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** Ŧħę Ľąŝŧ Łĭë : Čŏņƒũşīǿń **

His glances at her were short ones, but his eyes remained focus mainly on the peach wallpaper that was peeling in some places. He hated this hospital. It was too… too… He couldn't think of the word… It also smelt like medicine. The young woman sitting by his side bit her lower lip, sensing strawberry lip-gloss, mixed the bubbly aftertaste of cheap cola. She was irritated to see him like this, almost as much as it scared her. Shuddering at the single thought, she decided to try again to claim his attention.

"… Umm… Would you like some coffee? James?" she murmured discreetly, but he knew the question was aimed at him.

His usually neatly groomed hair was in a tangled mess that clouded parts of his ghostly, pale face. And he was still dressed in that hideous hospital gown. His mind was too flooded with confusing thoughts, to worry about nonsensical needs such as coffee. As far as he knew, these contemplations meant nothing.

With a slight growl, the woman kept her temper in check for once and leant over to place a single hand on his knee. His confused, but piercing gaze met hers. She sucked in a great deal of air, and exhaled loudly, composing herself.


It was as though she was talking to him in Swahili. Now she truly knew the meaning of pointless. But, this single obstacle won't get in her way.

Despite her oncoming wave of prospect, she scowled viciously.

"Coffee!" she yelled, evening standing up to state her point even more. He jumped in his seat slightly, and focused completely on her icily blue glare. "Do you want some fucking coffee?!"

Her outburst also shocked a nurse who was passing by at the time with a trolley, carrying medicine. A couple of glass flasks fell, shattering on the floor and spilling their liquid contents across the blue, hospital tiles.

James' reply was hesitant, but clear.

"No… thank you…?"

Jessie exhaled a ragged breath, but sat down once again on the edge of the hospital bed. Her long legs folded themselves against her chest and she wrapped her arms around them, laying her head down, tired.

"… God…" she sighed.

James could only look over her in worry at the display of frustration. According to the doctor, she was supposed to be assisting him in acquiring his memory. He resisted the urge to shout back at her and frowned.

As she continued to fume beneath her breath, she failed to notice that the young man beside her had slipped out into the corridor. When she looked up to talk to him, she figured the last thing he wanted was confusion, and held back a couple of solemn tears.

James' footsteps sounded sharply on the linoleum floor. He had long changed out of the plastic-like hospital gown and into a pair of cargo pants, dirty joggers and an oversized teal and navy blue jersey, all of which were brought to his room that morning in a box bearing 'JAMES' in red permanent marker.

God… He didn't even know for sure if his own name was James.

He licked his drying lips and swept a hand across the poorly papered wall gingerly.

If only…

The two words pounded on over and over again in his brain until another mixed with them.

If only… What?

He didn't have many of them, but if he still had his memory, he'd have at least one 'if only'.

If only… I didn't get amnesia…

Certain memories were still present. Like, that it was the year 2056. And that there were more Pokemon in the world than Hallmark has greeting cards. Also, that the Cinnabar Tentacruels were the reigning champions of Kanto football, and the Goldenrod Tyrannitaurs were at the Johto soccer ladder.

He wondered about his social life.

Well, he was sure about very few things…

Like, that his name was James and he had two friends: a smart-talking Meowth that happened to be able to talk and a pretty girl by the name of Jessica, but would rather to be called Jessie.

And… that was the extent of it. He didn't even know how old he was… Or what he looked like.

In the corner of his eye, he spotted the men's toilets. He smiled. It was almost as if it were a fluke. Pushing the door open unsurely, he took a quick glance around. The sea blue tiles seemed to jump out of the walls and seize him into their underwater grotto. He wanted to run, for God knows what reason, but he kept his ground and uneasily stumbled towards one of five basins.

It was… Well, it definitely wasn't what he expected.

His mental image of himself was a short, wimpy-looking, geek of a person who was currently wearing contact lenses instead of the usual thick-rimmed glasses and a mop of brown hair. It went with the voice…

But instead… There stood the exact opposite… A handsome guy with a smile that would make cheering fan-girls melt at the knees, with gorgeous jade-green eyes and azure hair… He ran a hand consciously through his knotted hair, raking out the tangles with his fingers.

He decided that he looked more like a pretty boy model than the surfing superstar babe magnet he wanted. At least he wasn't fat – he was far from it. His clothing hung to his lean torso, showing it off proudly. He smiled charismatically. Who wouldn't want him?

His thoughts drifted back to the attractive redhead sitting in his room. Even though his heart somehow leapt at the fact that she happened to be a close friend, he quickly found that she wasn't drooling over him on their first encounter. Besides, with a beautiful face and elegant body like that, it didn't seem to surprise him that she might even have a… a…

"Boyfriend," he sighed to himself. The colour of green filled his senses and seething jealousy quickly took over, but didn't seem to pin on why.

Maybe he was… No – he couldn't be. He didn't love her, did he?

No… Well, maybe…

He sighed roughly and leant with his hands pressed against the white bench and his head bowed. "Shit," he murmured. He let out a cry of frustration and kicked a paper towel bin, sending it across the tiled floor and into one of the stalls without spilling its contents.

"God… Just get this over with already…" the cat in the corner heard her say quietly. For the first time in his nine lives, he felt genuine sorrow for her, instead of his usual mock-pity.

Jessie mumbled incoherently under her breath. Namely cusses in no particular order. Her face was pressed hard into the palms of her hands and sweat rolled between her fingers.

