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CHAPTER 6: ARC 1 -First Order- (Part 2)

"What does he mean by that?"

Mari asked, her voice somewhat in the boundary of anger. Of course, her reaction is understandable since Tatsuya's words somehow hit a nail on her.

"I demand an explanation!"

"He doesn't seem to see us a legit Magician, that's what I can tell."

Rin-chan or Suzune said giving her own thoughts about Tatsuya's message.

"But how? What is his standards for the definition of Magician?"

The petite Azusa also wondered about this. Despite the shocking reveal that her idol Taurus Silver is the bespectacled Tatsuya Ooguro, her admiration for the inventor was still there.

"I think we should go to the next episode. Maybe we can get our answers and ease the confusion that we are feeling."

Mayumi spoke, her voice had some uncertainty to it. Hearing Tatsuya's thoughts from the last episode, it seems that the lad view the users of Modern and Ancient Magic a fake.

That's what she felt from Tatsuya's words.

"He better have a good explanation."

Mari added as Mayumi then played the next episode.

ARC 1 Episode 1: First Order (Part 2)

-Tatsuya's POV-

Magic, also referred to as True Magic and Sorcery, is the highest class of Mystery that surpasses Magecraft and all current sciences of that age. It represents the actualization of events that are impossible to reproduce in a certain era, whether by humans or the planet, even if given an infinite amount of time and resources. It is considered the ultimate accomplishment of a Magus, and only within the grasp of those who have accessed the Swirl of the Root.

The girls inside the room were silent about this definition. From here, Mayumi, Azusa, Suzune, and Mari somehow can point out that Tatsuya's definition of Magic is something that appears in fairy tales and video game elements.

Suzune had already grabbed her e-notepad and began jolting some words with her fingertips although she wondered what is this Swirl of the Root the lad is talking about?

"Magic" can be differentiated from "Magecraft" in that the consequences of its use are ostensibly "impossible" or "miraculous." The end output of a spell that creates fire is within dictates of the world because something as mundane as lighting a match can yield the same effect. Concepts like time manipulation, teleportation, spatial warping and quarantine, and the resurrection of the dead are miracles thought to be possible only through the application of Magic.

"I understand now where his coming from."

Mari said while agreeing with Tatsuya's thoughts. With the given examples, she could only agree that those are pretty tricks that is impossibel to recreate.

Not to mention that resurrecting a dead is a feat that is somehow only works in fictions or something that a being of an higher order can pull off.

Azusa and Mayumi cringed upon the thought of resurrecting the dead. Images of filthy zombies then entered their thoughts making them felt more uncomfortable.

Suzune was more intrigued especially about the things on time manipulation and teleportation. The Ichihara girl wondered if hopping between dimensions like portrayed in the movies are also one of those True Magics or Sorceries that Tatsuya mentioned in the clip.

From what Otou-sama told me, Magic is attained by reaching the Root, but not touching it like those who are said to have disappeared from the World upon touching it.


Mayumi asked herself. The term is something that she is not familiar with.

The Root, which is also known as the Akashic Records or the Spiral of Origin, is a metaphysical location that acts as the "force" that exists at the top of all theories in every dimension, as well as the source of all events and phenomena in the universe. It is also referred to as the "Outside of the World," as opposed to the World, the place that humans live, and the Reverse Side of the World, the place where Gods, Dragons, and other Phantasmal Species reside. Existing outside of time, it stores and archives information of all possibilities and events, past, present, and future, of the world.

Everyone were amazed by this especially Suzune who had her eyes shimmering with great interest.

"Does this mean that Dragons and Gods are all real!?"

Mari spoke with disbelief. It was a hard pill to swallow and yes it was for everyone.

Moreover, in order to acquire Magic, the magus must be the very first to travel through a specific path to the Root; even if the same theory and method are used to reach the Root, those who came after the first magus using a certain path cannot acquire Magic. It is possible, however, to inherit Magic from one's predecessors.

The female Saegusa somehow understood what that entails. It would mean that Magic is like a privilege that is only meant for one person.

The First and Fifth are similar in that a path to the Root, a Gate of Akasha, was created and Magic was gained upon their arrival, while the Second, Third, and Fourth were created as a means to reach that place. It is said that the First and the Fifth are thus of a higher standing than the rest.

"I see. So those who have reached this place called the Root can gain Magic."

"That begs the question; how does one arrived there?"

