The Byronic Prince of Dragonstone

This little story worm started after I read a crossover story by one Xlerons on a very similar subject, a worm that festered until it matured after watching The Saga of Tanya the Evil into what is presented before you.

Unfortunately, this'll probably be the only chapter for this story for a long while since I have other fanfiction projects still in production and it would only be proper if I finished those before I even think about this tale. Still, it's something to ponder in the meanwhile.

And before we being, let's get the legal portion over and done with.

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Move One: Saṃsāra Accord

The heir apparent of the Iron Throne, offspring of Robert Baratheon and Cercei Lannister, had succumbed to fever. All the labor and knowledge of the maesters at the royal couple's disposal were not enough to ward off the Stranger from their infant son. Not even the desperate cries and sullen tears of the golden locked mother could reverse the final fate of the child, whom still clawed against the air towards the remains as the father held her back. He could only steel himself for the inevitable funeral as the servant took the babe away.

Only for her path to be blocked by a mysterious, elderich being both light and shadow, flame and smoke, wreathed in alien feelers. It was then did the servants, maesters, and both the King and Queen of the Seven Kingdoms found that the nursery was replaced with a stark void, as if it were but the twilight of creation. These mere mortals could only fathom the events that played out before them.

"So this is where I am to be reborn?" A voice echoed beside the unknown presence, as all eyes laid upon a youth that was but a handful of years younger than when Robert Baratheon I had taken the Iron Throne from the Mad King Aerys Targaryen II the year prior. He wore regalia of white and gold, stained by blood from a mortal wound to the chest, black of hair, and most striking were deep amethyst eyes. Eyes that were not too out of place of those that descended from the Targaryen line. Though few questioned as to if he were but boy or girl due to how beautiful he stood despite the lithe frame and the voice.

"Yes." The force of nature boomed in such intensity that none of the Westerosi witnesses could stand, and could only stare in awe at the thin-framed youth who stood as if he were but immune to such sheer force of a simple vocal gesture. "In your previous life, you have claimed to destroy worlds and create them anew. In this life, you will be essential for the war to come."

"And if I do this, you will ensure that the Zero Requiem-" The youth began to inquire.

"Battle the Others, and your old world will know lasting peace. Defeat the Others, and that peace will be eternal." The being interrupted. "That will be our contract, Lelouch vi Britannia. For those you have left behind, it will be wise to keep true our accord."

The youth, Lelouch vi Britannia, scanned the void as if it were not a void, but the actual world. "I have faced worst odds with more limited resources; still it will be an interesting challenge. Though I doubt that the local deities of this world would like it if I had my Geass to-"

"Your Geass will mutate into a new power, a new advantage that will aid you against the Others in the war to come. You are not the Prince That Was Promised, but you are this world's best chance at survival, at victory. True victory." The unknown deity corrected. Its feelers then extended into empty space and wreathed against each other until they pulled away to reveal an arming sword forged in Valyrian Steel of ancient design, the hilt in the shape of a stylized bird in flight. "This will be your greatest weapon in the war to come against the Others, master it well."

"If I must." Lelouch vi Britannia sighed in slight annoyance as he held aloft the arming sword, though with great difficulty.

"Intelligence and experience in your past life, you are divinely gifted." The elderich presence noted. "You need not worry in such areas, though now you have a lifetime to forge your physical strength you deny yourself in your past life."

"Well considering the technological development level of this world, I don't have much choice." Lelouch vi Britannia noted as he released the blessed arming sword, which allowed it to float aloft mystically. It was then did he notice the deceased infant in the arms of the Red Keep servant. "My new body?"

"Yes, the child's mortal journey in this world is at an end. I will send his spirit to another world, another time, and you will take his place and begin your new mortal journey. To ready yourself in the war to come against the Others."

Then Lelouch vi Britannia turned to face Robert and Cersei. "I'll take it that you'll be my parents as well?"

"A-aye…" Robert answered unsurely.

Lelouch vi Britannia paused and pondered for a great many moments. Finally, he spoke "Well, I have to say that this is a significant improvement over last time." He then turned back to the dead babe in the servant's arms. "And my name?"

"Steffon of House Baratheon." Robert answered. "Me father's name."

Lelouch vi Britannia simply shrugged. "That'll be one more thing to get used to, I guess." And he touched the infant, a blinding light engulfed both he and the baby.

Once it faded, the westerosi witnesses had found themselves returned to the Red Keep nursery and the once dead infant now fussed and cried in the servant's arms. Cercei, without thought or reason, rushed towards the baby and took him into her arms with Robert only a moment behind. The child soon calmed enough into coos as his eyes revealed the same amethyst irises of the youth they had met but a moment ago in the not-dream of the void.

Grand Master Pycelle, once he had recovered from the uncanny stupor, approached the king and queen. "A miracle not unlike the Age of Heroes, my lord. Even if it comes before ill tidings of the future of the realm."

"Aye, I'll make him a great warrior worthy of the Age of Heroes." Robert boasted, as he picked up the Valyrian Arming Sword. "So great that the Others'll quiver by the mere mention of him!"

"…Lulu…" Cercei's words drew the attention of both the Grand Maester and the King. "It has such a lovely tone."

"Now don't be so confounded, woman!" Robert warned. "You'll just confuse the boy!"

"I'm sure he'll be intelligent enough to know the difference." Cercei countered.

Steffon of House Baratheon, the reincarnation of Lelouch vi Britannia, could only wonder what would be in store for this world and how he'll make it better for and after the war that is to come with the Others.

And that'll be it for the foreseeable future. Yes, Lelouch will have his memories of when he was both Zero and the Demon Emperor of Britannia along with his characteristic intelligence, though I doubt that he'll like the training regimen his new father'll put him through to get him ready. As for what his new power will be? Well, I haven't really gotten anything concrete, but it'll be something that'll be of great effect against the Whitewalkers and their undead hordes.

And I can only imagine the kind of hell Lelouch'll do to Joffrey. Purple Wedding got nothin' on what will have in mind.

Flames and brutally honest reviews are not necessary, I already have a feeling that this isn't the best representative of the Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire fandom nor the execution, but it's my first so naturally it's gonna be bad.