Memories flooded in from… everywhere…

Six years ago…

Fourteen… What an age to be. Most people were aware of everyone else's age, all except hers. Every one of her friends thought she was fifteen at the most, just shorter than average. She was put up a grade to further her motivation.

Despite them being her senior by at least a few months at the least, she felt a hundred years older and wiser than the chatter of boy crazy lunatics. She felt like a princess in the company of poorly dressed beggars – which was the worst way to describe her.

The school uniforms were nothing like her old, checkered dresses and cardigans. Instead, each girl had to wear a blue, pleated skirt which was so short, she might as well not be wearing one; a white blouse and long socks to go with leather shoes. And every boy had to have a plain, white shirt, tucked into navy blue pants, with matching shoes.

There were a number of book freaks in the school, which were instantly labeled losers with their broken glasses and thick novels tucked under their arms. She, on the other hand, had luckily been befriended by a perky blonde who went by the name 'Kitty', when in reality it was Brianna. Snapped up immediately by some football playing jock on the very first day, she suddenly realized she had a boyfriend. The first of many…

Unlike most of the students who attended Pokemon Technical, she was granted a scholarship for outstanding knowledge at her previous school, which didn't have the expenses to cater for her intellect, instead of being just plain filthy rich. The experience of the sudden new location was a distant feeling to her. Instead of studying, her newfound friends were more interested in shopping and showing off their gorgeous figures in miniskirts and tight-fitting tube tops.

This new school didn't have a cafeteria, much to her surprise. Instead, it had a large courtyard and spacious grounds where nosy teachers aren't constantly hovering behind you. Jessie's group of friends covered two tables, with some opting to loll lazily in the low lying willow tree nearby. Last term, there were three tables, but one particular person had the audacity to spray it with deodorant and set it alight.

And they didn't get a new one, sadly to say.

It was a busy Thursday afternoon, her second week, and from the corner of her eye, she spotted a boy standing a fair distance from the table at which she sat. His satchel bearing the school emblem lay against his crumpled and dirtied uniform, his books ready to fall apart. One older guy rushed past him on a bike to whack the back of his head, causing him to drop his lunch. The guy slapped a high five with his friend who had scooped up one of his textbooks and was waving it in the air. Her friends laughed at the sight, yelling out unpleasant things all the while.

Sitting on the wooden table wearily with her eyes downcast, she suddenly felt a familiar arm wrap itself around her slender waist. "Hey princess…" She felt the warm breath of Shane send shivers down her spine. "What's wrong?" She lifted her head, but before she had time to reply, his tongue was in her mouth and she had already half squealed in surprise. She didn't have time to return the rough kiss and when he pulled away, she managed a weak smile.

"Umm…" she murmured, trailing her eyes to the boy. His eyes were glued on the tangled couple, but turned away to give them some privacy. She heard Shane growl beneath his breath and raise a fist slowly. "Shane…"

"No one stares at my girlfriend," he uttered into her ears through clenched teeth. She winced away at the harshness of his voice, but when she felt him pull away, she instantly missed his warmth.

When she lifted her head, all she could see was the back view of her boyfriend standing menacingly over the boy. Then, Shane raised a fist, and she heard his give a rather nasty threat to the little boy. Without a second thought, she narrowed her eyes and stomped angrily towards the beginnings of a typical schoolyard feud. In the distance, some of her friends crowed in laughter and even whooped in her flavor. She made a mental note to bash their heads in and scowled beneath her breath.

"I swear," Shane growled menacingly, holding the boy by the collar of his T-shirt, pressing his back against the toilet block wall, "once I'm through with you, you'll have two extra noses and one less eye." The blue-haired boy with the skinny arms looked up at him with an expression that read sheer terror.

He gulped nervously and adverted his eyes to stare at the ground. His hand was ready to reach for his PokeBelt discreetly. If things got nasty, his Bellsprout would come in handy. He squeezed his eyes shut and tried to ignore the stinging sensation in the back of his neck. It was only his second week at school and already he was being bullied. He felt horrible.

Then, something happened.

"Shane. Put him down. Now."

It was more of a demand than a quiet request. Waiting a couple of seconds after feeling the pressure of Shane's hand slip away, he opened his eyes slowly to see a pair of polished leather shoes shining back at him. His green eyes trailed up her slender figure to meet eyes with the pretty redhead who saved him from a mighty beating.

"You okay?"

"Yeah… I guess…"

"The name's Jessie."


"Cool. Wanna be friends?"


And so began the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

The midnight blue eyes watched silently from the window sill as the girl on the bed sighed and played with a loose strand of hair. He hated seeing her like this. It was so… so… un-Jessie. Jessie doesn't mope around doing nothing all day, confused. Jessie takes things to the extreme, no matter what risks are involved. He frowned to himself and turned his stare to the open window.

He entered without a word, but he knew she could sense his every move.

"James…" She looked up at him slowly and noticed that something had suddenly changed. "Your hair."

"I know…" He unconsciously put a hand to his once long, blue locks. "… It was a bit long for my liking."

Instead of falling just above his shoulders, his azure hair now hung just behind his ears cleanly. The little wisp of hair that always dangled itself over the bridge of his nose remained, complementing him.

Jessie decided after a moment that it really did suit him, despite the fact that she was more than used to his neatly groomed tresses. She figured she'd get used to the concept after a while and quietly looked away without another word.

Meowth, as well, was only mildly shocked at his change and kept his smartarsed opinions to himself.

There it is… Chapter two… I'm sorry it's so damn short – I couldn't help but end it there.

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