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"Loneliness is proof that your innate search for connection is intact."- Martha Beck

Chapter One: The Lonely Dragon.


Harry found himself sitting at the end of a long table, on each seat sat a figure cloaked in black donning a silvery skeletal mask. The sensation of smooth scales brushed against his long fingers and Harry glanced down to see a large snake coiled around the legs of his chair. Harry hissed to the snake "Be patient, Nagini. I will bring you some food soon," the voice was cold, it wasn't Harry's but Voldemort's.

"My Lord!" A voice called from the doorway, there Harry saw another Death Eater panting out of breath, and in one hand he clutched a young boy from the ruff of his shirt while he pointed his wand at the boy's neck with the other. "Forgive me for being late, my Lord but I found this kid trespassing on the Manor's grounds!"

The boy looked like he was in his teenage years, very young, his build wasn't muscular or tall and his face was surrounded by a mane of hair as yellow as rays of sunlight. To Voldemort only one word could describe this trespasser: Insignificant. There was nothing interesting about the boy with nothing of use to Voldemort. Then a thought entered Voldemort's mind as he remembered his precious pet.

"Bring the boy to me," Voldemort commanded and immediately the Death Eater sprang into action so as to not displease his Dark Lord. Now, the Death Eater stood near the Dark Wizard's chair, holding out his offering.

Blue eyes glared defiantly at his own red eyes.

"Nagini…your food…" He gestured with a pale hand, Nagini watched the hand move in anticipation before she slithered eagerly to her prey, gathering coils. With a lightning quick strike she sank her fangs into the soft flesh of the boy's neck as he yelped in pain.

The Death Eaters observed the scene with various expressions, some disturbed, others delighted.

All amusement turned to confusion as the boy stood up before Nagini was able to begin devouring the body. "Impossible. You shouldn't be standing, boy," Voldemort spat, furious. All of them were given an answer to their unasked question when they watched in morbid fascination as the wound Nagini inflicted began to knit itself back together, covering the exposed arteries and veins.

A white wand was raised in Harry's vision as he felt Voldemort's rage coursing through him.

"AVADA KEDAVRA!" A green light engulfed the room and seconds after it was followed by a short thud.


The yellow-haired boy slowly pushed himself off the ground, coughing. This boy…he can't be killed…he had achieved what Voldemort had searched all his life for: Immortality.

While everyone was distracted, the boy took off, dashing past a dazed Death Eater. Only after he left the room did they all realise that he was gone.

"Don't let him escape! Bring him to me!" Voldemort roared, spurring his followers into chasing after the trespasser. He needs to know how that boy was able to become immortal. Did he use the same method as himself? He didn't want anyone else to be immortal too.

How could he let that boy escape?!

The lightning bolt-shaped scar on Harry's forehead seared with pain as he woke from the dream panting and coated in cold sweat. An image of the yellow-haired boy burned brightly in his mind's eye.

Just who was this boy that Voldemort had taken such an intense interest in?



How much further was that town again?


Zeno lifted his heavy head up, his tired eyes straining to focus on the little village through the dense forest foliage.


The muscles in his legs ached and screamed at him to take a break, they hurt so much that Zeno briefly wondered if he could, would he have died from exhaustion right now?


One of Zeno's shoes had caught on a tree root, his body lurched into a forward roll that sent him tumbling down a steep slope. Once the world stopped spinning around him, Zeno carefully picked himself up again from where he had been buried in a heap of snow and took in his current whereabouts.

The village looked as though it was taken from a postcard, picturesque cosy-looking buildings wrapped in blankets and pillows of soft freshly laid snow. If Zeno wasn't feeling as though a bucket of ice was dumped down the back of his shirt or that his feet were made of lead, he would have dived into the snow to make snow-angels.

Shivering, Zeno wrapped his scarf tighter around his neck as he searched for someplace warm to stay the night. All the pubs he entered said that students shouldn't be there and that they should head back to Hogwarts right that instant or they'll contact a professor, then they kicked him out. With numb hands and feet, he trudged through the street as the sun sank lower, the snow sparkling like gold dust. Looking up his eyes met a familiar sight: a castle. The lights were on giving the longstanding building an ethereal form. Perhaps they would accept travellers? If they heard of the Four Dragons maybe they might accept him…but that story has once again become just a myth…

Besides… he was too far from the Kouka Kingdom for anyone to know of the ancient legends of his homeland.

Sighing, Zeno began the long climb up the hill to where the castle stood its ground. He successfully reached the grand doors and stumbled inside, the first thing he noticed was the cheerful chatter of people. Zeno was able to reach the second set of doors where the sounds were coming from and used his last remaining energy to heave them open so he could enter the room. There he swayed unsteadily as his vision blurred, one person became four until it all morphed into a whirl of colours.

Darkness devoured the colour sending the world into a black void

***Golden Trio***

The students and professors of Hogwarts were enjoying their dinner when a stranger stumbled into the Hall. They all silently observed the teenager, who had snowflakes that had not melted still dusting his shoulders and long yellow hair. He swayed wildly to one side with unfocused eyes before collapsing on the floor unconscious. The sound snapped the Professors into action and immediately Madame Pomfrey was beside the boy, wand out. After a quiet discussion with the other Professors that Harry, Ron and Hermione couldn't catch, Madame Pomfrey left the Hall with the stranger's unconscious form levitating beside her.

"Merlin's Beard what was that all about?" Ron asked, thankfully without his mouth full of food, which had fallen out when his jaw dropped.

"I wonder where he's from… his clothes looked foreign," Hermione commented, always the observant one.

"Why were you looking at his clothes? Don't tell me you fancy him too. First Lockhart, then Krum, now someone you just met!" Ron groaned, Hermione's head whipped around to glare at him but just as her mouth opened to retort Harry muttered something that caught her attention.

