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-Codename: Kids Next Door-

(Now Loading...Kids Next Door Mission)

[Operation: B.E. M.I.N.E.]

[B]eautiful Things

[E]merge In

[M]any Ways



[E]motional Attachments


The scene fades in on the Kids Next Door clubhouse, we can hear various crashing noises emerging from the clubhouse, and a few papers flying out of the windows. We zoom in on one of the windows, looking inside the clubhouse, and we can see Number Three dancing all over the clubhouse, sqeuling happily as Number Four watched her, smiling.

"Numbah Three will you please stop dancing! Your going to destroy all the equipment in here! We can't afford to lose any more!"

"But dancing is fun Numbah One!"


Number Three pouted, her shoulders slumped as she sniffled lightly.

"Oh fine..."

"Aw c'mon Numbah one, let'r have some fun, 'sides, we can always rebuild the equipment"

"You're just saying that because she's your girlfriend Number Four, I'm well aware of that and it isn't going to work."

"Ah whateva, c'mon Kuki, let's go have some fun"


Number One smiled a bit as he watched Number Three run over to Number Four, clinging onto him as he wrapped his arm around her. The two walked off together to the exit of the clubhouse, passing by Number Five who had just entered frowning a little.

"What's up Numbah Five?"

"Jus' got off the phone with ya' girlfriend Lizzie Numbah One, she didn't sound very happy."

"...oh boy."

Number One gulped a little, when Lizzie wasn't happy, bad things happened. Last time he had a heck of a time getting her to calm down. Number Five sighed, rubbing her temples now.

"She says you gotta chose between us an' her Numbah One, she doesn't like the fact that you spend more time with us."


Number One's jaw practically dropped to the floor, he couldn't believe it, she was making him chose?!

"Yeah...look, you said I'd make a good leader Numbah One...if you go, I could take care of things till' we geta new recruit...that's no problem..."

Number Five lowered her head, sighing as she said that, the very thought of Number one leaving them hurt her alot, she didn't want to see him leave.

"I...I have to be alone for a bit Number Five...I have some thinking to do..."

"I uh...I understand Numbah One..take all the time ya' need..."

Number One stalked off to his bedroom, his hands behind his back, clasped together, and his head lowered as he murmered a few things under his breath. This would be the hardest decision he'd ever have to make...

Number Five watched sadly as Number One walked off to his room.


Number Five whispered his name softly, lowering her head, ther KND leader had always been there for them, he'd made sacrifices for them and even came up with the plan to get Number 3 and 4 together, he cared more about his team mates then himself sometimes, he was the best friend they could ever have...Number One was made to be the true KND leader..and that's why he was, he had every attribute neeeded, and the accent went with it perfectly.

"Please don't leave us...the Kids Next Door can't go on without ya' man..."

With that, Number Five shook her head sadly, turning around and walking towards the kitchen of the clubhouse. Cooking calmed her down sometimes, maybe it'll help again. What she didn't see, was a smirking Number Two hiding behind the wall, chuckling a bit and holding a walkie talkie in his hand.

"Numbah Two to Numbah 6L, come in Numbah 6L, can you read me?"

A female voice crackled to life on the walkie talkie, first it came out as a giggle, but then we could hear her speaking.

"Yeah Numbah Two?"

"Plans workin' so far, let's hope Numbah One makes the right decision..."

"She told him? Good...alright Numbah Two, contact me when the next stage happens."

"Alright 6L, over and out."

Number Two turned the walkie talkie off, chuckling lightly to himself.

" pays off sometimes to be walking the halls for a midnight snack before bed...Numbah Five and Numbah One won't realize what's happening till it's too late, good thing I heard them say what they did last night..."

Number Two grinned a bit, putting his goggles back over his eyes and walking off, leaving us with a shot of the inside of the clubhouse, before we fade out for about 5 seconds.

- -

We fade in once again, Number One is inside his room, his face buried in his hands. He was breathing heavily as he tried to sort things out within his mind. Him and the Kids Next Door had gone through so much in the past, but ever since he got together with Lizzie, things just got more complicated. Sure, he really liked Lizzie but...the Kids Next Door was his LIFE, how could he just give it up? And yet, he wasn't sure anymore. He liked Lizzie, but...there WAS someone he liked more..heck, that he might just be in love with...

