This story is based off of another fanfiction called It's a Viral Life. I own Kyrosis, Chelsea and the other racers but, none of the other characters.

Six: Girl Time

Two weeks later…

Kyrosis was busy making food. The phone rang, Kyrosis checked the Caller ID and it read: Thrax. She picked up,
"Hey, Kya."
"What's wrong?"
"Nothin', I just have a favour to ask"
"Ask away"
"I need you to babysit Almira, I got a big case comin' up and I can't take her with me"
"Sure! I'd love to spend time with her. Just get her ready and I'll be there in 15 minutes or so…"
"Thanks Kya. You're the best"
"Tell me something I don't know"
She heard him laugh over the phone and respond, "Can't think of any"
"Knew it"
"See ya later"

He hung up and sighed. He heard Ozzy whistle and laugh,
"Where's the magic touch?" asked Osmosis
"Shut up" growled Thrax
"You're wrapped around her finger! That's hilarious!" he exclaimed as he fell on his back
"Osmosis… You can't expect Thrax to ask her with you around" joked Drix
"Ask her what?" asked Thrax curiously
"Ask her to date you, man" replied Ozzy
"Why?" asked Thrax again
"You clearly have feelings for her" answered Drix
"I… Uh… Just shut up!" hesitated Thrax.
They responded with a laugh. Thrax started packing Almira's stuff in an overnight bag. She sniffled the bag and gave Thrax a dumbfounded look,
"You're gonna hang with Kya while I'm gone"
She responded with a whine and her ears drooped
"I thought you like Kyrosis"
She nodded hastily, then drooped her ears again
"I can't take you with me. It's way too dangerous for a hyena"
She gave him a sad look and whined.
"I made my decision, Mira"
She sighed and nodded. He heard someone knock on the door, he zipped the bag and put it on the table. He saw Kyrosis being invited in and hug Ozzy. Almira greeted her with a lick in the face and Kyrosis just stood there with a puzzling look.
"Okay…" she said as she wiped off the slobber off her face.
She stared at the overnight bag and her eyes widened,
"I didn't think Almira was gonna move in with me" laughed Kyrosis
"It's all her toys, and her blankets. In case I'm not back by then" replied Thrax
"Hmm, that much stuff for one little baby" Kyrosis said as she glared at Almira playfully. The hyena responded with an innocent smile.
"What cafés are pet-friendly?" asked Kyrosis
"Downtown Coffee" replied Ozzy before Thrax could say anything
"Favourite parks to go to?"
"The Heart" responded Drix, interrupting Thrax.
"Great! I'm set for Girls' Day Out. I just need to do groceries first" replied Kyrosis.
"Almira, you be good to Kya" warned Thrax, the hyena nodded and sat next to Kyrosis. She had her bangs ruffled and a scratch behind the ear.
"Any details I need to know about the case?" asked Kyrosis
"A virus kidnapping cells" responded Drix
She gave him a worried look and breathed, "Must be hard to explain to the families, huh?"
Drix nodded solemnly. She breathed and went for the door, Almira following her. She turned to the hyena,
"Say your goodbyes first" smiled the cell.
She walked out the door and went to the car. Almira said her goodbyes and went down with Kyrosis. Thrax sighed, Drix and Ozzy exchanging confused looks,
"What's wrong Thrax?" asked Drix
"Hmm? Oh, nothin'"

Kyrosis sat in the car for a while, thinking of the case Thrax, Drix and Ozzy are assigned to, it couldn't be him, could it? She was shook out of her thoughts when Almira put her cold nose on Kyrosis' cheek. She turned her head and looked at Almira, the expression read worried.
"I'm fine"
The hyena tilted her head and frowned curiously.
"I'm just thinking about… Thrax" lied Kyrosis
The hyena tilted her head even more,
"He seems to like me" shrugged Kyrosis
The hyena nodded and frowned
"I don't know"
Kyrosis started the engine and went to her apartment first.

She put Almira's bag onto the couch and unpacked her blankets and toys. Kyrosis felt a paw on her leg, she looked down at Almira, who was sitting on her hind legs. Kyrosis sighed,
"I'll take you to the café."
Almira smiled and went back to her normal position. Kyrosis sighed, she grabbed her keys and exited her apartment.

The cell sat down with a hyena sitting next to her feet. The cell ordered and waited. She sighed and started talking to her hyena, its exterior resembling flames, the animal's tail and mane yellow and also resembling flames. The hyena reacting with certain movements, telling the owner what the animal means. The cell seemed familiar, snapping from his thoughts, his henchmen asked him,
"What's wrong boss?" came a germ's worried tone
"Nothin'. Boys, does that cell look familiar?" asked the virus named Sloane
His lackeys following Sloane's gaze, a virus with a light blue skin frowned, "She kinda does… What are you thinking Sloane?"
"We can ask her if she remembers us…" smiled Sloane

"I don't care what you say Almira, I'm not gonna get you more toys. You have enough" argued Kyrosis
Almira gave her a cute frown and scoffed,
"It's not my fault that you're pampered and spoiled by Thrax. I'll give you a pendant but, no toys. That's final"
Almira looked over Kyrosis' shoulder and saw four germ-like men stare at Kyrosis, she growled and the men looked away, one of them,
"What's wrong, girl?" asked Kyrosis, looking in the same direction.
Almira gave her a worried look,
"What? You think they're gonna hurt me?" asked Kyrosis
Almira nodded, Kyrosis gave her a scratch behind the ear and smiled,
"No one's gonna hurt me as long as you're around"
Their food came and they ate.

Kyrosis tried to throw the ball far enough for Almira but, couldn't keep her busy for even a minute. When Almira came back with the ball in her mouth, Kyrosis groaned and took the ball. She threw it again and sighed.
"She never gets tired" panted Kyrosis to herself
She sighed again when Almira came back again. Kyrosis frowned at the hyena,
"Do you never get tired?!"

Thrax growled with frustration, the virus looked familiar but, he couldn't put his finger on it. Drix gave him a cup of coffee, Thrax calmed down and sighed,
"Did we go through the cold case files?" asked Thrax
"Not all of 'em" replied Ozzy while reading through a file.
"We'll get through this Thrax" assured Drix
"I recognize the stupid dude! I just don't know where I saw him before…" growled Thrax
"You'll figure it out" answered Drix
"Uh… guys. You gotta see this" said Ozzy nervously.
They rushed to Ozzy reading the files. Thrax saw the details:

Name of Abducted: Kyrosis Jones
Age: 10
Witnesses: Brother: Osmosis Jones
Suspects: None

"So… Kyrosis was kidnapped by this dude?" asked Thrax
"It seems so" replied Drix
Thrax pulled out his phone and dialled Kya's number.

Author's Notes

Hey people! Yes I took long with this one... I know, and I wanna say sorry for the Almira lovers out there for not featuring Almira enough in the story. I did fast forward to two weeks after the whole Ed thing. And the new character Sloane, is mine. I still have to figure out how he looks, you can make art about him. He's tall, that I know XD He's mysterious and evil-looking. You can send ideas if you want to because, I'll take longer with the next chapter. School and writing fanfictions don't mix, especially when you're homeschooling and your exams are coming up. See you peeps next chapter and I'd love to see the art you come up with sorry I can't do it myself! This can be like a competition, sort of. You can PM me and tell me where to find it.

And I will always put tension at the end of a chapter XD


Kyrosis Jones;Sloane: Me

Almira: DarkraixCresselia

Thrax; Ozzy; Drix: Warner Bros.