This story is based off of another fanfiction called It's a Viral Life. I own Kyrosis, Chelsea and the other racers but, none of the other characters.

One: The Well-known Enemy

"What do you mean he or she wants me?"
"We got it on video that the virus was asking cells around Town Square about you." stated Chief Gluteus
"What gender was it? Or what did he look like?" asked the worrisome cell
"The video is in black and white and it's a little fuzzy" replied the oestrogen cell called Leah
"That's just great… Wait… do you have a copy of the video?" realized Kyrosis
"Why do you ask?" asked the cold pill curiously.
"I just remembered somethin'!" exclaimed Kyrosis as she ran out of the Chief's office. Her brother, Thrax, Almira and Drix following her footsteps. She ran to her car and unlocked it. She looked for a little flash drive and dug around. She yelped as she felt it at her fingertips. She grabbed it and pulled her hand out of the hiding place, she took her laptop out of its hiding spot. Her friends frowned at her curiously as she ran back in the Chief's Office. She switched on her laptop and started typing away. She asked for the footage and was handed a disk. She put it in and pushed in the flash drive. The sound of fingers tapping keys was the only thing that could be heard in the room, with faces leaning over the cell's shoulder. She stopped the video when the camera caught the virus' face. She improved the resolution and the image revealed a tall virus with hair hanging in his eyes.
"Can you improvise the colour?" asked Drix
"Not a problem" grinned Kyrosis
A few seconds later the colours of the City contrasted against the dark green skin of the virus. Kyrosis knew the yellow eyes from anywhere,
"What?!" came the question
Kyrosis' eyes widened, "Where's Thrax?!"
Everyone looked around to see where their friend was but he was nowhere to be found. Kyrosis stood up and ran out the chief's office. Almira ran out with her. Kyrosis morphed into her virus form and ignored the surprised yelps and screams… She had to find Thrax before he would do something that he'll regret. Jumping over crates, cells and fences was an ease in her current form. Her purple hair flowing behind her as she ran through the streets of Frank. Her claws slashing through every wall, until she heard two familiar voices yelling at each other. She looked up to see where the voices came from. The roof! She ran through the door, ignoring the germs running after her and Almira attacking them. The stairs to the roof were long and spiralling. She finally came to the door and smashed it open. She heard Almira panting next to her. They looked up and saw the two viruses slashing at each other. Kyrosis morphed back to her small, feminine form. She saw a gap and stepped in between the tall viruses fighting. Panting and insults were thrown across the roof.
"Kya always had to bail you out, huh? *pant*" asked Ed
"At least *pant* she doesn't kill an entire *pant* family!" countered Thrax
"Enough!" yelped Kyrosis
The viruses stood up and fixed their hair.
"Sorry" came their voices
"I don't take sides, and you two should know that… I just want to know what the hell happened between you two… I know the family thing was one but, even before that, you two were falling apart"
They looked at each other and looked away. "Look… I don't want this to happen again, especially when we're adults"
Thrax looked at Kyrosis with sadness in his eyes. "You really want to try this again?"
"I have to know what the hell is going on, Thrax."
It was Ed's turn to frown at her, "It's nothing, Kya—"
"I need to know! Both of you shut up and settle this, without fighting"
They heard Osmosis and Drix stop at the door and cock their guns,
"Hands in the air!" yelled Ozzy
Kyrosis turned to Ed and gave him a look of guilt. He returned it with an assuring smile, he looked over her head and frowned at Thrax. Drix came up behind the Ebola virus and put him in cuffs. She looked at her feet and ran her fingers through her hair. She felt her brother's hand on her shoulder, she looked at him and smiled. She shook off his hand walked down to the floor level. She walked out and saw the surprised faces staring at her.

Author's Notes

Hi Peeps! This is kind of a short chapter but, it has some action happening. i wanted to show some tension between the three friends. Don't know how i fared though...


Kyrosis Jones: Me

Almira; Ed: DarkraixCresselia

Thrax; Ozzy; Drix; Leah; Chief: Warner Bros.