But he didn't want to hurt Lizzie...that was the last thing he'd ever want to do...and yet here he was, faced with the hardest decision of his life because of her. He had to chose between his life with the Kids Next Door along with the girl he might be in love with, or the girl he really liked, and really didn't want to hurt. Lizzie would be hurt if he chose the KND over her..what was he going to do?!

Suddenly, he heard it, it was a soft tap at his door, followed by a few more taps and then silence. Sighing, he brought his head up, turning his attention to the door.

"Come in.."

The door opened slowly, and there she was. The girl he thought he just might be in love with...

Number Five had just entered the room.

"Hey Numbah Five..."

"Hey Numbah One."

"How are are you doing?"

"I've been better..."

Number One sighed, taking off his sunglasses and rubbing his eyes. He brought his hand down from his face and looked at Number Five more closely, for the first time noticing that she wasn't wearing her red hat, and instead holding it in her hands. Her braided hair fell down to her shoulders, and Number One couldn't help but stare, she was simply beautiful! Just looking at her...he realized, he did love her, and he couldn't leave the Kids Next Door...but more importantly, he couldn't leave Number Five...

"So Numbah One...did you uh...did you decide?"

"As a matter of fact Numbah Five..."

Taking a deep breath, Number One looked directly into Number Five's eyes. For a few moments, he didn't say anything, just letting himself get lost in her eyes, before he smiled lightly.

"I have...and...I'm staying.."

For a moment, Number Five thought she didn't hear him correctly, but then she realized she did, and her smile got so big she couldn't contain herself. She ran to Number one and flung her arms around him. Number one was startled at first, but smiling and enjoying Number Five's closeness, he wrapped his arms around her, returning the hug.

"I'm so glad you're staying Number One.."

"So am I Number Five..."

They pulled apart slowly, and Number one stared at Number Five, smiling and then almost whispering softly.

"So am I..."

The two remained silent, just staring at one another, before Number One unconsciously reached out, cupping Number Five's cheek with his hand. Number Five's own hand came up, touching Number one's softly. Number One smiled lightly, before tilting his head slowly upwards to Number Five's. She stared silently at Number One, before speaking quietly.

"Nigel...what are you.."

"I...I'm not sure Abigail...I..."

And almost in slow motion, Number One and Number Five's eyes slowly closed, as their lips met with a kiss. Time seemingly stood still for both the young KND members, before they slowly pulled apart, breathing heavily and staring into each others eyes. Number One smiled softly again, and Number Five did as well, a slight chuckle escaping her lips.

"I uh...I guess I should tell you Abigail...that I...I love you..."

Number Five blinked, tears welling up in her eyes. He said it so smoothly...he didn't hesitate much and...he loved her. Number One had nothing to lose in his eyes...except her, and he decided he shouldn't stall any..he had to tell her, he had to see if she too cared for him. And was that moment of truth...

"I...I...oh Nigel...I love ya' too..."

Number One smiled even wider, as the two leaned forward once again, kissing each other. Number One's door silently opened a bit, and two heads popped through the crack, looking at Number One and Five. We can't make out their faces due to the shadows, but we can tell that the two are smiling. Slowly they lean back outside the door, closing it lightly.

We fade outside the door now, and we can see Number Two talking to someone standing in the shadows. At first we can't make out what they're saying, but as we zoom in slightly, we can hear them more clearly.

"Way to go Number 6L...your first operation, operation B.E. M.I.N.E., has been a success."

"I couldn't have done it without you though Hoagie."

"Heheh, please Lizzie, call me Numbah Two"

With that, Lizzie stepped out of the shadows, smiling to Number Two, who shuffled his feet lightly.

"Yeah that I'm single again I was wondering...wanna go out for ice cream sometime Number Two?"

Number Two smiled broadly, holding out his arm for Lizzie to take ahold of.

"Sure, let's go."


Lizzie held onto Number Two's arm, and the two walked off towards the exit of the clubhouse. Suddenly we can see Number Three and Number Four exit Number Three's room, chuckling lightly.

"Looks like we gots a buncha' lovas on the Kids Next Door now, eh' Kuki?"

"Yeah...but we'll always be the originals, right Wallabe?"

"Heheh, right Kuki...that's something no one can change, neva'..."

"Good...I wouldn't want it any other way.."

And with that...we fade out once again to blackness.


-Codename: Kids Next Door-

[Author: Norris Scott, A.K.A. Cloud Storm.]

[Story Title: Operation B.E. M.I.N.E]

[Operation: Succesful]

-[The End]-