"He looks familiar…I think I've seen him somewhere before…" Ron and Hermione shared a glance.

"Can you remember where?" Hermione questioned. Thinking hard, an image appeared in Harry's mind; defiant bright blue eyes glaring at him, a halo of golden hair shining in the dim lighting of the room…a flash of green, a body on the ground, someone who shouldn't be alive…someone who survived the same curse he had.

"He was in my dream…" Harry spoke so softly that his two best friends couldn't hear him, he repeated his words again but louder, "That boy, he was in my dream, he's the one that Voldemort wanted to catch, the one that escaped!"

"Your dream? Harry, you're not supposed to let him in!" Hermione admonished.

"I know, all right?" He snapped. Harry took a moment to calm down, "It's just…. don't you think it's odd that the one person that Voldemort so desperately wanted to catch has ended up here at Hogwarts? What if…what if Voldemort had already caught him, what if he recruited him?"

"You mean…" Ron began.

"This might not be just a coincidence, a Death Eater has infiltrated Hogwarts," Harry declared, already jumping straight to the conclusions.


The Headmaster of Hogwarts watched the events unfurl in the Great Hall with curious twinkling eyes, so naturally, Dumbledore had to pay the newcomer a visit in person. In the Hospital Wing, Madame Pomfrey had just finished examining her patient and turned to give him the results.

"It's just a case of exhaustion, poor dear overexerted himself nothing a few potions won't fix," no sooner had she finished informing Dumbledore that, another student was rushed in for emergency treatment, she walked off muttering "The school year has barely begun and I already have no fewer than five injured…"

Dumbledore turned his attention back to the unconscious yellow-haired boy, eyes focusing on every detail. An orange sleeveless haori overcoat…a green scarf and bandanna, and lastly an intriguing pendant with a dragon crest. Just as he was taking a closer look at the design on the beaded accessory, his eyes met a pool of pure blue. Startled, Dumbledore averted his eyes as he re-collected himself, looking back he was met with the sight of the boy beaming, a sunny atmosphere glowing from him.

"Good to see you have woken up, before you ask I welcome you to the Hospital Wing of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I am Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster of this school and you are?"

"Zeno," the boy replied with another cheerful smile.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Zeno. If you have any questions feel free to ask, for I have some of my own," Dumbledore finished his sentence with a light-hearted chuckle.

"Zeno would like to thank you for helping him, he thinks you are a kind man," His use of third person speech surprised Dumbledore momentarily, no human at Hogwarts talked like that not even the first years, it was something one would expect from a House Elf. "Zeno is wondering if he can have something to eat, can he have some food?" the boy's question was escorted by a very obvious sound of a stomach growling hungrily like a predator…and drool.

"Of course, you may have some after our talk. First, I would like to know: how old are you Zeno?"

"Seventeen," Zeno replied simply.

"Where are you from?"

"Very far. Far, far away!" Zeno's answer was once again in a light, bubbly tone despite Dumbledore's questions getting gradually more and more serious in tone.

"Was there any reason why we found you collapsed on Hogwarts' front doors?"

"Zeno felt tired, but then he saw a castle and Zeno likes castles so he went to see if they would let him rest there," Dumbledore's eyebrows raised a fraction higher at the response.

"Why were you tired, Mr. Zeno?"

"I just had a very long day," Dumbledore could see how weary the boy's eyes were, but he could also see something which thoroughly confused him: A certain kind of tiredness and wise glint that only comes with age as well as many years of experience. Something in those eyes would comfortably belong in an ancient man like himself but to see it in a young boy such a Zeno…well, it looked very much out of place. "Well then…"

As quickly as the tired look appeared it was replaced by a dazzling bright smile that radiated energy, "Are there any more questions? Are we satisfied? Then we're done, we're done," Zeno chirped, effectively cutting off any chance for Dumbledore to ask more questions.

"I shall leave you to rest then. You have my permission to stay as long as you need, feel free to help yourself to some food in the kitchens, Mr. Zeno," said Dumbledore gently, disappointed that the interrogation was cut short without any new information revealed. However, before he left the room, the Headmaster turned around once more his own eyes diving into those pools of blue Zeno possessed. Using Legilimency, Dumbledore attempted to see just who Zeno really is and was shocked to discover just how many layers the boy's mind truly had. Hundreds, perhaps more than a thousand, layers that a Legilimens would think is impossible for any wizard to have. From someone who talked in third person, Zeno had the most complex mind Dumbledore had ever thought was possible.

The deeper Dumbledore dived, the more he felt like he was drowning, as a blur of memories rushed passed him as a raging river. He concentrated on a single memory that trickled out in front of him, a strand that strayed from the torrent, and used it to gather control of the situation once again.

Zeno wearing the same clothes as he is now was laughing with a group that looked close to his age. A squirrel sprang from Zeno's shoulder and onto a red-haired girl's lap.

Dumbledore dived deeper…

This time Zeno was looking up at a bright red star in the dawn sky while sitting on a branch with what appeared to be a younger version of the white-haired man from the previous memory.

He plunged even further…

A red-haired man embraced Zeno before bestowing him the pendant with the dragon's crest, three other men who resembled part of the group from before looked at the pair in astonishment.

A memory this far in the past should have been from when Zeno was just a child, but in every single memory that Dumbledore could see.

Zeno always looked the same.

His time in Zeno's mind ended when a hand yanked him out from the depths below, brought him back to the surface and out of the boy's mind.

"You should be more careful Mister Headmaster, I don't want to see you getting lost like that again," The serious tone cut through his happy aura to pierce Dumbledore, who stood stunned by the Hospital Wing's door. With those ominous words echoing in his mind, Dumbledore left the room feeling uneasy and dishevelled.

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