Azusa said which caused a puzzle looks on everyone. From Tatsuya's description, the Akashic records is located in a place that is unreachable by man.

So how does a single person manage to arrive in that metaphysical place if such place is unreachable to everyone to begin with?

And there's the question what each 5 Magics of the Modern Era are capable of... something all the girls were perplexed to learn.

Magecraft can be classified as human wisdom and the world, while Magic is the solitude outside of that, included in neither. Magecraft focuses on the studying of history, the works of man and the circle of life of the planet, but Magic is considered the providence of a god beyond the skies. It is considered an irrefutable crime against both humanity and the planet, so reaching out to the Root is something that brings about the Counter Force. Those who do achieve newly acquired Magic are killed by a "red shadow."

The last part somehow made the girls' spine to shiver in fear. If reaching to the Root is forbidden, then how come there are still 5 Magicians that Tatsuya stated in the last episode?

"What is this Counter Force that Ooguro-san is talking about?"

"No idea."

Mari replied to Shizune with a shrug. To be honest, this is the first time she is hearing this however it got her intrigue.

Prior to the conclusion of the Age of Gods two millennia before present day, Magecraft was close to Magic in effect, making Magecraft synonymous to Magic and all magi considered Magicians, but the gap between them has since widened.

"So there are really Gods back then... wow... just wow..."

Azusa commented with amazement and much of her friends had the same reactions.

With the advancement of science, the number of things that "could be done" increased, causing Magic to diminish. Though Magic users were common at the dawn of humanity, their proliferation receded with the rise of civilization, and only four of the five remaining Magics are presently still in use. If "what had been possible only by Magic" becomes achievable by developments in Magecraft or scientific technology, said Magic will be lowered to a mere "craft", and many Magics have been lost from the world in the same way.

Mayumi cupped her chin as she pondered this information. With the numbers of people able to use magic, that would label such mystic arts as magecraft. A craft of mystic arts that is not more unique to a single person.

"Is this the reason why Ancient Magicians refuse to share their magic?"

The eldest daughter of the Saegusa thought before going back to the video.

It is said, however, that no more new Magics will emerge, and it is likely that humans will eventually completely eliminate Magic with the growth of science. The currently existing five Magics are the final "tasks" of humanity and the last impossibilities that they face.

"From what Ooguro-san said, it seems this 5 Magic is the last hurdle that we as humans must conquer."

Suzune commented, her fingertips still dashing on the screen of her e-notepad.

"This sounds an allegory to Hercules' 12 labors although we have only 5. I wonder does the guy even exist?"

"If he is then that would mean that most figures in every myth once lived in this planet."

Mayumi calmly said but her face was portraying an astonished look from the words that she expelled.

Even she was still surprise about Gods and other mythological creatures existing during the ancient times even if Tatsuya didn't say it outright.

Those who practice Magic are known as Magicians. They have control over their own mysteries, but also practice Magecraft. Magicians can be said to have become the adversaries of the planet, something which the human mind could not normally carry as a burden. Carrying such a power is the recklessness of changing the world. The uniqueness of the power and its transcendence can make up for the practitioner's lack of skills in Magecraft. Differences in power become irrelevant because skills with the likeliness of Magecraft can easily be "blown away" by Magic.

To put it simply, Magicians are game breakers... walking cheat codes that still interact with the rest of humanity.

Everyone fell silent after hearing that. Judging on how Tatsuya give his opinion about these Magicians and their abilities, felt like these people who achieved the 5 Magics can be considered "Gods among Men".

"That's insane!"

Mari blurted out, her hands thrown up in the air.

"And so unfair! What will happen if one of the countries get a hand on even one of these Magicians that Oogura-san mentioned? Surely it will cause a total chaos!"

Azusa nodded in agreement with Mari's concerned speech.

"Surely it will cause a destabilization of the status quo."

"The country who will have one of these so-called Magicians will have a great leverage in the world scene and I bet that the other countries will seek the others to be their deterrent against other powerful countries."

"Sooner or later we will have World War 4."

Mayumi ended everyone's conversation with a horrible yet possible outcome. Her thoughts then wondered about these 5 Magicians and she is sure that if one of the 10 Master Clans knows about there existence, they will exhaust all of their luxuries just to gain their favors and win them over.

