There will be more in this but gonna need a few time jumps so it seems to make more sense to split the story up a little. Probably six one shot/short snap shots and then back to a longer story. Almost got the bare bones written of the oneshots so fingers crossed it'll all be done this summer :)

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How…fascinating. How completely fascinating.

It de-railed things. Already, he could feel Skywalker becoming less frustrated with the Galaxy and his place within it, more controlled. But there was a crack in there he could exploit. It was dangerous though, would need to be carefully managed to ensure that any attempt at using the boy didn't backfire.

The boy was seven years old which gave a rough time frame. The Jedi had remained a little guarded about exactly what had led the child to be sent back, but the child's poor social skills and defensive ways told its own story. Skywalker's worries had allowed him to get a little more information.

Kenobi running, the Jedi gone. The Skywalkers dead…

Well. He thought watching two of the Skywalkers as they sat on the roof, Kenobi walking away and Yoda watching. When the boy had screamed there had been a glimpse. Not of what was within those formidable shields, but just of the shields themselves.

Those were not the defences of a Jedi. They were the same blocks and shields he used. Which meant someone else had protected that boy and that someone hadn't been Kenobi, the apparent last Jedi left. It had been someone he had trained, taught the ways of the Sith to.

This would require careful planning.