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Cammie POV

I can't believe it, junior year is almost over and next fall I'm a senior. In 1 hour and 16 seconds it'll be summer vacation and I can do as I please. Oh wait I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Cameron Ann Morgan, and I'm a junior at the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional young woman but if you're reading this then you already know that it's actually a school for spies. My codename is Chameleon, my parents are Rachel Morgan and Matthew Morgan who went MIA years ago. Also my aunt is Abigail Cameron, and Joe Solomon is my over-protective godfather.

My best friend in the whole world is Rebecca Baxter, but call her Bex unless you want to end up in the hospital for a month. Her codename is Duchess, and she is the best fighter in our grade and probably in the whole school. Her favorite class is P&E, and she can totally kick your ass, so be careful around her.

Then there's Elizabeth Sutton but you can call her Liz, or Lizzie. Her codename is Bookworm, and She's probably the sweetest girl ever. But while Bex and I are destined for CoveOps, she's destined to work behind the computer screen for the R&D track. She's probably the best hacker ever and no one, and I mean no one has ever been able to get past her firewalls.

Finally last but most certainly not least is Macey Mchenry, and yes you read right the senator's daughter is a spy and a very good one too, I might add. Her codename is Peacock. Macey is the fashionista of our group and even though she entered late, she has caught up to the rest of us. She is very good with disguises, and can very deadly with a mascara wand. But I still love her to pieces.

As I'm off thinking this my friends are discussing who knows what. I only catch a few pieces which are... summer…will have so much fun...can't wait till we go. As you can tell I'm seriously distracted and that not a very good quality for a spy. Someone must have noticed me drifting off because in the next 1.03 seconds I hear someone call out to me…

"Cammie, Cammie," no response. "CAMERON ANN MORGAN!" Bex then all but screams.

"What?" I say a bit too harshly.

"Well at least know she was paying attention," Macey says sarcastically.

"We were talking about summer vacation," Liz says, helpfully.

"What about it?" I say. "I'm staying here since I can't go to Nebraska."

This year my grandparents were going on some lame cruise ship with some of their friends, so I couldn't visit them. Plus my mom has to go on a mission with my aunt Abby, and after that's over, she's going on a private cruise with the staff of Gallagher, courtesy of the CIA.

"Exactly, which is my I convinced your mom to let us do something together." Macey states camly.

"Soooooo," I say a bit confused.

"You really weren't paying any attention to us at all were you?" Bex says.

I shake my head with a sheepish grin on my face.

"What Macey means is that the four of us are going to Miami together!" Bex squeals.

"WHAT, no way, are you serious?" I exclaim excitedly.

"duh, of course we are. Why would we be joking" Macey says in a bored tone.

"Um…" is my response.

"Yay! We're all going to Florida together," Liz squeals excitedly.

"Florida watch out cause the Gallagher girls are heading to Miami." Bex says laughing.

Florida here we come is 100% right. Watch out Miami because the Gallagher Girls are heading to town.

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