/Author note: this is a draft for the first chapter of a undertale story im planning to make as animated serie, but i will first write it down as a fic. I have all the story planned but I still have my doubts (in a lot of story parts) on what ideas are better to choose out of the ones i have. So i kinda need someone to help me there, a beta reader, or co writer or whatever help i can get x3 if you are interested pm me. Anyway, since i make this draft, i hope you enjoy reading it and i would love to hear your opinions in the comments ^^ btw my first lenguaje isnt english so im sorry if i have a lot of mistakes, you can point them out so i can correct them, but please try not being rude, constructive criticism is welcome/


Chapter 1: The newcomer

Sans opened his eyes, blue light was softly flaring in his left one, as he tried calming his racing soul.

What had happened? He was just there, in his Snowdin sentry post as always, doing his boring job of watching for humans, then, out of nowhere he had felt a sensation of reality distortion... like a...deja vu...

He had felt like he had already lived those past and next few seconds. He had, for a second, known the future. He knew when the air was gonna blow, that a snowball would fell from that tree, and that he had fell from his seat. But.. How could he had known all that before it happened? Had he developed future vision magic or something? No... That wasnt the case. Then how...?

Then a fearful thought crossed Sans' mind. What if it was... A reset?

He knew there were a time anomaly; something or someone that can turn back time. So what if his deja vu was caused because of it? If everything of this had happened in another timeline that was reseted it makes sense that now he had a deja vu feeling to it happening again.

Sans shaked his head, trying to get rid of those bad thoughts. "welp" he thought "if there is a reset, there is nothing i can do, so better stop worrying about that"

He tried convincing himself, but he couldnt ease the urge to find that anomaly. It had most certainly had been a reset which means the anomaly was here now, somewhere. So he wanted to search for it.

As he got up to go to his secret lab, to monitor the timeline reading machine, he heard the always closed big old ruins' door opening slowly.

The sound startled him a little and peeked his curiosity and fear. That can only mean two things... Either the old lady had decided to open the doors and reenter society or... A human had arrived to the underground, after so many years.

"welp, looks like i have job to do for once" thought sans has he teleported behind the forest trees near the door. Waiting to see what will come out of that big door.

To his not so surprise, a small kid stepped firmly out of the shadows of the door. Since he didnt recognize what monster species was the kid, Sans knew right there, it wasnt a monster, but indeed a human kid... And something about them unsetled him a lot.

Their face and clothes were covered in dust, and they were holding a dusty knife... The dust was without doubt, the remains of killed monsters. That kid had had to kill alot of them to be so covered in dust as they were.

"it seems i have another problem on top of the anomaly... Or maybe they are the same.. " thought sans very worried, bracing himself for what he has to do from now on. Which, honestly, he couldnt be less sure of what it was.