will not speak of today.

"Instead, we will speak of the most basic of movement techniques - Flash Step - the ability where you place spiritual particles of your own energy in another location; and another, and another, and another."

With each reiteration, she drew dots on the board. "This is one Step," she explained, "each dot is a Flash - hence its name." She drew lines between each of the dots. "In a Flash, multiple steps can help you get from one location to the next. Be careful," she warned playfully with a hint of singsong in her voice, "Each Flash moves you in a single line without any derivatives, so if you hit a wall, it's not my fault~"

A few students sweat dropped at that. With such a hearty woman, one had to wonder what the woman had to eat, as several days had come in when she had seemed a little more than what she was previously. Kaito showed no standstills in his attempts to draw her. If anything was to believed, his Zanpakutō showed no quarrel with the weighted sensei. Yoshio wasn't one to judge, but he still counted it as strange.

After writing some information down on the board, she turned around to regard Kaito who had risen up his hand for a question. "Nice of you to participate, Sarizawa-chan."

Kaito had the audacity to blush.

"I was wondering if it was possible to bend these paths," he said.

She closed her eyes and shook her head. "That theory is known as evasive Flash Steps, which I don't believe in," she replied. She drew down the diagram on the board. Several dots were drown as well as some squares, which everyone believed to be obstacles if the lines behind them indicated anything concerning these obstacles to be moving. She drew lines around the square in the way but still ended on the dots. "I'm impossible to change your trajectory during Flashes of a Step - at least, it's never been proven to me. Though, Zabrowski-fukutaichō and some upstart fifth squad member tend to disagree with me.

'Evasive flash steps are possible, by the way,' interrupted Kyō, yawning.

"Was Eisenwalde capable of it?" Yoshio asked.

'Yes,' Kyō replied. 'In fact, his former teacher, Kauffman-sama, taught him himself, though he said he would on behalf of Sōusa's former captain, Senshumaru Shutara - she's a Royal Division Commander now: 003, if I remember correctly,' she recalled offhandedly.

"Sama?" he asked suspiciously, eyebrow raising as he penned down some more of the lecture Kirio-sensei spit out.

He could almost feel the blush in his head. 'He was a very handsome man.'

"More so than Eisenwalde?"

'It's weird to think about animaphilia, Yoshio,' she reprimanded without losing a beat.

"And there goes my chances to tease you."

'Like I'd have it your way,' she giggled.

-= *4:26 PM - Tuesday, 26 August, 1851* =-

Muguruma-sensei was the kind of man you never crossed - no matter the reasoning. Well, Kyō reasoned that this commonly accepted rule about Muguruma only counted if you were weaker than him. Yoshio wholeheartedly agreed, especially after her use of an affectionate suffix - Kensei-kun, to be specific.

Soul Reaper ethics, according to Zabrowski-sensei in History class, seemed to have transformed ever since the teaching positions were taken over by actual members of the 13 Court Guardian Squadrons. The Nobles seemed to have twisted multiple moralities that still plague the 13 Gotei today - and, luckily, the last decade of generations were actually taught the correct ethics.

Muguruma-sensei may have been a little strict and almost a pain in the ass about the rules, but he certainly got them right. While he grades his tests true, he does go over the majorly wrong answers in order to make sure the students understood the material correctly. According to him, the Nobles never made sure whether or not their teaching actually got to the aspiring Soul Reapers' heads.

Muguruma was currently writing on the board when Kyō echoed in his head.

She yawned. 'What's goin' on, Yoshio?' she asked.

He continued to write down notes that his current teacher was writing on the board. "SR Ethics," he replied, and she added a mental yawn to his mind. She called what he received emojis but never elaborated on what they were.

'Ah,' she hummed in acknowledgement. 'Your grades have improved,' she added.

"No thanks to you," Yoshio accused, "You haven't helped me at all with this."

'Why, exactly, is it my fault that you can't do this?' she wondered, almost viciously at the accusal.

"You were paired with one of the greatest strategists in the Afterlife!" he replied, "You must have some way to memorize this easier!"

She huffed. 'Fine, I'll teach you it tonight - but this is only for academics until you graduate!'

"Agreed," Yoshio thought as Muguruma-sensei spun around, riffing on the tangent of the first hundred Soul Reaper Ethics.

"Anyone here that can tell me what to do with a level 5 traitor or higher?" he scanned the room. His eyes landed on Yoshio.

"Kill on sight," Yoshio answered. Hand-raising was out of Muguruma-sensei's rules.

"Correct," he nodded, turning somewhere else.

Kaito grumbled in his seat, something about shutting up. It appeared that Māmeido had found herself a pastime - distracting her wielder from class. He made a mental note to change that.