The inheritance of Magic is similar to inheriting a path, called Ymir's Entrance or Gate of Akasha depending on the person describing it. Even if a Magician should die, it does not mean the death of the Magic utilized by them. Magic will be passed on to the inheritor of the next generation rather than disappearing. If Magic is to die, it will only be when it can be realized by normal means.

The people somehow understood that. It only means that Magic will cease to exist if science is able to reach the same result that Magic can achieve.

The Magicians who handled the First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Magics are still alive. I've met them before through Otou-sama, though the relationship between these 5 Magicians with Otou-sama is something that even today I find it hard to believe. The Fifth Magician became my instructor when I reached the age of 7, I refer to her as "Teacher" whenever we practice and train in handling my own abilities. Outside of training, I called her "Okaa-sama" even if we are not related by blood.


Mayumi, Suzune, Mari, and Azusa almost had their jaws hit the ground. If Tatsuya is the disciple of the Fifth Magician then would that mean that he is technically the succesor of the said Magician?

Meaning that in the future, he would be the next Fifth Magician?

The four girls could only gulp in anticipation and utter astonishment.

I hope that my biological mother won't be sad about this information. Despite what happened between us in the past, now that I've grown up and have a better understanding about the situation at that time, she will always be my "Okaa-sama". If someone would ask me if I miss my mom... my answer would be a definite yes. As much as I wanted to see her, I'll leave it for another time when she is no longer in a "vulnerable" position.

This caused some of the girls to question who is Tatsuya's mother, especially Mayumi. All that they know is that Tatsuya is a member of one of either the 10 Master Clans, the 18 Assistant Households, or the Hundred Families.

This bunch of people, usually those students of Course 1 who jovially boast an air of superiority, are claiming a title that didn't belong to them in the first place. They are just in the same standing as me and every Course 2 students that they chastised upon. Even those practitioners of "Ancient Magic" and "Modern Magic" around the world are simply Magi by definition, not Magicians.

Entering the auditorium that held the opening ceremony for the freshman students, I quietly sat a vacant seat. Judging the seating arrangements between the Course 1 and Course 2 students, the divide between the 2 groups are pretty obvious. As for the reason why I am here, I just want to give a moral support to my younger brother who got accepted and for my 3 sisters who managed to get in this school as well.

"Eh, he's got a younger brother!?"

Mayumi blurted out in surprise. The other girls were also had the same reactions.

"That and he even got sisters, 3 of them to be exact."

Shizune added as she gazed at the laptop's monitor trying to discern Tatsuya's siblings from the crowd.

The freshman representative of this year, walked in the stage with a dazzling confidence leaving most of the males stunned. As she began her speech, others were listening to her while there are others conversing how they were part of a Magi family.

Just like them, I am a Magus but I am more of an Esper; in the words of those practitioners of Eidos Thaumaturgical Theory, a Supernatural Power user.

"Esper? As in Psychics?"

The head of the Disciplinary Committee muttered to herself in curiousity.

Superpowers/Supernatural Powers, under the definition of Eidos Thaumaturgical Theory, are magics that directly cause phenomenon without Activation Sequences or any other ritual, unlike Modern Magic or Ancient Magic. However, Superpower users can only use one type of magic, any differences will just be variations of the original. It can be considered a specialization, to a point where the magics that can only be used are few. Superpowers can be activated with pure thought regardless of intent or will, unlike modern magic, where unintentionally creating a magic sequence and activating it is impossible for magicians using dozens of types of magics, like most modern magicians. However, unintentional magics from people capable of multiple types of magic indicates a strong phenomena rewriting ability.

The teenage girls already knows about this since everyone who enrolled in a Magic School knows about the very definition of Superpowers.

To be clear, Superpowers are not magic by any definition. This is where most practitioners of Eidos got it all wrong. They lumped a system that is obviously different with another system and called it magic or magecraft, which in truth shouldn't be. Superpowers is a system or Mystery that differs from Magecraft and Magic.


Everyone said as they eyed each other. Suzune who was already wearing an eyeglass had her fingers laid on the screen of her e-notepad, readying for any valuable information that she could type any minute now.

The others had an odd looks seeing Suzune in her "megane" form. When did she pulled that spectacles out was something that Mari, Azusa, and Mari didn't ponder.

Mystery is a sliver of power of many different types that comes from the Root.

