"Five long decades have passed... scarcely so much as a heartbeat to merfolk due our 300 year lifespan...however the same cannot be said about everything."

My six sisters have each found what they were best at, Attina the eldest is already practicing for her role as Queen by holding audiences with many an underwater denizen. Andrina opened a nightclub with Gabriella while Arista had become a performing musician there having rejoined Sebastian's old band. A couple of the others were already married. My old friend Urchin now owns an antique shop and Flounder had started a family.

I myself had grown in mind and spirit. During the first decade, I had given it a lot of thought, and decided to take up apprenticeship with Archimedes the humanologist. Daddy – even at the age I am now I still call him that instead just Father – had consented after I promised we would exercise prudence with fallen weapons or anything potentially hazardous. I feel after he'd joined forces with Samurai Jack to fight Aku years ago had given him some time to reflect. He didn't entirely welcome all humans to the sea kingdom with open arms just yet, but his distrust had lessened considerably and I suppose that was a start.

The travelling I've done as a human back then had given me skills and information I put to good use, I've devoted myself entirely to finding new objects, identifying and cataloging them correctly. Most of them were books and scrolls Archimedes and I are trying to restore, perhaps the words written in them could be of some good use one day.

With it, I've also taken to observing ships and other landmarks from the water with caution now that I comprehend that not all surface dwellers are good anymore that all merfolk are trustworthy. I see things a bit more clearly than I did as a teenager.

As a result my newfound knowledge had developed a great feeling of wanderlust in me. My first impulse is to pull myself upon the beach or a riverbank, to see more of the upper world as I did once years ago. Yet I remain a virtual captive in the ocean, not only for my survival in the waters… but because a part of me remains afraid. So terribly afraid of the Shogun of Sorrow.

Many years have gone since my ordeal in his lair, but I'm still haunted by these sporadic nightmares and flashbacks.

There is, however, another beacon that gives me a sense of comfort. The human warrior I'd traveled for months with before I was able to return home. Samurai Jack.

Oh my poor brave warrior.

Sometimes I see him in my travels, he is still fighting for what's right. Much like myself he doesn't look like he's aged a day in the time we've separated, yet I feel the decades have taken their toll on his spirit. The times I do see him – I see he is in turmoil. I try to follow carefully at night when he's at that place between sleep and awake, where one still remembers dreaming, I sing to him. My song slows him to sleep soundly during this time of need.

This time I felt as though my heart stopped. I'd feared I lost him until I saw him down the river. There was some truth to those old sailor's stories about a kiss from a mermaid protecting a human from drowning. I held him close, long enough to pull him to a fallen log which floated towards the riverbank a few hours before sunset. I dove underwater just before he jolted awake from my gentle touch.

I can't go on like this. I've got to help him somehow, if only to help ease his burden, to give him solace. I will. Furthermore I was going to need help.

And that's when I saw them. The bounty hunters, all females wearing masks and garbed in black. My heart beating so loudly it was a wonder they haven't heard it.

Then one of them stops and kneels down. She picks something up and shows it to the others.

In her hand was a scale.

My scale!

They know I was there.

I have to hurry.