Yoshio sighed. From learning Physics, Hollow anatomy, Hakuda, Kidō, Soul History, Maths, Science, Zanjutsu, Soul Reaper ethics, and Strategy, Yoshio had a lot on his plate to think about for the next few years. With Kaito in tow, much more was to be thought about concerning the Soul Games. A lot goes into them, and with it coming up in less than a month, he had to prepare for it.

One didn't spectate in normal Soul Reaper or Academy attire, no. Everyone wore a type of kimono or kosodes - or even something more flashy than that if they were a noble. Yoshio had to go shopping.

He also had a feeling he wasn't going to like it one bit.

-= *End of Chapter 6: Potential Specialties* =-

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-= *Omake #4: Yoshio's Journey to the First* =-

-= *Part #1: "The Forties"* =-


The light clopping of horse hooves echoed over the dirt and mud below, the wooden wheels wobbling and adding to the atmosphere within the hooded cart he sat in. He felt a pity for the man driving them for allowing Kyōka to go on ahead and trick the man into thinking he was some kind of noble with a lot of money. He felt he was a little behind morals in that area.

'For the last time, Yoshio-chan,' she seemed to repeat with a hint of exhaustion, 'It's fine! I'm not doing anything too bad other than swindling his services for a bit. I'm even going to make him forget this happened after sending him back to the 51st District!'

The previous districts - 53rd to the 48th, to be specific - had been a major, while smooth, transition between the condition of the people. Going towards the origin of this twisted circle of literal death had given him much insight to the lives of the people here. In the sixties, one could barely afford a home without having dealt with the mafia in the area or having been a servant of the viceroys of that specific areas. There were some little skirmishes and battles between viceroys in power. Kyō had told him that while the First Court, the court he was going towards, regulated smaller, lower tiered courts but did nothing about the civilizations surrounding them. Little civil wars erupted all around the Court of Pure Souls, but with none of them united against the Soul Reapers and instead each others, the Courts could give less of a damn.

It disgusted him a little, and Kyō had recently shared her distaste in the Soul Society's treatment of its surrounding inhabitants. Few Soul Reapers actually regulated anything in the region unless they were in certain divisions - specifically the 2nd, 6th, and 9th - and instead gambled with the high ranking Districtors and ignored the lower ranked ones.

She admitted that this is what fueled Eisenwalde's ire for the Soul Societies. First his wife, then as he ventured out deeper in the outskirts of the Soul Society Sectors, he found poverty and twisted fates left to kill each other for land, money, and power. With that thought in mind that swirled negative emotions in his chest, he sent out for a new life in Soul Society Asia Sector where he would again become a captain, reduce the opposition and those that he found unworthy of their position, and then begin his betrayal, destroying the Soul Societies, ripping a hole into the Royal Dimension, and killing the Soul King himself. Becoming said King, he would create a better system and save countless people.

At first his actions were noble, Kyōka noted, before his apparent blood lust began to seep through as he killed countless nobles, and slowly forgot about the masses he had originally sought to protect. He was hellbent on seeing his revenge on the Soul King done and completed that he completely forgot about the people he had originally been doing it for. He figured that once he was King, he'd sort out the saving then rather than now.

However, Yoshio reigned in his thoughts as he looked out through the window of the cart, watching the people go by, almost aimlessly. Some looked at him in contempt before he threw his head away from the window in an attempt to look away from them. He was horrified with their negativity towards those with money to escape. As someone in the back of a carriage, he could go between viceroy territories without being stopped, unless the viceroy was an asshole.

This was one of those areas.

"Halt!" called someone, and the metal on metal shriek of blades being whipped out of sheaths caught his attention. "Get out here, Noble! We want your shit!"

Yoshio sighed.

'I'll deal with them, Yoshio,' Kyō said. 'Until you get to the academy, I think it's fair for me to deal with the combatant opposition towards your potential,' she persuaded before he could open his mouth to protest.

"Oh, fine," he huffed. "Just be careful. You're my only chance to a better life and the only one to ever really care about me." "Materialize, Kyōka Suigetsu."

With the command, she fully manifested before him, standing up in the cart. She opened the door and stepped out of it. For a few moments, all he heard was muffled voices after she shut the carriage door. Yoshio kept his gaze away from the windows as sounds of screaming was heard, and he sighed in acceptance as she stepped back in.

"What?" she asked. A little blood stained on the overcoat she wore.

"Nothing," he sighed. "Dematerialize, Kyōka Suigetsu."

Ever the masterful at the art of psychology she knew he needed space by the flat monotone of his voice in his answer and command. She quieted down for just that. The - brainwashed, if he was being honest with himself - driver kept going, humming a useless tune that did little to belittle his nerves, which had wrestled itself into a Gordian knot of madness, and even Kyōka herself would be unable to slice it in half, much like she did to those men who just needed a living.

Despite the assholes in his old group, he understood just what they did in order to survive.

-= *End Omake #4, Part 1: The Forties* =-

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