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She must have placed a spell on him, Neji was sure of that, why else would he still be thinking of her even when she wasn't near – why else would he search for her curvaceous figure and sparkly eyes in the crowd. It started to frustrate him how easily his thoughts would wander back to the raven-haired woman and her pretty smile.

He knew Hinata and his teammates had started to pick up on his almost sluggish responses and lack of interest in conversations – he had to stop thinking about her. Neji had tried almost everything, even going so far to agreeing on a date with Tenten; which had done nothing to make him forget about a certain Kagome Higurashi – so he had ended the date early without any explanation to his teammate.

His patience was wearing thin and so he had decided to seek the root of his frustrations which had now landed him here, at the Higurashi shrine much to his surprise; he was certain that priestess's and priests had died out – he would never have expected Kagome to be a miko.

His pale gaze quickly found the small figure dressed in traditional miko ropes sweeping the shrine grounds.

"Ah, Neji-san." Kagome looked up at the taller male, a small smile playing on her lips. "Is there something I can do for you?"

The said Chuunin felt a faint flutter in his chest at the woman's smile and took in her soft features. "No, I need nothing besides your agreement on an outing with me."

Kagome flushed under his stare. "Ano.. You mean like a date?" A bright red blush spread across the young miko's cheeks at Neji's nod; rather shocked at his sudden statement. "Uhm.. sure. May I ask why the sudden interest?"

The Hyuga prodigy smirked faintly at the woman, his head lightly tilting to the side; his long hair following his movements. "Sudden interest? It has always been there. It was meant to happen, we are intertwined by fate."

"When is the date?" Her voice was small as she stared at him.

Neji gave a small chuckle before answering. "Tomorrow. I will pick you up at lunch time." With those parting words, the long haired Chuunin left the stunned woman behind him. A sweet feeling of satisfaction filling him.

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