It is the source of all supernatural phenomena such as Magecraft or ESP, and beings such as True Ancestors, Dead Apostles, Servants, Spiritual Bodies, as well as Phantasmal Species show signs of Mystery. Mystery accumulates over time and grows stronger with age. Currently there are 3 types of Mysteries that Humanity can utilized; Magecraft, ESP or Superpower, and Magic, with the latter being akin to "one time limited edition only" prize common in a gacha roll.

"True Ancestors? Dead Apostles? Servants? Uhm, does anyone of you know about these things?"

Mari eyed to her fellow students who just replied with a shake of heads.

"Well we know what Spiritual Bodies and Phantasmal Species are. Dead Apostles... maybe zombies?"

"Please Ms. Secretary, don't mention that!"

The petite Vice President jolted out with a teary eyed. Azusa is someone who hates zombies and zombie movies.

The President however, was amazed on how much knowledge Tatsuya has.

"It seems there are so much more to you than meets the eye, Tatsuya-kun...

Psychic Power also referred to as Extrasensory Perception (ESP) and Superpower, is a catch-all term to refer to the circuits that cause supernatural phenomena to occur. It is a form of nature interference that to the psychic comes as naturally as breathing. Unlike Magecraft, which can be taught and practiced, inherent ability is an absolute necessity. Psychic powers are the ultimate ability of humans, who have become an existence independent of nature. However, these powers are generally incomparable to the great abilities possessed by Demons or Mixed-Bloods. In the end, they are only human.

"D-Demons!? Those are real too!?"

"Mixed-Bloods as in humans that are the product of a Human and a Demon?"

"That would be the case, Rin-chan."

Psychic powers only appear by chance and are limited to one generation. Generally, a psychic is born with both a "normal" perception that allows one to function in society, as well as an "abnormal" psychic perception (extra channel); those who only possess the latter are known as an Unfit Existence - an example of this is the murderer in Shinjuku 2 months ago.

Everyone know who is the person that Tatsuya referred to in his last statement.

The Murderer of Shinjuku, who killed almost more than a hundred within the span of 2 months. It was the largest murder ever that the police managed to resolve. It was the worst crime of the year in that the murderer only leaves the severed head of his victim in the streets of the Shinjuku district.

As for the other body parts of the victims... they were never found.

Clairvoyance, Precognition, Retrocognition, Decomposition, Pyrokinesis, and among others are examples of Psychic Powers. People who are born with Mystic Eyes and Pure Eyes are also Espers. While it may be true that there are other Psychic Powers that are now possible to utilized by most of people under "Modern Magic", these abilities pales in comparison with their genuine counterpart in terms of power and utilization.

While the girls agreed on the lad's last statement, they were still bugged out about this Mystic Eyes and Pure Eyes that Tatsuya mentioned.

"When Ooguro-san said Mystic Eyes and Pure Eyes, is he referring to Crystal Eyes?"

"I doubt it. If it is Crystal Eyes, he should use only one term but it is not the case here. You've heard it right, A-chan? Ooguro-san used 2 terms meaning they are 2 different things."

Mari replied, her hand gesturing as he presented her case. Mayumi leaned her back on the chair while cupping her chin with her hand, thinking about these Mystic Eyes and Pure Eyes.

A loud clap echoed inside the complex from the freshmen who were inspired by the words delivered by this year's Freshman Representative. My eyes then hovered at the figure of my 3 sisters, a smile then grazed on my lips. It's been 12 years since I saw them and I could see that they become 3 beautiful flowers.

Hearing this, the girls of the student council stared at the screen hoping that they could see just a glimpse on Tatsuya's sisters but sadly, the screen didn't focus on a single person much to their disappointment especially Mayumi.

After a few minutes, I leave the auditorium. As much as I want to meet them, I'll endure this excitement and longing in my heart for now. It is also for their safety. Exposing my blood ties with them will warrant any unwanted threats on them and to Okaa-sama.

Suzune could understand that. If someone knows about Tatsuya and his connections with the 5 Magicians, they will surely use his sisters to force him to reveal the identities of thesevpowerful individuals.

Feeling the vibration in my chest pocket caused by my phone, I took the device and saw the name of the caller.

It's a call from Aniki.

The video clip then turned black, ending the episode. The Student Council were having their respective thoughts inside their heads.

"Everyone can I have your ears?"

The President of First High's Student Council said, earning the attention of the people inside the room.

"What is it, President?"

"Let's have a meeting, now."